Chapter 361 – Severing All Resentment

“Wise decision, Patriarch, you should have done this long ago.”

“We’re only crippling her cultivation? This is obviously letting her off too lightly. In my opinion, we should sentence her to death!”

“Expelling this bitch out of the clan won’t be the end of it. Just see how I deal with her in the future!”

When they heard the Patriarch had only announced to crippled Yun Na’s cultivation before expelling her from the sect, all the Yun Clan disciples were rather regretful, but for fear of the Patriarch’s power and influence, they could only accept this outcome.

Immediately, there was a mass of people that charged out. They were the experts of the Yun Clan and naturally weren’t existences that Guard Commander Qian Zhong could compare with. All of them had formidable auras and murderous expressions, and every single move of theirs revealed an extremely high cultivation.

All the Yun Clan disciples revealed excited expressions of ridicule when they saw this.

Only Yun Shufeng and a few other people stared fixedly at Chen Xi. At this moment, Qiao Zhong and the other guards were still lying on the ground, and they didn’t believe that all this was done by Yun Na, whereas, the bearing that Chen Xi revealed had undoubtedly caused him to become the greatest target of their suspicion.

When he saw these people make a move, Chen Xi who’d always been watching silently from the sidelines intended to make a move. He’d been observing Yun Na’s expression all the time earlier as he wanted to discern if Yun Na’s attitude towards the Yun Clan was a deep-rooted feeling of hatred, an irreconcilable feeling, or her feelings towards the Yun Clan couldn’t be entirely severed due to previous affection.

Yun Na’s display was extremely resolute. At the very least, her expression only revealed deep-rooted hatred, and she didn’t show the slightest sense of loss or faltering.

This also caused Chen Xi to promptly decide not to hold back and fight everyone from the Yun Clan with his full strength.

However, be he could make a move, a cold laugh suddenly resounded out from behind him. “How fucking audacious of your Yun Clan! Have you made it a habit to bully my Sister Yun Na? You group of ignorant bastards!”

Only the Junior Marquis Wang Zhenfeng would dare speaking like this and be able to reveal dense arrogance within his disdain.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh in his heart, and he could only wait and see what happened.

His voice reverberated in the ears of everyone, causing them to be stunned before exploding into rage, and their gazes shot towards the owner of the voice in unison. They wanted to see who exactly dared insult them like this, that person was simply tired of living!

“Motherfucker! Brat, who’re you insulting?”

“Are you looking for death?”

“Alas, could this be the assistant that bitch Yun Na found? His mouth is really foul!”

When they saw the owner of the voice from earlier was a young man with a dandified appearance, these Yun Clan disciples started hurling out insults in succession. Only the faces of Yun Shufeng and a few Yun Clan experts of the senior generation froze when they saw Wang Zhenfeng, and they felt disbelief and almost didn’t dare believe their eyes.

“Junior Marquis!?” Someone by Yun Shufeng’s said cried out involuntarily in shock.


Junior Marquis?

Could it be that person from the Thunder Marquis Estate?

Instantly, all the clamorous sounds of insults vanished without a trace, causing the surroundings to become perfectly silent to the point a falling needle could be heart.

These Yun Clan disciples stared their eyes wide open and their mouths gaped as they looked at Wang Zhenfeng, and their expressions were extremely brilliant. They probably had never imagined that the person they hurled insults at would actually be this extremely respected and esteemed disciple of the Thunder Marquis Estate who got whatever he wanted in Thunder City.

The discerning ability of Yun Shufeng and the others wasn’t to blame for this, as Wang Zhenfeng had always been standing behind Chen Xi. Coupled with the attention of the Yun Clan members had descended onto Yun Na and Chen Xi, there was actually not a single person that recognized this Junior Marquis of the Thunder Marquis Estate, so it was understandable that they would be muddled by the sudden appearance of this scene before them.

