Chapter 349 – Violent Armored Bear

In the Desolate Forest, a group of Bloodhorn Worms tore through the ground while emitting sharp cries, and then demonic qi surged and gushed over like tidewater as the dense group of Bloodhorn Worms sealed off the path ahead.

Bloodhorn Worms had extremely strong vitality, so long as the blood horn on their heads weren’t injured, then they would be able to recover instantly even if they were chopped into a few pieces. Coupled with them moving in an enormous group, even a Golden Core Realm cultivator would face certain death after falling into their encirclement.

“Vile animals! You’re courting death!” Yan Cheng and the guards of the merchant group knew clearly how formidable these worms were, and they didn’t hesitate in the slightest to take their battle formation before making a move. Light and flashes of various colors charged to towards the group of Bloodhorn Worms that covered the heavens and the earth as they gushed over.

For a time, the entire heavens and the earth was filled with the sound of True Essence exploding, blood that flowed like waterfalls, and severed limbs that flew about in all directions, whereas, the trees and rocks in an area of 3km were shattered and transformed into powder.

The guards of this merchant group were a total of 60 people that were all at the Golden Core Realm, and the destruction they caused when they attacked violently was extremely terrifying as well.

Especially Yan Yan, this peerlessly beautiful young woman that possessed a disposition that was icy cold like a lotus flower did indeed possess the strength to be arrogant. A swing of her sword was like a bolt of lightning flashing through the sky, and it instantly killed a few Bloodhorn Worms, causing her to be really formidable.

But the amount of Bloodhorn Worms was truly too numerous, and they were in an extremely dense mass that was like tidewater. After one wave of them were killed, another wave would bore out from the ground, and they seemed to be inexhaustible, causing one to really have a headache. 

The battle entered an intense deadlock, and everyone revealed expressions of exhaustions after being unable to vanquish these Bloodhorn Worms after battling for so long, causing the situations to be rather unfavorable for everyone.

“Iceshard Snowdance!” Yan Yan gritted her teeth as she stood in midair with her sword in hand, and her clothes fluttered in the wind, causing her to seem like a celestial maiden that was riding the waves. She swept out with her sword technique, causing countless sharp ice shards and snowflakes that carried an oppressive aura to pour down, and in an instant, more than half the Bloodhorn Worms were exterminated.

But this strike consumed almost all her strength, causing a wisp of exhaustion to gush into appearance between her brows as she gasped for breath, and she could only temporarily avoid the remaining Bloodhorn Worms.

Yan Yan seized this opportunity to glance at the treasured carriage in the distance, and when she saw the young man and woman remaining completely unmoved, rage couldn’t help but emerge in her heart. They’re truly an ungrateful adulterous pair! At this moment, they ought to work together with us to get through this crisis, yet they’re actually terrified to the point of hiding in the treasured carriage and not daring to come out!

Chen Xi had no idea that Yan Yan was criticizing him at this moment, and he had considerations of his own in his heart. Even though these Bloodhorn Worms were great in number, they were incapable of doing anything to the experts of this group, so victory was only a matter of time, and he would naturally lend a hand when needed.

Yun Na was slightly unable to sit still instead. She glanced at the indifferent Chen Xi while hesitating over and over again, and she seemed to feel sorry. In the end, she charged off the treasured carriage and started killing the Bloodhorn Worms with the others.

Chen Xi smiled yet didn’t stop her. Actually, there was still another reason why he didn’t make a move for now.

Since leaving Fort Desolate, he’d faintly sensed someone hanging at the back of this group like a lingering ghost all along the way, and this person obviously had ill intent.

Moreover, he was able to sense that this person’s strength ought to be rather strong and extremely adept in stealth and concealment. If he were to divert his attention to do something else, he would probably instantly lose his lock on this person, and the disadvantage outweighed the benefit.

However, when Yan Yan saw this scene, it caused her to feel even more contempt towards Chen Xi, and she’d already taken Chen Xi to be a pretty boy that relies on women, only possessing a good outward appearance, yet useless within.

True Essence and demonic qi ceaselessly collided with each other and gave rise to wave after wave of air that swept out in all directions. Just as Chen Xi had inferred, the battle continued for another 10 minutes, the volume of Bloodhorn Worms started to reduce intensely and no more Bloodhorn Worms bore out from the ground.

