Chapter 338 – The Trap To Annihilate All Enemies


Huangfu Jingtian was unable to control the flames of rage in his hand, and he fiercely crushed the wine cup in his hand.

The eyes of the other old freaks were similarly surging with flames of rage. One that kills will usually be killed? A tiny ant actually dares warn us with such words? He’s simply courting death!

As Earthly Immortal Realm experts, when had they suffered such provocation?


Even if it was in the entire Darchu Dynasty, there wasn’t anyone that dared brandish their claws and bare their fangs towards Earthly Immortal Realm experts!

But Chen Xi had done this, and this was an absolutely undisguised provocation!

These old freaks were angered to the point their chests rose and fell irregularly, and they wished for nothing more than to tear open space and arrive a million kilometers away to annihilate Chen Xi.

“Manager!” Huangfu Jingtian spoke with a deep voice that was like thunder and shook the surroundings, and he didn’t conceal his surging rage in the slightest.

“Lord, what are your instructions?” An old man that looked like a manager swiftly appeared with a respectful expression, yet he was trembling endlessly with terror in his heart, as he’d clearly sensed the oppressive killing intent that suffused the air.

“Tell the Blacksun Pavilion that I and everyone present will absolutely not be willing to let the matter go if the mission this time fails! If the need arises, we’ll even uproot the forces of the Blacksun Pavilion from the Darchu Dynasty, so ask them to act as they see fit!” Huangfu Jingtian’s eyes were icy cold as bolts of lightning flashed into existence within them, and he didn’t conceal his monstrous killing intent in the slightest.

“Yes.” The manager’s heart shook, and he didn’t dare ask anything before hastily leaving after receiving his orders.



After he put away the Mirror of Exchange, Chen Xi didn’t sigh emotionally too much as he looked at the scene of desolation and corpses that covered the entire area. The forest that was filled with danger wasn’t a good place to be oversensitive.

He started to clean up the spoils of the battle this time.

His first target was Crimsonfox, as he was extremely curious towards the golden iron chisel weapon that could condense the image of a scissors.

The pair of one meter long golden chisels in Crimsonfox’s possession were taken by Chen Xi, and it wasn’t just that, everything in his possession was plundered by Chen Xi as well.

Wastage had always been bad habit that Chen Xi deeply detested, so as expected, the shattered corpses and severed limbs on the ground were plundered by him. The blood colored chain that was the thickness of a thumb on Rose’s wrist caused his eyes to light up once more, but, he forcefully endured the impulse to study it on the spot before placing it into the Buddha’s Pagoda.

This time, 105 assassins had died on the spot, and all them possessed cultivations at the Golden Core Realm and had experienced hundreds of battles. However, regretfully, besides plundering a large pile of earth-rank Magic Treasures, