Chapter 359 – Yun Na's Origins.

Deep in the night, Thunder City, Treasure Heaven Pavilion.

After they left the Thunder Marquis Estate, Chen Xi, along with Yan Yan and Yun Na, had followed Ya Qing to the Treasure Heaven Pavilion to rest.

Yan Yan was the daughter of the Grand Appraiser, Yan Cheng, so returning to the Treasure Heaven Pavilion was equivalent to returning home, whereas it was slightly strange that Yun Na had followed them to the Treasure Heaven Pavilion as well.

According to Chen Xi’s knowledge, Yun Na was from the Yun Clan, and extremely ordinary small clan in Thunder City. So, her actions of not returning to her clan late at night but following him to the Treasure Heaven Pavilion instead caused Chen Xi to faintly guess something yet he didn’t reveal it.

Ya Qing and Yan Yan naturally wouldn’t say anything, and they helped Chen Xi and Yun Na arrange for two VIP rooms before leaving.

It was already deep into the night, and he’d just participated in a banquet that was like a roller coaster ride, so Chen Xi felt slightly exhausted as well. He took a hot bath and just intended to rest when he a visit from an unexpected guest.

Madam Shui Hua.

Chen Xi wasn’t surprised when he saw this pure and alluring woman that could overturn the world paying a visit to him. When he was in the Misty Sea City’s Treasure Heaven Pavilion, Chen Xi knew that he would surely meet Madam Shui Hua before the Allstar Meeting, and it was only a matter of time.

If he thought about it carefully, this beautiful woman had actually helped him on many occasions. For example, the ten top-grade profound rank swords she’d given him in Misty Sea City, her actions of entrusting Ya Qing within helping him deal with some small trouble in Maple Leaf City, and even the Violetgold Treasure Heaven Token in his possession was given to him by Madam Shui Hua.

Although all these favors were small, but penny and penny laid up will be many, so he had no choice but to treat it seriously, and Chen Xi naturally didn’t dare forget it. Even though he knew that the reason Madam Shui Hua approached him was surely because she had something to request of him, he couldn’t be bothered to fuss about it. It was fine so long as she didn’t have any intention of harming him.

After Madam Shui Hua arrived this time, she talked with Chen Xi for less than the time an incense stick burned. She seemed to have no objective and had only come to have an idle chat, and she left trippingly not long after.

A fragrant wind curled up in the air, yet the beauty had already vanished without a trace.

Chen Xi sat cross-legged on the bed and pondered deeply for a long time.

Even though Madam Shui Hua didn’t indicate the reason she’d come, it wasn’t difficult for him to notice through their conversations that she’d always been approaching him with soundless actions and helping him without any intention of recruiting him to be at her command.

It seemed as if from the beginning until the end, she only wanted to demonstrate her goodwill to him, and it was merely that.

No matter what, I still have to owe her a favor. Perhaps this is precisely what she wants? Chen Xi shook his head and didn’t continue thinking.

At the first glimmer of dawn the next day, Chen Xi woke up and washed before leaving his room.

When he returned to the Treasure Heaven Pavilion last night, he’d told Ya Qing that he would depart for Silken City today. After all, the Allstar Meeting would be beginning in another month, and it was better to hurry over as soon as possible.

He’d just walked out of his room when he saw Ya Qing, Yun Na, and Yan Yan were already waiting there.

The Allstar Meeting this time gathered the experts of the younger generation in the entire cultivation world of the Darchu Dynasty, and it could be said to be unprecedentedly grand and a gathering of experts that were as numerous as the clouds. Not only did this grand event have many participants, there were countless people that headed to Silken City from very far away for the sake of witnessing the graceful bearing of the experts of the younger generation. The three young women would naturally not miss this grand event.

But before they left, Ya Qing had called Chen Xi over to the side instead, and she said via voice transmission, “Yun Na intends to return to her clan to retrieve her mother’s ashes before leaving Thunder City, so she doesn’t intend to go with us.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he smiled and said, “Isn’t it just the retrieval of ashes. It won’t delay much time. It wouldn’t be late for us to depart after we make a trip to her clan with her.”

