Chapter 352 – Happy Reunion

This group of people seemed to be extremely conspicuous as they stood outside the southern entrance to Thunder City. Especially when they saw the handsome young man in an embroidered robe, all the passing cultivators revealed gazes of reverence.

“Speak softly, didn’t you see the Junior Marquis of the Thunder Marquis Estate over there?”

“Ah! So he’s Wang Zhenfeng, Junior Marquis Wang, who’s well known throughout Thunder City?”

“Who else would he be? Tsk tsk, I wonder who that white clothed young women is. She actually troubled the Junior Marquis to constantly stay by her side. I presume she’s an extraordinary figure.”

“Shoo, shoo, shoo. Don’t talk about the matters of the Junior Marquis. Otherwise, if you infuriate him, you can dream of being able to leave Thunder City in your entire lifetime!”

Wang Zhenfeng smiled lightly when he heard the discussions of the passing cultivators, and he seemed to be extremely restrained and confident. But he sighed lightly in his heart when his gaze descended onto the white clothed young woman by his side.

After pondering deeply for a short moment, he said with a light voice, “Miss Ya Qing, you’ve already waited here for more than a month. How about you return to my estate and rest a little? Leave these subordinates of yours to wait here, and it wouldn’t be late for them to notify you as soon as they have news.”

Shockingly, this white clothed young woman was the Treasure Heaven Pavilion’s Ya Qing!

At this moment, she was looking towards the luxuriant forest in the extreme distance with a dazed expression, and she seemed to be lost in thought and actually seemed to have not heard what Wang Zhenfeng said.

A wisp of displeasure flashed past the depths of his eyes, and he was extremely resentful in his heart. As the Junior Marquis of the Thunder Marquis Estate, I possess a respected identity and extraordinary strength, in what way am I inferior to that kid? But no matter how hard I try, Ya Qing seems to have never paid attention to me, and it’s even to the extent she couldn’t be bothered to say a word to me!

Yet exactly what ability does that fellow possess to actually make Ya Qing wait here bitterly and senselessly for over a month?

He’s truly detestable!

Wang Zhenfeng was extremely irritated in his heart, and he couldn’t be bothered to conceal his feelings and couldn’t help but say. “Miss Ya Qing, even though the Blacksun Pavilion has canceled the assassination towards that kid, but you ought to know as well how many dangerous places are present between Firecrow Town and Thunder City. Not to mention a Golden Core Realm cultivator, even a Rebirth Realm cultivator wouldn’t dare step foot into it. I think he has most likely suffered from misfortune. What’s the point of us continuing to wait here?”

Ya Qing suddenly turned around, and her gaze was like a bolt of lightning as she stared coldly at Wang Zhenfeng. “What do you mean by this? Are you cursing him?”

Being questioned in an oppressive manner like this caused the flames of rage in Wang Zhenfeng’s heart to surge violently, yet he smiled with a stiff face. “I’m just speaking the truth. Since Miss Ya Qing is unwilling to hear it, then I won’t mention it again.”

Ya Qing grunted coldly and couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to this good for nothing Junior Marquis. She knew why Wang Zhenfeng was clinging on to her like this. Besides coveting her beauty, he sought to establish an intimate relationship between the Thunder Marquis Estate and Madam Shui Hua through her.

She even suspected that Wang Zhenfeng approached her because the Thunder Marquis suggested it.

“Eh, isn’t that the merchant group of the Treasure Heaven Pavilion that headed to Fort Desolate to purchase materials? Since they’ve returned from Fort Desolate, they ought to have obtained some news.” Suddenly, one of the nearby experts spoke out.

Ya Qing raised her eyes to look over. Sure enough, a group of people were speeding over from the Desolate Forest.

Meanwhile, Yan Yan and Yan Cheng who were at the front of the group noticed Ya Qing and the others who were at the entrance to the city. Both of them didn’t dare be disrespectful, and they left the group right away before flashing towards the entrance first.

