Chapter 354 – Provocation

Thunder Marquis Estate, welcome hall.

Along with the appearance of Chen Xi’s group, the sounds of conversation within the hall vanished instantly as their gazes shot towards the entrance in unison, and their gazes contained an expression of ridicule, astonishment, doubt, and so on and so forth.

Amongst their group, Ya Qing was elegant, tranquil, and drop dead gorgeous. Yun Na’s figure was graceful, sexy, and hot. Yan Yan had smooth and fair skin, and she was proud and icy cold. Three beautiful young women with completely different dispositions were accompanying by the side of a young man at this moment, and it was impossible for them to not draw the attention of everyone.

Even though Wang Zhenfeng was mentally prepared since long ago, jealousy surged once more in his heart when he saw this scene. Fortunately, he still remembered his identity as host, and he instantly recovered to normal before grinning as he looked at Chen Xi and said, “Brother Chen, I heard that not only did you obtain the one and only 100 successive victories in the Goldlake Meeting, you even successfully survive the assassination operation of the Blacksun Pavilion and crushed the thousands of years of assassination records of the Blacksun Pavilion. I have no choice but to feel admiration towards you.”

When he spoke up to here, he said with a smile to the person by his side, “Xuantian, what do you think?”

The person by his side wore a loose white robe, his long hair casually tied up, his eyes were bright like the stars, and the corners of his mouth held a smile, causing him to seem cultured and elegant, and he caused one to feel as if they were bathing in spring breeze. But it could be discerned from his chin that was slightly raised that he was an extremely proud and conceited person as well, but it was just that this conceit of his was concealed rather deeply.

Xuantian nodded when he heard this. “I do indeed admire him. Since Brother Chen was capable of obtaining such accomplishments, he’ll surely cut a conspicuous figure and become renowned in the coming Allstar Meeting.”

Even though it was a praise, yet voice contained a mocking tone, and it carried a slight and imperceptible perfunctory feeling.

“Both of you are too kind.” Chen Xi smiled indifferently and was emotionless. He was naturally able to discern that Xuantian was speaking in a perfunctory manner, yet he didn’t think anything of it in his heart. They’d only just met, and they were only exchanging greetings and carrying out formalities, so it didn’t matter if these words sincerely came from the heart or not.

“Brother Chen, let me introduce him to you.” Wang Zhenfeng pointed at Xuantian that was by his side. “This is the outstanding genius of the younger generation of the Thunder City’s Xiao Clan — Xiao Xuantian! Xuantian’s cultivation is extraordinary, yet he keeps a low profile while cultivating wholeheartedly, and he frequently goes to dangerous places where few people tread to temper himself. It’s because of the Allstar Meeting that he’s rushed back to Thunder City this time.”

Xiao Xuantian? Chen Xi thought for a moment, yet had really not heard of this person.

“The Thunder City’s Xiao Clan is like the Silken City’s Zhou Clan, it’s an extremely ancient large clan, and the inheritance of its clan can be traced back to the primordial era. Even though Xiao Xuantian keeps a rather low profile, he’s the leading figure of the Xiao Clan’s younger generation after all, and his strength is considered to be sufficient to be ranked in the top 100 of the Allstar Meeting. But it’s only a conservative projection. After all, he keeps an extremely low profile, and no one is able to determine his current strength.” A strand of a pleasing and melodious voice sounded by his ears, and Chen Xi didn’t have to turn around to know that it was Ya Qing. In this way, he obtained some knowledge about Xiao Xuantian.

“Brother Chen, come. I’ll introduce another person that’s going to participate in the Allstar Meeting this time to you.” Wang Zhenfeng pointed towards another young man at the other side. This young man wore silver robes, was peerlessly handsome, and had a slightly coquettish bearing. “This is a rare extraordinary genius, Xu Qingdong. Not to mention possessing extraordinary strength, Qingdong is a romantic scholar that’s renowned in the central plains. He’s skilled in the zither, go, and drawing, causing him to obtain the hearts of countless young women, haha.”

Chen Xi had similarly not heard of this person’s reputation. But luckily, he had Ya Qing by his side, and it allowed him to gain an understanding of this person. This person was indeed a Casanova by nature and an expert in flirting with women, and he had an unruly and coquettish disposition. Even though his strength was slightly inferior to Xiao Xuantian, he could be said to be an expert in the younger generation.

