Chapter 340 – Phantom of the Forest

Flames sprang up into the sky in the Gloom Forest as a terrifying chaotic flow of force surged, roared, and dashed as it shattered space and caused the elements in the surroundings to become chaotic, and its impetus was extremely terrifying.

A single high-grade Treasured Talisman’s might was roughly comparable to the full force strike of an advance-stage Golden Core Realm cultivator.

But it wasn’t a single high-grade Treasured Talisman, but seven at this moment. All of these seven high-grade Treasured Talismans were crafted by Chen Xi, and they were respectively the Exquisite Fireflower Sea, Watermoon Paradise, Azurewood Vitality, Golden Celestial Soldier, Earthsky Heavenshaker, Silver Lightning Illumination, and the Seven Stars of the Northern Dipper.

The first five high-grade Treasured Talismans respectively contained the Grand Dao profundities of fire, water, wood, metal, and earth. Every single one of them were offensive Treasured Talismans that stood for slaughter. 

On the other hand, the Silver Lightning Illumination was a Treasured Talisman that supplemented offensive force, and when combined with the five types of Treasured Talismans of the five elements, it was able to emit a five element lightning attack that possessed an even more terrifying might.

The final Seven Stars of the Northern Dipper Treasured Talisman was instead capable of instantly releasing an Entrapment Formation that formed a cage guarded by seven stars that locked down the entire area and prevented one’s enemies from fleeing.

When these seven types of Treasured Talismans were executed in combination, they possessed both a force of slaughter and entrapment that were interconnected, so the terrifying lethality it created absolutely surpassed the full force strike of seven advance-stage Golden Core Realm cultivators, and it could even compare to the destructive force formed by a Rebirth Realm cultivator.

The entire process continued for almost 10 minutes before going quiet.

Within an area of 5km, the verdant and luxuriant ancient trees had transformed into ash that fluttered in the sky, and the ground even had numerous pit that were still emitting smoke blasted out on it, causing the appearance of the area to be extremely pitiable.

“Where are all of you? Where the fuck have all of you gone?” Whitesky swept the surroundings with his gaze and actually didn’t see a single shadow of his subordinates, and he couldn’t help but feel panic in his heart and roar out,

His hoarse and sharp yell reverberated in the heavens and the earth yet didn’t receive a reply for a long time, causing Whitesky’s heart to instantly fall to rock bottom. All 50 of my subordinates have actually…perished!?

He didn’t dare believe that everything before his eyes was true, and this enormous unexpected event caused him to almost go mad. During these past few years, he’d carried out countless missions, yet this was the one and only time he felt so dejected like he did now. However, it was precisely this one mission that caused him to painfully lose all 50 of his most capable subordinates in less than half a day.

What caused the most grief and indignation in his heart was that up until now, he actually didn’t even see the shadow of his enemy!



He’s even more sinister and ruthless than a devil by a hundred times!

Whitesky was angered to the point he almost crushed his teeth from grinding them. How he wished to fight Chen Xi’s to his heart’s content. Even if he died, he wasn’t willing to face those numerous lethal traps that had been meticulously planned since long ago.

At this moment, he finally understood Crimsonfox’s and Rose’s feelings before their death. When facing an enemy that was so adept in tactics, planning, and setting up traps, no matter how many forces one possessed or how formidable one’s strength was, it would be of no use. Because from the beginning until the end, their enemy didn’t intend to fight them head on!

Whitesky completely didn’t notice that a pair of eyes were staring fixedly at him from the shadows of a nearby mountain.

This person was naturally Chen Xi, he felt slightly astonished when he saw Whitesky was actually lucky enough to survive, and then he didn’t think any further about it. He’d already obtained a complete victory when the plan was carried out until this point. Even though Whitesky was still alive, he wasn’t far from death.

But right when he was prepared to make a move and kill Whitesky, a wave of intense fluctuation abruptly suffused the distant sky, and it seemed as if something was about to drill out from space itself.

Traceless For 10,000 Leagues? No, this ought to be an even more formidable Universe Teleportation Talisman… Looks like the Blacksun Pavilion has already noticed that things aren’t going well and have sent out some reinforcements. This thought has just flashed within his mind when Chen Xi had already vanished on the spot as if he’d vanished into thin air.

Not long after Chen Xi had just left, a bright light illuminated that area of the sky before 20 plus people walked out form the bright light. All of them had formidable auras and baleful gazes, and their cultivations were so high that all of them were actually stronger than Whitesky!

The person in the lead was precisely Jiang Xun, who possessed an ordinary appearance. There was no need to guess, the 22 people behind him were the formidable commander level assassins that were ranked in the top 50 of the Blacksun Golden Core Rankings.

“Your humble subordinate, Whitesky, greets Commander Jiang Xun!” Whitesky instantly awoke from his deep contemplation when he saw this scene and bowed in greeting.

Jiang Xun swept the scene of desolation in his surroundings with his gaze, then he looked at Whitesky who was in a sorry state, and he instantly understood everything. He waved his hand and said directly, “Tell us about every detail of the target. I’ve brought all the Golden Core Realm commander level assassins in the entire Darchu Dynasty over here this time. If we’re unable to kill the target, then the mission this time can only be announced as a failure. As assassins of the Blacksun Pavilion, I presume you know what sort of consequences we’ll have to bear if the mission fails, right?”

Whitesky’s heart shook, and then he spoke right away about everything he’d encountered.