“Your subordinate, Yan Cheng, greets Miss Ya Qing.” After he arrived before the city entrance, Yan Cheng took a deep breath before bowing with a solemn expression. He knew how great the authority this young and beautiful woman possessed in the Treasure Heaven Pavilion. Even though he was respected as a Grand Appraiser, yet he was absolutely unable to afford offending this young woman.

“Thank you for your hard work, Manager Yan.” Ya Qing nodded.

“Big Sister Ya Qing, when did you come to Thunder City? If you told me earlier that you were coming to Thunder City, then I wouldn’t have accompanied my father to Fort Desolate.” Yan Yan arrived by Ya Qing’s side before taking her hand and speaking warmly. At this moment, she was completely devoid of her icy cold and proud appearance, and she simply seemed like a little girl that clung on crazily to her big sister.

Ya Qing smiled as she stroked Yan Yan’s long hair yet didn’t say anything further, and she instead asked Yan Cheng. “Did anything happen on the way?”

Yan Cheng was stunned, and then he said with a smile, “All thanks to Miss Ya Qing, we didn’t encounter any danger on the way.”

Yan Yan muttered excitedly from the side instead. “If we’re talking about interesting things, then there were many. We encountered an especially cowardly pretty boy on the way, and he was downright detestable and like a Young Master. All along the way, he let a woman serve him in every as aspect, yet he himself was cowardly like a mouse, and he was terrified to the point of hiding into the treasured carriage without daring to come out every time we encountered a demon beast. He’s simply an extreme disgrace…”

As she spoke, Yan Yan raised her eyes to look yet noticed that Ya Qing seemed to be utterly not listening to her, and Ya Qing was staring blankly towards the distance with an absent-minded expression.

Yan Yan followed along her gaze to look over and instantly saw Chen Xi who’d walked down from the treasured carried, and her expression once again returned to its icy cold and proud state as she said swiftly, “Big Sister Ya Qing, look, quickly. He’s the cowardly pretty boy I spoke of. Eh, he’s actually walking over here…”

Yan Cheng faintly felt that something was slightly amiss. The gaze Miss Ya Qing is looking at Chen Xi with seems…to be slightly excited? It’s even to the extent the sockets of her eyes are suffused with a red color!

Meanwhile, Chen Xi had already walked over, and Yun Na was naturally following by his side.

When Yan Yan saw Chen Xi swagger over here while Yun Na who was beside him was like a servant that was treated unjustly, she had a bellyful of anger as she waved her hand and said, “There’s no need to bid us farewell. Leave quickly, we only brought you along since it was on the way.”

But to her astonishment, Chen Xi actually didn’t spare her a glance, and he directly arrived by Ya Qing’s side before smiling speaking with a light voice. “So you arrived at Thunder City since long ago.”

Yan Yan’s beautiful eyes were stared wide open. This cowardly pretty boy actually knows Big Sister Ya Qing?

“You bastard!” Ya Qing raised her tiny fists and fiercely pounded Chen Xi’s chest as she cursed while gnashing her teeth, and her tears seemed like dropping pearls from a broken necklace and poured down her face.

Her reaction was truly too intense, and it caused everyone to be dumbstruck and be at a loss for what to do. But only Ya Qing herself knew the fear and uneasiness she endured in her heart during these days after she found out that Chen Xi was about to face the Blacksun Ambush.

She didn’t know why she would become like this, nor did she know from which moment did Chen Xi become a figure that lingered within her mind. All she knew was that when Chen Xi who she yearned to see all day and night had appeared safely before her at this moment, she really wanted to cry. Even though she’d warned herself to be more restrained and enduring, when this time really came, how could she possibly endure her tears?

When he saw Ya Qing turning into a weeping beauty, besides being stunned, Chen Xi couldn’t help but be deeply moved, and then he unexpectedly walked forward before embracing Ya Qing in his arms.

He didn’t say anything, but he knew that what Ya Qing needed the most at this moment was probably an unhesitant embrace from him.

Yan Yan seemed as if she was struck by lightning when she saw this scene, and she was completely muddled. Big Sister Ya Qing who’d always been indifferent towards men has actually been embraced by this cowardly pretty boy?