“Greeting, Brother Chen.” Xu Qingdong glanced at Chen Xi before smiling spuriously.

“Brother Xu.” Chen Xi cupped his hands. He rather disliked Xu Qingdong, as he kept intentionally glancing at Ya Qing and the other girls with a coquettish gaze that aroused detest in others.

“Come, let’s go sit in the hall.” After he finished introducing Xiao Xuantian and Xu Qingdong, Wang Zhenfeng didn’t continue exchanging pleasantries before bringing Chen Xi’s group into the hall and arranging for seats and wine for them, and then he returned to the seat at the center.

After that, tray after tray of delicious delicacies and jug after jug of fine wine were like flowing water as they were arranged on the various tables. Besides that, there were a few tens of beautiful female entertainers with graceful figures that wore sheer clothes dancing amidst a melodious tune. Their silk clothes danced about as they danced with grace, and every expression they made contained natural seduction, winning them waves of cheering, and it caused the atmosphere to seem extremely bustling.

Chen Xi didn’t pay attention to all this. He noticed that over 20 people that possessed extremely young appearances were sitting up straight in the hall, they were both men and women in gorgeous clothes, and they possessed graceful and noble bearings. Presumably, they were the disciples that were descendants of noble figures of the various great powers of Thunder City. But Wang Zhenfeng didn’t introduce them, so he couldn’t be bothered to ask.

It wasn’t just Chen Xi, even Ya Qing, Yun Na, and Yan Yan couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to the other people in the hall.

Ya Qing and Yan Yan ought to have not seen each other for many years. At this moment, they were whispering together in discussion, and they frequently emitted clear and melodious laughter. The appearance of both women belonged to the ranks of beauties that could bring disaster onto one, and when they smiled sweetly at this moment, it caused all the nearby people to turn around and look at them without end.

Yun Na seemed to be much cuter instead. She who was alluring and sexy was like a little kitten that sat quietly by Chen Xi’s side at this moment. She would help Chen Xi pour more wine everytime he emptied his cup with skilled and elegant movements, and people with discerning gazes were able to perceive with a single glance that this was absolutely not the first time that she’d served Chen Xi like this.

Three beautiful women were like three different and attracting pictures that drew the attention of the numerous gazes in the hall, whereas Chen Xi who sat in the middle with three women around him had instead become the thorn in the flesh of everyone. All of them wished for nothing more than to eliminate this fellow from these three attractive pictures. It couldn’t be helped, he was too offensively conspicuous, and he was simply an eyesore!

“Gulp!” Xu Qingdong that sat opposite Chen Xi finished the wine in his cup with a single gulp, and his gaze was ruthless. He considered himself to be a Casanova that was the best in the world, and when he saw Chen Xi having beauties all around him, yet he himself was all alone, he felt rather disgruntled in his heart.

Hmph! How formidable could the person that obtained 100 successive victories in the Goldlake Meeting be? The true experts entirely disdain to participate in the Goldlake Meeting. He’s just a bumpkin from the southern territory! Those three beauties are simply blind to have taken a fancy to a person like him! Xu Qingdong held Chen Xi in extreme contempt.

He’d wandered in the cultivation world of the central plains for many years, and his reputation was much greater than Chen Xi! This time, he intended to put on a display in the Allstar Meeting and become renowned in the world!

As far as he was concerned, Chen Xi was only a comparatively lucky fellow, and in terms of reputation, cultivation, and background, Chen Xi was far from being able to compare with him.

Yet it just so happened that a fellow like this had women all around him, and those beauties even had completely willing expressions. How could he not be envious of this?

No wonder the Junior Marquis can’t bear the sight of him. Even I don’t dare encroach on a woman like Miss Ya Qing, so how could a bumpkin from the southern territory like him have the qualifications to possess her? Xu Qingdong was drinking with dejection as he waited silently.

After a short moment, a tune ended and the dancing ceased, and the residual music in the air curled up and vanished. The beautiful female entertainers shook their slim waists as they left, causing the hall to have a rare moment of being much quieter.

