Chapter 358 – Shocking Origins

“That little fellow can really be said to be an extraordinary genius, and he can be said to be a top genius amongst the figures of the younger generation that I’ve seen. He’s almost capable of comparing with those favored geniuses like Qing Xiuyi and Zhao Qinghe.” Within the solemn and vast hall, the Thunder Marquis, Wang Hongxu’s, clear and deep voice rumbled and reverberated in the air, and his words were like strikes of thunder that deafened the ear. “I wonder what Brother Cui thinks?”

Cui Shan laughed heartily and sighed with emotion. “Is there any need to say anything? Numerous commander level assassins of my Blacksun Pavilion perished at his hand. If he didn’t have sufficient strength, then he probably wouldn’t have survived until now.”

Wang Hongxu nodded. “Indeed. He was able to completely lock his vital energy, killing intent, True Essence, and Dao Insight within his finger without allowing it to leak out in the slightest. Even some Rebirth Realm cultivators wouldn’t be able to execute such a technique. One can see what’s coming from a small clue. Solely based on this gentle finger, this kid’s strength will be sufficient to look down upon numerous geniuses in the Allstar Meeting.”

When he spoke up to here, a wisp of self ridicule couldn’t help but suffuse his dignified and strong face. “That poor son of mine. From the beginning until the end, he hadn’t figured out exactly how formidable that kid’s strength was, causing him to do something that was seemingly clever, yet make a fool of himself in the end.”

“The Junior Marquis is just young and wants to excel over others. Perhaps experiencing this setback will be a good thing to his cultivation in the future. After all, everyone has felt jealous and fought for a woman’s favor when they were young.” Cui Shan grinned.

Wang Hongxu laughed loudly, yet didn’t say anything further, and he instead shot his gaze towards Madam Shui Hua. The reason they were able to gather here this time was because of this graceful and gorgeous woman that could charm the world.

Even though Madam Shui Hua rarely made public appearances in the cultivation world, no matter if it was Wang Hongxu or Cui Shan, both of them didn’t dare look down upon her.

The reason was extremely simple. This woman was the one and only younger sister of the current Emperor Chu! Both her bloodline and identity were noble to the extreme. So who would dare look down on a woman that possessed such a respectable and esteemed origin?

Cui Shan similarly looked towards Madam Shui Hua. It was precisely because he listened to Madam Shui Hua’s advice that he shouldered enormous pressure to resolutely stop the assassination operation against Chen Xi.

But, up until now, he was still perplexed in his heart. Exactly what background does that kid possess to actually be able to make Madam Shui Hua stoop down and request that I let Chen Xi off?

After all, not only would he face pressure from the higher-ups of the Blacksun Pavilion for giving up the assassination of Chen Xi, he’d offended the Wise King Huangfu Jingtian and the other six Earthly Immortal Realm experts at the same time. If he was unable to obtain a satisfying answer, then the consequences would be unimaginable.

“Looks like the both of you are slightly restless.” Madam Shui Hua smiled lightly, and her smile was like a rose that had just bloomed after the rain, extremely delicate and charming. “The Allstar Meeting will be starting in another month, so the time for this secret to be made public has come.”

The expressions of Wang Hongxu and Cui Shan became serious and solemn when they heard this.

“The Chen Clan of the southern territory’s Pine Mist City that Chen Xi is from is only a small clan, and it’s extremely ordinary and has nothing worth paying attention to. But because of Chen Xi’s mother, this small clan had become different. Of course, the Chen Clan’s Patriarch at that time, Chen Tianli, probably didn’t know as well that his own daughter-in-law’s true identity would actually cause my Imperial Brother to be shocked, to the point his heart trembled and he was deeply afraid of offending the Chen Clan.”

Madam Shui Hua’s beautiful eyes moved about as her voice carried along a trace of a special magnetism that aroused one’s interest, and it faintly reverberated throughout the solemn and vast hall.

Even Emperor Chu was shocked to the point his heart trembled?

