Chapter 350 – Affection Troubles The Heart

Deep in the night.

The campfire in the Desolate Forest had died out, and everyone had already entered into a deep state of mediation.

Chen Xi was slightly helpless and didn’t dare move because he was worried of waking Yun Na up.

Just a few hours ago, Yun Na saw that he seemed to be slightly bored while drinking himself, and she held up a wine jug and started drinking with him. Unknowingly, she’d actually drank to the point of becoming completely drunk. At this moment, she had her head rested on his lap like a little kitten and had fallen into deep sleep.

“Oh, you’re quite handsome. If you can be a little better to big sister, then big sister will surely make you marry her…” Suddenly, Yun Na’s cherry lips let out a vague voice that seemed like sleep talk.

Chen Xi was stunned, then he rubbed his nose and had a slightly embarrassed expression, and he said in his heart, Could it be that I’m very bad to her?

Chen Xi lowered his head to size Yun Na up, and he had to admit that this woman was extremely charming and alluring indeed. Her skin was white as snow, her body was graceful and voluptuous, her wine red long hair was slightly curled before hanging loosely on her shoulder like a waterfall, her white and smooth breasts were partially exposed, and her long and plump legs were white and clean like ivory, causing her to be extremely sexy. 

At this moment, when she slept while resting her head on his legs, her long hair was disheveled, her bearing unrestrained, and her nose moved slightly, and she emitted a strand of a fragrant aroma that was mixed with the warm and moist smell of woman. Such a scene emitted a terrifying allure, and it caused one to wish for nothing more than to approach her.

A gentle and graceful young woman was a gentleman’s good mate. A wisp of an unusual feeling gushed out from Chen Xi’s heart as he lightly stroked Yun Na’s long hair, and he sighed for no reason in his heart.

A woman’s embrace is the tomb of all heroes?Chen Xi didn’t think so. It was just that there were too many things on his shoulders, and he’d always intentionally and unintentionally been avoiding affection with the opposite sex. It was like that for Du Qingxi, like that for Mu Yao, like that for Ya Qing, and Yun Na before him was similarly so.

Actually, the reason was extremely simple. He felt that so long as any woman were to follow by his side, then they were bound to be unable to live a stable and happy life, and their lives would instead become shaky, uneasy, and filled with hardships because of him.

This wasn’t something he wanted, so he’d never really faced it and bravely pursued it.

As he thought about all this, Chen Xi unconsciously recalled Qing Xiuyi and Fan Yunlan. One of them was a reincarnated Heavenly Immortal, a favored genius that enjoyed great attention in the Darchu Dynasty, and the other was the Hall Master of the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect, an expert at the Rebirth Realm.

These two women wished for nothing more than to kill him at the beginning, but it just so happened that as coincidence and destiny would have it, he’d instead become involved with them in the most intimate way possible. The affairs of life were so difficult to predict that it caught him unprepared, and he didn’t know how to deal with it.

At this moment, when he recalled the scene from that day, Chen Xi’s heart was in chaos, and he was unable to order his thoughts.

If we meet in the future, would we be enemies or friends?

If we don’t meet in the future, would we be able to forget the scene of each other at that time?

For no reason or rhyme, Chen Xi sighed once more, and he felt that affection really wounded one in both body and soul, causing one to be unable to refuse it, yet also be unable to estimate and control it.

Right at this moment, a feeling of danger gushed into his heart, causing Chen Xi to instantly awaken from his chaotic thoughts, and then he glanced towards the surrounding people and couldn’t help but shake his head. Nevermind, I’ll help them deal with this trouble.

When he thought up to here, Chen Xi didn’t hesitate any longer. He lightly carried Yun Na into the treasured carriage and setting her down properly, and then his gaze swept the pitch black forest in the extreme distance before his figure shook and vanished soundlessly on the spot.

In the depths of the forest was an over 30m tall black bear with a robust physique and a body covered in scales. It was hiding behind an ancient tree while its pair of blood colored eyes looked towards the distant merchant group with a gaze that revealed a brutal and ruthless sheen.

This was obviously an extremely intelligent Violent Armored Bear. Even though its size was enormous, yet it was completely devoid of any aura while hiding soundlessly in the darkness. If it wasn’t for Chen Xi’s Divine Sense being formidable to a shocking degree, it would be extremely difficult to notice its existence.

Seeming to have noticed something, this bear demon suddenly raised its head as a ball of cold lightning shot out explosively from its blood red eyes to tear through the darkness, and it instantly saw a tall figure was actually standing 30m away from it since an unknown point in time.