Wang Zhenfeng was extremely satisfied by this effect that came from him making an appearance. Of course, he wouldn’t display it on his face, and he instead had a gloomy, heavy, and murderous expression, as if he was infuriated to the extreme, causing the Yun Clan members to be horrified in their hearts.


Wang Zhenfeng walked forward directly before fiercely slapping Yun Shufeng’s eldest son, Yun Zhong, before everyone present, and he slapped Yun Zhong to the point Yun Zhong staggered back with a face that was swollen like a bun and dark red blood oozed out of the corners of his mouth.

“You…” Yun Zhong’s eyes almost split open, and he was on the verge of going berserk.

The corners of Yun Shufeng’s eyes twitched as he hurriedly moved to stop his son from being rash, because he was deeply afraid it would bring annihilation to the Yun Clan.

Exactly. It was annihilation.

His Yun Clan was only clan that couldn’t be any smaller in Thunder City, it was like an ant that would die with a single stomp before the Thunder Marquis Estate, and the Thunder Marquis Estate didn’t need the slightest reason to do it.

Not to mention offending this Junior Marquis, Wang Zhenfeng, their Yun Clan couldn’t even bear the severe consequences of offending an attendant of the Thunder Marquis Estate.

So they could only endure!

Besides feeling furious and aggrieved in his heart, Yun Shufeng couldn’t help but be bewildered. How did this daughter of mine that was born out of an accident become the sister of the Thunder Marquis Estate’s Junior Marquis in the blink of an eye?

It wasn’t just he who was bewildered, everyone in the entire Yun Clan were in disbelief. Never had they imagined that the person they’d frequently humiliated and ridiculed would undergo a sudden transformation to possess an identity that was actually lofty to such an extent.

“Junior Marquis, calm your anger. My useless son didn’t know any better, and I hope you can forgive him magnanimously.” Yun Shufeng didn’t have the bearing of a Patriarch any longer as his face was covered in a flattering smile, and his humble appearance even caused Chen Xi to shake his head from the sight of it.

Wang Zhenfeng disregarded him instead and fiercely stomped his foot down on Yun Zhong as he cursed. “You fucking blind dog! How dare you call me a brat! How dare you call me a brat!”

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Countless bones in Yun Zhong’s body broke, causing his extreme rage to rise to his head, and coupled with the intense pain on his body, it caused him to faint directly.

Wang Zhenfeng still felt angry when he saw this, and then he stomped down fiercely a few more times and spat on Yun Zhong’s face before turning around to walk towards another Yun Clan disciple. He clearly remembered that this fellow squawked about annihilating him earlier, and if he didn’t slap this fellow fiercely, then how would he clearly display his respected identity as Junior Marquis?

Not retaliating after having insults hurled at him? If news of this were to spread, then people would ridicule him, the Junior Marquis, to death! 

Slap! Slap! Slap!

A wave of resounding slaps rose and fell.

The Yun Clan disciples forcefully endured the intense humiliation they felt in their hearts and stood like wooden logs as they endured with all their will. They didn’t retaliate when hit or cursed at, and they seemed extremely miserable.

Wang Zhenfeng was enjoying himself instead, and he cursed ferociously as he hit them. “Is my Sister Yun Na so easy to bully? Huh? All of you ignorant fools deserve a beating! Take this! And this!”

At this moment, even Ya Qing and Yan Yan couldn’t help but shake their heads. It wasn’t that they couldn’t bear the sight of it, it was that the appearance of being at Wang Zhenfeng’s mercy that everyone from the Yun Clan revealed caused it to be truly impossible for them to arouse any feelings of pity, and they couldn’t be bothered to pay too much attention to it.

“Come, let’s go retrieve your mother’s ashes.” Chen Xi didn’t pay attention to it any longer as well, and he spoke to Yun Na.

Yun Na nodded before turning and left. When the members of the Yun Clan were being slapped, besides feeling satisfied in her heart, she couldn’t help but feel a sense of loss. After all is said and done, she still had a strand of the Yun Clan’s bloodline flowing with her, and this was a fact that was impossible to wipe away.

