Chapter 341 – Collapsing In Succession


A wave of energy fluctuation drew the attention of Chen Xi who was in the shadows, and he raised his head as his Divine Sense swept out. In next to no time, he understood everything. It was the fluctuation of a Universe Teleportation Talisman, and Jiang Xun and the others had vanished along with it.

The corners of Chen Xi’s mouth couldn’t help but curl into a ridiculing expression. Assassins of the Blacksun Pavilion flee as well?

Since entering Firecrow Town up to this period of difficult battles in Gloom Forest, his entire body was in a strained state, and under the stimulation of the various dangers he faced, his mental state, cultivation, and combat strength had obtained a tremendous increase.

Right before Jiang Xun’s group had appeared, his qi refinement cultivation had broken through once more to attain the advanced-stage of the Golden Core Realm, and his body refinement cultivation had already attained the intermediate-stage of the Golden Core Realm as well. He could be said to have advanced by leaps and bounds, and it had climbed steadily.

Compared to his own cultivation, his advancement in the comprehension of Dao Insights was undoubtedly the most noteworthy.

The five elements, Yin, Yang, star, lightning, wind, sky… Even the Paramita and Oblivion Dao Insights had obtained a great increase.

According to the 4 realms and 12 levels of Dao Insight, the five elements, Yin, Yang, wind, lightning, and sky Dao Insights that he’d comprehended long ago had already attained the 7th level of the Initial Realm.

This couldn’t have been done without the cultivation of the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture. After all, the eight great sword moves of the scripture contained numerous Grand Daos that covered the five elements, Yin and Yang, and the Qian Sword of Sky even represented the Grand Dao of Sky. Chen Xi frequently utilized it in battle, so his comprehension in Dao Insight naturally rose along with his use of it.

The Star Dao Insight improved extremely slowly, but it had already attained the 6th level at the Initial Realm as well. This similarly couldn’t do without his cultivation of the Universe Starslayer Bodyforging Arts and his visualization of the Fuxi Divine Statue all day and night.

The Paramita and Oblivion Dao Insights were extremely mysterious and unfathomable, and Chen Xi had practically never paid attention to them usually. But these two Dao Insights were improving with a slow momentum at all times. Presently, both of them had already attained the 5th level at the Elementary Realm and were only a step away before being able to attain the Initial Realm, and it was an unbelievable improvement.

But according to Chen Xi’s analysis, the Paramita and Oblivion Dao Insights were related to the guidance and suppressions of the souls of the dead and other mysterious forces. Perhaps, as he killed his enemies and witness a variety of life and death, he unconsciously obtained comprehension towards the Dao Insights of Paramita and Oblivion, allowing it to unconsciously increase to such a level. 

In short, the noteworthy increase in all his Dao Insights was undoubtedly a joyous thing. In the past, he’d relied on the strength of the Talisman Armament to be able to execute attacks which contained Dao Insights that had taken form, yet now, he was completely capable of not relying on the Talisman Armament while executing a Dao Grade martial technique to attain such a level.

It was precisely because of the tremendous increase in his cultivation and Dao Insight that allowed Chen Xi’s combat strength to skyrocket repeatedly. Presently, not to mention these assassins of the Blacksun Pavilion, even if he was facing Qing Xiuyi that was a reincarnated Heavenly Immortal, he still had the confidence to defeat her!

Jiang Xun and the others fleeing now after suffering a crushing defeat had undoubtedly proved this.

After experiencing so many days of repeated hunting, the rage in Chen Xi’s heart had dispersed greatly, and he faintly guessed that the Blacksun Pavilion would probably not make a move against him again after this battle, unless they sent assassins with cultivation above the Golden Core Realm.

But according to his understanding towards that group of old freaks, they would probably not dare entrust the Blacksun Pavilion with doing this. Otherwise, it would be bullying the weak, and it would completely offend the Bai Clan.

To say the least of it, if these old freaks really wanted to kill him while taking the risk of offending the Bai Clan, then they could just make a move themselves. Why would they pay a great price to hire the Blacksun Pavilion’s assassins?