“I can spare your life if you leave now.” This person was exactly Chen Xi. He looked indifferently at this Violent Armored Bear and was extremely shocked in his heart. The strength of the latter was only a step away from attaining the Rebirth Realm, but due to its body possessing a trace of a divine beast’s bloodline and it being a demon cultivator, its strength was entirely capable of comparing to a Rebirth Realm cultivator.

“Tiny human, you actually dare speak like this to me? You’re truly courting death!” The bear demon spoke as a trace of disdain clearly flashed past its blood red eyes. It had already discerned that the little fellow before him was merely at the advanced-stage of the Golden Core Realm, and he was able to smash a little thing like this to death with a single slap of its paw.

As it spoke, it attacked straightforwardly. Its enormous body shook as an enormous paw tore through the sky while glowing with golden lights, and it fiercely smashed towards Chen Xi’s head with a speed that was actually extremely agile!

As soon as it pounced over, the nearby ancient tree shattered and crumbled. The golden enormous claw was extremely heavy and possessed an oppressive aura, and everywhere is passed, even space itself was shattered as air flew out violently in all direction.

Chen Xi didn’t dare be careless. When facing the over 30m tall body of the bear demon, the Shaman Energy in his entire body gushed out and caused a bright glow to bloom out explosively, and then his figure instantly transformed to a height of over 30m tall, causing the aura in his entire body to blast out and skyrocket while shaking the surroundings. It was precisely the Divine Ability, Heavenly Transformation.


Chen Xi took a step forward, causing the ground to crack apart, and he didn’t hesitate in the slightest to smash his fist out.

Fist and paw collided, causing a terrifying and enormous bang to explode out in the heavens and the earth, and then a wave of air swept out to cause all the ancient trees in the surrounding 300km to transform into powder and sand and rocks flew up from the ground as countless cracks appeared on the ground.

The Violent Armored Bear roared loudly as its body staggered backwards and fear emerged in its heart as soon as it stood still.

On the other hand, Chen Xi had already leaped up once more before kicking out.

The Violent Armored Bear didn’t dare underestimate its opponent, and then its paws tore through the sky as it slapped down like enormous mountains that were pressing down from the sky while crushing apart space and emitting sounds that rumbled like thunder.


Chen Xi’s entire right leg was glowing as vast and ancient Shaman Energy erupted as his leg swept out towards these two paws that were like mountains, and in the end, they collided head on with a bang.

Chen Xi fell to the ground, whereas the Violent Armored Bear was blasted flying by an enormous force instead, and it staggered backward once again.

“Roar!” Being blasted back repeatedly in a competition of strength caused this bear demon to be completely infuriated, and it let out an enormous roar that shook the heavens and the earth. Its eyes went red as its aura grew violent, and a dazzling golden light suffused the fur and scales on its entire body as an oppressive aura of slaughter effused out.

It pounced over fiercely once more, and the instant it made a move, its entire body glowed and was covered in runes. Its paws were like enormous axes that could chop apart enormous mountains as it erupted with a brilliant glow and swept towards Chen Xi.

Hot blood boiled in Chen Xi’s chest as well, and he finally felt that he’d found a matching opponent that relied on strength, allowing him to fully reveal his ability and fight to his heart’s content.


With the Heavenly Transformation, Starsky Wings, and Grand Astral Palm Divine Abilities combined, Chen Xi’s figure flew out without dodging in the slightest, and he was like a bolt of lightning that filled the sky as he charged forward.

One man, one bear, fighting with full force, and the battle instantly intensified. They charged and struck each other all along the way and moved a few hundred kilometers in distance, causing the area of their battle to grow larger and larger. The sounds that exploded out from the collision of their palms and paws were simply like the sound of thunder descending from the nine heavens, and it shook all the demon beasts in the Desolate Forest to the point of fleeing with terror and unease.

The commotion here naturally roused everyone from the merchant group, and all of them crawled up before looking towards the distance with astonishment.

In the distant heavens and the earth, there were two 30m tall figures in battle. Every single move of theirs caused the air to explode, golden lights to shoot out, and rosy glows to shoot in the skies, causing it to be an extremely terrifying sight.

“That seems to be the Violent Armored Bear! Who’s fighting it? What a terrifying strength!”

“That person is obviously a body refiner that has executed the Heavenly Transformation, causing his Shaman Energy to shoot into the sky and actually be able to fight equally with the Violent Armored Bear! Could it be that his body refinement cultivation has already attained the Rebirth Realm?”