The group of commander level assassins behind Jiang Xun couldn’t help but laugh endlessly with ridicule in their hearts when they saw Whitesky being tortured to such an extent. However, when they finished listening to Whitesky’s narration, their expressions became serious and heavy.

The target is extremely troublesome!

When Whitesky finished speaking about everything, the contempt and disdain within the hearts of everyone had vanished, and then they started cautiously scrutinizing the target this time.

“Extraordinary strategy, skilled in setting up traps… In this Gloom Forest where one could hide everywhere, it’s really a headache to deal with a target like this.” Jiang Xun pondered deeply with a frown for a moment, and then he waved his hand and said, “Nevermind. We can only act according to circumstances. No matter what, we have to annihilate the target before he enters Silken City!”

“Yes!” Everyone received their orders solemnly.

However, the facts proved that the arrival of Jiang Xun and the others wasn’t capable of giving rise to any effect. Conversely, along with them starting to pursue Chen Xi, they deeply understood how terrifying the opponent this time was.

Ten days later. 

Jiang Xun’s group moved silently within the luxuriant forest. The atmosphere within their group was oppressive, as every single commander’s face carried a slightly heavy and vigilant expression. They moved carefully, as if they were afraid their footsteps would be too heavy and alert the enemy. Moreover, the commanders that were in charge of scouting even seemed as if they were facing a formidable enemy.

“The target is nearby!” A thin commander subconsciously constricted his neck. His sense of smell was extremely sharp and had been comprehending the Wood Dao Insight for a long time, causing him to be able to distinguish the enemy’s slight aura from between the plants and trees, and there were still a few more commanders that were adept in tracking like him in their group.

However, the enemy was too cunning and would sometimes intentionally emit a trace of aura, causing both true and false to be mixed together, and it made their tracking become difficult as well.


A tiny sound that sounded like an extremely sharp blade tearing through the sky came from behind them.

The expressions of everyone went grim!


The defensive Magic Treasure and head of a commander exploded, and blood mixed with shattered pieces of a Magic Treasure sprayed out into the sky. The people around him couldn’t control themselves from emitting a sharp cry as they practically subconsciously dodged to the side.

Jiang Xun’s expression was livid as flames of rage blazed within his eyes yet a trace of faint terror was present within.

“Commander Jiang Xun, this is already the 11th. If this continues, then all of us will die.” At the side, Whitesky cried out hysterically with a warped face and a gaze that carried deep despair. Ten days ago, the appearance of Jiang Xun’s group had caused he who’d suffered pain and torture to see a trace of hope. However, presently, this trace of hope had already been extinguished under his opponent’s method of killing that was like an undetectable ghost, and his hope had transformed into terror and despair.

Jiang Xun’s expression was ominous as he suddenly grabbed Whitesky’s collar and said with an icy cold voice, “Enough! Do you think that we have a way out now!? Even if we leave now, do you think he’ll let us off?”

The uneasiness and terror in their eyes had completely transformed into despair. Right, if we returned now, then the punishment that we’ll endure will absolutely by more terrifying than death…

Whitesky’s legs went weak and fell down to sit on the floor while being scared out of his wits, and he said with a dumbstruck expression, “Commander Jiang Xun. Could it be that we’ll just wait helplessly for death to descend onto us?”

Everyone looked at Jiang Xun as if he’d already become the only one they could place their hoped on in their hearts.

Jiang Xun’s gaze swept pass their faces and went silent for a long time before saying slowly. “There’s only a single way if you don’t want to die, flee!”

“Flee?” Whitesky shook his head repeatedly. “Assassins that betray the Blacksun Pavilion will die without a doubt. Doing this is no different from courting death.”

“Are you capable of annihilating our target this time if we don’t flee?” A trace of ridicule suffused the corners of Jiang Xun’s mouth as he said with an icy cold voice, “No matter how enormous the force of the Blacksun Pavilion is, there are some places that they’re unable to infiltrate. For example, the Darchu Dynasty’s Imperial Palace. Relying on our ability and some information we possess, it’s sufficient for us to guarantee our safety.”

Whitesky was stunned, and then his expression became indeterminate. The others were like this as well, and they started an intense struggle in their hearts.

Jiang Xun wasn’t impatient and silently awaited their decisions.

Actually, if it wasn’t for the target this time being too terrifying, he would absolutely not think in this way.

During these past ten days, his days could absolutely be described as dark. The enemy was like a strand of spirit transformed from the god of death that came and went like a shadow. Every time he heard a ‘hiss,’ there would be a companion amongst them that fell to their death.

Jiang Xun even had a misconception that his enemy was simply even more like an assassin than he was. That figure that came and went silently and swiftly like a bolt of lightning, that method of assault that killed with a single strike, it caused all of them to feel horrified in their hearts.

No defensive Magic Treasure was capable of bringing a sense of security to them, because within this dark forest, they would never know when their opponent would appear in the next moment or who would be the target of their opponent’s next strike.

Flying in the air?

That would only cause them to die even faster!

While in midair, one’s tracks would be completely exposed and have no place to take cover. Moreover, the enemy was in the shadows. In that way, they would purely be making themselves into targets for their enemy to annihilate.

In next to no time, everyone had made a unanimous decision, they agreed with Jiang Xun’s plan — FLEE!

After they made this decision, everyone couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief inwardly, and it felt as if an enormous boulder had been removed from their hearts, causing their entire bodies to feel relaxed. If it was possible, they didn’t want to step foot again in this pitch black forest for their entire lifetimes.

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