Chapter 353 – Banquet

Book Seven – Reigning Supreme

Thunder City neighbored the Thunder Sea in the extreme west, and it formed a semi-circle with Tracing Wood City at the central area and Inkcloud City at the east to surround and protect Silken City behind them. At the same time, it was a member of the ten great cities that were rather famous in the central plains, and it enjoyed the reputation of being a city formed from a thunder palace that descended from the heavens.

It was an ancient city that had stood towering for a few tens of thousands of years. No matter if it was its scale, appearance, and imposing manner, it was ancient and vast to the extreme, and it was difficult to imagine exactly how many years were spent to build this city to such a scale.

Chen Xi was shocked at the instant he stepped foot into Thunder City. Streams of people and wagons flowed ceaselessly on the its streets that were wide like a public square as clamorous noises rose and fell in waves, and when he took a broad view of his surroundings, dense masses of people were everywhere. A variety of buildings were constructed in rows on both sides of the streets, and each of them was more magnificent and gorgeous than the previous. They seemed like hills that stood towering within the city and emanated an ancient and lofty feeling.

Chen Xi had once gone to Azure County, and the city there was picturesque like an ethereal painting, and it carried a misty and foggy feeling. On the other hand, the great city before his eyes was ancient and magnificent instead, and it allowed one to feel the heavy feeling of history. It was vast and boundless, yet didn’t lack a dazzling and flourishing feeling, causing it to be extremely special.

Moreover, the sky above this city looked to be calm, yet its airflow was filled with a good deal of lightning energy, causing the layer of clouds to frequently flash with strands of lightning bolts that were blue, crimson, silver, etc. They were like fireworks that frequently flashed into appearance and seemed to be so extraordinary

What vast energy of lightning. When a cultivator cultivates here, the cultivator’s control of Lightning Dao Insight would probably become much easier. Chen Xi acutely noticed that after he enter this city, the Lightning Dao Insight he’d comprehended actually seemed to have become lively!

At the same time, Chen Xi also noticed that many genius figures of the younger generation were gathered in Thunder City. All these geniuses possessed unique dispositions, they were either had an imposing outward appearance, handsome and unrestrained, or seductive and alluring. All of them were dragons and phoenixes amongst men, and their natural talents and cultivations were extremely extraordinary.

“The Allstar Meeting is starting in another month, I’m truly slightly too impatient to wait!”

“Yeah. Emperor Chu wants to open the Dragon Transformation Pool that has been sealed for a thousand years this time for the sake of congratulating the young experts that obtain the top 10 rankings. This is an extraordinary matter. Besides some young extraordinary talents that were renowned in the world since long ago are participating, supposedly, it has even drawn the disciples of many old fellows to participate. When the time comes, it will surely be an unprecedentedly grand event.”

“Haha, we absolutely must not miss such a grand event that’s difficult to come by in a thousand years. Otherwise, we’ll regret it for our entire lifetimes.” 

All along the way, discussions of the Allstar Meeting filled the streets from front to back, and it seemed to be extremely bustling.

The Allstar Meeting was a grand event of the entire Darchu Dynasty. When the time came, all the top genius experts in the central plains, eastern sea, northern barbaric lands, and southern territory would converge together, and it could be said that a storm had converged while the experts would be as numerous as the trees in a forest. Such a grand event did indeed fill one with anticipation.

“Hey, how’s your strength now? Are you confident in ranking in the top 10 of the Allstar Meeting?” On the way, Ya Qing suddenly tilted her head as she asked.

After entered Thunder City, Yan Cheng had brought the merchant group along and left. At this moment, besides Chen Xi and Ya Qing, there were also Yun Na and Yan Yan in their group.

Yan Yan and Ya Qing had a good relationship and hadn’t seen each other for a long time, so she’d followed along with them.

On the other hand, the Junior Marquis of the Thunder Marquis Estate, Wang Zhenfeng, and his subordinates had returned to the estate in advance long ago, as they went to prepare the banquet.