“Formidable! Too formidable!”

Everyone was dumbstruck, and every single one of them was shivering. The residual waves that swept out from the battle between the two figures was too terrifying, and it caused them to feel an oppressive feeling that was suffocating. But due to the lights that exploded out from the battle being too dazzling, no one discerned that the 30m tall figure was Chen Xi.

Only Yun Na hastily swept the surroundings with her gaze, and she vaguely guessed something when she didn’t notice Chen Xi’s figure, yet she didn’t dare confirm it. The reason was because the energy Chen Xi revealed in Fort Desolate was the energy only a qi refiner could possess, and he utterly didn’t reveal the Shaman Energy that only body refiners possessed.

“That figure…seems to be that Young Brother?” Yan Cheng’s eyes slightly narrowed as he revealed an astonished expression, but he didn’t dare confirm who exactly the owner of that figure was.

“Him?” A trace of ridicule suffused the corners of Yan Yan’s mouth as she shook her head. “If that pussy had this level of strength, I would even be willing to prepare the water to wash his feet.”

Yan Cheng shook his head helplessly. His daughter was obviously deeply prejudiced towards Chen Xi, so it wasn’t good for him to say anything further, and he could only sigh lightly. “No matter who he is, he’s a benefactor of ours. If it wasn’t for him, then I’m afraid we would have suffered the attack of the Violent Armored Bear tonight.” His voice revealed a wave of lingering fear.

“Yes. If we have the chance later, we much properly repay this benefactor.” Yan Yan agreed extremely with her father’s views, and she nodded seriously.

“Roar!” The Violent Armored Bear let out an enormous roar that was like thunder, and it covered the heavens and the earth as it swept out like mighty waves that were slapping towards the shore. On the other hand, its attacks possessed enormous strength that could collapse mountains, and every single time its pair of golden paws descended, it carried a might that shattered space and caused the elements in the surroundings to become chaotic. When its paw collided with Chen Xi’s fist, divine lights covered the skies as the sounds of explosions rumbled, and it caused everyone in the distance to be astounded.

Everyone wasn’t astounded by the Violent Armored Bear, but the human figure instead. The terrifying strength of the figure’s body was actually on par and even surpassed the Violent Armored Bear.

The two figures freely charged at each other while the force they emitted swept through the heavens and the earth, causing expanse after expanse of trees to crumble to the ground as the low hills and rocks within the Desolate Forest split apart, and there were even some 300m tall peaks that instantly exploded apart and transformed into powder.

After that, the battle between the two continued to move towards a few thousand kilometers away, causing everyone to be unable to see it any longer, and they were only able to hear a wave of thunderous bangs and beast roars that came from far away.

Even then, the hearts of everyone was filled with excitement to the point of being unable to control their excitement. This battle that shook the heavens and the earth was bound to be something they would be unable to forget for an extremely long period of time.

Before long, all the noise vanished, and the heavens and the earth returned to silence once more.

Everyone looked at each other. Who exactly was the winner?

“Senior, where did you go earlier?” Yun Na raised her head and saw Chen Xi had appeared by her side, and she couldn’t help but be slightly pleasantly surprised as she was still worried about Chen Xi just moments ago.

Yun Na’s voice roused everyone from their shock, and then they shook their head when they saw this pussy pretty boy, Chen Xi.

Someone even muttered in a low voice. “This pussy was obviously terrified to the point of hiding earlier, do you even need to ask? Perhaps he even wet his pants from fear!” 

These words caused everyone to roar with laughter.

Chen Xi smiled and completely disregarded the ridicule of the surrounding people before directly ascending the treasured carriage. Even though he’d successfully defeated the Violent Armored Bear in the battle earlier, yet the intense battle and consumption of strength caused him to feel a wave of deep exhaustion, and he intended to rest properly.

“Do you think that person from before is really him?” Yan Cheng seemed to be lost in thought.

“I already told you. If it’s really him, then I will even be willing to prepare the water to wash his feet.” Yan Yan said angrily, “But is it possible? He’s just a pretty boy that relies on women. He doesn’t have the slightest appearance of an expert?”

“Alright, alright, alright. Let’s depart quickly. No matter who won and who lost, we must seize this moment to leave. If by any chance the Violent Armored Bear is still alive, then it will probably be troublesome. It’s better for us to leave quickly.” Yan Cheng waved his hand, and he felt it was a slight headache to talk about Chen Xi with his daughter. 

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