At this moment, she just wanted to bring along her mother’s ashes and leave this hideous place she hated for many years as soon as possible, and she wasn’t willing to step foot in the place every again.

“Oh, if you’re not done, then please continue.” Chen Xi instructed.

Wang Zhenfeng originally intended to follow Chen Xi, but he could only nod and smile when he heard this. “Alright, I’ll wait for all of you here. Don’t worry, I’ll surely help Sister Yun Na vent her resentment properly!”

All the members of the Yun Clan shuddered instantly when they heard this. They, who couldn’t bear the humiliation, even felt like dying at this moment. They were slapped and insulted, yet for the sake of the clan’s survival, they couldn’t retaliate. Was there anything in this world more aggrieving than this?

Fortunately, Wang Zhenfeng had a sense of limits and didn’t slap Yun Shufeng and the other senior generation members of the Yun Clan. It wasn’t that he didn’t have the courage, but he was afraid that if he were to push them into a corner, they might try to take him to hell along with them, and that would be greatly not worth it.

Not long after, Chen Xi and the others had retrieved Yun Na’s mother’s ashes.

Wang Zhenfeng temporarily abandoned this Yun Clan disciple in his hand that had almost been slapped to the point of fainting when he saw Chen Xi and the others, and then he moved over quickly and smiled. “Sister Yun Na, look, do you feel your anger has been vented? If you’re still displeased, then I’ll bring others to obliterate this place another day and help you vent your anger.”

Everyone from the Yun Clan revealed grief and indignation that caused them to suffer to the point of wishing for death. During this extremely short period of time, the humiliation and pain their hearts had suffered was absolutely the most they’d ever suffered in their entire lifetime. This extremely intense aggrieved and humiliated feeling almost tortured them to madness.

Yun Na shook her head. “There’s no need. Let’s go.” As she spoke, she’d already walked towards the exit of the Yun Clan Estate, and from the beginning until the end, she didn’t spare another glance to the members of the Yun Clan.

The hatred that her accumulated for many years in her heart had been released, and she wasn’t willing to have any more ties with the Yun Clan. So she left without looking back because she wanted to indicate her resolute attitude.

Chen Xi, Ya Qing, and Yan Yan naturally wouldn’t stay any longer, and they left behind Yun Na.

Wang Zhenfeng was stunned, and then he turned around to glance at Yun Shufeng and the others before he said coldly, “I’ll let all of you off this time. If you dare be so arrogant in the future, then I’m afraid it will be impossible for Thunder City to tolerate your existences!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he hurriedly flew off to chase up to the others and said with a smile, “Brother Chen, do you think I did something wrong? Why is Yun Na still so down in spirits?"

“Oh, you didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, Junior Marquis, with your identity, you don’t have to use such methods to apologize to me. Nevermind. I’ll make my attitude clear. After this matter, the enmity between us is written off. It’s alright now, right?”

“No, I still want to become friends with you. You wouldn’t refuse me, right?”

“… Let me consider it properly.”

“Alright. In any case, I’m following all of you to Silken City, so it’s fine no matter how long you consider it.”


After they watched Chen Xi’s group swagger off into the distance, everyone from the Yun Clan went silent as their faces flickered between an ashen and livid expression, and they were humiliated and infuriated to the extreme.

If I knew earlier that Yun Na was related to the Junior Marquis of the Thunder Marquis Estate, then how would I have not acknowledged her as my daughter? It’s even to the extent that I would have been able to develop and enhance the Yun Clan through this relationship to allow the Yun Clan to rank amongst the first-rate powers of Thunder City! Unfortunately, all of this is too late. Presently, the entire clan has even suffered such a great humiliation because of her. Could it be the will of the heavens? Is it the heavens that want to punish me for how unjust I was towards her in these past few years? I…am a sinner of the Yun Clan! Yun Shufeng muttered with a dazed expression. He knew that it was too late to say anything now, and it was too late to feel regret. 

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