Chapter 339 – Layer Upon Layer of Traps

Whizz! Whizz! Whizz!

Within the dense Gloom Forest, a group of people flashed forward swiftly, and the person in the lead was a black clothed man that looked like a hawk. He was called Bai Xing, and he was a capable subordinate of Whitesky’s that was adept in the art of tracking and concealment.

Suddenly, Bai Xing stopped moving as his nose twitched, and then his eyes lit up as he said swiftly via voice transmission, “There’s a smell of blood.”

A trace of a cold smile flashed past the corners of Whitesky’s mouth as he silently made a gesture with his hand.

Along with this gesture, the 50 black clothed assassins behind him quickly changed their formation soundlessly, and then they encircled towards the direction where Bai Xing pointed.

After a short moment, Whitesky suddenly stopped. He’d smelt that trace of bloody aura as well, and then his Divine Sense enveloped out and quickly saw clearly that the surface of the soil under a large tree 300m ahead was effusing a trace of a faint aura of blood.

Moreover, Whitesky acutely notice that there was a trace of extremely weak aura fluctuation beneath the soil, and he didn’t continue searching so as to avoid alerting the target.

He’d carefully inspected all the traces around the corpses of Crimsonfox and Rose, and he’d confirmed that the target was extremely adept in setting up traps and skilled in planning. Crimsonfox and Rose had fallen into the target’s trap because of this.

He wasn’t helpless when dealing with an opponent like this. So long as he was able to find his opponents accurate location, then he would give his opponent a fatal strike, as a cultivator like this that was skilled in planning would be strongest in laying ambushes and setting up traps, and their own combat strength was their weak point.

On the other hand, Whitesky was most adept in using force, and he used absolutely strength to crush all schemes and tricks!

There was obviously a trace of fluctuation of a living being beneath the soil in the distance. Even though Whitesky wasn’t sure if it was his target, but he held the thought that he would rather kill the wrong being than let his target off. So he resolutely decided to make a move!


Whitesky fiercely waved his hand caused his subordinates that were accumulating strength since long ago to execute their strongest attacks without holding back in the slightest, and they blasted these attacks towards the ground beneath the tree that was 300m away.

As far as Whitesky was concerned, even if the target was lying in ambush there and a trap existed, he and his subordinates were 300m away. At this moment, they didn’t hesitate in the slightest to attack with their entire strength, causing all of the target’s schemes to be bound to come to nothing under the crushing might of absolute strength.


The first attack struck the ground 300m away, and it was a peerlessly fierce sword light. The ghastly sword light directly broke open the ground, and it even slashed out a 300m rift on the ground.

However, when he saw the scene that was revealed within the rift, Whitesky’s pupils constricted abruptly. There wasn’t a person there, and there was only a single Tri-tail Chicken that was the most common demon beast in the Gloom Forest.

If it was merely a single weak demon beast like this, Whitesky wouldn’t be so shocked. But what caused him to be shocked was at the side of the Tri-tail Chicken were two colorful and lustrous golden cores!


At practically less than a tenth of an instant, Whitesky understood that he’d fallen into a trap. Earlier, for the sake of avoiding alerting the target, he didn’t inspect what exactly was hidden beneath the ground. Moreover, the strand of aura of vitality didn’t belong to Chen Xi, and it was emitted by a feathered animal instead…

He wanted to stop his subordinates, but everything was already too late and too far gone.


How terrifying was the full forced strike of 50 Golder Core Realm assassins? Not only did it instantly blast the harmless Tri-tail Chicken into nothingness, it even blasted apart the two golden cores.

A golden core being detonated and a golden core that was blasted apart created a might that was completely the same.

In an instant, a destructive force that was beyond compare gushed out from the ground and exploded out with a bang. It was like a volcano erupting, the earth quaked as the mountains shook, and all the trees and rocks in an area of 5km was blasted into powder and obliterated. Even the ground had a pit that covered an area of 300m blasted open on it.

After a long time, the dust and smoke dispersed.

In the expanse of ground that was charred black, a figure crawled up, and it was precisely Whitesky. At this moment, he was in an extremely sorry state, his hair disheveled, his face covered in dust, and his eyes were filled with streaks of blood that emitted boundless rage and hatred.

“Cough! Cough!” A wave of coughing resounded out as another 10 plus black clothed assassins crawled up from the charred ground, and they seemed to be in an even more sorry state than Whitesky.

“Check how many people have died.” Whitesky’s voice seemed as if it was squeezed out from between the cracks in his teeth, and his sharp and hoarse voice revealed boundless resentment and killing intent.

“13 have died, 6 are heavily injured, and another 31 can still do battle.” In next to no time, the number of casualties was reported.

Whitesky’s heart ached, and his eyes almost split apart. In just an instant, 13 of my subordinates that have followed me for many years are dead!


Whitesky was furious to the point of being on the verge of going mad. His expression was warped, his expression livid, and his teeth was practically about to be bit by him to the point of shattering. The target this time is truly too cunning, despicable, shameless, ruthless…

He’d even already guessed that those two golden cores surely belonged to Crimsonfox and Rose. It originally belonged to his companions, yet had now been used by his opponent to cause the death of so many of his subordinates, and Whitesky almost went crazy with hatred when he thought about this.

“Commander, what should we do next?” 

The question of his subordinate caused Whitesky to sober up from his rage, and he took a deep breath as he forcefully restrained the flames of rage in his heart before saying word by word. “Pursue him! No matter what, we must drag out this despicable and shameless bastard!”

