Chapter 356 – The Might of A Single Finger

Chen Xi sighed and looked seriously at Wang Daoxu as he asked, “Can’t we just spar during the Allstar Meeting?”

Wang Daoxu shook his head. “That’s won’t do. How can I come with great hopes but return disappointed?”

Everyone else nodded endlessly in unison when they heard this, as all of them were only too anxious to witness Chen Xi’s strength.

Chen Xi pondered for a short while, and he said abruptly, “That punch of yours from before contained the aura of a mountain and Dao Insight flowed smoothly within it. Your comprehension of Earth Dao Insight is probably about to attain the 6th level of the Initial Realm. Your move was fierce, swift, and extremely formidable, and when both of these were combined, it was indeed all powerful and all conquering. But it isn’t completely without flaws.”

Everyone was stunned. This fellow intends to orally discuss the Dao?

That’s too boring!

Everyone was extremely displeased. Is it so difficult to see you, Chen Xi, fight a real battle?

Wang Daoxu was extremely bewildered as well, but he still asked patiently. “What flaw does it have?”

Chen Xi swept his gaze at the surrounding people and didn’t say anything further before directly standing up, and then his right index finger stretched out and lightly tapped towards Wang Daoxu’s face.

They’re finally beginning!

The spirits of everyone who was ceaselessly grumbling in their hearts were refreshed, and then they opened their eyes before looking over unblinkingly as they were afraid of missing the slightest detail. However, to their disappointment, Chen Xi merely stretched out a finger, and there was no vast and surging True Essence or dazzling and resplendent Dao Insight. It was only a normal finger that was ordinary to the extreme.

On the other hand, Wang Daoxu didn’t even move when facing this finger, and he seemed as if he disdained to make a move and seemed as if he was waiting for something. All in all, the state both of them revealed at this moment didn’t look the slightest bit like an intense battle.

“What’s this fellow doing?” Wang Zhenfeng was similarly bewildered and extremely perplexed.

“I think he and Wang Daoxu have colluded since long ago, and they’re just intentionally playing tricks!” Xiao Xuantian smiled lightly as his eyes revealed a trace of disdain.

Wang Zhenfeng didn’t think like this. Logically speaking, not a single one of them would go to the extent of playing such petty tricks under the gazes of everyone present. Chen Xi and Wang Daoxu weren’t stupid, so how could they possibly play tricks like some tricksters on the street?

Could it be that there’s some profundity within it? Wang Zhenfeng frowned without end.

Ya Qing, Yun Na, and Yan Yan were the closest to Chen Xi and saw it the most clearly, but they were similarly unable to discern what was going on, and their eyes were filled with a dazed expression.

Only Wang Daoxu’s feelings were different from the others.

Along with Chen Xi stretching this finger out, he suddenly felt as if he’d fallen into a bottomless pit without anything to gain a foothold on in the surroundings, yet it also seemed as if he was facing lightning that descended from the sky without anywhere to hide or flee.

The pressure that gushed over from all directions caused him to smell the scent of approaching death, and under this pressure, he madly pondered through all the martial techniques he’s cultivated. However, to his despair, he was entirely unable to find a single move that was able to deal with the dangerous situation he faced now! 

It was as if a casual finger pointed towards him had already completely locked down his entire surroundings and the boundless world. The powerless feeling that came from his heart caused his entire body to be drenched in cold sweat, then his pupils suddenly dilated, and he was on the verge of suffocating.

What martial technique is this!?

Wang Daoxu was astounded in his heart, and the will to fight, confidence, and pride in his heart was practically about to collapse and shatter!

Never had he imagined that in this time of less than a year since the Goldlake Meeting until now, Chen Xi’s strength had already grown to such a terrifying extent, and merely a single finger pointed at him caused him to feel despaired as if he was facing imminent death.


This fellow’s speed of growth is too terrifying! He’s simply a peerless monster!

