Chapter 345 – Conceit From Seniority

The death of the Roving Vultures wasn’t the center of attention of everyone within Fort Desolate any longer, and along with the corpses of these bandits being carried away, the blood on the ground was washed clean, causing the entire hall to once again return to its bustling and clamorous atmosphere.

Fort Desolate was a chaotic place with both good and vicious cultivators mixed together, and bloody incidents happened almost every single day. Today the Roving Vultures were annihilated, and perhaps another new roving band of bandits would appear tomorrow.

All in all, this place was filled with danger, blood, slaughter, and unrest, and scenes of arguments and vengeance would play out frequently, so the people that earned a living by venturing into Desolate Forest all year round had become accustomed to all this long ago.

But even though the atmosphere was bustling at this moment, yet no one dared make noise loudly, nor did anyone dare glance towards the corner of the hall. Because Chen Xi who’d just slaughtered all the bandits by himself earlier was sitting before a table that seemed old, and the extremely sexy Yun Na sat opposite him.

That was a cold and emotionless maleficent existence than had already used bloody facts to prove his strength, so no one dared be disrespectful or look down upon him in the slightest.

Even though there was no true owner to Fort Desolate, there were merchants that were stationed here all year long, and they were called brokers. These people didn’t just sell wine, spirit pills, spirit herbs, and other goods that cultivators used for relaxation or needed, they also sold information and helped their customers carry out some miscellaneous errands, causing them to deeply receive the favor of all the cultivators.

It was precisely because of this that even though the strengths of these brokers were low, no one made it difficult for them.

The corpses of the villains of the Roving Vultures and the blood on the ground was cleaned up by a young broker that Yun Na had called over and paid 100 Nascent Condensation Pills to.

This youth was called San Yong. He was extremely thin and weak, yet possessed eyes that were exceedingly intelligent, and one could discern with a single glance that he was a sharp and intelligent fellow, so he could be said to be like a fish in water when working as a broker.

At this moment, San Yong was sitting solemnly as a show of respect, and his expression was humble as he revealed an expression of listening with concentration.

Everyone unintentionally caught sight of this scene, and they gasped. Most of them knew of this kid, San Yong, was always careless and casual with an indolent disposition, yet at this moment, he suddenly revealed a solemn and serious appearance, so how could they not be surprised.

But they came to an understanding right after. When facing this maleficent existence that had just annihilated 30 lives, anyone would probably have to face such an existence carefully, right?

“So in this way, if I want to stay in the rooms upstairs, I must possess the corresponding strength?” asked Chen Xi. Earlier, he was just intending to go upstairs when he was stopped by Yun Na, and she said that he must possess a certain level of strength, otherwise, he would only be kicked out, and in some serious cases, it was even possible for him to be killed!

The requirement of relying on one’s strength to stay in a room naturally caused Chen Xi to be extremely astonished, and out of caution, he decided to first figure out the circumstances before taking further action. However, Yun Na only possessed superficial knowledge about this. Under his helplessness, he could only search for a broker to inquire about it, and San Yong before him was the broker selected by him.

As they spoke, Chen Xi raised his head to look around. The space within Fort Desolate was extremely large, and merely this hall was capable of accommodating a few thousands of people. When he looked up from where he sat, the space within Fort Desolate was divided into a second floor, third floor, and the highest fourth floor, and the higher the floor, the less rooms it had. For example, the first floor had almost 1,000 rooms, yet the fourth floor only possessed less than 30 rooms.

“You’re correct. Rooms here are indeed distributed based on strength.” San Yong hurriedly replied, and he spoke clearly and in an orderly manner. “Those with the lowest strengths could only stay in the first floor, and so long as ordinary Golden Core Realm cultivators didn’t possess strengths that were too inferior, then they would be able to stay there. The second floor is the place of residence for perfection-stage Golden Core Realm cultivators. The third floor is for Rebirth Realm cultivators, and the fourth floor is for Nether Transformation Realm experts instead.

San Yong paused for a while before he continued. “In Fort Desolate, most cultivators are at the Golden Core Realm, and Rebirth Realm cultivators are rarely seen. As for Nether Transformation Realm experts, they’re even rarer, and I haven’t seen a single Nether Transformation Realm expert make an appearance in almost three years. Coupled with cultivators heading to the forest to venture and search for treasures every single day, so there are many rooms that’re empty now.”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but shake his head when he finished hearing this. There’re so many things to pay attention to just to stay somewhere, people really have nothing better to do.

San Yong seemed to have discerned Chen Xi’s thoughts and explained hastily. “Customer, perhaps you still don’t know, but there’s great profundity related to the rooms in Fort Desolate. Early on when they were constructed, the rooms of every single floor had a different layout.

“For example, the rooms on the second floor have a jade bed that possesses a miraculous effect. It’s connected to the heart of the earth and is capable of drawing a small amount of qi from the earth’s core, and it’s extremely beneficial to one’s cultivation.”

“On the other hand, not only are the rooms on the third floor capable of drawing the qi of the earth’s core, there’re also pill refinement chambers, equipment refinement chambers, and many other facilities within the room.”

“The rooms on the fourth floor are extraordinary. Supposedly, even Nether Transformation Realm cultivators would be able to obtain a great deal of benefit from cultivating there, and it was simply on par with some minor prosperous areas.”

Only now did Chen Xi feel it was slightly interesting, and he asked with great interest. “Then how exactly does one occupy a room?”

San Yong revealed a flattering smile. “With your strength, you’re entirely capable of residing in the second floor. Of course, if some fellows with insufficient strength forcefully occupy the rooms on the second floor, then they would mostly be kicked out and even killed sometimes, so under most circumstances, no one would dare try to sneak in here.”


