Chapter 343 – Fort Desolate

Yun Na heaved a sigh of relief in her heart. All along the way, this fellow that was in tattered clothes and covered in bloodstains didn’t do anything to her, and this caused her heart that was in her throat to return to its place.

She originally wanted to try asking if she could make this fellow remove the blood colored chain that coiled around her waist. If it was possible, it would be best if he would allow here to regain her freedom to move around.

But in next to no time, she discarded this thought, because she suddenly noticed that her speed that she had always been proud of was slow like a tortoise before this fellow. For the sake of saving time, it was this fellow that had carried her along, and she’d finally experienced what it was like to fly like the wind and move like a bolt of lightning!

The time for an entire incense stick to burn passed, yet this fellow’s speed showed no signs of slowing down, and Yun Na couldn’t help but be astonished in her heart. What terrifying physical strength!

But in this way, a trace of worry arose in Yun Na’s heart instead. If we swagger along in the sky like this, then what if we’re assaulted by demon beasts on the way?

After all, numerous extremely formidable demon beasts lived all along the way to Fort Desolate, so ordinary cultivators would utterly not dare flee in midair because it was no different than courting death.

But the following scenes caused Yun Na to instantly understand how laughable and unnecessary her thoughts were.

At most times, this fellow wouldn’t even stop at all, and with a wave of his sword, any demon beast that stood in his path would have its head penetrated and perish instantly. He was truly too formidable, and up until now, there wasn’t a single demon beast that was capable of withstanding a single strike of his.

It felt as if his sword had appeared out of thin air before the demon beast’s head, and then it lightly reaped their lives. It was so easy, so casual, and it was simply effortless!

After she witnessed this scene with her own two eyes, the trace of a disgruntled feeling in Yun Na’s heart vanished without a trace. In her eyes, this man who was covered in rags and dirty like a beggar seemed like a cold and emotionless devil god, and he was an existence that she was absolutely unable to shake.

Chen Xi suddenly slowed down as in the distance luxuriant forest, an enormous fort had appeared within his field of vision. The fort was extremely large and stood with a circular construct, and he could frequently see cultivators flying in and out of it and Chen Xi roughly estimated them to at least number around 10,000 people.

Since such an enormous building could be established in the depths of the Desolate Forest where demon beasts roamed freely, it was obvious how deep the strength of the force who constructed it was.

According to what Yun Na said, Fort Desolate was established by a top merchant group in Thunder City, and it was for the sake of utilizing it as a place to stop over while transporting goods. But it was abandoned later on for an unknown reason, and it gradually became the place where cultivators that came to the Desolate Forest to adventure and temper themselves stayed.

Due to there being numerous demon beasts in the Desolate Forest, and Swanlake Gorge, the Swamp of Spirits, Thunderstorm Desert, Bloodspirit Valley, and various other places of danger behind it. Even though these places were dangerous, numerous materials and treasures that were rare to come by in the outside world existed within it, and it was like a natural treasure vault that drew numerous cultivators to rush over from all directions. On one hand, they would be able to temper their strengths, and on the other hand, they would be able to search for some rare treasures, and it could be said to be killing two birds with one stone.

Moreover, because of its special location and superb defensive ability, Fort Desolate naturally became the safest place to stay in the hearts of cultivators.

Chen Xi withdrew the blood colored chain that was coiled around Yun Na’s waist. This chain was obtained from Rose, and it was a rare top-grade earth-rank Magic Treasure that possessed the terrifying ability to swallow the Blood Essence of one’s enemies.

Yun Na heaved a long sigh of relief when she obtained freedom, and then she asked carefully. “You’ve probably come to Fort Desolate for the first time, do you want me to bring you in?” She regretted it as soon as she finished speaking, and she wished for nothing more than to slap herself. I’m going along with this dangerous fellow? Am I getting tired of living?

“Alright, I’ll compensate you for it.” Chen Xi nodded.

Yun Na was stunned. This fellow is so cold and overbearing, yet he actually promised me compensation? My god! Could it be my misconception?

“Let’s go.” Chen Xi glanced at Yun Na with a strange expression. He kept having the feeling that this woman was slightly peculiar and seemed to frequently be unconsciously lost in thought, and he wondered what she was thinking about.

Yun Na seemed as if she awoke from a dream and hurriedly led the way before him like a terrified fawn.

This scene caused Chen Xi to wave his head. This woman’s outward appearance is sexy and hot, yet why is she like a little child and acting without due considerations? Her disposition is really inferior. He had no idea that his image in Yun Na’s heart had become terrifying to the extreme since long ago, and she was utterly unable to keep her composure.

In next to no time, both of them entered Fort Desolate.

The first thing that entered his eyes was a hall, and this mere hall had an extremely large space that could accommodate 2,000 people. Moreover, this place was far more bustling that Chen Xi had expected. Cultivators were gathered together in groups while drinking and chatting, and it was extremely clamorous.

What caused Chen Xi to be surprised was that the standard of the cultivators here were generally higher, and it was even to the extent that some cultivators even gave him a trace of pressure. Even the most ordinary cultivator here possessed a strength around the Golden Core Realm.

This place seemed to utterly have no room for Violet Palace Realm and Golden Hall Realm cultivators to gain a foothold.

Moreover, Chen Xi noticed that while these people looked to be chatting, their gazes carried slight hostility and strong vigilance instead, and this was a trait only cultivators that were extremely experienced in combat and had fought numerous bloody battles would possess.