“The Bloodhorn Worms are almost completely annihilated, and victory is in sight! Everyone, put your back into it!” Yan Cheng struck out as he boosted the morale of everyone.

Actually, there was no need for him to say anything, as everyone had already noticed an inkling, and their spirits were refreshed as they fought with all their might. Various techniques and Magic Treasures smashed out as if they were worthless, and in only the time of a few breaths, all the Bloodhorn Worms that obstructed their path had been completely annihilated and only left behind an expanse covered in severed limbs and mangled corpses.

After the battle came to an end, a guard panted heavily as he looked at the Bloodhorn Worm corpses that covered the ground, and he said with a lingering fear in his heart. “Luckily, it was only a group of Bloodhorn Worms. All of us together would still be insufficient to go against a King Bloodhorn Worm.”

“Stop talking nonsense. If a King Bloodhorn Worm made an appearance, then all of us would probably have to leave our lives here.”

“I was just saying.” 

Meanwhile, a gaze shot towards the treasured carriage Chen Xi sat in and said with disdain, “I never expected that kid is actually a worthless wretch, even a maiden is more courageous than him.” As he spoke, he glanced at the nearby Yun Na before shaking his head and sighing, and he seemed to feel that it wasn’t worth for her to be by Chen Xi’s side.

“There’re many pretty boys that rely on women in this world. It’s not like we must have his help, but his actions are too cowardly. That maiden is simply blind to be following by his side.”

“Why don’t we find an opportunity to teach this pretty boy a fierce lesson?”

Yun Na frowned as she glanced at these people as she didn’t feel that these people were defending her. But she couldn’t be bothered to explain anything to them before turning around and walking up the treasured carriage.

In the distance, Yan Cheng heard the animated discussions here and walked over right away before berating. “What nonsense are all of you speaking? Quickly tidy up the battlefield and depart as soon as possible!”

“Manager Yan, we brothers feel displeasure in our hearts. On what basis can he hide in the treasured carriage without coming out, yet we have to fight for our lives here?”

“He’s a guest! Understand?” Yan Cheng shot a glance at the treasured carriage Chen Xi resided in before waving his hand as he said indifferently, “Stop wagging your tongues! Quickly tidy up the battlefield so that we can leave this place. The smell of blood here will probably draw many ferocious beasts soon.”

Everyone opened their mouths yet didn’t speak any further. Obviously, they were disgruntled in their hearts.

Yan Yan disregarded Yan Cheng’s words and said coldly, “Guest? As a guest, one ought to lend a hand when the host is in trouble, right? He looks like a pussy to me!”

Yan Chen glared at his daughter, and he was curious in his heart as well. Could it be that I’ve misjudged him?

In next to no time, the merchant group continued on their journey with lightning speed.


The merchant group made camp in the forest. After experiencing the battle in the day, everyone was extremely exhausted, and they had to take some time to recuperate and build up their strengths. Otherwise, they would probably be unable to arrive at Thunder City and be annihilated under the wave after wave of demon beasts.

A campfire burned in the veil of the night. Besides some guards that were keeping watch, most of the people were gathered together while drinking and eating, so the atmosphere didn’t seem to be desolate.

Yan Yan sat with her arms around her legs by Yan Cheng’s side, and a wisp of delight unconsciously gushed out from her heart when she glanced at Chen Xi who sat alone in the distance.

Presently, Chen Xi had become to most disliked person in the merchant group, a pussy that only knew how to rely on women, and no one was willing to be associated with him. It was as if speaking a word to him would humiliate them, causing Chen Xi’s situation to be extremely awkward.

Of course, Yun Na had always been extremely loyally following by Chen Xi’s side, and she never left him.

But when everyone else saw all this, they wrung their wrists in anger as they sighed without end, and they had a deep feeling that it wasn’t worth it for Yun Na to be by Chen Xi’s side.

“Father, all the guards have objections,” said Yan Yan lightly. The blazing flames tainted her peerlessly beautiful and icy cold face with a wisp of rosiness, causing her to be matchlessly delicate and charming.

