Chapter 342 – Travelling With A Beauty

This was a barren gorge covered with exposed rocks, and it was covered in a layer of dense mist all year round.


A tall figure tore through the sky and arrived within the gorge before sizing up his surroundings, and when he didn’t notice any danger, he sat cross-legged on a rock and started to clean the injuries on his body.

There were over ten scars on his body, his flesh had split apart and blood flowed from them, and one could even see the bones within at many places. It seemed as if he’d just experienced a fierce life and death battle that seemed to be terrifying to the extreme.

If it was an ordinary person that suffered such heavy injuries, the person would probably have cried out in pain since long ago, but he didn’t. Not only did he not cry out in pain, he didn’t even frown, and he seemed to be extremely calm.

After a short moment, he’d finished cleaning his wounds and stood up, and then he started cleaning the traces of blood in the surroundings. He did this for the sake of avoiding any nearby demon beasts rushing over after smelling the blood.

He only spent 10 minutes of time to finish all this in an orderly manner. But it seemed as if every single second of time was extremely precious to him, and he seemed as if he was racing with time and wasn’t willing to waste the slightest amount of time. After that, he sat down cross-legged and started circulating his cultivation.

This person was naturally Chen Xi.

An entire three months of time had already passed since he left Gloom Forest. During this period of time, he’d passed through numerous places of danger like Evilstone, Bloodspirit Valley, Icedemon Den…

Every single place of danger was like purgatory, and it was filled with boundless killing intent and danger. During these three months of time, he’d encountered innumerable amounts of assaults like natural disasters, tides of beasts, terrifying Bloodspirits formed from baleful blood, Icedemons that were born from the icy cold and gloomy ground, and so on and so forth. Every single battle was arduous and extremely dangerous, and if calculated in detail, then he experienced at least one fierce battle a day on average.

There were many times where he only had a slight chance of survival, and he almost perished in the battles.

The most dangerous battle was at the Thunderstorm Desert, which was a desert filled with boundless thunder and lightning. When Chen Xi passed through this place, he was unfortunately targeted by a Thunderspirit Three-headed Bird within the thunderstorm. This flying beast innately grasped the energy of lightning, its strength was even more terrifying than Rebirth Realm cultivators, and it had pursued Chen Xi for an entire seven days and seven nights.

If it wasn’t for him possessing a body refinement cultivation that was sufficiently formidable and executed the Starsky Wings with his entire strength, he would have been struck to death by the lightning emitted by this flying beast. In the end, when he was lucky enough to escape it, there was almost not a single place on his body that was unharmed. His entire body was covered in horrifying injuries, and he’d nurtured them for an entire three days before recovering.

Actually, in these numerous places of danger that were filled with killing intent, the strength of this Thunderspirit Three-headed Bird was still weak. Terrifying beings that exceeded one’s imaginations resided in some places, and they were able to cause one to feel despair and helplessness just from looking at them from afar. When he encountered places like this, Chen Xi utterly didn’t dare approach and would go around it.

During this period of time, suffering injuries had already become a trivial and common thing. Luckily, he possessed a large amount of healing spirit pills and had a shocking ability of recovery, and it was only because of this that he didn’t die from suffering injuries that were too heavy.

At the same time, after experiencing the tempering of the dense amounts of battles he experienced during this period of time, Chen Xi’s disposition had already undergone a tremendous change, even if he looked to be in an extremely sorry state.

The numerous battles of wits and courage with the assassins of the Blacksun Pavilion, coupled with the hardships and tempering he’d gone through while battling various formidable creatures during these three months, the over 10 changes of clothing that Chen Xi carried with him had become rags. Added with the difficult battles he experienced all day and night, his body was covered in the blood of ferocious beasts, and he didn’t have the time to clean it off.

However, his tattered clothes and body that was covered in blood was unable to conceal his sharp gaze that emitted piercingly cold killing intent. This sharp disposition caused him to seem like a sword that flickered with a cold light, and he seemed as if he wanted to pierce a hole in the sky.

