Chapter 355 – Please Enlighten Me

Xu Qingdong deserved a beating indeed!

An impulsive feeling couldn’t help but gush out of Chen Xi’s heart that was originally calm like an ancient well, and he wanted to fiercely bash this fellow. But after carefully considering it for a while, he forcefully endured this impulse. It wasn’t very interesting to bash a clown.

“Alas, he doesn’t even have the courage to do battle. This fellow seems to be unworthy of his reputation.”

“Obviously. Perhaps he really has an unearned reputation.”

“Disappointing! Truly disappointing!”

When the people in the hall saw Chen Xi not agreeing to the battle for a long time, all of them shook their heads endlessly, and their expressions contained doubt, ridicule, and displeasure. Some young women even looked at Chen Xi with gazes that were filled with contempt, as they felt this fellow only looked the part but was useless, and they felt he was too cowardly and entirely unlike a man.

“Since Fellow Daoist Chen Xi isn’t speaking, then you’re admitting defeat? Alas, looks like rumors are sometimes fake and can’t be believed.” Xu Qingdong sneered endlessly in his heart, and the disdain on his face grew denser.

“Alright, enough is enough!” Wang Zhenfeng spoke out to restrain Xu Qingdong.

He’d set up this banquet and arranged for everyone in the same generation to come for the sake of fiercely suppressing Chen Xi’s imposing aura before the presence of everyone and to embarrass him in front of Ya Qing. Even though Chen Xi didn’t agree to the battle, based on the reactions of everyone present, his goal had already been achieved.

“Hmph! It’s only a spar and won’t harm your life. Fellow Daoist Chen Xi really doesn’t give me face. Who does he think he is? Does he think that anyone can enter the Thunder Marquis Estate?” Xu Qingdong was extremely complacent at this moment as he fiercely lashed out at Chen Xi, and he seemed as if he wanted to go against Chen Xi until the bitter end.

Ya Qing and Yun Na were extremely furious. Chen Xi has repeatedly shown forbearance, yet this fellow doesn’t know what’s good for himself and is instead taking a mile after being given an inch. He really thinks he’s more than a dog! The eyes of both the young women went cold and they were just about to say something when they were restrained by Chen Xi instead. He’s just an insatiable mad dog. Fussing about it with him would lift him up too high.

Xu Qingdong laughed even more complacently when he saw this, causing him to become insufferably arrogant, and he spoke brazenly. “The one and only person who obtained 100 successive victories in the Goldlake Meeting? I think your opponents were too inferior and weren’t even worthy of being mentioned.”

Wang Zhenfeng frowned as he felt Xu Qingdong was slightly overdoing it. He only wanted to suppress Chen Xi and wasn’t willing to incur enmity with Chen Xi. Because in that way, Ya Qing would probably be the first to have a falling out with him, and this was absolutely not something he wanted to see happen.

“Oh, you said I’m too inferior? Why don’t you spar with me first?” Right when Wang Zhenfeng intended to stand out and mediate the situation, an extremely cold voice suddenly sounded out from outside the welcome hall.

A handsome and dignified young man who wore a glowing feather hat with shoes that had cloud markings on them walked over, and in the blink of an eye, he’d appeared within the hall before his gaze that were like bolts of lightning stared coldly at Xu Qingdong.

The Brightray Sect’s Wang Daoxu!

Everyone present recognized the identity of this young man. All of them stopped conversing and revealed an astonished expression as they seemed to have never imagined that Wang Daoxu would come participate in the banquet, and even the eyelids of the host, Wang Zhenfeng, couldn’t help but twitch. He’s personally made arrangements for this banquet, and from the beginning until the end, he’d never invited Wang Daoxu.

Why has this fellow come? Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly stunned.

“The Brightray Sect is near Thunder City, so it’s extremely normal for Wang Daoxu to make an appearance here. But I heard the Brightray Sect and Thunder Marquis Estate had always disliked each other. I wonder with what intentions did Wang Daoxu suddenly come here with?” Ya Qing seemed to have discerned Chen Xi bewilderment, and she swiftly spoke via voice transmission.

Chen Xi came to an understanding, and he was extremely curious as well. Why would Wang Daoxu come over here without reason or rhyme?

Wang Daoxu paid no attention to the surrounding gazes, and he stared at Xu Qingdong with an icy cold gaze as he said with an emotionless expression, “I was incapable and lost at the hands of Chen Xi during the Goldlake Meeting. I wonder if I who’d lost at his hands have the qualifications to spar with you?”

