Chapter 351 – Arriving At Thunder City

The merchant group briefly reorganized themselves before hastily carrying on with their journey.

The fate of the Violent Armored Bear was unknown, whereas the expert that fought the bear demon was impossible to find. For the sake of avoiding any mishap that might occur, leaving this place where trouble lurked was obviously the best choice.

This caused Yan Yan to feel rather regretful, as she still wanted to properly thank that expert. If she had the chance and was able to form some goodwill with the expert, then it would be even better. But unfortunately, she got the opposite of what she wanted, and she could only clear away the slight sense of loss she felt before leaving along with the group.

From this day onward, they didn’t encounter any danger along the way.

Chen Xi acted as usual, meditating and resting as he pleased, and he completely didn’t have the consciousness of a pretty boy that relied on women. When he was unoccupied and had nothing to do, he would drink wine and chat with Yun Na, allowing him to obtain a rough understanding of the situation in Thunder City, and he passed his days rather calmly and richly.

On the other hand, Yun Na was undoubtedly the happiest person. After constantly coming into contact with Chen Xi, she realized that he wasn’t an icy cold and emotionless fellow, and his character could even be described as amiable and easy to approach. So long as one didn’t put forth a request that went too far, he would agree to everything. For example, helping explain the dilemmas she had in her cultivation, etc.

Moreover, as the duration they were in contact grew longer, she even noticed that it wasn’t just Chen Xi’s strength that was extraordinary, he was actually skilled in crafting talismans. Moreover, he was a Spirit Chef with superb skill!

A Talisman Formation Master was an extremely rare existence and wanting to become a Talisman Formation Master was beyond difficult. So when Yun Na found out from the few words Chen Xi accidentally revealed that Chen Xi was actually capable of crafting high-grade Treasured Talismans, Yun Na was already incapable of finding any word to describe her feelings, and the gaze she shot at Chen Xi carried boundless astonishment and admiration for many days.

It was truly difficult for her to imagine it. This fellow is so young, so how could he possibly achieve such great accomplishments? He’s simply like a remarkable prodigy bestowed by the heavens that can’t be encountered for a thousand years!

But after Chen Xi revealed his culinary skill one time, Yun Na instantly forgot all this, and all her thoughts were placed on eating. Every day at morning, noon, and night, she would ask the same thing while filled with anticipation. “Great Spirit Chef, what’ll we be eating for this meal?”

Just like this, Yun Na fell to become the most loyal glutton of the Great Spirit Chef Chen.

For the sake of displaying her admiration and gratitude, Yun Na was wholly in charge of the cleaning and preparation of the various ingredients, washing the dishes, pouring tea and water, and other trivial matters, and there was no need to say that she absolutely served him attentively right down to the most trivial detail. Even the maidservants of wealthy clans weren’t as diligent as her.

Everyone noticed this and felt even more disdainful towards Chen Xi. They felt that this pussy was simply an absolutely evil bastard as he’d ordered about an extremely sexy beauty to the point of working harder than a maidservant, and they truly wished for nothing more than for lightning to strike down from the heavens and smite the bastard to death!  

But in next to no time, their bellyful of discontent and envy transformed into a surging stream and was completely swept away.

On this night, the group had set up camp by the side of a stream in the forest.

The stream was teeming with large fish that were covered in golden scales and had two dragon whiskers at the side of their mouths. They were filled with spirit energy, glittering, translucent, and emitted a faint aroma.

This type of fish was extremely rare, and it was called a Dragonwhisker Carp. It contained abundant spirit energy and possessed an extremely costly price in the outside world, and only some great cultivators were able to afford them.

When Yun Na found out that the clear soup boiled from this type of fish possessed an extremely great benefit towards the maintenance of a woman’s beauty, she was immediately incapable of restraining the excitement in her heart, and she captured over 10 fishes in a short moment before handing all of them to Chen Xi.

Chen Xi naturally wouldn’t go against Yun Na’s interest, and he started a fire before placing a cauldron upon it. He combined the fish with over 10 types of spirit herbs they’d gathered along the way to cook an entire cauldron full of Dragonwhisker Carps.

On the other hand, he pierced through the remaining Dragonwhisker Carps with an iron rod instead before placing them onto the blazing campfire, cooking them into roasted fish that were tender on the inside and crispy on the outside, and they were tasty and refreshing.

A tempting fragrance quickly drifted within the forest.

Everyone from the merchant group that were in meditation couldn’t help but secretly gulp down a mouthful of saliva. This fragrance…is truly too tempting! It’s simply capable of drawing out the worms in our bellies to fight each other.

But due to their own personal considerations, they could only bitterly endure it. There was nothing they could do, as they hadn’t been nice to Chen Xi in the slightest all along the way, so asking them to put down their pride and asking for food at this moment was more painful than killing them.