“Roar!” A beast roar that was like a thunderstorm sounded out. Within the boundless and indistinct fog, an enormous panther that was completely covered in pitch black and shiny fur and possessed two blood red eyes that seemed like lanterns flashed out, and a bloody smell assaulted his nose.

Tempest Panther!

This was a ferocious beast that was even more terrifying than a cultivator at the perfection-stage of the Golden Core Realm. It moved easily within the mountains and moved like a bolt of lightning, and it was an overlord in this gorge.

It glanced at Chen Xi who sat in meditation on the rock and seemed to know that if it seized this opportunity to attack, this human cultivator would absolutely be unable to resist. It leaped up without the slightest hesitation, and its enormous body that was around 25m in length was like a black colored bolt of lightning as it tore through the sky and pounced towards Chen Xi.

Right when its huge claw was only 30cm away from Chen Xi, the eyes of Chen Xi suddenly sprang open. At this instant, his aura changed rapidly and abruptly!

Killing intent that covered the heavens and the earth appeared without the slightest sign and filled every single inch of space. The killing intent was so dense that it seemed as if it was just brought out from a sea of blood and mountain of corpses, and it caused space itself to warp and wail intensely.


The Tempest Panther that approached menacingly suddenly emitted a howl of terror, and then it seemed as if its throat was choked, causing it to lose all strength and plunge down from midair to crash on the ground. It lay weakly on the ground without the slightest trace of ruthlessness and strength, and it instead seemed like a terrified little lamb that shivered with terror and uneasiness.

Merely the killing intent he emitted had deterred a ferocious beast to the point its will to fight crumbles and it started shivering!

This ferocious beast had always been staying in a cave 50km away from this gorge when I came, and it was protecting a Blood Poria that was about to reach a thousand years of age. Why would it leave its lair for no reason or rhyme? Could it be that someone has intentionally drawn it out? Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought. At this moment, his physical strength had already recovered and the injuries on his body had already healed, and he stood up and distinguished the direction before leaping out.

In next to no time, he arrived before a cave, and then he raised his eyes to look over. Sure enough, he saw a delicate and graceful figure moving stealthily to steal the 1,000 year old Blood Poria.

This was a woman with a voluptuous and extremely hot figure, her skin was white like jade, and her wine red hair was slightly rolled up and hung down loosely on her shoulders. Her towering and plump breasts were partially exposed, and she only wore a short skirt that revealed a pair of long and jade white legs on her lower body, causing her to be extremely sexy.

It was the first time in the past three months that he’d seen another human being, causing a wisp of delight to emerge from Chen Xi’s heart, and he didn’t disturb this woman.

A 1,000 year old Blood Poria was something that couldn’t arouse his interest any longer. During these three months of battle and slaughter, even though he’d experienced various life and death tribulations in the various places of danger, it also allowed him to obtain a few tens of types of treasures of the heaven and earth that were difficult to come by in the outside world, and the worth of every single one of these were more than 100 times the worth of this Blood Poria.

“Who is it!?” After the sexy and hot woman gathered the Blood Poria, she was just about to turn around and leave when she suddenly noticed that there was actually a tall figure standing nearby since an unknown time, and her eyes couldn’t help but squint before raising her hand to shoot out a mass of dark lights without the slightest hesitation.

After she finished doing all this, a trace of coldness couldn’t help but suffuse her sexy rosy lips.

Due to her frequent visits to this gorge, she’d seen many detestable fellows that killed others and seized their treasures, and for the sake of dealing with a situation like this, she’d long since prepared a type of extremely vicious hidden weapon —  Ruin Starneedle. When launching a surprise attack, it would instantly shoot through her enemy’s body to the point it was like a hornet’s nest before the person perished.

There was more than one person that fallen under her Ruin Starneedles, and the strongest amongst those people had a cultivation at the perfection-stage of the Golden Core Realm.

So she was extremely confident that this despicable bastard that had appeared suddenly would undoubtedly be bound to die in the next moment.

However, in the next moment, the complacent smile that had just curled onto the corners of her mouth froze instantly.