Xu Qingdong’s heart jerked as the complacent expression on his face vanished and was replaced with a heavy expression. Even though he was unruly and unbridled, he wasn’t stupid, and he naturally perceived that Wang Daoxu had come with ill intent.

He even didn’t dare believe his ears when he heard Wang Daoxu straightforwardly admitting his loss to Chen Xi. Perhaps Xu Qingdong didn’t have an understanding of Chen Xi, but he was extremely clear about Wang Daoxu’s strength. No matter if it was cultivation, reputation, or even background, Wang Daoxu surpassed him in all these aspects.

Even a person like this had lost at Chen Xi’s hands yet I provoked Chen Xi repeatedly earlier, this… I was simply trapping myself!

Instantly, the complacency and arrogance in Xu Qingdong’s heart vanished without a trace.

“Since you’re not speaking, I’ll take it as you tacitly accepting my request to have a spar.” Wang Daoxu couldn’t help but frown when he saw Xu Qingdong hesitate.

Ya Qing was amused in her heart, and she smiled as she sent a voice transmission to Chen Xi. “This fellow Wang Daoxu is interesting as well, he’s giving Xu Qingdong a taste of his own medicine and indirectly taking revenge for you.”

Chen Xi smiled, yet didn’t say anything further.

Xu Qingdong’s expression changed indeterminately, and then he glanced at Wang Zhenfeng as if he was begging for help.

“Forget it, let’s not mention matters of sparring anymore. Since Brother Wang has made an appearance, we should drink wine and enjoy ourselves. Fighting and killing is slightly undignified.” Wang Zhenfeng coughed dryly as he spoke slowly.

Wang Daoxu shook his head and said, “This isn’t fighting and killing. It’s only a spar and won’t harm our lives. Could it be that Fellow Daoist Xu doesn’t have the courage to accept my request? Then it’s truly too disappointing.”

“Since it’s like this, just agree to it, Brother Xu. It’s only a spar and would absolutely not bring harm to your life. Otherwise, I, the host, would absolutely not allow it.” Wang Zhenfeng’s face sank, yet didn’t continue dissuading Wang Daoxu, and he’d already utterly hated this bastard Wang Daoxu that had messed up everything he arranged.

Xu Qingdong’s heart fell to rock bottom. He knew that this battle had to be carried out, otherwise, it wasn’t just a problem of him losing face, it was even likely that he would infuriate the Junior Marquis, and that would cause him to be unable to gain a foothold in Thunder City any longer in the future…


Xu Qingdong was a ruthless figure as well. Once he decided to do battle, he quickly abandoned all distracting thoughts before the True Essence in his body pulsated, and then he instantly entered into battle conditions.

“You have some courage. Make a move.” Wang Daoxu spoke indifferently.

“I’m sorry for the offence!” Xu Qingdong didn’t hold back in the slightest as he shouted out explosively before clawing out with a raise of his hand, causing strong winds to whistle out as Dao Insight flowed within the formidable and fierce claw that tore space apart inch by inch.

Amidst this single claw strike, Dao Insight surged as strong winds whistles, and its impetus was astonishing.

Unexpectedly, it was an extremely formidable Dao Grade martial technique, Yin Yang Skysplit Claw.

This martial technique was a combination of firm and soft, Yin and Yang. When cultivated to the extreme, it possessed marvelous effect of turning the tides and controlling the sun and moon. Coupled with Xu Qingdong’s formidable strength at the perfection-stage of the Golden Core Realm, his True Essence suddenly erupted out, and the claw was firm to the point of being able to tear space apart yet soft to the point it was like flowing water the was all pervasive.

At the same time, a black and white light barrier gushed down to imprison Wang Daoxu within it. This was a state that could only be attain from obtaining an extremely skilled grasp in the Dao Insights of Yin and Yang.

Obviously, Xu Qingdong didn’t dare be careless in the slightest when facing a great enemy like Wang Daoxu.

Wang Daoxu didn’t even spare a glance to this before smashing out with his fist.

This punch looked to be extremely ordinary, but it changed when it was struck out. Dao Insight suffused the punch as it struck the sky like a sledgehammer and like lightning that struck down with a bang, and it carried a tremendous and indomitable aura.

At this instant, Wang Daoxu seemed to have transformed into a huge mountain, and his imposing aura was practically impossible to go against!


