Chapter 346 – Violent Slapping


Everyone gasped and almost didn’t dare believe their ears. That fellow actually asked a Rebirth Realm expert to slap himself? And even apologize to him?

Could it be that fellow has really gone mad!?

“Kid, you’re courting death!” The emaciated old man was completely infuriated. He was a top rate figure amongst independent cultivators and a Rebirth Realm expert, and he enjoyed great reputation amongst independent cultivators, causing the disciples of ordinary sects to not dare offend him. He was an existence that people respected everywhere he went, so how could he endure the insults of a junior?

Chen Xi’s aura hadn’t arrived at the Rebirth Realm, and this was something numerous people had discerned.

The entire body of a cultivator that had attained the Rebirth Realm would emit a fierce qi that was faintly visible and seemed material, and it gave of the feeling as if sharp swords were coiled around the person’s body.

In the eyes of everyone, Chen Xi was at most an expert at the Golden Core Realm, and it was precisely because of this that they felt Chen Xi had gone mad after they heard what Chen Xi said.

As he spoke, the emaciated old man grabbed out with his hand, and give sharp azure colored blades flew out like bolts of lightning to claw towards Chen Xi’s head.

The sharp claw tore through the sky while azure lights flowed within, and it contained a terrifying baleful energy and pure Wood Dao Insight. This was a Dao Grade martial technique he’d bitterly cultivated for many years, the Azuresoul Balefulclaw, and it condensed one’s energy into swift and fierce blades that even earth-rank Magic Treasures were unable to defend against. When it claws onto a person’s body, it would instantly claw the person apart.

Unexpectedly, with a swing of Chen Xi’s Talisman Armament, the Dui Sword of Marsh revolved like a vortex, causing the five claw marks in the sky to dissipate instantly like mud that had fallen into an ocean, and it vanished without a trace.


After that, Chen Xi’s figure vanished with a swish, and in a tenth of an instant, he’d soundlessly appeared at the side of the emaciated old man and swung a slap out.

The emaciated old man was caught off guard and was instantly slapped flying, and he didn’t even have the time to utilize the defensive Magic Treasures he had in his possession.


A mouthful of blood that contained a few teeth sprayed out from the old man’s mouth. Never had he imagined that he would actually suffer such a humiliation in the blink of an eye!

At this moment, the emaciated old man was completely enraged. “Little kid! You’re courting death!”


Chen Xi paid no attention to the arrogant clamor the old man made. In the next moment, a hand appeared at the other side of the emaciated old man’s face before fiercely slapping down upon it. The latter wanted to dodge, but because Chen Xi’s speed was too swift, he utterly had no time to think and react.

Another slap struck heavily on his face, slapping the emaciated old man to the point blood sprayed violently from his nose, he saw stars dancing before his eyes, and his head buzzed. A Rebirth Realm expert actually being slapped to such an extent could be said to be extremely unbelievable.

When everyone in Fort Desolate saw this scene, their jaws almost hit the floor, their eyes were fully opened wide, and all of them had extremely peculiar expressions.

Being slapped once by another could be said to be because of being caught off guard. After all, even experts had moments of carelessness, and incidents of failing miserably in an easy task was a common occurrence. But being slapped twice in succession couldn’t be described as being caught off guard.

It was precisely because of this that everyone felt dizzy, and they felt as if they sky had fallen down. A Golden Core Realm cultivator had actually slapped a Rebirth Realm expert successively? Who would dare believe it if someone spoke of it?

The emaciated old man was furious, completely and utterly infuriated. A dignified Rebirth Realm expert like him, an existence that shook the heavens and the earth had actually been slapped successively. If news of this were to spread, he would die from shame!


A formidable aura gushed out from the emaciated old man’s body with a bang as an extremely fierce baleful energy condensed above him to form an enormous wheel shaped object, and the vast energy of an entire four types of Dao Insights surged within it.

A Rebirth Realm expert would be able to condense their True Essence into Rebirth Wheels after absorbing the Yin and Yang baleful energy of the heavens and the earth, and when utilized against their enemies, it was extremely formidable. In the cultivation world it was said that a single wheel could shatter mountains and rivers.

But all of this was useless.

Chen Xi appeared soundlessly before him once more before the Talisman Armament that contained the Dao Insights of lightning, wind, fire, and sky lightly slashed out, and it actually directly broke open the old man’s defenses and directly locked onto the old man’s throat before he could completely condense the Rebirth Wheel. Chen Xi’s movements were so swift that it almost seemed like teleportation!

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!

The Rebirth Wheel that hadn’t finished condensing returned into the old man’s body once more, and then the emaciated old man was raised in Chen XI’s hands like a little chick before his aged face that was already extremely swollen had another eight slaps struck fiercely upon it.

“You really are a piece of trash. You’re already at such an old age, yet have only comprehended four Dao Insights, and they’re all Minor Daos. It’s simply a miracle that trash like you who’s conceited from his old age was able to live until now. Take these ten slaps as my lesson to you!” After he finished slapping the old man, Chen Xi tossed the emaciated old man out with a raise of his hand, and he seemed as if he was tossing trash away.


The emaciated old man let out a shrill cry as his body fell heavily to the ground from the third floor before a mouthful of blood sprayed out from his mouth, and then he directly fainted. It was unknown if he was angered to the point of fainting or did he intentionally faint because he was unable to endure the gazes that shot over from the surroundings.

Everyone present was shocked!

A Rebirth Realm expert, a powerful and influential existence that was respected wherever he went had actually been violently slapped ten times by a Golden Core Realm cultivator and fainted!

Everyone was shocked to the point their minds went blank as they looked at the emaciated old man who lay on the ground like a dead dog.