Chen Xi only noticed that he’d made slightly too much after he finished preparing the fish soul and roasted fish. Yun Na and I are utterly unable to finish all of this, and if they’re left to become cold, they would lose their best texture and taste.

He glanced at everyone in the surroundings that were drooling in their hearts, and he laughed in his heart. After that, he stood up right away and walked towards the treasured carriage while sending a voice transmission to Yun Na. “I’m going to cultivate first. Distribute all these to the others to have a try as well. We have to thank them for bringing us along on the journey this time. We can’t forget their kindness.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he was already sitting within the treasured carriage.

Actually, Yun Na was hesitating about this matter as well. So when she obtained Chen Xi’s approval, she didn’t hesitate any longer and called Yan Cheng, Yan Yan, and the others over to share this sumptuous dinner that was both fragrant and tasty.

Yun Na’s relationship with the members of the group wasn’t bad. At least, she was a hundred or a thousand times better than Chen Xi. Coupled with her agreeable attitude and her identity as a sexy and hot beauty, everyone declined courteously for a while before finally agreeing with ‘difficulty.’

Actually, everyone was unable to restrain the worms in their stomachs since long ago. When they picked up the roasted fish at the beginning, they still feigned a reserved attitude, but when they took the first bite on the crispy and golden fish that melted in the mouth, their eyes instantly opened wide like saucers, and they couldn’t care about any demeanor or acting restrained any longer, nor did they care about the way they ate. They held roast fish in their left hand, fish soup in their right, and they chowed down voraciously.

Yun Na puckered her mouth as she smiled, and she felt prideful as well when she saw Chen Xi’s cooking making everyone be ravenous to such an extent.

For a time, the forest was filled with the sound of chewing on roasted fish in large mouthfuls, and the slurping sound of drinking the fish soup sounded out occasionally.

“Oh, its taste isn’t bad.” After eating his fill, someone patted his belly and let out a burp of comfort before evaluating indifferently.

“It’s not bad indeed.” The others deeply agreed and echoed each other’s views in succession.

Yan Yan glared with disdain at these fellows that were putting on an act. Look at how all of you ate earlier. Every single one of you fought for better more ferociously than the other, and I couldn’t even eat more because all of you finished it…

“I finally understand why Miss Yun has taken a fancy to that Young Brother. Capturing a woman’s appetite is equal to obtaining her heart!” Yan Cheng sighed with emotion.

Yun Na’s beautiful face went red as she lowered her head with extreme embarrassment. But, she was already able to discern that after this thing today, the hostility and aversion everyone held towards Chen Xi had obviously eased up greatly.

The facts were just as Yun Na perceived. In the following days, even though the attitude everyone had towards Chen Xi couldn’t be said to be friendly, yet it wasn’t filled with ridicule any longer.

At dawn on this day, a drizzle poured down from the sky as the dense forest gradually became scarce, and their field of vision widened. When they raised their eyes to look over, they were already faintly able to see the grand and vast outline of a city that resided in the extreme distance, and it was joint to the sky. The sky at that place faintly contained numerous bolts of dazzling lightning flashing into existence.

“We’re finally about to arrive at Thunder City!”

“Everyone, raise your spirits, let’s strive to hurry into the city before the sky goes dark.”

“Haha. Of course. I’m still waiting to go to the Moon Indulgence Pavilion to get a beauty to indulge in.”When they saw the faintly visible outline of the city in the distance, the spirits of everyone in the group was refreshed as they started yelling with excitement. Since leaving from Fort Desolate until now, half a month had already passed. The journey was exhausting, and they’d experienced numerous large and small occasions of troubles from demon beasts, causing their nerves to be constantly strained. At this moment, everyone eagerly looked forward to returning to the city and having a proper rest.

“So we’re about to reach Thunder City…” Yun Na muttered, and her voice revealed a slight sense of loss instead. When she thought about these days of being together with Chen Xi, an absurd thought emerged in her heart for no reason or rhyme. How good would it be if this journey couldn’t be finished for our entire lifetimes?

Chen Xi didn’t notice the trace of disappointment Yun Na unintentionally revealed at this instant, as he was staring at the distant outline of the city and the excitement in his heart was impossible to hide.

Since setting out from Firecrow Town, he’d gone through the Gloom Forest, Evilstone, Icedemon Den, and numerous other places of danger, and then he’d set out once again from Fort Desolate and traveled a distance of 500km to be finally about to arrive at Thunder City now. When he recalled the hardships and dangers all along his way here, there were a multitude of feelings in Chen Xi’s heart, and he felt as if ages had passed.

A few thousand kilometers ahead was a group of people that were standing before the entrance to the city. The person in the lead was a beautiful young woman with an extraordinary graceful bearing. Her beautiful face was white like jade, her eyes intelligent and deep, her figure graceful and slender, and her white dress lightly swayed with the refreshing breeze and seemed as if it would fly away with the wind. At her side was a handsome young man in an embroidered robe and over 10 experts, and every single one of them was outstanding. 

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