After he confirmed this, Chen Xi wasn’t afraid of the Blacksun Pavilion’s threat any longer.

He counted the time for a moment and realized that there was less than a year before the Allstar Meeting began. Moreover, if he wanted to rush to Silken City from here, then he must pass through Evilstone, Bloodspirit Valley, Icedemon Den, and numerous other dangerous places before going through Thunder City to arrive at Silken City.

After he thought all of this through, Chen Xi didn’t dally before turning around to vanish in the forest. 


Three days later.

The news returned to the Blacksun Pavilion. After Cui Shan who was called the Seventh Leader by Jiang Xun found out about this, he fell into a long period of silence, and after an unknown period of time, he suddenly burst into laughter as he shook his head.

“Master, why’re you laughing?” At the side, an extremely handsome boy around the age of eight or nine that wore a golden necklace spoke out with a question.

“I’m laughing about how stupid these people are. It’s nothing to fail an assassination, but they were stupid to arouse the thought of betraying the Blacksun Pavilion when they clearly knew that the target couldn’t be defeated. They deserve death!” Cui Shan sighed lightly.

The boy’s large black eyes spun as he chuckled. “Why do I feel that you don’t seem to be furious? It’s even to the extent that after you heard this news, you seem to be much more at ease instead?”

Cui Shan didn’t deny it and nodded as he said, “Exactly. I’ve thought through it over and over again. It’s fine to allow Chen Xi to live. Moreover, I incidentally learned of a huge secret from the Treasure Heaven Pavilion’s Madam Shui Hua in these past few days, and this secret made me decide that I would rather admit having failed the assassination then make a move against Chen Xi once more.”

The boy said with surprise, “What secret?”

Cui Shan avoided answering and only smiled, and he seemed slightly unfathomable.

“Chen Xi will probably not appreciate it even if you do this. Perhaps he’ll still bear a grudge because of the assassination operation earlier.” The boy chuckled, yet he didn’t inquire again about what that secret was.

“Where there’s gain, there’s surely loss. So what if he bears a grudge? When he wants to take revenge on the Blacksun Pavilion, I’d probably have gone into cultivation in seclusion long ago. At that time, even if he uproots and destroys the entire force of the Blacksun Pavilion, what would it have to do with me?” Cui Shan went silent for a long time before muttering. “But the matter of Chen Xi can be disregarded temporarily, yet Jiang Xun and the others must be captured and brought back before being sentenced to the extreme penalty of death. The rules of the pavilion can’t be broken like this.”

A strand of piercingly cold killing intent suddenly flashed past the boy’s clear eyes, and then he nodded solemnly. “Don’t worry Master, disciple knows what to do.”

Cui Shan nodded and suddenly warned. “Chi Song, don’t go offend that Chen Xi, otherwise, don’t blame me for disowning you as my disciple!”

Chi Song was stunned, and he said with an unnatural expression, “Don’t worry Master, I’ll absolutely not do that.”

Cui Shan glanced deeply at Chi Song before he said indifferently, “Others might not understand you, but I saw you grow up. How could I be unable to see through your thoughts? You’re a little devil that possesses a natural talent that exceeds most geniuses in the world, but you’re too scheming and it will affect your cultivation instead.”

The smile on Chi Song’s face froze as he said, “Why do I not understand what you said, Master?”

Cui Shan grunted coldly as his eyes flashed with a spark of lightning, and he said in a low voice. “You understand what I mean. I won’t stop you from taking revenge for Rose, but it absolutely can’t be now!”

Chi Song’s body suddenly went stiff as his hands were unconsciously and silently clenched tightly, and his eyes even emitted a wisp of extreme hatred that flashed briefly in his eyes. After a long time, he said bitterly, “Master, then when can I make a move?”

Cui Shan answered indifferently. “After the Allstar Meeting. If Chen Xi doesn’t obtain the chance to enter the Primeval Battlefield, then you can deal with him as you wish.”

Chi Song questioned in detail. “What if he’s lucky enough to enter it?”