“I know.” Yan Chen drank a mouthful of wine and sighed. “All of you can’t drive him off just because he didn’t lend a hand, right? Just take at it as bringing him along with us since it’s on the way.”

Actually, Yan Cheng was slightly puzzled. He was able to discern that Chen Xi didn’t seem like an ungrateful person. Why did he behave so coldly and indifferently?

“Mmm.” Yan Yan nodded, and she seemed to be slightly lost in thought as she muttered. “My heart has been uneasy all along the way, and I keep having the feeling that something is going to happen. Father, what do you think? Could it be that Violent Armored Bear hasn’t left until now?”

Yan Cheng’s expression became heavy as he had the feeling as if he was targeted by something as well, and then he laughed bitterly and said, “That Violet Armored Bear is extremely grudging. Since you’ve killed its young, it will surely not let the matter go.”

Yan Yan’s lips shook as her expression went firm, and she said, “Why don’t I leave the group and move on my own so as to avoid bringing trouble to the merchant group?”

“Don’t be silly!” Yan Chang berated with a frown. “That Violent Armored Bear possesses monstrous strength that’s comparable to a Rebirth Realm expert. Isn’t moving on your own no different from courting death? Don’t mention this ever again!”

Yan Yan pursed her lips and didn’t speak any further, and she only stared at the campfire in a trance.

Yan Cheng sighed in his head and patted his daughter on the shoulder as he said, “Don’t worry. With Father here, I’ll absolutely not allow you to suffer from any harm. Otherwise, your mother’s soul in heaven will probably not forgive me.”

Yan Yan’s eyes went red as she leaned her head onto her father’s shoulder. At this moment, she who was icy cold and proud revealed a rare trace of a weak and delicate expression, and it seemed as if all her icy coldness and proudness was a mask and this was her true face.

At the side of the distant campfire, Chen Xi sat alone by himself, and he paid no attention to the discussions of the surrounding people.

Violent Armored Bear?

Yan Yan and Yan Cheng didn’t speak via voice transmission, and even though their voices were low, it was still completely heard by Chen Xi, causing him to instantly understand what was sticking far behind the group.

According to his knowledge, a Violent Armored Bear was supposedly an overlord level ferocious beast that roamed freely in the forest, and a trace of the bloodline of the primordial divine beast, Titan Brown Bear, flowed within its veins, causing it to possess boundless strength and be extremely ferocious. Moreover, this type of ferocious beast was extremely grudging, and unless a cultivator killed it in one go, it would ceaselessly chase after the cultivator, causing it to be a terrifying existence that caused a headache for most cultivators.

“Senior, are you still thinking about things? Eat some things first.” Yun Na raised her head and saw Chen Xi was silent for a long time, and she couldn’t help but asked with a low voice. As she spoke, she passed over a skewer of brown and crispy roast meat.

Chen Xi awoke from his deep contemplation before stretching out his hand to receive it, and then he had a taste before praising. “You have good skill, it’s almost on par with a Spirit Chef.”Yun Na smiled happily and said with joy, “If it’s tasty, then have more, I’ll roast them for you. There’s also this Cloudew Wine, it was distilled from a secret recipe passed down from my clan’s ancestors. Try it.”

As she spoke, she passed over a gourd of aged mine, and she served Chen Xi attentively and considerately right down to the most trivial detail, causing the eyes of everyone who saw this to go red with envy. What a beautiful, sexy, and attentive maiden, yet she has been ruined by this pussy pretty boy that only knows how to rely on women. The heavens are unfair! The heavens are UNFAIR!

The gazes they shot at Chen Xi were filled with envy and resentment.

Chen Xi didn’t care about all this and took the wine gourd straightforwardly before taking a huge drink, and then he smacked his lips and said, “Continuous freshness with a lasting rich and mellow flavor. What an excellent wine!”

Yun Na’s pair of charming eyes turned into two crescent moons as she smiled. She seemed as if hearing the praise of Chen Xi wasn’t inferior to listening to a wonderful tune, and it greatly encouraged her, causing her to serve Chen Xi even more attentively.

Everyone instantly looked up to the sky with speechless expressions when they saw this, and they were on the verge of bursting into tears.

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