According to what Wang Zhenfeng said, the banquet tonight was firstly for the sake of welcoming Chen Xi, and it was also for the sake of introducing some extraordinary talents of the younger generation to everyone, so he had to properly arrange it and must be done grandly. Otherwise, it would be a breach of etiquette for him as the host.

As for it he was really so fervent and hospitable as he said, only he himself knew.

In any case, Chen Xi didn’t believe it that this fellow he didn’t know before and had met for the first time today would be so considerate of him.

Ranking in the top 10 of the Allstar Meeting?

Yun Na was stunned when she heard this, but she quickly recovered to normal as she’d recalled the scene of Chen Xi violently slapping a Rebirth Realm expert in Fort Desolate.

On the other hand, Yan Yan almost felt as if she’d heard wrongly, and then she raised her eyes to look over. When she saw Ya Qing had a serious expression and didn’t seem as if she was joking, a wave of speechlessness couldn’t help but arise in her heart. Big Sister Ya Qing is looking too highly upon this cowardly pretty boy, right? People say that women who have fallen into the river of love are foolish. Now it would seem like these words are really true!

She couldn’t restrain the feeling of being unconvinced in her heart, and she said right away, “Big Sister Ya Qing, according to my knowledge, there are numerous experts that are participating in the Allstar Meeting this time. For example, there’s the Whitecrane Sect’s Qing Xiuyi, the Merak Pavilion’s Zhao Qinghe, the Wise King’s Estate’s Huangfu Changtian, the Mistwater Pavilion’s Zhen Liuqing, and so on and so forth, and they total over 10 people. Not to mention all the disciples of those old fellows that live in seclusion have emerged into the world and intend to compete for the top 10 rankings in the Allstar Meeting. Isn’t speaking like this slightly…”

She hadn’t finished speaking but what she meant was already completely revealed. Ya Qing was naturally able to discern it, causing slight unhappiness to arise in her heart, and she replied right away with a question. “You think he can’t compare to those people?”

Yan Yan bit her cherry lips, yet didn’t deny it.

Ya Qing couldn’t help but sigh in her heart. She knew that if she didn’t explain it clearly, then this silly girl would really take Chen Xi to be a cowardly pretty body, and if she infuriated Chen Xi by any chance, then it would be greatly troublesome.

Ya Qing said directly, “Do you know who obtained the one and only 100 successive victories in the Goldlake Meeting a few months ago?”

Yan Yan said was a blank expression. “Of course I do. Supposedly, it was an unknown cultivator from the southern territory. Not only did he defeat the Zenith Sect’s Ji Yue, he blasted the Jadepool Celestial Isle’s Hua Mobei back with a single strike of his sword, and even the outstanding expert of the Brightray Sect’s younger generation, Wang Daoxu, had lost at this hand…”

As she spoke, she glanced doubtfully at Ya Qing and asked. “Chen Xi wouldn’t be him, right?”

Ya Qing neither confirmed nor denied it, and she said, “Then do you know the news of the Blacksun Pavilion’s assassination operation failing for the first time in a few thousand years?”

Yan Yan was confused but still nodded and said, “It seemed to have been for the sake of assassinating a Golden Core Realm cultivator. In the end, the Blacksun Pavilion deployed numerous assassins, including many commander level assassins, yet all of them perished at that person’s hand, and there were even a batch of commander level assassins that fled without a fight. Even though this matter was kept a secret, yet it still shook the entire cultivation world now, so I’ve naturally heard of it as well.”

Ya Qing didn’t say anything further, yet her gaze looked at Chen Xi.

Yan Yan was stunned and instantly understood everything. She stared blankly at Chen Xi as if she’d seen a ghost, and she was already shocked to the point of speechlessness.

A wave of excitement that couldn’t be restrained surged in Yun Na’s heart when she heard this, and then she suddenly thought of something and asked with a stunned expression. “That Violent Armored Bear in the Desolate Forest was repulsed by you as well, right?”

