Chapter 363 – He Lianjun

Within the vast cultivation world of the Darchu Dynasty, besides Qing Xiuyi, Zhao Qinghe, Huangfu Changtian, Zhen Liuqing, and the peerless geniuses of the various other great sects, there were also young experts like Lin Moxuan, Xiao Linger, Su Jiankong, An Qianyu, and Man Hong who were heading towards Silken City as well.

It was even to the extent that there were some extremely strong experts of the young generation that appeared into the world from the boundless remote mountains that few tread.

They only had a single objective: to participate in the Allstar Meeting!

For a time, the Capital, Silken City, was like a dazzling star that countless experts journeyed to from all directions with the hope to look up at its peerless elegance.

The clear sky was covered in numerous white clouds.

Beneath the sky was a vast and verdant plains, and on the plains a few lone peaks stood towering and piercing into the sky.


An enormous black shadow flashed past with a peerless speed from above a peak, and it compressed the airflow in midair to the point of spreading out with a bang. The airflow shook a mountain to the point it rumbled intensely and seemed to be unable to endure the oppression of this airflow, causing it to collapse with a bang.

“Hahaha. It’s so relaxed with a Hellthunder Ironhawk as my mount. There’s probably not a second descendant of a primordial flying beast with such a pure bloodline in the entire Darchu Dynasty.” The person that spoke was a young man in brown clothes. He had dense brows and fierce eyes, his bones were thick and large, and he was extremely robust. On the other hand, the black figure beneath him was a large black colored hawk with a wingspan of an entire 30 plus meters, the feathers on its entire body were pitch black and suffused with a metallic sheen, and there were traces of black colored lightning faintly flowing between the two wings.


A hawk cry that charged straight into the nine heavens resounded out in the sky, and it shook the layer of clouds to the point dissipating.

Not only was this Hellthunder Ironhawk a primordial flying beast, its combat strength was ferocious, and its most valuable aspect was its speed. In a single breath of time, it was capable of breaking through the speed of sound by a few times!

With such a flying beast as his mount, the brown clothed young man’s speed was naturally matchlessly swift, and he quickly surpassed others one by one. When he passed by an ancient treasured vessel that was ahead of him, he instinctively shot a glance towards it, and his gaze instantly seemed as if it was glued to the spot and couldn’t be moved away any longer.

In his field of vision, there were a mere two men and three women standing in the entire treasured vessel.

Amongst these people, the handsome young man that wore azure clothes was worthy of him paying attention to. Even though the young man’s gaze was warm and indifferent, yet when it entered into his eyes, it caused him to instantly feel a matchlessly fierce will that was not to be trifled with.

If the young man in azure clothes caused him to feel apprehensive in his heart, then the three young women at the side took his breath away instead. No matter if it was appearance or bearing, these three women could overthrow kingdoms. They were either sexy and alluring, beautiful and extraordinary, or icy cold and proud, and even if the brown clothed young man was accustomed to seeing the beauties in the world, his heart couldn’t help but speed up.


The Hellthunder Ironhawk turned in the air to stop before the treasured vessel.

When they saw someone was blocking their way, the treasure vessel stopped instantly, and the five people on the vessel were precisely Chen Xi’s group.

“Fellow Daoists, I’m the northern barbaric lands’ Illusory Beast Sect’s He Lianjun.” The brown clothed young man cupped his fists and smiled brilliantly, and he revealed a mouthful of snow white and neat teeth.

Chen Xi asked. “Fellow Daoist, do you need anything?”

He Lianjun laughed loudly. “Meeting with each other means that we have fate. I guess that all of you are heading to Silken City to participate in the Allstar Meeting. It just happens that I’m going to Silken City as well, why don’t we travel together!?”

Chen Xi said indifferently, “How could there be so much fate in the world?” 

He Lianjun chuckled and completely disregarded it before turning to look at Ya Qing who was by Chen Xi’s side, and then he said with a warm smile, “May I ask you name, Miss?”