Wang Hongxu and Cui Shan glanced at each other, and they both perceived the shock in each other’s heart, causing their expressions to become even more serious and heavy. If it was really as Madam Shui Hua said, then the identity of Chen Xi’s mother was too terrifying, and it might have even exceeded their imagination.

Seeming to have not noticed their shock, Madam Shui Hua continued. “But, it was precisely because of Chen Xi’s mother that the Chen Clan suffered the calamity of annihilation and only few survived. Moreover, the people that annihilated their clan were precisely the clansmen of his Mother’s clan.”When he listened up to here, Wang Hongxu couldn’t restrain the bewilderment in his heart and said, “Why was it like that? Could it be that the clan his mother was from didn’t approve of this marriage? So they made a move hatefully and annihilated the Chen Clan?”

Cui Shan frowned and said as well, “I guess it ought to be like this. After all, the Chen Clan was too weak and was probably far from being able to compare with the clan behind Chen Xi’s mother. An enormous difference in status and identity would most likely lead to tragedy. As the saying goes, a marriage must be between two equal families.”

Madam Shui Hua shook her head. “Even I don’t know about this. After all, a clan like the one Chen Xi’s mother belonged to was surely a colossus that we can only look up to, so what happens within it is entirely not something we can guess.”

Besides feeling shocked, Wang Hongxu felt even more curious in his heart. “I wonder if you can tell us exactly which clan it is? And why does it seem to be so terrifying?

Cui Shan nodded as well. “Yes, could it be a formidable existence in the Dark Reverie?”

“The Dark Reverie?” Madam Shui Hua shook her head and smiled. “Do you know the Dark Reverie’s Violet Thistle Bai Clan?”

Both of them nodded in unison. They’d naturally heard of the Violet Thistle Bai Clan. It was a great power that stood towering in the Dark Reverie, and even the current Emperor Chu himself wasn’t able to get past the Bai Clan’s entrance when he went to pay the clan a visit. Thus, how monstrous the power and authority the Bai Clan possessed was obvious from this.

Madam Shui Hua sighed with emotion. “How formidable the Violet Thistle Bai Clan is, yet it’s nothing worth mentioning before Chen Xi’s mother’s clan. One was in the heavens, one was on the earth, they couldn’t be compared with each other.”

Wang Hongxu and Cui Shan were stunned and completely shocked. In their eyes, the Bai Clan was already an existence that they could only look up to, yet it was actually far from being able to compare with the clan Chen Xi’s mother was from. This was simply like listening to a fairytale, and it caused to almost not dare believe their ears!

“This… Exactly what sort of clan is this?” Wang Hongxu continued asked.  At this moment, he was entirely not like a Marquis that possessed monstrous power and authority and whose rage shook the heavens and the earth, and he instead seemed like a curious child. This couldn’t be blamed on him, as the secret Madam Shui Hua revealed was truly too astonishing.

Madam Shui Hua went silent for a long time before lightly spitting out two words. “Zuoqiu.”


Wang Hongxu and Cui Shan looked at each other with dazed expression. They’d never heard of this surname, and they were unable to find the slightest bit of information related to the Zuoqiu Clan within their memories.

“According to my Imperial Brother, this clan is extremely ancient and isn’t at the Dark Reverie, so very few people in the world know the existence of this clan,” said Madam Shui Hua.

“It isn’t in the Dark Reverie? Could it be in another large world?” Wang Hongxu and Cui Shan were stunned. They knew that the universe was so large that it was boundlessly vast, and there were many large and minor worlds existing in the universe. The place they resided in was merely one of the numerous worlds in the universe.

Madam Shui Hua shook her head yet didn’t say anything further, and she only stretched out her delicate hand to lightly point up.


Wang Hongxu and Cui Shan gasped. Even though they’d already faintly guessed, they utterly didn’t dare believe it. However, at this moment, when they obtained the confirmation of Madan Shui Hua, both of them instantly seemed as if they were struck by lightning, and their minds were muddled.