After they reformed their team, Whitesky’s team set out once again.

After experiencing that unforeseen event from before, only 37 people remained from their team that originally consisted of 50 people. Moreover, six of them were heavily injured and had lost their ability to do combat.

It was precisely because of this unforeseen event that these assassins of the Blacksun Pavilion already hated Chen Xi to the bone. None of them spoke on the way, as they held a belly full of rage and intended to vent it all onto Chen Xi.

They were the elite assassins of the Blacksun Pavilion, and they usually launched sneak attacks and assassinated others. Never had they imagined that a day would come where they would instead be schemed against and suffer from a fierce sneak attack by another!

Moreover, from the beginning until the end, they didn’t even see the shadow of their enemy!

This was simply an extremely great humiliation to all of them, so it would be weird if they didn’t feel enraged and aggrieved in their hearts.

“Commander, look over there.” Not long after, Bai Xing suddenly pointed towards a tree in the distance and cried out with shock.

Whitesky raised his eyes to glance over, and then his expression instantly darkened greatly. On the tree hung a piece of a mangled arm, and the arm was covered in a layer of rags. It wasn’t difficult to see from the black colored rag that the arm obviously belonged to one of their companions.

“That seems to be the arm of Commander Crimsonfox’s subordinate, Zhang Jing. I recognize the dark green birthmark on the arm.” Someone cried out with alarm.

“Commander, should we take down that arm?” Everyone looked at Whitesky. The miserable deaths of their companions caused their hearts to ache. Now, even the severed limbs of their companions had been hung on a tree by their enemy, and this caused them to feel indescribable grief and indignation.

“What if it’s a trap?” Whitesky asked with a low voice.

Everyone was instantly shocked in their hearts when they heard this, and then they recalled their experience from before.

“Let’s go.” Whitesky waved his hand as he spoke, and he didn’t even spare a glance at the arm. He knew that no matter if it was a trap or not, he couldn’t go probe it again. Acting like this was the safest.

Everyone placed their feelings in order before setting out once more. But, what caused them to be filled with grief and indignation was they saw numerous severed limbs all along the way, and there were even a few completely intact heads…

All of these were taken from the corpses of their companions!

The expressions of everyone was completely livid as they gnashed their teeth to the point it emitted cracking sounds, and the nerves on their foreheads bulged. If Chen Xi was here now, they would probably instantly swallow him alive.

“My god! Commander Rose’s head is actually hung there.” Someone cried out in alarm.

Everyone raised their heads to look over in unison. Sure enough, they saw Rose’s head hanging on the tip of a branch. Her black hair was like a waterfall that flowed down, and her icy cold and peerlessly beautiful face still held a trace of frustration.

He was even able to do this to a beauty like this?

Everyone felt extreme grief and indignation, and they seemed to have already taken Chen Xi to be a perverted devil that was unpardonably wicked, and it wouldn’t be sufficient for them to vent the surging hatred in their hearts unless they killed him.

“Commander, we’ve seen so many severed limbs and body parts all along the way, and they’re not necessarily traps. Perhaps the enemy intentionally set up this as a form of strategy to put on a show of force to us. Commander, please allow me to retrieve the head of Commander Rose and bury her properly. It wouldn’t be late to carry on our way after that.” Someone suddenly knelt down and pleaded in a low voice.

Whitesky raised his eyes to glance over. He knew that this subordinate of his had once received a great deal of care from Rose, and this subordinate had always remembered it in his heart. At this moment, when he saw Rose’s head being hung on a branch, he naturally couldn’t leave without doing anything.“I can agree to your request, but for safety’s sake, I’ll only allow you to go forward.” Whitesky said with a low voice, “Everyone else, move back to avoid any possible disaster!”

“Thank you, Commander, for fulfilling my wish!” That subordinate of Whitesky’s was extremely grateful, and as soon as he finished speaking, he’d already flashed out towards the top of the tree that Rose’s head hung from.

Whitesky and the others moved back instead for an entire 3km of distance before stopping.


Right when that person had just taken down Rose’s head, a terrifying energy fluctuation suddenly gushed out from Rose’s head, and it instantly transformed into a surging sea of flames that burned this person into nothingness before he could even emit a shrill cry.

Even though Whitesky was already mentally prepared long ago, rage that couldn’t be restrained still gushed out from his heart when he saw this scene. You’re going too far! You’re going too far!

All of the others were extremely astounded. They’d already been extremely careful, yet were still unable to avoid being trapped by their enemy, and besides causing them to feel enraged, they felt a trace of terror for no reason.

Are there even more traps waiting for us on the path ahead?

All of them completely didn’t notice that the sea of flames caused by the explosion of Rose’s head surged out to swiftly spread in all directions, and it quickly affected other places.

All the severed limbs and heads they’d seen hanging all along the way were lit ablaze at practically an instant, and then a string of explosions that shook the heavens and the earth rumbled as it resounded out.

If one were to look down from the sky, one would notice that the locations of these explosions were joined together and just happened to form a perfect circle, whereas, Whitesky and his subordinates were at the center of the circle.

Rolling and surging waves of water, a surging and raging sea of flames, wind blades that sprayed out like a squall, dazzling and resplendent bolts of lightning… In an instant, the entire heavens and the earth were covered in a variety of attacks.

“High-grade Treasured Talismans! Damnable bastard! He actually possesses so many high-grade Treasured Talismans…” Amidst the sounds of explosions, Whitesky’s extremely miserable shrill cry resounded.

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