Ya Qing glanced at him. How could she not understand what this fellow’s intentions were? She was slightly amused in her heart, yet a trace of impatience suffused the corners of her mouth. “Since we have fate, then we’ll let fate decide.”He Lianjun had the door slammed on his face repeatedly yet still didn’t get irritated, and he smiled lightheartedly. “Miss, it’s fine so long as you do believe in fate, because I believe that we’ll surely have fate together. See you in Silken City.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he urged the Hellthunder Ironhawk beneath him to turn and leave without the slightest hesitation. He knew that it was clearly extremely unwise to persist at this moment. After all, if the first impression between a man and woman is bad, then it’s difficult to mend in the future.

“Oh, right. If you encounter any trouble on the way to Silken City, all of you can directly speak of my name. See you!” As soon as he finished speaking, he’d already vanished in the distant sky.

“Who the fuck does he think he is? If he dared stay for another moment, then I’d surely have broken his damn legs!” When Wang Zhenfeng saw the He Lianjun was even more arrogant than him and even thought of wooing Ya Qing, he couldn’t help but frown and curse fiercely.

“The Illusory Beast Sect’s He Lianjun, a genius of the northern barbaric lands’ cultivation world. If he’s placed in the cultivation world of the central plains, then he’s a figure that can compare with Qing Xiuyi and Zhao Qinghe. I never imagined that we would actually meet him here.” Ya Qing frowned.

Wang Zhenfeng was shocked and seemed to have realized who exactly He Lianjun was at this moment.

He Lianjun?

Chen Xi withdrew his gaze. He was able to sense that He Lianjun was very strong, as his aura was faint and obscure, hidden without being leaked out, and Chen Xi could infer from this that He Lianjun’s control of his strength and vital energy had already attained an extremely high degree.

In his eyes, this person was indeed capable of comparing with Qing Xiuyi.

Of course, Chen Xi knew as well that the Qing Xiuyi in his mind was the Qing Xiuyi he’d met in the depths of the Oceanic Desert three years ago, so he wasn’t sure if this person could really go against Qing Xiuyi.

“Let’s go.” The experts that were participating in the Allstar Meeting at Silken City were numerous like the clouds and numerous experts had gathered, so Chen Xi had already made mental preparations long ago. If a single He Lianjun was capable of making him greatly shocked, then wouldn’t he be shocked to death once he arrived at Silken City?

However, before they could go far, they heard a hawk cry resounded out in the distant heavens and earth, and then within their field of vision, they saw He Lianjun riding the Hellthunder Ironhawk and rushing back!

“What’s going on with this fellow? Could it be that he refuses to give up his evil intentions and wants to take advantage of Ya Qing?” Wang Zhenfeng muttered.

“Ptooey! How can you say that?” Ya Qing glanced fiercely at this fellow that spoke carelessly.

“Hmm? There seems to be something wrong with the flying beast beneath He Lianjun. Everyone, watch out!” Chen Xi frowned as he spoke slowly.

Everyone raised their heads and looked up. Sure enough, they noticed that the Hellthunder Ironhawk seemed to have become upset, it was crying out repeatedly as its wings flapped swiftly while appearing to be in a hurry, and even He Lianjun was already unable to control it.

“Hmph! As a descendant of a primordial flying beast, you’re instead willing to be a servant beneath the feet of a human! You’ve simply thrown all the face of our demon race. Quickly come and receive your death!” Suddenly, an extremely resplendent crimson bolt of lightning tore through the sky, and it instantly tainted the entire sky red as if a large expanse of a fiery red sunset glow had appeared in the sky.

This was a fiery red sparrow that was entirely glittering like a crystal and exceedingly scarlet red, and flowing flames overflowed into rays of light from its entire body. At the instant it appeared, the surging heatwave on its body swept out in all directions, causing the surrounding layer of clouds to be instantly blazed into nothingness.

Primordial flying beast — Flamist Sparrow!

The eyes of Chen Xi and the others squinted as they’d all recognized the origins of this fiery red sparrow. This was the descendant of a primordial flying beast with a noble bloodline, and it innately controlled the supreme Grand Daos of fire and wind. It was an existence with a strength that was at the top amongst the various flying divine beasts, and it was only slightly inferior to the Vermillion Bird, the Azure Phoenix, and the Garuda.

