Chapter 360 – Bringing Disaster To The Yun Clan

Yun Na’s mother was only a maidservant, so after her death, her memorial tablet wasn’t placed at the Yun Clan Memorial Hall. Her ashes were only placed in a jar before being buried beneath the weeds behind an abandoned little courtyard.

After Chen Xi’s group entered into the Yun Clan, they headed directly towards the abandoned little courtyard under Yun Na’s lead.

“Audacious! Who’re you!”

“Those that trespass into my Yun Clan, die!”

“What audacity! You actually dare trespass into my Yun Clan and cause trouble!?”

The Yun Clan was a clan at any rate, so there was naturally no lack of guards. Since Chen Xi’s group didn’t conceal themselves, they were quickly obstructed by the guards that came upon hearing the shout of the servant from before.

The Guard Commander was called Qian Zhong, and he was a veteran of the Yun Clan, so he was naturally familiar with Yun Na, causing him to shout furiously right away. “So it’s you, bitch! You actually dare bring others to trespass the estate. Do you still have any discipline left in you?!”

A trace of a cold smile suffused the corners of Yun Na’s mouth and the hatred in her eyes were impossible to concealed, and then she gritted her teeth and said, “All those years ago, when I was bullied by the others on numerous occasions, why didn’t I see you stand out and talk about discipline? Not to mention I’m a disciple of the Yun Clan at any rate. What qualifications does someone who doesn’t bear the Yun surname like you have to question me?”

Qian Zhong was angered to the point his face went livid, and his hair and beard fluttered as he shouted. “Seize her!”

Over 10 guards received their orders with low voices before charging towards Yun Na while holding a variety of weapons.

Their abilities weren’t bad, and some were even at the Golden Core Realm. At this moment, when they moved out in response to an order, their movements were decisive as killing intent surged from them, and their auras were fairly strong.

Yun Na was only a bastard born accidentally from a maidservant after the Patriarch was drunk, and no one in the Yun Clan took her seriously. So they didn’t hesitate in the slightest when making a move, and they entirely didn’t take her to be a member of the Yun Clan and instead took her to be a criminal that could be dealt with as they pleased.

When Wang Zhenfeng that not only had these people overlooked him, they had actually dared to make a move arbitrarily, he was instantly furious in his heart, and he was about to fiercely deal with this group of bastards yet was stopped by Chen Xi.

“Let her deal with it herself.” At this moment, Chen Xi’s expression was calm and indifferent, yet it revealed a feeling of unquestionable resolution.

As soon as he finished speaking, killing intent that was vast and thick to the extreme gushed out with a bang, and it was like a surging ocean that covered the heavens and the earth. Instantly, it filled every single inch of space, and it shook the air to the point of dispersing inch by inch.

The over 10 guards that charged over felt suffocated as their entire bodies froze, and they practically instinctively stopped as their eyes revealed an expression of disbelief.

What terrifying killing intent!

In their eyes, the scene in the surroundings had change and transformed into a sea of blood and a mountain of corpses, and a boundless aura of death assaulted their faces.

At this moment, they utterly didn’t dare make a move rashly!

Even the faces of the distant Qian Zhong and the others went pale as their entire bodies shivered, and terror that couldn’t be restrained emerged from the depths of their hearts.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Ya Qing, Yan Yan, and Wang Zhenfeng were similarly shocked as they retreated back a few steps before they felt slightly relieved.

This fellow probably held back a great deal of strength during the banquet last night. Merely this killing intent is sufficient to cause the souls and vital energy of everyone to become chaotic! Wang Zhenfeng was shocked in his heart and was even happier that he’d listened to his father and hurried over to apologize to Chen Xi as soon as possible today. Otherwise, once he offended such a formidable enemy, he would probably be unable to eat or sleep in peace for his entire lifetime.

“Thank you!” Only Yun Na wasn’t affected after sensing this killing intent. She knew that it was Chen Xi who was protecting her, and no matter how great the danger was, Chen Xi would stand guard for her.

“Go on, severe this enmity with your own two hands and perhaps your mood will be better.” Chen Xi patted Yun Na’s shoulder.

“Winter five years ago, you, you, and you intended to rape me, and if it wasn’t for me resisting with my life, I’d probably have lost my life at the hands of all of you since long ago. All of you…deserve death!” Amidst an icy cold voice that was filled with hatred, Yun Na held a cold blade in her hand as she swung it past the necks of the three guards without the slightest hesitation, causing three heads to drop to the group as blood sprayed out.

“On that night seven years ago, all four of you stole the spirit herbs in the treasure vault, yet slandered me, causing me to suffer endless humiliation. I vowed that day that I would surely clean my name with your blood!” Another four bloody heads fell to the ground right away.

How much more rage, terror, helplessness, and discontent were contained within the calm and almost indifferent tone of the icy cold voice that was filled with hatred?

Seven heads instantly dropped to the ground as scarlet red and hot blood seemed like waterfalls as it suffused the sky. Would this bloody and brutal scene be able to vent the hatred in the young woman’s heart?

Ya Qing and Yan Yan were silent.

Wang Zhenfeng was stunned speechless.

Chen Xi’s expression was indifferent and didn’t fluctuate in the slightest.

“You’re courting death! We must put our lives on the line!”  As he looked at his subordinates who seemed like lambs that were waiting to be slaughtered at the mercy of another, Qian Zhong’s eyes almost split open as he shouted out explosively, and it jolted awake everyone that had fallen into great terror. After that, he held his saber as he slashed directly towards Yun Na.

Chen Xi’s killing intent was too terrifying, it caused one’s soul to be in chaos, and he didn’t dare go against Chen Xi. Only by dealing with Yun Na first would he have a chance at retrieving the situation.