The figure before her had only lightly flicked his sleeve, and her Ruin Starneedles that never missed their targets actually moved backwards instead to shoot explosively towards her!

How could this be possible?

Her pupils suddenly dilated as a track of astonishment and terror appeared in her eyes, and a though unconsciously flashed within her mind. Could it be that I, Yun Na, am going to die to my own Magic Treasure today?

At this instant, Yun Na couldn’t help but close her eyes.

Dum! Dum! Dum!

A wave of dense sounds that were like beats of a drum reverberated in the air, and it carried a unique rhythm.

Could it be that I didn’t die?

Yun Na waited for a long time yet didn’t feel a shred of pain, and she couldn’t help but open her eyes. With a single glance, she saw that the numerous Ruin Starneedles that were fine like the hairs of a cow had formed a line on the surface of the hard rock on the ground before her.

This fellow didn’t strike a killing blow? Could it be that he has other intentions?

Yun Na looked at the young man with tattered clothes, a body smeared with blood, and an indifferent and calm expression, and she unconsciously gulped down a mouthful of saliva as an anxious and fearful feeling arose in her heart.

She was extremely confident of her appearance and figure, causing her to frequently suffer the greed and spying of others, and she’d long since become accustomed to those gazes that wished for nothing more than to press their bodies down upon her and fiercely ravage her.

However, at this moment, when she thought how her body would be used by this cold and emotionless fellow that was covered in blood and seemed extremely dirty to vent his animalistic desires, a wave of icy cold terror arose within her heart.

How could Chen Xi have imagined that just in that short instant from before, the woman before him had actually thought about so many things?

Even though he’d just suffered the attack of this woman, he wasn’t angry, and it was probably because this woman was the first human being he’d seen in three months, so he didn’t have the heart to just kill her.

But even though he wouldn’t give her the punishment of death, he wouldn’t let her off so easily either. He couldn’t be bothered to be courteous to this woman and said directly. “Show me the way and I’ll spare you this time.” As he spoke, his right hand shook lightly.

“AH!” Yun Na let out a sharp cry as an enormous force came from her waist, and then her body soared into the sky. Since an unknown moment in time, a blood colored chain had already coiled around her waist yet she didn’t notice it in the slightest, and the sudden unexpected event caused her soul to almost leave her body. I’m doomed! This fellow really covets my beauty and intends to have his way with me…


The earth and the sky spun in her eyes as Chen Xi had already torn through the sky, causing Yun Na to be terrified to the point of closing her eyes, and the wind that blew towards her face caused her to be unable to open her eyes once more.

“What exactly…do you want to do?” Yun Na mustered up the courage to speak with a trembling voice.

“Lead the way.” Chen Xi replied.

The worry in Yun Na’s heart finally eased up when she heard this, and she started to think about the origins of this fellow. This fellow actually needs someone to lead the way, could it be that he came from the depths of the Swamp of Spirits? 


She almost instinctively denied this guess as it was too absurd! Because at the depths of the Swamp of Spirits was the even more terrifying Thunderstorm Desert, Icedemon Den, Bloodspirit Valley, Gloom Forest… This route from Azure County to Thunder City had already fell into disuse since a few hundred years ago, and there was utterly not a single person that had walked out of it alive in these past few years!

But if this fellow didn’t come from the depths of the Swamp of Spirits, then how could he not even know the way?

Right at this moment, Chen Xi suddenly stopped moving. “Where’s the nearest city from here?”

Yun Na opened her eyes while shaking with fright, and she forcefully maintained her composure and answered carefully. “The nearest city is 500,000km away. But Fort Desolate is 5,000km ahead, and it’s a fort established in the Desolate Forest. Many cultivators that came to the Desolate Forest to temper themselves and adventure in the forest would stay and rest there.”

Fort Desolate?

Chen Xi was stunned as he hadn’t seen this name in the map from before. But he didn’t stop any longer and continued forward. Since cultivators gathered at Fort Desolate, then he would surely be able to obtain even more information there. 

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