Chapter 357 – Impervious To Reason

Everyone in the hall was shocked.

This moved of Chen Xi’s was very ordinary, yet it was a move that gave Xiao Xuantian a taste of his own medicine, and Chen Xi being able to easily achieve this while in battle was shocking. After all, Xiao Xuantian had attacked suddenly earlier, whereas Chen Xi was fighting Xiao Xuantian head on, so the superior party could be determined instantly.

Xiao Xuantian was at the center of it all, and what he felt was completely different from the others. Chen Xi looked to be an indifferent and aloof person, yet when he suddenly made a move, the strength he revealed caused Xu Xuantian to be shocked.

Especially when he faced this grab of Chen Xi, he felt as if raging storm that rumbled with thunder and flashed with lightning surrounded him, and a simple grab seemed to contain numerous Dao Insights that locked down the heavens and the earth and overturned the workings of the heavens, causing him to actually have the feeling of being unable to resist it.


Xiao Xuantian wasn’t in time to dodge. A wisp of dazzling gold light suddenly suffused around his entire body as talisman markings flowed about within it, and then it condensed into an armor that protected his entire body.

Shockingly, this was a top-grade earth-rank armor.

Chen Xi’s eyes flashed as he opened his hand into a palm, and then he slapped down with a strength that had increased a few times higher.


Brilliant light and fluctuations spread out explosively in all directions.

Xiao Xuantian staggered back a few steps and was shocked once more in his heart. The armor he wore was extremely valuable and was refined by a great equipment refiner. It was covered with an entire 81 layers of talisman formations and was capable of negating 70% of the strength of enemies that possessed the same cultivation as the user, causing its defensive ability to be rather shocking.

However, even though more than half of the strength of Chen Xi’s strike was negated, the remaining strength still shook him to the point his vital energy and blood roiled and the aura on his entire body almost collapsed. Exactly how terrifying is the strength of this palm? If I didn’t have this armor to defend myself, I’m afraid my shoulder bone would have been shattered instantly, right?

But he didn’t have the time to think about it while in battle. Xiao Xuantian strode a step forward as flames flowed all around his body, causing him to be like a god that bathed in flames, then one of his palms gestured to hold up the heavens while the other touched the ground, and they overlapped each other before forming a myriad of palm prints.

“The heavens and the earth impermanent, flames are ruthless, melt the heavens and the earth, blaze the universe!” At this moment, Xiao Xuantian’s hair fluttered as a wave of surging flames swept out with a raise of his hand, and then the myriad of palm prints were like a myriad of flame dragons that roared in the sky and charged at Chen Xi.

This fellow still refuses to give up hope… Chen Xi sighed in his heart. Earlier, if he utilized the Talisman Armament, then a single strike would be sufficient to shatter the armor on Xiao Xuantian and chop him into two. Unfortunately, Xiao Xuantian seemed to not appreciate his kindness and continued pestering him while being impervious to reason.

Regretfully, this was only a spar and not a true life and death battle, so the victor couldn’t be decided with life and death.

At this moment, there was no time for Chen Xi to think any further, and he form a sword with his fingers right away before a tempest surged while water and fire swept out waves around him. The Dao Insights of lightning, wind, fire, and water sprayed out, causing his True Essence to sometimes seem like surging flames yet sometimes seem like an endlessly flowing river, and all of this condensed onto his fingers.

Chen Xi similarly took the initiative to launch an attack, and he charged forward like a bolt of lightning, causing numerous afterimages to appear before he became locked in battle with Xiao Xuantian.

As a Core Disciple that was put emphasis on in fostering in the Xiao Clan, the strength he’d concealed was extremely outstanding as well. But when compared with Chen Xi, he was greatly inferior instead, and there were many times that Chen Xi had shown mercy and not taken his life.

But Xiao Xuantian didn’t appreciate his kindness and still continued persisting in his actions without the slightest graceful bearing he had from before. This caused Chen Xi to frown without end, and he didn’t continue exercising restraint any longer, causing his moves to become fierce and swift.

Since he couldn’t kill on the spot, he could cause some injury to his opponent.

In an instant, the two of them had already exchanged no less than a few hundred blows. Their figures crossed each other with speeds that were swift as lightning, and at the instant everyone was bedazzled by the scene before them, their figures separated right away.

Chen Xi was calm, collected, and without the slightest injury, whereas Xiao Xuantian’s hair was disheveled, his clothes torn apart, and numerous striking bloodstains could be faintly seen on his exposed skin, causing him to seem to be in an extremely sorry state.

All of this was because Chen Xi had shown mercy. Otherwise, if Chen Xi slightly increased his strength, those bloodstains would become heavy injuries that Xiao Xuantian would be unable to heal.

Everyone was stunned by this scene, and they seemed to have been completely flabbergasted.