Wang Daoxu’s thoughts were in chaos, and he was at the brink of collapse. But right when he was about to be unable to endure it, the pressure in the surroundings instantly vanished without a trace, and it was also this moment that Chen Xi withdrew his finger.

If he were to continue, he was extremely worried that he would completely collapse the pride and will to fight within Wang Daoxu’s heart. If that were to happen, then this finger of his would become an inner demon in Wang Daoxu’s heart, and it might cause Wang Daoxu to be unable to advance in the future if it wasn’t eliminated.

Everyone looked at this scene with astonishment. They didn’t know what Wang Daoxu felt, so they felt Chen Xi’s actions were rather baffling. He’d only stretched out a finger before withdrawing it. What was he doing?

But some people with discerning gazes noticed acutely that Wang Daoxu’s aura was extremely unusual, his face stiff, his expression absent-minded, and the clothes on his body could be faintly seen to be drenched by sweat. It seemed as if in that instant from before, something that caused him to be extremely terrified had occurred.

Wang Daoxu took a deep breath, and amidst his daze, he had a feeling of being a lucky survivor after a disaster. It felt as if everything from before was only a hallucination in his heart, and it was so unreal. The damp feeling on his entire body caused him to instantly sober up, and only now did he notice that his entire body was drenched in cold sweat, as if he’d just been dragged out from the water.

But he couldn’t care about all this. He raised his head to look at Chen Xi was a complicated expression, and then he said with a serious tone. “Thank you for showing mercy.”

Chen Xi smiled. “It was only a spar. Brother Wang, don’t take it to heart. It will only be harmful to your cultivation if it becomes your shackles.”

Wang Daoxu nodded and sighed with emotion. “Brother Chen will surely have a place in the Allstar Meeting this time. As for how far you can go, it’s already not something I can estimate.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he completely disregarded everyone in the hall before turning around and leaving. Just as he had said before, he had come with great hopes and left after achieving them, and he was truly a lighthearted figure.

“He admitted defeat just like this?”

“He’s leaving just like this?”

“Strange! It’s too strange!”

Besides causing everyone present to be shocked, Wang Daoxu admitting defeat caused them to feel that it was extremely absurd. It couldn’t be helped. Their strength and discerning ability were utterly incapable of prying into the terrifying killing intent condensed within Chen Xi’s finger from before.

“Hey, what did you do earlier?” Yan Yan couldn’t restrain the curiosity in her heart and asked with a low voice.

“Didn’t you see everything earlier?” Chen Xi held up the wine jug and poured a cup of wine for himself. He noticed the fine wine stored in the Thunder Marquis Estate had an extremely pungent flavor that warmed his internal organs when it entered his mouth, and the aftertaste was sweet and refreshing instead, causing it to have a special flavor that made it very satisfying to drink.

Yan Yan couldn’t help but roll her eyes as she looked at Chen Xi who kept his mouth shut tight like a jar, and then she turned around angrily as she continued muttering in her heart. Once a pussy pretty boy become complacent, they’re simply detestable to the extreme! 

Actually, it wasn’t just Yan Yan who was curious, how could the other people present not be curious?

But they could only bury this curiosity deep within their bellies. Being able to perceive what had happened earlier or not was a problem of one’s own strength and discerning ability. If they were to directly ask Chen Xi, then it would be a direct admission that their strength and discerning abilities were inferior, and no one was willing to lower their status, so no one voiced out a question.

“Brother Chen, since your strength is so extraordinary, why don’t we have a spar? Truthfully speaking, I really want to know what power that finger of yours from before possessed. Was it a deliberate trick? Or did it really contain a might that shook the heavens and the earth?” Right at this moment, Xiao Xuantian stood up and took a step forward. His loose white clothes were fluttering, his eyes were like stars, and the corners of his mouth held a smile, causing him to seem rather unrestrained.

Chen Xi put down the wine cup in his hand and stood up, and then he sighed. “Looks like I can’t stay at this banquet any longer. It’s better for me to leave as soon as possible.”

