Chapter 348 – Setting Out To Thunder City

The young woman that possessed wine red curled up long hair was naturally Yun Na, and when she heard Yan Yan’s warning that was extremely threatening, even though she felt slightly uncomfortable in her heart, she still nodded with a smile. “Of course, of course.”

A few days ago, when Chen Xi decided to leave and travel to Thunder City with her, she’d remembered it in her heart. Today, it just so happened that the Treasure Heaven Pavilion’s merchant group had come over, so she decided right away to follow this merchant group as the journey would be slightly safer.

After all, there was a far distance of 500,000km between Fort Desolate and Thunder City, and the path was filled with layer upon layer of dangers and numerous demon beasts. So, following this merchant group of the Treasure Heaven Pavilion was undoubtedly a good choice.

When she saw Yun Na’s respectful and submissive expression, Yan Yan’s expression eased up greatly, and she slightly raised her chin as she said indifferently, “We’ll be leaving soon. You better quickly call your companion over, as we won’t wait for others.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Yan Yan turned around to leave the image of her proud, aloof, and graceful back to Yun Na.

Yun Na was completely indifferent to this. She was only a cultivator from a small clan and naturally didn’t dare fuss about this with a member of the Treasure Heaven Pavilion. Not to mention the proud and aloof young woman from before was the daughter of a Grand Appraiser that possessed a respected status and was far from someone she could afford to offend.

Over 10 days have passed, yet why hasn’t Senior come out? Yun Na raised her head to look at a tightly closed room door as her beautiful brows knit slightly. She was slightly hesitant as she didn’t know if she would disturb Chen Xi by knocking on the door at this moment.

Meanwhile, the materials had almost been completely purchased, and the guards of the Treasure Heaven Pavilion’s merchant group were finishing up and were about to depart right away to return to Thunder City.

“Father, do you really intend to bring two strangers along?” The nearby Yan Yan frowned. “Both good and malicious cultivator are present within Fort Desolate, and there’s even no lack of black hearted and ruthless bandits. What if they…”

“It’s only a little girl, what danger would there be? It may not be a bad idea to form goodwill.” Yan Cheng waved his hand and sighed with emotion. “It isn’t easy for anyone when being away from home, let’s help if we’re able to. It’s fine so long as they don’t hinder our movements.”

Yan Yan puckered her cherry lips before turning around, and she couldn’t help but speak coldly when she saw Yun Na was still in a daze. “Your companion is really haughty, he must wait until we want to leave before he’ll make an appearance?”

“Ah, I’ll go call him.” Yun Na was stunned and didn’t dare hesitate, and she gritted her teeth before walking towards the stairway, yet she felt anxious and fearful in her heart as she consoled herself. The Treasure Heaven Pavilion’s merchant group has finally come, and this opportunity can’t be allowed to slip by. Senior ought to not get angry with me once he knows the reason…

Yan Cheng couldn’t help but shake his head when he saw this, and he said, “You should change this temper of yours, it’ll easily offend others.”

Yan Yan gathered her black hair behind her ears and said without the slightest concern, “I’ll never be able to change it.”

Yan Cheng shook his head once more yet didn’t say anything further.




A wave of pleasing and clear howls that were like the sound of nature resounded out within the equipment refinement chamber.

Chen Xi’s eyes couldn’t help but reveal a trace of delight as he sized up the Talisman Armament in his hand. The Talisman Armament that had been refined once more was 1m long and 6cm broad, the fuller was heavy like a mountain, and the blade was sharp and lusterless. It seemed to be even more simple and ancient, and it faintly revealed a sense of returning to simplicity.

It looked to be very ordinary, but only Chen Xi knew that this Talisman Armament’s might had already been improved by a great deal, and it was peerlessly sharp and entirely capable of comparing to a heaven-rank Magic Treasure, causing him to entirely not have to worry about his opponent suppressing him with an even more formidable Magic Treasure when he participated in the Allstar Meeting.

After carefully sizing it up all over, Chen Xi put away the Talisman Armament before standing up, and then he took a comfortable hot bath. The refreshing feeling in his entire body caused his spirits to be refreshed, and he didn’t stay any longer and pushed upon the door to leave.

“Ah! Senior, you’ve come out from your closed door cultivation?” Yun Na had just walked to the stairway and hadn’t had the chance to ascend the stairs when she unintentionally noticed Chen Xi had walked out of the room, causing her to be unable to help but speak out with pleasant surprise.

After spending over 10 days of time, he’d finally improved the quality of the Talisman Armament by a level, and this caused Chen Xi’s mood to be extremely good and he couldn’t help but nod to her with a smile.

Yun Na was stunned. Only now did she notice that Chen Xi simply seemed like a different person now. Earlier, he was covered in rags and bloodstains, causing him to seem dirty like a beggar. Yet now, he was clean and wore tidy azure clothes, possessed a well defined handsome face, eyes that were deep like the mysterious night sky, and his long hair that reached his waist was casually tied up. Coupled with his tall figure, he seemed to be preeminent and extraordinary.

So it turns out that this fellow isn’t only young, his appearance is also so handsome… Wait! He, he…actually smiled to me?

My god!

This icy cold and emotionless maleficent existence that kills without batting an eyelid actually knows how to smile as well?

Yun Na’s heart jerked as a trace of an unusual feeling arose in the depths of her heart. A wisp of rosiness had actually appeared on her beautiful face, and she actually lowered her head unconsciously and didn’t dare meet Chen Xi’s eyes.

The trace of embarrassment that she revealed accidentally cause the eyeball of the people present in the hall to almost drop out of their sockets. This extremely hot and sexy little girl is actually embarrassed?

“What’s wrong?” Chen Xi walked down the stairs and looked at Yun Na with a perplexed expression.