Ya Qing sighed. “I think so too. But Yun Na’s situation is slightly special.”

“What’s going on?” Chen Xi’s brows raised as he glanced at the distant Yun Na, and when he saw her absent-minded and troubled expression, he vaguely guessed that this might be related to matters within her clan.

Sure enough, what Ya Qing said next proved Chen Xi’s guesses.

It turned out that Yun Na’s status in the Yun Clan was rather lowly. Her mother was only a maidservant at the side of the current Yun Clan’s Patriarch, Yun Shufeng. When Yun Shufeng was drunk one day, the beast in him emerged, and he forcefully took Yun Na’s mother. This was how Yun Na was born.

Not long after Yun Na was born, her mother passed away from illness, whereas Yun Shufeng had countless concubines and a house full of children. So how could he possibly care about his daughter, Yun Na, that he got because of an accident? If it wasn’t for Yun Na being his own flesh and blood, he’d almost forgotten that he even had this daughter.

Coupled with Yun Na’s mother being only a maidservant. Not only did she suffer the rejection of the Yun Clan disciples and being mocked as a bastard, even the maid servants and slaves hurled insults at her and entirely didn’t take her to be the daughter of the Patriarch.

It was obvious from this how miserable Yun Na’s origins were.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh when he found out about all this, and he felt even more pity towards Yun Na in his heart. She was able to grow up in such an adverse environment and even firmly and independently live until now. Yun Na’s life was really not easy.

He decided right away that he would accompany Yun Na to the Yun Clan.

After they found out about Chen Xi’s decision, both Ya Qing and Yan Yan approved of it, whereas Yun Na was slightly overwhelmed by the unexpected favor, and even the gaze she looked at Chen Xi with had changed. It was a gaze of gratitude that carried indescribable happiness, and it glistened brightly.

Their group left the Treasure Heaven Pavilion right away. But they’d just walked out when they saw the Junior Marquis, Wang Zhenfeng, who was wearing a gorgeous robe had long since been waiting there.

“Why’re you here?” Ya Qing’s beautiful brows frowned and felt slight loathing. This fellow has been pestering me for a good amount of days, and he even instructed others to look for trouble with Chen Xi during the banquet yesterday. Yet he still has the face to make an appearance now? I really wonder exactly how thick his face is.

“I came to apologize to Brother Chen.” Wang Zhenfeng smiled embarrassedly, and then he walked forward with a solemn expression and said, “Everything that happened yesterday was my mistake, I hope that Brother Chen doesn’t take it to heart.”

Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to think why this fellow’s attitude had changed so greatly, and he shook his head. “The matter has already passed, there’s no need to mention it, Brother Wang.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he brought Yun Na along to head towards the Yun Clan, as he didn’t want to be together with this fellow that was very good at causing trouble.

Ya Qing and Yan Yan didn’t pay any more attention to Wang Zhenfeng when they saw this, and they followed Chen Xi closely.

But Chen Xi had still underestimated the thickness of Wang Zhenfeng’s face. After he was disregarded by Chen Xi, not only did Wang Zhenfeng not get enraged, he instead had an expression of not minding in the slightest, and his attitude unusually good as he chased after them once more and said, “Where are all of you going? I’ll go with you. There’s no place in Thunder City that I don’t know.”

Chen Xi puckered his lips and kept silent.

Ya Qing and the other young women naturally couldn’t be bothered to talk with him.

Wang Zhenfeng laughed loudly to ease his anxiety as he continued speaking with a sincere tone. “I know that some things from yesterday caused some trouble for Brother Chen, and all of this is my fault…”

Just like this, Chen Xi and the others didn’t speak all along the way, and only Wang Zhenfeng was chattering without stop at the side like a little lackey that had made a mistake.