The saber tore fiercely through the sky like a waterfall as saber lights flowed upon it, causing it to seem like a rainbow that shot out in the sky, and it revealed Qian Zhong’s deep attainments in his saber martial technique.

“Fuck off!” However, in the next moment, Qian Zhong’s saber was struck down by a single sword strike, and it dropped to the ground with a clang, whereas, he instead was blasted flying with a flick of Chen Xi’s sleeve, and he knocked over an artificial mountain before spitting blood and fainting.

All of this happened in an instant, and the others hadn’t even reacted when Qian Zhong who was the Yun Clan’s Guard Commander had already suffered defeat and fainted.

“Let’s go all out!”

“Quickly! Let’s make a move together. So long as we delay them for a moment, the Patriarch and the others will surely come to support us!”


The remaining guards witnessed the tragic deaths of their companions and Qian Zhong fainting on the ground, and they were terrified to the point their souls almost left their bodies. They started roaring hysterically and hoped to trap Chen Xi and the others by sheer number.

“Ignorant fools!” As soon as he finished speaking, Chen Xi’s figure had already vanished on the spot.

Chen Xi strode within the crowd and every time he raised his hand to slap out, a person would be blasted flying. His movements were relaxed and casual as if he was strolling idly in a courtyard, and it all seemed effortless to him.

In the blink of an eye, all the guards that remained were groaning on the ground.

“If any of these people caused you to be unhappy all those years ago, then kill them.” Chen Xi returned to Yun Na’s side and spoke with a light voice.

Yun Na nodded, and then she immediately held up her curved blade and walked towards those guards that had lost their ability to do battle.

The humiliation and pain she’d suffered in the Yun Clan during these past few years were something an ordinary person was utterly unable to imagine. Even now, she kept being woken by numerous nightmares as everything that had happened in the past had become a nightmare and demons that tortured her mind and body. At this moment, even though she’d obtained a slight bit of release, it was far from enough!


The curved blade flashed through the sky like a frightened swan that suddenly flew out, and the person on the ground had already closed his eyes in despair.

“Vile spawn! You actually dare torture and kill your own clansmen!” However, right when Yun Na’s saber was about to strike down, an explosive shout that was filled with dignity resounded out abruptly. Yun Na’s body trembled when she heard this familiar voice, and she was unable to strike and kill anymore.

A dignified white skinned middle aged man that was elegant and poised walked over slowly from afar, but his eyes flickered with an extremely resentful and furious light.

A group of people were clustered around behind the dignified middle aged man. They consisted of a few tens of young men and women and a few tens of experts of the clan with ferocious expression, and they gushed over here in a streaming column.

“Yun Shufeng!” Yun Na’s eyes emitted deep-rooted hatred when she saw the middle aged man, and there was a faint trace of pain within her eyes. This man was her father, yet it was precisely because of this man that she’d suffered so much humiliation and hardships since she was young.

“Audacious! You actually dare address the Patriarch with his name? You bitch! Could it be that you really want to rise in rebellion?” A young and handsome man flashed out from the crowd. His appearance resembled Yun Shufeng by 70%, and he was even slightly alike to Yun Na.

Yun Na recognized this young man, he was Yun Shufeng’s eldest son, an expert of the Yun Clan’s younger generation, Yun Zhong. If one thought about it carefully, Yun Zhong was her older brother of the same father, but different mother.

But only Yun Na knew how ruthless this ‘older brother’ of hers was, and how cruelly he humiliated and bashed her when she was small.

“I returned this time only for the sake of retrieving my mother’s ashes. I’ll kill anyone who stops me!” Yun Na took a deep breath as she swept everyone before her with an icy cold gaze. She looked at her father and those brothers and sisters of hers, yet the flames of hatred in her heart blazed even brighter.

“What high sounding sentiments. It looked like you really are mad, bitch!”

“You’ve killed so many people, yet still don’t repent. If we knew this day would come, we should have eliminated as early as possible!”

“Father, kill this bitch. You raised her for so many years, yet raised an ungrateful bastard in the end. Not only does she not know how to repay your favor, she has instead brought disaster to the Yun Clan. She’s simply guilty beyond forgiveness!”

The young men and women of the Yun Clan spoke out successively and intended to kill Yun Na.

“Do all of you think I’m still the Yun Na from before?” Yun Na started laughing instead. During these past few years, she was so weak and fragile in the eyes of these people, causing her to be at their mercy like a useless piece of trash. So their actions at this moment weren’t strange, because they’d always treated her like this all along!

Yun Na started laughing, laughing louder and louder, and she laughed without reason or rhyme. But her laughter didn’t contain the slightest emotion, and it gave others an icy cold and ghastly feeling.

“Insane rambling, what a disgrace!” This laughter caused Yun Shufeng’s entire body to feel uncomfortable, and he felt as if the laughter was soundlessly casting a sarcastic remark at him, causing his face to sink as he shouted out right away. “Since you’re young and ignorant, I won’t make a fuss about today’s matter with you. But I have to punish you. I announce now that Yun Na showed no respect to her elders and brought disaster to the clan. Seize her and cripple her cultivation before expelling her from the Yun Clan. She isn’t a member of my Yun Clan in the future!”

“HAHAHAHA…” Yun Na laughed to the point even tears came out as she felt that this scene before her was so laughable. After a short moment, she restrained her laughter, and her eyes were red as she said word by word. “Cripple my cultivation? Expel me from the clan? What qualifications do you, Yun Shufeng, have to do that?”

“What’re all of you standing there for? Seize her, now!” Yun Shufeng laughed coldly as he instructed the people by his side, and from the beginning until the end, he utterly couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to Yun Na’s questions. 

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