Yun Na was shocked and instantly sobered up before she said with shaking her head, “It’s nothing. Ah, right, I was looking for you.” As she spoke, she continued to tell him about the matter that she intended to leave along with the merchant group from the Treasure Heaven Pavilion.

After she finished speaking, Yun Na still couldn’t avoid feeling slightly anxious and fearful, and she was worried that Chen Xi would blame her for arbitrarily making a decision on his behalf.

Unexpectedly, Chen Xi only nodded and said casually, “Alright, we’ll go together with them.”

Yun Na instantly heaved a sigh of relief, and then she said hurriedly, “They’re reorganizing their goods outside Fort Desolate, let’s quickly go converge with them.”

When Chen Xi had just walked out from Fort Desolate while following behind Yun Na, Chen Xi saw a white clothed young woman look coldly towards him, and her eyes carried slight vigilance that faintly contained a trace of detest.

He couldn’t help but be stunned before asked Yun Na who was by his side with surprise. “What’s going on?”

Yun Na spoke hesitatingly as she explained everything that had happened earlier, and then she carefully sent a voice transmission and said, “All Eldest Young Misses like her have tempers like this, you don’t have to lower yourself to the same level as her.”

Chen Xi smiled and didn’t say anything further.

“What’re you still standing there for? We’re going to depart!” Yan Yan frowned as she gazed at Chen Xi and Yun Na, and then she said coldly, “I’m warning both of you once more, don’t have any bad intentions on the way, otherwise, you’ll be in trouble.”

Yun Na nodded repeatedly, and then she said to Chen Xi in a low voice, “You wouldn’t be angry, right?”

Chen Xi shook his head. “It isn’t worth it.”

Yun Na patted her chest and said with a brilliant smile, “That’s good. I was really afraid you wouldn’t be able to tolerate this.”

Chen Xi chuckled. “Is my temper that bad?’

Yun Na shook her head yet said in her heart, If your temper is good, then you wouldn’t have annihilated the Roving Vultures, and that Rebirth Realm expert wouldn’t have been violently slapped 10 times by you before being thrown down from the third floor…

The merchant group of the Treasure Heaven Pavilion quickly departed.

Besides Yan Cheng and Yan Yan, this group had a total of 60 guards that were all at the Golden Core Realm, had capable expressions, and their strengths were rather strong.

Even though Yan Yan was extremely unwilling, she didn’t dare go against her father, Yan Cheng’s, intentions, and she arranged for a treasured carriage for Chen Xi and Yun Na to ride in. At this moment, Chen Xi was sitting in the treasured carriage as he carefully sized up the surroundings, and he was able to discern that this merchant group had moved along this route more than once, causing them to travel with ease and not encounter much danger on the way.

But what caused Chen Xi to be curious was that the expressions of these guards weren’t relaxed, and they revealed a trace of a heavy expressions as if they were on guard against something instead, causing them to seem slightly unusual.

No wonder, so it turns out that this group has been targeted by something… Chen Xi’s gaze casually glanced towards the distant forest as he was faintly able to sense that there was something constantly following behind this group.

“Haha, Young Brother, do you drink?” While Chen Xi was pondering deeply, a sound of laughter suddenly sounded out. When he looked out, Chen Xi saw the leader of this merchant group, Yan Cheng, holding a green bottle gourd while gesturing towards him.

“Thank you.” Chen Xi smiled, then acted entirely unlike a stranger as he took two mouthfuls and savored it briefly, and then he couldn’t help but praise. “Great wine! It has probably been buried for many years, right?”

A trace of admiration arose in Yan Cheng’s eyes as he laughed loudly. “I never imagined that Young Brother is experienced with wine.” He stopped briefly and sighed emotionally. “Alas, if we weren’t facing a crisis, I would surely drink to my heart’s content with you. To be honest, our merchant group has provoked quite a huge problem. My daughter was worried that the both of you will be swept into this trouble by following us, so…”

Chen Xi nodded. “I understand.”

Yan Cheng smiled. “That’s good. I came to remind the both of you that if we encounter danger on the way, then flee if you can, and you must be sure to be careful. Alright, feel free to tell me if the both of you have need anything. So long as it’s within my ability, then I’ll surely help the both of you with it.” Yan Cheng left as soon as he finished speaking.

“This leader is a decent person.” The nearby Yun Na spoke with a low voice.

“Of course, he’s a merchant. All of them are clever in dealing with people.” Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought as he spoke.

“He wouldn’t be wanting to ask you to deal with some trouble, right?” Yun Na’s eyes spun as she asked with surprise.

Chen Xi neither agreed nor disagreed as he was slightly uncertain as well. But no matter if Yan Cheng had this intention, once trouble they encountered on the way spread to him, then he would probably have no choice but to make a move.


After an unknown period of time, the ground suddenly started to tremble intensely, causing the treasured carriage to sway lightly along with it.

“Shit! It’s a group of Bloodhorn Worms!” A wave of shocked cries sounded out at almost the exact same time, and then Chen Xi pushed open the window at the side of the treasured carriage before looking over.

Sure enough, he saw the ground before the group suddenly sink and collapse as numerous demon beasts that were like earthworms yet countless times larger than earthworms bore out from the ground. They were thick like water buckets, had reverse hooks all over their bodies, and they had a sharp blood horn that was thick like a thumb at the top of their heads. The rumbling sound had precisely come from these Bloodhorn Worm’s breaking open the ground.

The strength of an adult Bloodhorn Worm was roughly compared to the perfection-stage of the Golden Hall Realm. But this was a demon beast that lived in groups, and they numbered in the thousands when they moved out, causing even a Golden Core Realm cultivator to face certain death once falling into their encirclement.

The scene before his eyes undoubtedly indicated that they’d encountered a group of Bloodhorn Worms blocking their path! 

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