Even though they’d vaguely guessed before that Chen Xi’s strength was extremely formidable, when they saw the Xiao Clan’s peerless genius, Xiao Xuantian, falling to such a miserable state at Chen Xi’s hands, it caused their scalps to go numb.

So it turns out that this pussy pretty boy is really so formidable… At this moment, Yan Yan finally knew of Chen Xi’s strength, and the shock in her heart couldn’t be expressed with words.

Wang Zhenfeng was extremely shocked in his heart as well. He possessed a roughly equal strength to Xiao Xuantian, and it was the type of equal that caused them to be completely on par. What caused him to be shocked was Chen Xi was capable of easily defeating Xiao Xuantian, so wouldn’t that mean that Chen Xi was also capable of easily defeating him?

He was slightly unable to accept this truth. As the Junior Marquis of the Thunder Marquis Estate, he’d received the most excellent inheritance since a young age, nor did he lack wealth, companions, techniques, or locations. Moreover, everything he possessed were top-rate. 

He originally thought that by relying on his strength, it would be sufficient for him to cut a striking figure and become eminent in the Allstar Meeting. However, Chen Xi’s appearance instantly caused him to realize that he might have underestimated the geniuses of the world!

“I’m not convinced, continue!” Suddenly, a shrill and loud shout of rage resounded out and shook the hall, and it jolted awake everyone who was still in a state of shock.

Xiao Xuantian who was covered in bloodstains and had disheveled hair struck out again without regard for anything, and he emitted a violent aura. Obviously, he’d already aroused killing intent and wasn’t only sparring as he said earlier.

“Enough!” Before Chen Xi could make a move, Wang Zhenfeng had shouted out explosively and flashed over to block before Xiao Xuantian first, and then he berated with a grim voice. “It’s only a spar. A loss is a loss. Could it be that you’re adamant on dying on the spot?”

“Even you think I’m not a match for him?” Xiao Xuantian laughed miserably, and it seemed as if losing to Chen Xi caused the pride in his heart to suffer an extremely great blow.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but shake his head when he saw this. This person looked to be lighthearted and possessing a graceful bearing. But in truth, he’s fairly narrow-minded and sensitive, and he’s unable to accept defeat. He’s bound to not go far in the path of cultivation.

“Alright, you can stand down.” Wang Zhenfeng spoke in an indisputable tone. The shortcomings Xiao Xuantian revealed at this moment caused him to frown endlessly. But, as a friend, he couldn’t bear to say anything further, and he only hoped that Xiao Xuantian could recover after having a rest.

Chen Xi didn’t stay any longer. The successive events during this banquet caused him to be rather disgusted, so it was better for him to leave this place of troubles as soon as possible.

Wang Zhenfeng naturally wouldn’t persuade Chen Xi to stay. The banquet he held this time could be said to have achieved nothing. He originally intended to suppress Chen Xi, yet now it would seem like it was obviously impossible to achieve. So it was meaningless to continue persuading Chen Xi to stay.

As soon as Chen Xi left, Ya Qing, Yun Na, and Yan Yan didn’t stay any longer, and they left successively while following closely behind him. They seemed like a host of stars that surrounded a bright moon, and it caused everyone in the hall to let out a wave of sighs.

This banquet that converged all the genius figures in the younger generation of Thunder City and was held in the welcome hall of the Thunder Marquis Estate came to an end just like this.

Everyone who participated in the banquet knew that everything that happened during the banquet would spread throughout the entirety of Thunder City by tomorrow, whereas Chen Xi’s name would probably be known very well by all the cultivators of Thunder City overnight.

No one was able to stop all of this from happening, and even with Wang Zhenfeng’s ability, he was unable to stop this news from leaking out unless he silenced everyone present in the welcome hall with death. But was this possible?

Not long after Chen Xi’s group left, a middle aged man, and old man, and a beautiful woman sat upright within a vast and ancient hall in the depths of the Thunder Marquis Estate.

The middle aged man was impressive and dignified, and he had a tall body with a black beard and black hair. His entire body seemed to be enveloped within lightning, and he emitted a monstrous aura that caused space to collapse and the airflow in the sky to become chaotic.

The old man had a kind and benevolent appearance, and a completely round and enormous black sun image floated behind him. It seemed like the gate that led to hell, and it emitted an aura that caused one’s heart to palpitate.

The beautiful woman had beautiful watery eyes, a pure and alluring appearance, smooth and glossy skin that was white as snow, jet black hair that hung down like waterfalls, and a graceful and charming figure, causing her to seem innately amorous. She sat upright at the side, and the imposing aura she emitted was actually not the slightest bit inferior to the other two people.

Shockingly, these three people were — the master of Thunder City, the Thunder Marquis! The Blacksun Pavilion’s Seventh Leader, Cui Shan! The Treasure Heaven Pavilion’s Madam Shui Hua who possessed a mysterious background! 

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