Right when San Yong had just finished speaking, a person was suddenly thrown down from the second floor, and he fell heavily to the ground with a bloody nose and swollen face while spitting blood from his mouth.

“Trash! You want to stay on the second floor with us with that strength of yours? You’re truly tired of living.” At the side of the second floor’s railing was a cold black clothed young man that stood with his arms crossed before his chest, and he grunted coldly with disdain.

“Oh, another piece of trash that tried to act beyond his ability has come here.” Under the ridiculing gazes of the people in the hall, the person on the ground struggled to get up before fleeing dejectedly while covering his head.

“Thank you.” Chen Xi withdrew his gaze and paid 1,000 Nascent Condensation Pills to San Yong.

“You’re too kind. Feel free to come look for me if you have anything else to ask.” San Yong grinned from ear to ear as being able to obtain compensation from this maleficent existence before him was slightly unexpected to him, and he hurriedly expressed his gratitude before leaving like a wisp of smoke.

He’s found out about everything he should know, so Chen Xi bought a few sets of clothes from some merchants and intended to bath and have a rest before continuing on his journey.

“Senior, which floor do you intend to stay in?” Yun Na asked carefully.

“Let’s go up and take a look first,” said Chen Xi after pondering for a moment. Actually, according to his thoughts, staying in the third floor was the most convenient because only the third floor possessed specialized equipment refinement chambers, and he wanted to seize this opportunity to refine the Talisman Armament once more. It couldn’t be any better if he was able to increase its might by another level.

Yun Na nodded and said, “With your strength, you’re indeed already capable of staying in the second floor.”

Chen Xi smiled and didn’t explain anything, and he spoke of something else instead. “I heard you want to head to Thunder City in another few more days as well? I don’t know the route well, so if it’s possible, let’s travel together. I’ll compensate you for it.”

Yun Na hurriedly nodded and agreed. Earlier, Chen Xi has annihilated 30 people for her sake, so how could she possibly refuse a small request like this?

Some perfection-stage Golden Core Realm cultivators saw Chen Xi from the corridors of the second floor, but they didn’t reveal any ill intent. Most of them had noticed the scene of Chen Xi annihilating the Roving Vultures, and they’d virtually already admitted that Chen Xi possessed the strength to reside on the same floor as them.

But to their astonishment, Chen Xi didn’t stop on the second floor and directly walked towards the third floor instead.

“Eh? I’m not seeing things, right? This fellow is actually walking to the third floor?”

“He’s audacious to the extreme! The third floor is the place of residence for Rebirth Realm cultivators, and an advanced-stage Golden Core Realm cultivator like him would probably be killed as soon as he goes up there!”

“Could it be that this kid thinks he possesses the qualifications to challenge Rebirth Realm cultivators just because he annihilated the Roving Vultures?”

“This fellow has obviously come to Fort Desolate for the first time, and he thinks all those Rebirth Realm cultivators are useless. Hmph! It’s good for him to suffer a little bit, otherwise, he wouldn’t know his own limitations.”

It wasn’t only some cultivators on the second floor, but even the people on the first floor were dumbstruck by Chen Xi’s actions, and they didn’t understand why this icy cold maleficent existence would suddenly become an idiot now…

Yun Na’s pretty eyes were opened wide like saucers as her rosy lips opened up slightly, and her white and slender hands were pressed on her chest as she carried a stunned expression. He… Why would he be so rash? Could it be that he isn’t worried about infuriating a Rebirth Realm cultivator and being killed?

Yun Na felt slightly dizzy, and she hurriedly took a deep breath before consoling herself in her heart. This fellow is absolutely not that type of rash person that easily acts impulsively. Perhaps he has some sort of confidence. Yes, it’s surely like this…

Chen Xi quickly arrived at the third floor.

According to what San Yong said, rooms that were occupied would have a layer of talisman marking restrictions suffused on the door, and it dazzled with brilliance and was extremely easy to recognize. Those doors without the restrictions indicated that it was an empty room and there was no one occupying it for now.

Chen Xi swept the surroundings with his gaze and quickly found an empty room before walking over.

On the way, there wasn’t a single Rebirth Realm expert that made an appearance, and it caused Chen Xi to heave a sigh of relief in his heart. Just think about it, which Rebirth Realm expert would have nothing better to do and would have the hobby of fighting and bullying the weak all day long?

However, strange things always happen.

Right when Chen Xi arrived before the door and intended to enter, an emaciated old man suddenly walked out from within, and he stared coldly at Chen Xi with his triangular eyes while revealing a hostile gaze.

Chen Xi was stunned. Why is there someone in this empty room? Or did this old fellow completely forget to close the door while cultivating? But, no matter what, this room was occupied in the end, and he could only turn around to look for another room.

“Don’t move! Who allowed you to come up here?” However, Chen Xi wanted to leave, yet the emaciated old man didn’t intend to let him off, and the old man glared at Chen Xi while berating coldly. 

Chen Xi turned around and said with a frown. “I have to obtain your agreement before I can come up here?”

The emaciated old man exploded with rage. “Little kid, do you have the qualifications to occupy a room on the third floor with this mere cultivation of yours? You still dare speak insolently before me? You’re truly courting death. Nevermind, since you’re young and ignorant, I’ll give you a chance. Fuck off from here by yourself, otherwise, I’ll cripple you myself before throwing you down.”

“You’re really a shameless old goat. I’ll give you a chance as well, slap yourself ten times and apologize to me before fucking off from Fort Desolate!” Chen Xi’s expression went cold as killing intent erupted from his body, and he was like an unsheathed sharp sword that shook the surrounding space to the point that every inch of it wailed.

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