Immortal Dimension!

The Zuoqiu Clan is actually a clan in the Immortal Dimension!

Wang Hongxu and Cui Shan took a deep breath yet were still unable to eliminate the shock in their hearts.

Cultivators cultivated bitterly and comprehended the Heaven’s Dao for the sake of ascending to become a Heavenly Immortal, to wander freely in the universe, live forever with the heavens and the earth, and escape the restrictions of sickness, age, and death.

This was the highest objective in the hearts of every single cultivator, an objective that was worthy of giving their entire lives to climb up to. However, this process was truly too difficult, and only one mortal in a million was capable of ascending to become an immortal. Almost all cultivators held hatred in their hearts as they perished and vanished in the heavens and the earth, and they were utterly unable to see a single strand of hope to achieve this objective.

Wang Hongxu and Cui Shan were on the path to seeking immortality, and their feelings toward it were extremely deep. At this moment, when they found out that Chen Xi’s mother was actually from a clan in the Immortal Dimension, the shock that came from the depths of their hearts were indeed impossible to be described with words.

“Of course, this is merely a guess of my Imperial Brother’s, and it’s impossible to confirm if it’s really true.” Madam Shui Hua glanced at the two of them and said slowly, “But no matter if it’s me or my Imperial Brother, we still chose to believe this fact. After all, on this long and boundless path of cultivation, if one was able to be on friendly terms with a great clan of the Immortal Dimension before becoming a Heavenly Immortal, then no matter what the price it, it would be worth it.”

Wang Hongxu and Cui Shan instantly understood everyone. Looks like Emperor Chu and Madam Shui Hua had started making arrangements since long ago, and it was for the sake of not falling to become someone without any support once they had the honor of ascending into the Immortal Dimension, whereas this kid Chen Xi has become the most important chess piece.

“After all, this kid Chen Xi is a member of the Chen Clan, and the Chen Clan suffered annihilation at the hands of the Zuoqiu Clan. Isn’t it slightly rash to place all hopes on him?” Wang Hongxu frowned.

Madam Shui Hua smiled. “Fortune is sought in the depths of danger. If we don’t pay a price, then how could we possibly have any gains in the future? To tell you honestly, there are people in this world that wish for nothing more than to kill Chen Xi and remove all future troubles, like the Pine Mist City’s Li Clan, the Dragon Lake City’s Su Clan, and the Warlord’s Estate.

“But, they didn’t dare do this rashly. Because Chen Xi has the blood of the Zuoqiu Clan after all. It’s extremely easy to kill him, but the consequences they have to face after they killed him wasn’t something any of them could bear.”

“This was also the reason why Chen Xi suffered from so much hardships when he was young. Even though they didn’t dare kill Chen Xi, they had no choice but to accept the orders and instructions of some people, so they had to utilize some small tricks to torture Chen Xi with the intention of forcing Chen Xi to death amidst the numerous hardships he faced. In this way, no one could say anything about it.”

“Some people?” Wang Hongxu was astonished. “Could it be that there are people that dare provoke the Zuoqiu Clan?”

A trace of ridicule suffused the corners of Madam Shui Hua’s mouth as she sighed. “These people are similarly from the Zuoqiu Clan, and they’re precisely the group of people that annihilated the Chen Clan all those years ago.”

Cui Shan had been silent since the beginning as he ceaselessly digested the shocking information he heard, and he couldn’t help but sigh when he heard this. “It’s too complicated. This is probably a strife between the members of the Zuoqiu Clan, right? Chen Xi’s mother was one from one side, and those that annihilated the Chen Clan were the other side, whereas, Chen Xi was sandwiched in the middle. Some wanted him dead, some wanted him alive, and it’s truly intricate and complex to the extreme.”

Madam Shui Hua laughed lightly as she stood up and said, “Alright, I’ve already said what should be said. I ought to go see that little fellow now. Farewell.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she’d already left trippingly. 

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