Chapter 344 – Bloodbath

At the instant the pitch black and lusterless Talisman Armament entered his hands, Chen Xi’s disposition changed abruptly as killing intent that seemed material swept out with a bang, and it shook the surroundings while filling every inch of space.

Chen Xi who stood casually in tattered clothes like a beggar seemed as if he was another person, with a menacing look between his brows while standing straight like a spear. At this moment, the ghastly killing intent he tempered from the countless arduous battles during these past three months had been released with a bang!

Instantly, the entire hall seemed as if it had fallen into severe winter. The bodies of every single person froze and felt as if a sword was against their backs, and even their breathing felt difficult as they looked at Chen Xi with gazes that were filled with shock.

No one had imagined that when this fellow who was covered in rags and blood merely released his killing intent, it would seem material and be so ghastly and fierce.

He didn’t speak a single unnecessary word. Chen Xi had forcefully slaughtered a path of blood out of Gloom Forest, and it was a path worthy of being called a path of blood. Besides the blood of countless ferocious beasts, Chen Xi himself had already forgotten exactly how many times he was injured or how much blood he’d shed.

Amidst this ceaseless battles and slaughter, Chen Xi had even grasped a completely new Dao Insight — the Grand Dao of Slaughter! At the instant he decided to enter into battle, he’d already entered into battle conditions.

His feelings were indifferent like a dried up well that had no ripples.

His soul was highly concentrated.

His expression was icy cold and indifferent.

Killing his enemies in the swiftest way possible had become the one and only objective in Chen Xi’s heart, and it was a firm and pure objective.


The Talisman Armament that was constructed with the Sickle of Slaughter as its base seemed to have felt the killing intent in Chen Xi’s heart, and it emitted a joyful cry that contained the intent of wanting to drink its fill of fresh blood.

In the next moment, the villains of the Roving Vultures noticed to their horror that Chen Xi’s figure had suddenly vanished into thin air in their field of vision, and they were unable to lock onto him any longer!

Pu! Pu! Pu!

A string of muffled sounds resounded out as a string a scarlet and hot blood sprayed into midair, and it was like a string of firecrackers that had exploded in succession. A flawless string of blood appeared in the sky, and it was tragically beautiful and bloody.

The surrounding spectators noticed to their horror that the throats of every single one of the seven bandits that were closest to Chen Xi had a uniform bloody hole pierced on their throats, and their expressions of shock were frozen on their faces as if they didn’t understand what had happened even until their death.

The thing that caused the others to feel horrified the most was that due to his speed being too swift, they were utterly incapable of seeing Chen Xi’s figure clearly from the beginning until the end, let alone see how he struck.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

The horrifying muddled sounds resounded out once more like the footsteps of the god of death, and it stomped in the hearts of everyone, causing their entire bodies to go cold as if they’d fallen into an icy pit.

In less than an instant, another five bandits had died miserably, and the state of their death was exactly similar, a single strike to the throat!

Only now did the other bandits recover from their shock, and all of them were terrified to the point their souls almost left their bodies as they fled in all directions. At this moment, did they still seem like members of the notorious Roving Vultures? Did they still seem like ferocious villains that had tainted their hands with blood?

In the eyes of Yun Na, these bandits that had caused her to have countless nightmares were now like a flock of sheep whose lair was invaded by a ferocious tiger, so helpless and so despaired.

There was no sympathy or pity in her heart. These notorious bandits were too detestable, they specialized in robbing and killing independent cultivators who had no background and bullied the weak while fearing the strong, so they deserved death.

Presently, when she saw them fleeing for their lives, there was only happiness and excitement in her heart. If it wasn’t for her strength being insufficient, she wished for nothing more than to charge up and slaughter them without restraint.

How satisfying!

When she recalled how she was terrified to the point of being completely helpless earlier, Yun Na felt a wave of shame. But she didn’t feel too embarrassed, because she knew that if she didn’t have this ferocious fellow, Chen Xi, by her side, everything would return to how it was in the past. At that time, she would probably be unable to escape the fiendish claws of these bandits.

The will to fight of the remaining bandits collapsed as they fled with a bang, yet this was unable to make Chen Xi stop just like that. The battles during these past few years had allowed him to deeply understand a single truth, never hold back in the slightest when dealing with any enemy. One must pull out weeds by the roots and eliminate them completely, so that one could forever put an end to any future troubles.

In fact, he did indeed not hold back in the slightest. In his eyes, these fellows were no different than the ferocious beasts he encountered earlier, and their deaths weren’t worthy of pity.

During the arduous battles and tempering in these past three months, his cultivation had broken through once again. His body refinement and qi refinement had both attained the advanced-stage of the Golden Core Realm, causing his strength to be more than two times more formidable than when he was in the Gloom Forest.

Coupled with the combat technique and will he’d tempered during the battles with those terrifying ferocious beasts, it allowed him to precisely control every single segment in the entire battle situation, and he was able to annihilate his enemies with the swiftest speed while being in a state that saved the most of his physical strength.

It was even to the extent that he didn’t compare himself with others any longer, as there was utterly nothing that could be compared. People like Qing Xiuyi, Zhao Qinghe who could be called the peak experts of the younger generation of the entire Darchu Dynasty did indeed possess extremely formidable strengths, and it had even attained the limit they were capable of achieving.