At this moment, no matter how stupid she was, she reacted instantly. I’ve probably misjudged this time.

Yan Cheng broke out in cold sweat in his heart, and he felt lucky that he didn’t hurl insults at Chen Xi on the way. Never had he imagined that this fellow he’d brought along because it was on the way would actually have such an intimate relationship with Miss Ya Qing. If he knew this earlier, then he’d probably have presented Chen Xi with all respect as if Chen Xi was his ancestor!

Meanwhile, all the guards of the merchant group had arrived before the entrance to the city as well. All of them were instantly stunned when they saw this scene, and their mouths were opened so wide that a duck egg could fit in.

Never had any of them imagined that the cowardly pretty boy that relied on women they frequently ridiculed all along the way would actually possess such great ability to even embrace Miss Ya Qing who possessed a status that was lofty and out of reach!

Everyone was so busy being shocked that no one noticed Yun Na had silently stepped back and pulled apart the distance between her and Chen Xi. When she saw Chen Xi embracing an unfamiliar young woman, a wisp of indescribable sourness and sadness that wouldn’t go away gushed out from her heart.

No, someone noticed this scene, and it was the Thunder Marquis Estate’s Junior Marquis, Wang Zhenfeng. Jealousy gushed wildly in his heart as the flames of envy blazed and leaped up when he saw Chen Xi and Ya Qing embracing each other, and he wished for nothing more than to smash this bastard to death before seizing Ya Qing back to his side.

At this moment, when he saw a maiden that wasn’t the slightest bit inferior to Ya Qing similarly staying by Chen Xi’s side with an infatuated appearance, he instantly felt ill as if he’d eaten 10,000 flies in his heart, and he wailed endlessly. Heavens, what’s wrong with all the beautiful women now? What’s wrong!?

Wang Zhenfeng was truly unable to endure the scene before his eyes, and he coughed dryly right away. “Miss Ya Qing, since Chen Xi has already arrived safely, why don’t we return to the city first being catching up properly?”

Ya Qing rested her head on Chen Xi’s wide chest and felt exceedingly happy in her heart, and she wished for nothing more than to be able to stay like this forever. But at this moment, she was instead forcefully dragged out of her dreams and back to reality by Wang Zhenfeng’s voice, causing her to be unable to help but curse in her heart. This senseless bastard! After that, she reluctantly left Chen Xi’s embrace before tidying up her clothes, and she seemed to be slightly embarrassed.

“Let’s go. We’ll speak after we enter the city.” Meanwhile, Chen Xi had recovered his calm as well, and he felt embarrassed to continue staying here when he noticed the slightly strange gazes that everyone in the surroundings shot at him.

“Mmm.” Ya Qing hummed from her nostrils, and the sound was gentle as she revealed cute and lovable appearance.

“Come with us?” Chen Xi turned around to look at Yun Na as he felt it was slightly heartless to abandon Yun Na and leave now.

Yun Na was stunned as she never imagined that Chen Xi would actually still remember her, causing her head to go dizzy, and she originally wanted to refuse him yet agreed unexpectedly.

Ya Qing glanced at Yun Na and didn’t say anything.

Yun Na secretly snuck at glance at Ya Qing as well, and she similarly puckered her lips and remained quiet.

Both of them were extremely intelligent and knew that if they were to ‘compete’ at this moment, it would cause their image in Chen Xi’s eyes to be terrible, and that would be extremely not worth it.

The veins on Wang Zhenfeng’s forehead pulsated when he saw this scene, and he felt that Chen Xi was like a resplendent Junior Marquis that was the center of attention, whereas, he himself had instead fallen to become a passerby that no one showed any interest in…

Wang Zhenfeng took a deep breath as he restrained the discomfort in his heart, then he pondered briefly before a plan arose in his heart, and he laughed heartily right away. “Let’s go. I’ve already instructed the servants in the estate to prepare a banquet. Moreover, I’ve invited some outstanding talents of our younger generation to welcome Brother Chen with us!” 

— End of Book Six —

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