Cui Shan went silent for a long time, and then he waved his hand and said, “If that happens, then you can do as you wish.”

Chi Song nodded and didn’t ask further questions before turning around and leaving.

If Chen Xi’s able to enter the Primeval Battlefield, then there’s probably no one in the world capable of stopping his footsteps. So how could you take revenge for Rose…? Cui Shang looked at Chi Song’s figure that moved into the distance, and he couldn’t help but sigh lightly in his heart. 


The Wise King’s Estate, within the space that was filled with Immortal Energy.

The manager was prostrated on the ground as cold sweat the size of beans flowed from his forehead, and he wished for nothing more than to bury his head into a crack in the ground. The atmosphere at the scene was extremely heavy, as if every single inch of space was filled with boundless rage and killing intent, and it was oppressive to the point even breathing became difficult.

The reason was extremely simple. Just a moment ago, the Blacksun Pavilion had sent word that they’d already cancelled the assassination operation that targeted Chen Xi. According to the agreement, the Blacksun Pavilion would repay them double the price, and they were considered to be even.

But to the numerous Earthly Immortal Realm experts present here, this outcome was something they were utterly unable to accept. They’d taken so much pains and paid such a great cost before bitterly planning this assassination, so how could they just allow it to be canceled?

The expression of every single old freak was extremely gloomy as their soundless resentment and rage caused everything in the entire space to seem as if it had frozen.

“Damnable Blacksun Pavilion! They’re obviously looking down on us. We must uproot them and drive them out of the Darchu Dynasty!” After a long time, one of the old freaks suddenly shouted out explosively with a voice that was like a thunderclap, and it shocked the manager to the point his soul almost left his body and his body couldn’t help but start trembling.

“Right! We must punish the Blacksun Pavilion. Otherwise, what face would we have?”

“Hmph! They just canceled the mission at a whim. This Blacksun Pavilion has gone back on their word and changed their minds at a whim, they do indeed deserve to be taught a lesson!”

“They’re truly a group of good for nothing wretches! They aren’t even able to kill a tiny ant at the Golden Core Realm. I think the there’s no need for the Blacksun Pavilion to continue existing in the Darchu Dynasty!”

All the old freaks couldn’t restrain the rage in their hearts, and they spoke out in succession.

Only the Wise King Huangfu Jingtian kept silent. Compared to the undisguised rage that covered the faces of the other old freaks, Huangfu Jingtian’s expression seemed to be extremely strange instead. He seemed to be dejected, calm, resentful, terrified, and so on and so forth.

In next to no time, everyone noticed Huangfu Jingtian’s unusual expression, and all of them stopped speaking in succession before raising their eyes to look over.

Huangfu Jingtian took a deep breath abruptly, and he seemed to have just sobered up from his deep contemplation as he said with an emotionless expression, “Everyone, according to the agreement from before, we can only write off the enmity between Chen Xi and us.” 

Everyone was stunned when they heard this, and they had expressions of disbelief. We’re giving up just like this? That agreement from before was only a joke, how could it be taken seriously?

Huangfu Jingtian’s icy cold gaze swept past everyone, and his expression didn’t have the slightest fluctuation of emotion as he said indifferently, “This was personally instructed by my Imperial Brother. Do any of you still have any objections?”

There’s only a single person who was capable of being addressed like this by Huangfu Jingtian… The current Emperor Chu!?

The pupils of everyone constricted as their hearts instantly sank to rock bottom. Even the current Emperor Chu had found out about this matter and forcefully interfered to stop it, so what could they say about it?

Because this was the Darchu Dynasty!

This was the world of the Huangfu Clan!

No matter how high their cultivations were, they didn’t dare openly go against the order of Emperor Chu.

All the old freaks understood that from this moment onward, wanting to seize the treasures in Chen Xi’s possession would undoubtedly cause them to go against the current Emperor Chu and the entire Darchu Dynasty. They were unable to bear the consequences of this, nor were the powers behind them capable of bearing the consequences! 

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