Chen Xi was extremely unaccustomed to being stared at by a group of women. This feeling was as if people were looking at him like a monster, causing his to feel extremely awkward. But he had to answer Yun Na’s question, so he could only nod.

“I knew it was you!” The corners of Yun Na’s mouth curled up as she smiled happily, and she had a proud expression as if she felt honored along with Chen Xi.

Even the Violent Armored Bear was repulsed by him? Yan Yan was completely shaken when she recalled the shocking battle from that day, and she asked furiously. “Then why didn’t you say so earlier? You caused me to be a joke all along the way!”

Chen Xi said with an astounded expression, “Did you ask me?”

Yan Yan’s expression froze, and she opened her cherry lips, yet was unable to speak anymore. Because it was just as Chen Xi has said, she’d always taken Chen Xi to be a cowardly pretty boy all along the way and couldn’t be bothered to pay any attention to Chen Xi. So how could she possibly ask him these questions?Dammit!

This bastard absolutely did it intentionally, and he was just waiting to see me embarrass myself!

Yan Yan gnashed her teeth with hatred, and she wished for nothing more than to fiercely bite this bastard.

Just like this, their group moved forward as they spoke, and without noticing it, they were already able to see the extremely vast and imposing Thunder Marquis Estate from afar.

The Thunder Marquis Estate was extremely easy to distinguish, as the entire estate was constructed atop an enormous lake. It was completely pitch black as if made from steel, and it was suffused with a metallic sheen.

The entire Thunder Marquis Estate was enveloped in misty rain. When looked at from afar, it seemed like a primordial ferocious beast that resided within the large lake, and it possessed a majestic and murderous aura that caused one’s heart to palpitate.

“Is it Young Miss Ya Qing?” There were people waiting specially for them outside the Thunder Marquis Estate since long ago.

Chen Xi’s group stopped talking as Ya Qing once again recovered her elegant and graceful bearing as she looked at the violent robed young man and nodded. “I’m her.”

“According to the orders of my Junior Marquis, I was ordered to wait for Young Miss Ya Qing and her group here. Please follow me.” The violet robed young man glanced at the three peerlessly beautiful young women around Chen Xi that each had their own merit, and his gaze couldn’t help but reveal a trace of envy. After that, he glanced at Chen Xi with a slightly strange expression before shaking his head, and then he turned around to lead the way.

“This estate really possesses a magnificent aura.” Chen Xi and Ya Qing walked ahead while Yun Na and Yan Yan followed behind, and they walked in the Thunder Marquis Estate.

The violet robed young man who led the way smiled as he said, “Young Master, you have sharp eyes. The entire Thunder Marquis Estate is constructed from Lightning Comets, and every single brick and tile contains thick energy of lightning. My Master exhausted boundless amounts of wealth and spent an entire 100 over years before completely constructing it. It’s strong as iron, and even an Earthly Immortal Realm expert wouldn’t be able to leave with his life after trespassing in here.”

“It’s indeed extraordinary.” Chen Xi nodded. Since the moment he walked in, he’d noticed that the interior of the estate was covered in layer upon layer of restrictions. Once they were activated, the entire estate would instantly transform into a terrifying lightning grand formation.

The welcome hall of the Thunder Marquis Estate was beautifully decorated with gold and jade, and it was extremely magnificent and grand. All the chairs had dragons and phoenixes carved upon them, the surroundings had screens made of jade and gold hanging upon them, and numerous shark oil candles that were thick like a child’s arm illuminated the hall while emitting a boundless radiance and they emitted a delicate fragrance that caused one’s mind to become relaxed.

At this moment, the welcome hall was crowded with guests while maidservants and attendants served tea and water while moving up and down without end, causing the hall to seem extraordinarily bustling.

“Hahaha! Brother Chen, Miss Ya Qing, both of you have finally arrived!” When Chen Xi’s group had just arrived before the entrance to the hall, a hearty laughter resounded out from within the hall, and the Junior Marquis, Wang Zhenfeng, wore a high hat and a gorgeous black robe as he moved slowly to welcome them. 

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