Even though this Flamist Sparrow hadn’t reached adulthood, its strength was terrifying to the extreme, and just its speed had already far surpassed the Hellthunder Ironhawk by more than double, causing it to instantly block before the Hellthunder Ironhawk.

“Flamist Sparrow? You damn feathered animal, you actually dare agitate this Young Master’s mount!” When He Lianjun focused his gaze and saw that it was actually a Flamist Sparrow that had frightened his mount, and he let out a long howl right away before leaping out to fiercely claw towards the Flamist Sparrow.

“Human, you actually dare insult me? You’re dead! No one in the entire world can save you!”


The Flamist Sparrow flapped its wing to avoid this claw before swiftly arriving before the Hellthunder Ironhawk with a speed that was almost like teleportation, and its beak that was sharp like a hook struck out fiercely.


The Hellthunder Ironhawk was practically completely unguarded, causing its head to instantly have a large bloody hole torn upon it, and then blood sprayed as it emitted a shrill cry before its enormous body plunged down directly to the ground.

“Bastard! You actually killed my mount! Hand over your life!” His mount being killed instantly caused He Lianjun’s eyes to be on the verge of splitting open, and he roared furiously in succession as his long hair fluttered about. A terrifying aura gushed out from his body with a bang before his figure shout out explosively towards the Flamist Sparrow.

“Do you think I’m fucking afraid of you? I fucking left the Earthflame Sea to participate in the Allstar Meeting because I wanted to fight the outstanding figures in the world. You’re just right for me to practice!” The Flamist Sparrow grunted coldly with disdain as it repeatedly flapped its wings, causing flames to flow out and cover the heavens and the earth, and even the world was tainted red by the flames and transformed into a furnace.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

He Lianjun was a genius expert of the northern barbaric lands’ younger generation, his strength was formidable, and he was extremely ferocious. On the other hand, the Flamist Sparrow was a descendant of a primordial flying beast that innately controlled the Grand Daos of wind and fire, causing its strength to be something that couldn’t be looked down upon.

At the instant both of them fought, they instantly fought to the point the heavens and the earth went dim, and the mountains, gorges, rivers, and trees a surrounding area of 50km were crushed and shattered by the terrifying airflow emitted by them, causing the surroundings to be completely devoid of vitality and become a ruins covered in desolation.

A rosy glow suffused the sky as divine lights collided with each other, and when looked at from afar, the heavens and the earth had transformed into an expanse of chaos that was extremely shocking.

Chen Xi and the others had noticed that the situation wasn’t going too well long ago, and they dodged far away.

But because they’d dodged hastily, and he had to bring along Yun Na and Yan Yan whose strength was obviously slightly weaker, the ancient treasured vessel they rode couldn’t avoid being affected by the battle and transforming into ash.

“These two fellows are really bastards. They fought on a whim and completely disregarded us!” Wang Zhenfeng stabilized his body while in a slightly embarrassing state, and he muttered with displeasure.

“Earthflame Sea? That’s a restricted area in the northern barbaric lands, yet that Flamist Sparrow is a descendent of a primordial flying beast that actually came out from that place. The Allstar Meeting this time will really be exciting.” Ya Qing exclaimed repeatedly with admiration.

“Hey, Chen Xi’s face seems to be slightly off.” Yun Na carefully withdrew her gaze and spoke to the others with a soft voice.

Everyone else was stunned, and then they raised their eyes to look over. Sure enough, they saw Chen Xi looking at the distant battlefield with an indifferent expression, yet his pair of warm and clear eyes seemed to be a pair of blazing torches at this moment.

This fellow seems to be extremely angry!?

Why is this?


Right when everyone was unable to wrap their heads around it, a chilly sword howl cried out. The long howl that was awe-inspiring like an ice dragon resounded out in the heavens and the earth, and in the next moment, Chen Xi’s figure had already vanished on the spot. 

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