Actually, these moves of Chen Xi’s looked to be relaxed and easy, but it actually utilized all of his strongest abilities. His most formidable ability right now was to rely on the Starsky Wing’s speed that was almost like teleportation to possess an unparalleled and terrifying speed, and then utilizing the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture to counter the moves he encountered. Coupled with the various Grand Dao Insights he’d comprehended, he could be said to possess an impetus that was like lightning as he slaughtered soundlessly and instantly.

But most importantly, the strength of this emaciated old man was too weak. Even though he was a Rebirth Realm cultivator, he was only at the initial-stage of the Rebirth Realm, and his comprehension of Dao Insight was even extremely weak. So it wasn’t the slightest bit strange that he was easily slapped violently by Chen Xi.

The Rebirth Realm experts in some of the rooms on the third floor noticed this scene as well, and all of them were exceedingly shocked, so none of them dared come out and provoke Chen Xi. After all, there was a living example, the emaciated old man, laying right before them, and even though they were confident of their strength, they didn’t dare act rashly.

Chen Xi disregarded all this and directly walked into the room.

“What a terrifying young man! What a terrifying sword cultivator!”

“Where the heck did this maleficent existence come from? Why haven’t I heard of him? He’s entirely capable of ranking amongst the top 100 of the Allstar Meeting with his strength. No! It’s even extremely likely for him to be ranked in the top 50!”

“Yeah. Based on this maleficent existence’s age, he’s surely below that age of 30 and possesses a cultivation at the Golden Core Realm. If he participated in the Allstar meeting, then he would surely become eminent and renowned, right?”

Once Chen Xi’s figure vanished from their field of vision, then entire hall of Fort Desolate was filled with animated discussion.

If it was said that he revealed cold and ruthless techniques of slaughter when annihilating the 30 bandits of the Roving Vultures, then at this moment, he revealed an extremely terrifying individual strength in the battle with the emaciated old man. Who could refrain from being curious when facing a young expert that could surmount an entire realm to defeat an enemy?

Yun Na stared blankly as she stood at the corner, her heart couldn’t help but sway as she recalled the numerous scenes related to Chen Xi from before, and she actually seemed as if she was infatuated.

After he closed the room door, Chen Xi sized up his surroundings for a moment and noticed it was really as San Yong had said. The room on the third floor was extremely large and divided into various chambers to refine pills, refine equipment, meditate in silence, and so on and so forth.

Chen Xi took a comfortable hot bath, changed into a set of clean and fresh clothes, then casually tied up his hair that was long to his waist before laying on the bed, and he couldn’t help but let out a long breath of air.

Up until this moment, he’d finally slightly eased up his mind that was strained for these past three months. Since entering the Gloom Forest until now, he’d always passed his time in continuous battles, and in other words, he hadn’t left his combat state even when he entered Fort Desolate. The continuous high intensity battles caused his first reaction when encountering anything to be — Do I need to do battle?

At this moment, when he completely relaxed, he felt as if he’d jumped from one person’s body to another, and the tranquil feeling of not having to do battle causing him to actually unconsciously fall into slumber.

Indeed. He was truly too tired during these past days of wandering about on the verge of life and death all day and night. Besides combat, his days were filled with healing his injuries and fleeing for his life. He was like a dancer that danced trippingly on the edge of a blade, having his nerves strained and mind highly concentrated at all times, and he hadn’t relaxed in the slightest for an entire three months of time.

A trace of a clue of this could be discerned from his tattered clothes and body that was covered in bloodstains. When survival and battle occupied all of his time, how could he possibly have the thought of wanting to bathe or dress up?

This slumber continued for an entire three days of time.

At dawn on the third day, when the first strand of sunlight descended down from the horizon, Chen Xi, who was in a deep slumber, had finally awoken, and he felt every single inch of skin on his entire body emitted exuberant vigor and vitality, causing him to be unable to refrain from letting out a moan of comfort.

In the next moment, he sat up from his bed and got a bowl of utterly icy cold clear water to wash his face before directly entering the equipment refinement chamber. 

Dense talisman formations and a three-legged bronze furnace was set up within the equipment refinement chamber, and the talisman formation and furnace both use the flames from the core of the earth as their source of energy. Not only could it be utilized for equipment refinement, it could also bring forth a defensive effect that avoided one from being disturbed while refining.

Chen Xi didn’t utilize the furnace, as ordinary equipment refinement methods and furnaces were utterly incapable of being used to temper the quality of the Talisman Armament a step further, but the flames from the core of the earth could be used.

If he wasn’t wrong, the flames from the core of the earth that revealed a milky white color ought to be a type of extremely overbearing spirit flame, and it was called Whitespark Spirit Flame. It possessed an extremely superb effect towards materials that were exceedingly difficult to melt, and it couldn’t be any more suitable to be utilized to temper the Talisman Armament.

Chen Xi’s Talisman Armament contained five Divine Talisman markings, and the core of every single Divine Talisman possessed a different divine object residing there. For example, the Azure Divine Wood, Sunforce Metal, Flaming Divine Crystal, and so on and so forth, whereas, the base of the sword was formed from the immortal material, the Sickle of Slaughter. Early on when it was just refined, its quality was already above the top-grade of the earth-rank, and it was merely slightly inferior to a heaven-rank Magic Treasure.

Most difficult to come by of it all was that the Talisman Armament possessed infinite space to grow, and this was the strongest aspect of the Talisman Armament.

But at this moment, the might of the Talisman Armament was already unable to satisfy Chen Xi’s requirements. What he wanted to do now was to improve the quality of the Talisman Armament by another level and strive to allow it to attain the height of being able to go against a heaven-rank Magic Treasure so that it would be able to fully bring out his strength during battle! 

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