The arrival of Chen Xi and Yun Na caused the hall to suddenly go quiet as the gazes of everyone converged onto them. Or perhaps, it could be said that it had converged onto Yun Na, and their gazes were burning, brazen, and filled with desire.

Chen Xi acutely noticed this, then he turned around to glance at Yun Na, and he noticed that this woman’s appearance was not bad indeed and she possessed the ability to draw the attention of others.

Actually, Yun Na’s appearance wasn’t just not bad. Her wine red hair that was slightly curled and hung loosely on her shoulder caused her beautiful and charming face to carry a trace of an indolent, yet alluring feeling. Her plump and towering breasts were partially exposed, full and smooth to the point of causing one to drool. Especially her long legs that were exposed beneath her short leather skirt, white and smooth to the point they were like round ivory, and they revealed an indescribable allure.

A sexy beauty with a hot and voluptuous body had appeared beautifully before the eyes of everyone, and it was impossible for her to not draw their attention.

Even though Yun Na had no lack of experience, but she couldn’t help but reveal a trace of panic when being stared at by the gazes of everyone that emitted undisguised desire, and she unconsciously moved closer to Chen Xi.

To her surprise, her unintentional actions had even excited these people.

A wave of whistling instantly resounded out within the hall. All these fellows were jeering and laughing brazenly, and some offensive words even escaped the mouths of some people.

“Little girl, accompany Big Brother for a night. I guarantee you’ll be in heaven and be unable to stop yourself from wanting more!”

“I never imagined that I would be able to encounter such an attractive little girl at this desolate place. Looks at that skin of hers, how tender and delicate!”

Yun Na’s became extremely ashamed and resentful as she puckered her lips tightly, and she seemed to feel indignant yet not dare to speak out.

Chen Xi frowned and was just about to speak when a wave of commotion suddenly arose from behind the crown.  

“Move aside! Move aside!” Over 10 cultivators split the crowd apart and squeezed over. This group of people wore black colored clothes with a vulture pattern on the left shoulder, and they had extremely fierce appearances. Everywhere they passed, the other cultivators would only dare feel indignant yet not dare speak out, and they were obviously extremely fearful of these people.

After they people walked over from ahead, they brazenly surrounded Chen Xi and Yun Na.

Yun Na was terrified to the point her face went pale. She recognized them, the Roving Vultures, and this notorious roving bandit group was filled with extremely vicious villains.

They roamed freely within the Desolate Forest and made a living by plundering others. The hands of every single one of them was drenched in the blood of countless people, and there’d once been numerous powers that wanted to eliminate them, yet none succeeded. Every single member of this group possessed a fairly formidable strength! Especially their leader, Vulture Meng, was so infamous that everyone was fearful of him.

Due to them specially selecting independent cultivators that didn’t belong to any sects as their targets, they’d never offended the disciples of large and renowned sects up until now, allowing them to be living even more comfortably instead.

The thing that terrified Yun Na the most was that she’d been targeted by the leader of the Roving Vultures, Vulture Meng, since a month ago, and he’d spread the word that if she didn’t agree to become his concubine, then he would forcefully seize her body for himself…

She was only a disciple from a small clan that had declined, so how could she possibly go against the Roving Vulture’s leader? On one hand, the reason she’d taken the risk to enter Swanlake Gorge was to pick the Blood Poria, and on the other hand, it was for the sake of avoiding this matter. Yet she never imagined that she still ran into these villains now.

In merely an instant, the color in Yun Na’s face vanished, and her entire body started trembling without restraint.

“Hmph! You bitch! Not only did you not agree to become the concubine of my Boss, you actually got a man that looks like a beggar by your side. Could it be that you think my Boss is even more inferior than a beggar?”

“You adulterous pair! You’re really tired of living!”

“Boss, did you hear what we said? Since the matter has already come to this, I think we should kill this woman’s man and then take her back. Allow us brothers to have some fun. It wouldn’t be too late to kill her after that.” All the villains of the Roving Vultures made a clamor, and the gazes they shot at Chen Xi were filled with undisguised disdain and killing intent. But when their gazes descended onto Yun Na, it transformed into burning desire that was emitted brazenly, and they seemed as if they wished for nothing more than to swallow Yun Na up.

The other cultivators in the hall noticed this scene, yet none stood up to stop them, and they choose to watch coldly from the sidelines. The Roving Vultures were too formidable, and they didn’t dare offend the Roving Vultures as well, so how could they possibly risk their lives and stand up for complete strangers?

Yun Na felt even more terrified, and she revealed an expression of despair. She glanced at Chen Xi who was by her side and opened her mouth with the intention of saying something, and she seemed to want to tell Chen Xi the reason behind this and tell Chen Xi to quickly leave by himself.

But, she was stopped by Chen Xi instead, and then he looked at these people before him and laughed. “I never imagined that I would be able to encounter such a large force on arrival at Fort Desolate.”

Yun Na was stunned, then she glanced at Chen Xi with a terrified and worried expression, and she seemed to be unable to wrap her head around the reason why this fellow still had the mood to make jokes at a time like this. Could it be that he has gone mad from terror?

The villains of the Roving Vultures couldn’t help but laugh coldly without end. This fellow that’s covered in rags is really interesting. He’s facing imminent death yet still talks insolently. Those that are ignorant are really fearless.

Chen Xi restrained his smile, and then he asked seriously. “It’s fine to kill in Fort Desolate, right?”

Yun Na was absent-minded at this moment and didn’t understand the true meaning within Chen Xi’s words before nodding right away.

Chen Xi didn’t ask any further, and he withdrew the Talisman Armament with a raise of his hand. 

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