When they saw this scene, everyone they passed by was flabbergasted and almost thought they were seeing things. After all, that was the Junior Marquis who possessed an extremely respected status in the Thunder Marquis Estate, and he was a renowned existence in Thunder City. So how could he possibly become so humble?

While Wang Zhenfeng was speaking to the point his saliva flew out uncontrollably, and he spoken to the point his mouth was dry, Chen Xi group had finally seen the estate the Yun Clan resided in.

The Yun Clan’s Estate was extremely vast, yet it was very ordinary and at a scale that was even inferior to the current Chen Clan, and it was utterly incapable of comparing with the other vast and tall buildings Chen Xi had seen all along the way. In the entirety of the Thunder City, the Yun Clan was indeed an inconspicuous little clan.

Even Wang Zhenfeng, the Junior Marquis that had grown up in Thunder City had an astonished expression when he saw the Yun Clan Estate for the first time, and he mutter. “Yun Clan? Thunder City has such a clan?”This obviously showed how weak and ordinary the resources and reserves of the Yun Clan were.

When they approached the estate’s entrance, Yun Na’s expression seemed to be complicated, and she took a deep breath before knocking on the door.

A middle aged servant walked out and was first stunned when he saw Yun Na who was outside the door, and then he grunted coldly with disdain. “Oh, you’re still alive, bastard? Why did you think of coming back?”

When she heard the word ‘bastard,’ Yun Na’s expression suddenly went grim and her hands unconsciously clenched together tightly, and then she said with an icy cold voice, “Get out of the way! Do I need to report to you if I return or not? You’re just a servant reared by the Yun Clan, so you better take care of your foul mouth!”

The middle aged servant was stunned, and then he exploded into rage. “What did you say?”

Meanwhile, he noticed Chen Xi’s group, and his expression changed as he laughed coldly and said, “I understand now. Do you think you can come back and make a big show of strength just because you made friends with a bunch of trash?” You really have an exaggerated opinion of your ability!”

Yun Na was enraged and her eyes almost sprayed fire.

Chen Xi frowned as well. Even a servant dared be so vicious, so the attitude of the Yun Clan towards Yun Na was obvious.


A clear sound resounded out. Wang Zhenfeng had suddenly charged forward to fiercely slap the servant, and he slapped him to the point he flew out over 30 meters and blood sprayed endlessly from his mouth.

“You dirty dog! You actually dare call me ‘a bunch of trash?’ If it was any other place, I’d have fucking cut you apart!” Wang Zhenfeng fiercely spat with an expression filled with disdain, and the innate arrogance and noble aura he unintentionally effused shocked this middle aged servant to the point of forgetting to let out a shrill cry.

“Miss Yun, I couldn’t help but make a move due to my righteous indignation. It’s fine, right?” When Wang Zhenfeng turned around to look at Yun Na, his face was already covered in a pleasantly warm smile that caused one to feel as if one was bathing in a spring breeze.

As he spoke, he looked at Chen Xi instead, and when he saw Chen Xi neither approving or disapproving, he instantly understood that he’d made the right bet this time.

Could it be that they came to the Yun Clan this time for the sake of picking a fight? Wang Zhenfeng couldn’t help but be excited in his heart. Picking a fight was his specialty, and if he did well, he might be able to make Chen Xi forgive the grievances between them!

“I only noticed now that you seem much more agreeable to the eye today.” Ya Qing glanced at Wang Zhenfeng and spoke with surprise. 

Wang Zhenfeng laughed loudly. “My heart is satisfied with these words of Miss Ya Qing.”

Chen Xi’s group disregarded the servant that spat blood endlessly on the ground as they directly walked towards the entrance.

“Help! Come quickly! That bitch, Yun Na, has found a group of assistants and come to cause trouble!” After some time, the servant crawled up from the ground with a thump, then he shouted out with a miserable and shrill cry, and his voice spread out to the surroundings and instantly alarmed the entire Yun Clan. 

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