But up until now, even if his live combat experience had multiplied, he hadn’t arrived at his own limit. His potential was still enormous, and he had an even greater space to improve. If he was given sufficient time, then he was completely confident in surpassing all the Golden Core Realm experts of the Darchu Dynasty’s younger generation!

Even if it was now, his strength was already sufficient to look down upon most of the Golden Core Realm experts of the younger generation, and if they were to compete solely on combat experience, then there was probably no one capable of achieving all the life and death battles that Chen Xi had experienced while fighting all the way to attain his current achievements.

This was a type of extremely precious experience, because only by receiving the baptism of countless life and death battles could one truly be able to understand the meaning of battle and reveal extraordinary combat skills. This was something that couldn’t be passed down by any sect or book, and it required one to personally contemplate it and temper one’s self.

As the saying goes, the master guides one through the entrance, yet cultivation depended on one’s self. Cultivation was like this, and so was combat.

The slaughter was still being carried out.

Shrill cries resounded out successively within the hall. The shrill cries emitted before death caused every single person present at the scene to feel as if they were immersed in icy cold and bone piercing water, and they couldn’t help but start shivering.

This was absolutely a slaughter without suspense!

When facing such a slaughter, no matter how firm their minds were, they couldn’t help but feel awe and terror.

Even the spectators were so terrified, and the villains of the Roving Vultures were even more so. Up until this point in the battle, they’d practically been beaten to a muddled state.

In a single move, almost 20 of their companions had fallen, so how would they fight a completely one sided battle with an opponent that easily crushed everything in his path? How would they resist?

At the back of the crowd, the expression of the Roving Vulture’s leader, Vulture Meng, became grim as he felt great regret in his heart. I only coveted the beauty of a woman, yet why would it bring out such a god of disaster? But the situation was critical, and he’d already discerned that it was already too late for him to submit now, so only a single path remained...

An expression of resolve appeared on Vulture Meng’s face right away, and he gritted his teeth savagely as he shouted explosively. “Retreat! Leave Fort Desolate! While there’s life, there’s still hope!” 

His voice was so loud that it seemed like a thunderclap that resounded out in the entire hall.

However, unexpected to Vulture Meng, his voice actually didn’t obtain any reply, and it was even to the extent that everyone present at the scene looked at him with a strange expression when they heard him.

Hmm? What’s going on?

Vulture Meng’s heart jerked as he felt something was wrong, and then his gaze swept once more towards his surroundings before his face that was covered in scars instantly froze.

They’re dead!

At this moment, the 29 subordinates he’d brought with him this time were already lying in pools of blood. The throats of every single one of them had a blood hole penetrated upon it and dark red blood was still gurgling out from within, causing the air in the entire hall to be filled with a nauseating dense smell of blood.

Vulture Meng seemed as if he was struck by lightning. These subordinates had followed by his side for numerous years, yet had transformed into icy cold corpses now. How could he be able to accept such an outcome?

But compared to the sorrow in his heart, he still treasured his own life more, and his years of living a life of bloodshed allowed him to instantly sober up from the feeling of losing his brothers. Moreover, he made the preparations to flee at the same time.

He’d even planned that once he escaped this calamity, he would surely lead a large group of his brothers and cut this fellow that was like a god of disaster into pieces! 

However, when he was about to make a move, he suddenly noticed that the surrounding atmosphere was too strange, and it seemed as if the gazes in the entire hall that shot at him were filled with pity…

Have these fellows gone mad?

Vulture Meng felt it was extremely incomprehensible, and then he suddenly realized something, causing him to raise his head and hastily sweep his gaze at the surroundings before his expression instantly turned terrified to the extreme.

He gulped down a mouthful of saliva and still refused to give up hope as he turned his head around with great difficulty. Sure enough, he saw that god of disaster had already arrived behind him without him becoming aware of it.

Moreover, the pitch black sword that had killed 29 of his brothers was only an inch away from his throat, and he even saw traces of warm traces of blood still remaining on the sword!

I’m doomed, I’m afraid I won’t be able to escape calamity this time…

Right when this though had just emerged in Vulture Meng’s mind, he suddenly felt pain in his throat, then a ‘Pu’ sounded out in his ears, and it was exactly similar to the sound that resounded out when the throats of his brothers were penetrated.

Nevertheless, the scene before the eyes of Vulture Meng, the leader of the notorious Roving Vultures that roamed freely in Fort Desolate for many years went black, and he perished on the spot. At the moment before his death, he saw a wisp of blood that sprayed into midair and a pair of icy cold and calm eyes.

After he killed Vulture Meng, Chen Xi put away the Talisman Armament, and then he didn’t even spare a glance to the corpses on the ground nor did he pay any attention to the shocked and speechless gazes of everyone present at the scene before directly arriving before Yun Na and asking. “Are there rooms here? I want to take a rest.”

“Ah!” Yun Na cried out as she sobered up from the blood and shocking scenes from before, and then she nodded hurriedly and said, “There are, there are. So long as it’s an empty room, you can stay in any room upstairs.”

Chen Xi nodded before turning around to walk towards the stairs, and he said as he walked, “Take the treasures in the possession of these bandits as the compensation for leading me here.”

Yun Na was stunned, and then she seemed to have suddenly thought of something and cried out. “Senior, I forgot to tell you that not anyone can occupy the rooms upstairs. You must possess a certain level of strength, otherwise, you will only be kicked out, and in some serious cases, it’s even possible to be killed!” 

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