This punch directly broke apart the black and white light barrier and didn’t lose momentum in the slightest as it shattered Xu Qingdong’s claw strike inch by inch, and then the fist struck onto Xu Qingdong’s chest with a bang, directly blasting him flying. Xu Qingdong collided fiercely with a wall over 30m away before spitting blood as he fell to the ground, and he was in an extremely sorry state.

Merely a single punch had decided the outcome!

Everyone looked at Xu Qingdong who was insufferably arrogant earlier, yet had now been struck to the point of spraying blood from his mouth and falling to the ground in a sorry state, and they couldn’t help but gasp.

The thing that caused the most horror in their hearts was that Wang Daoxu had lost at Chen Xi’s hands. Even he was capable of blasting Xu Qingdong flying with a single punch. So if Chen Xi made a move, wouldn’t he be able to crush Xu Qingdong with a single finger?

When they thought like this, Chen Xi seemed to have become unfathomable in the hearts of everyone.

“Good! Looks like Brother Wang’s strength had risen greatly from this year of bitter closed door cultivation.” Wang Zhenfeng suddenly praised while clapped, and then he waved his hand to make arrangements for the injured Xu Qingdong to leave and heal his injuries. If Xu Qingdong still didn’t leave, then it would be truly too shameful.

“It’s his strength that’s too horrible.” Wang Daoxu shook his head, and his words were filled with disdain.

Wang Zhenfeng’s face froze, and he went silent. Xu Qingdong was a capable expert he’d enlisted and was similar to a trusted subordinate of his. At this moment, when someone criticized Xu Qingdong’s strength to be horrible, it would be strange if he felt well in his heart.

“Do you want me to go play with Wang Daoxu?” The nearby Xiao Xuantian frowned as he spoke via voice transmission.

“There’s no need. The banquet this time was set up for the sake of fiercely suppressing Chen Xi’s influence. As for Wang Daoxu, he’d from the Brightray Sect, and it’s inadvisable to get into a fight with him here.” Wang Zhenfeng shook his head and refused.

Xiao Xuantian smiled lightheartedly, and he didn’t ask any further. If it was in terms of status, he, Wang Zhenfeng, and Wang Daoxu were equals, and he had utterly no reason to flatter Wang Zhenfeng. The reason he spoke like this was merely out of friendship.

Wang Daoxu didn’t notice all this, as the reason he’d come to the Thunder Marquis Estate this time was extremely simple.

After he lost to Chen Xi in the Goldlake Meeting and returned to his sect, he’d cultivated with great concentration and extremely painstakingly, and he’d even obtained the guidance of some elders, causing his strength to advance by leaps and bounds in a short amount of time. He felt he already possessed the confidence to defeat Chen Xi, so when he heard Chen Xi was here, he couldn’t help but rush away with the intention of sparring once more with Chen Xi.

So after he defeated Xu Qingdong with a single punch, he directly arrived before the table Chen Xi sat at and said, “I’ve already dealt with that ignorant fellow. So how about we have a spar? I was extremely disgruntled from suffering defeat at your hands that day.”

Chen Xi was stunned. “You came to the Thunder Marquis Estate for the sake of fighting me once again?”

Wang Daoxu nodded and said, “Exactly.”

Meanwhile, everyone figured out Wang Daoxu’s objective when coming here this time, and they revealed excited expressions.

Wang Zhenfeng and Xiao Xuantian glanced at each other. At the same time that they felt surprised, they were excited to the extreme. It couldn’t be any better if they were to be able to fiercely suppress Chen Xi with the help of Wang Daoxu.

Ya Qing and Yun Na revealed helpless expressions. It seems like… Chen Xi has suddenly become a fragrant and hot bun. Everyone wants to defeat him and destroy the dazzling halos that cover him.

Yan Yan pulled on Chen Xi’s sleeve, and her icy cold and peerlessly beautiful face revealed a trace of anticipation as she said impatiently, “Quickly agree to it. Let me witness your strength, alright?”

At this moment, a peerlessly beautiful young woman that was like a snow lotus flower at the peak of an icy cold mountain was starting at him with a gaze of anticipation. Truthfully speaking, this change in sight was rather surprising to Chen Xi, and besides being surprised, he couldn’t help but feel speechless. This little girl wouldn’t be someone’s that’s crazy for battle by nature, right? Why is she so interested towards battles?

Wang Daoxu struck while the iron was still hot, and he had a solemn expression as he cupped his hands and said, “Brother Chen, please enlighten me!” 

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