Everyone was stunned as they never expected that Chen Xi would actually decide to leave halfway through the banquet, and he wanted to leave on a whim and didn’t give the slightest face to Xiao Xuantian when facing Xiao Xuantian’s challenge.

“Brother Chen, why’re you so impatient? It wouldn’t be late for you to leave after we spar!” As he spoke, Xiao Xuantian suddenly launched an attack, he took a sudden large stride forward before grabbing towards Chen Xi’s shoulder from behind.

Strong winds whistled as the sky shook, and the air in the entire hall collapsed in unison and emitted droning sounds of explosions that were monstrous waves.

Could this be considered to be a surprise attack?

Obviously, it wasn’t, as Xiao Xuantian had already pointed it out. Moreover, the impetus of this strike was huge and aboveboard, and it didn’t possess the slightest point to be suspected to be a surprise attack. At most, he’d merely been the first to launch an attack.

But even then, it still caused Ya Qing, Yun Na, and Yan Yan to exclaim with shock. After all, Xiao Xuantian had made a move arbitrarily, and it was too sudden, causing them to be caught off guard.

He really won’t be convinced until he’s lying in a coffin! Xiao Xuantian attacking arbitrarily caused Chen Xi to be unable to refrain from feeling irritated, and then he didn’t hold back any longer to flick his sleeve with a wave of his hand.


The soft sleeve seemed to have transformed into a sledgehammer at this moment as it directly smashed onto the palm that slapped towards him, and it was like an enormous mountain that press down from above to blast Xiao Xuantian to the point of repeatedly moving back with heavy steps.

“Bring it on! Now this is satisfying! I was only probing you earlier, my true strength is coming next!” Xiao Xuantian laughed with a clear voice as battle intent surged violently on his body, causing his long hair and clothes to flutter about, and his bearing was unrestrained and extraordinary, causing a wave of cheering to instantly arise from the surroundings.

Even Yan Yan nodded in her heart. This is how a man should be! Unlike that cowardly pretty boy that was forced to the point of having no choice but to meet Xiao Xuantian in battle. He’s simply even more garrulous and fussy than a woman!

Chen Xi’s expression was calm as he said indifferently. “Is it satisfying? I hope that you can satisfy me as well.”


As soon as he finished speaking, Chen Xi’s figure had already vanished on the spot.

How swift!

Xiao Xuantian’s eyes squinted. Even though he was unable to catch sight of Chen Xi’s figure, he didn’t dare dally. The True Essence in his entire body skyrocketed as he pressed his fingers together, and then it transformed into fierce palm prints that covered the sky as they fiercely slapped out towards all directions.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Needless to say, Xiao Xuantian’s strength was formidable indeed, and he moved about in all directions as he struck out at random. Every single palm he struck out was extremely heavy, and it smashed onto the surrounding space to the point numerous translucent palm prints were impressed on space itself.

Moreover, these impressed translucent palm prints were filled with a crumbling, withering, and blazing charred feeling. Obviously, it contained an extremely violent Fire Dao Insight.

“The Xiao Clan’s Crimsonray Voidpalm is extraordinary indeed. The palm prints are condensed together without dispersing and the strength contained within it doesn’t leak out in the slightest. This fellow Xuantian has really concealed his strength deeply. I’m afraid he has already grasped the essence of this Dao Grade martial technique, and any casual strike already possesses such might. If it’s me, I would have no choice but to dodge it while searching for an opportunity to take action.” On the seat at the center, Wang Zhenfeng nodded in his heart and was slightly surprised by the technique Xiao Xuantian executed. But the following scene caused him to suddenly open his eyes wide, and he almost jumped up from his seat.

Because within his field of vision, he suddenly saw Chen Xi’s figure was like a ghost as it easily passed through the palm prints that covered the sky, and Chen Xi swiftly appeared behind Xiao Xuantian before stretching out his hand to grab the latter’s shoulder.

This strike was exactly the same move Xiao Xuantian had used to stop Chen Xi from leaving earlier. At this moment, Chen Xi was ‘returning the favor!’

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