Wang Zhenfeng who sat at the center seat glanced at Chen Xi. When he saw Chen Xi was surrounded by three beauties like a host of stars surrounding the bright moon, the flames of envy that had accumulated in his heart gushed into his chest, and then he laughed coldly before motioning to Xu Qingdong right away.

Xu Qingdong understood tacitly. Actually, he was already unable to restrain himself, so he coughed dryly right away to interrupt the conversations in the hall and draw the gazes of everyone onto himself, and then he said with a clear voice. “Everyone, dancing and music is interesting, yet it isn’t able to allow us to enjoy to out heart’s content. In my opinion, why don’t I and Fellow Daoist Chen Xi have a spar and liven things up for everyone?”

“Alright! I’ve heard of Chen Xi’s name long ago, and it couldn’t be better if I’m able to witness his ability with my own two eyes!” Everyone in the hall applauded loudly.

Wang Zhenfeng and Xiao Xuantian looked at each other and smile, and then they shot their gazes at Chen Xi.

Chen Xi was stunned instead. Why would this fellow suddenly want to fight me? Chen Xi’s gaze swept towards the surroundings, and when he saw Wang Zhenfeng keeping silent with an appearance of wanting to wait and see what happened, Chen Xi instantly came to an understanding. Everything was probably instigated by Wang Zhenfeng, otherwise, Xu Qingdong would utterly not dare arbitrarily make decisions in the Thunder Marquis Estate with his status.

“I heard Fellow Daoist Chen Xi’s strength is extraordinary and has obtained the one and only 100 successive victories in the Goldlake Meeting this year, and you’ve even survived the assassination of the Blacksun Pavilion. This caused me to be unable to help but itch intolerably to spar with Fellow Daoist Chen Xi.” Xu Qingdong stood up, his clothes fluttered while his eyes were full of battle intent, and he said loudly, “Of course, it’s merely a spar with Fellow Daoist Chen Xi today and we’ll stop before injuring each other. If you feel you’re not a match for me, then you’re entirely able to admit defeat so as to avoid harming the friendly relationship between us. Fellow Daoist Chen Xi, what do you think?”

Meanwhile, the gazes of everyone in the hall converged onto Chen Xi, as they wanted to see how he would reply to this.

Ya Qing and Yun Na were rather displeased in their hearts. This fellow isn’t sparring with anyone else, yet just happens to name Chen Xi as his opponent. This was obviously planned long ago, and they want Chen Xi to make a fool of himself in front of everyone.

Only Yan Yan was rather excited. All along the way, she’d heard Ya Qing speak of how extraordinary Chen Xi was, yet she’d never seen it with her own eyes in the end. At this moment, since she had this opportunity, she wanted to witness exactly how formidable Chen Xi’s strength was.

“There’s no need.” Chen Xi shook his head and refused resolutely.

Xu Qingdong was stunned as he never expected Chen Xi would refuse so straightforwardly and without the slightest hesitation, and he believed even more firmly in his heart that this fellow probably only looked impressive on the outside but was useless on the inside. Xu Qingdong felt that Chen Xi knew that he didn’t have the strength or confidence to defeat him, so for the sake of saving face under the gazes of everyone present, Chen Xi had refused his challenge.

“It’s merely a spar. Fellow Daoist Chen Xi, aren’t you dampening the mood of everyone by acting in this way?” Xu Qingdong frowned. “You were even able to get through the Blacksun Pavilion’s assassination, yet you don’t even have the courage to fight me?”

Chen Xi drank a cup of wine by himself before smiling indifferently. “Sorry, I only know how to fight, but not how to put on a show. If Fellow Daoist Xu wants to fight me, then it wouldn’t be late for us to fight during the Allstar Meeting.”

Xu Qingdong sneered endlessly in his heart. This fellow really acts to the point he seems like an expert. I must make him embarrass himself before everyone this time!

Xu Qingdong chuckled as he said unhurriedly while carrying a dense expression of disdain, “Could it be…that Fellow Daoist Chen Xi is afraid? Can I take this as your admission of defeat?”

Chen Xi frowned without end. Why is this fellow being so forceful and overbearing? Could it be that he was born with a death wish? 

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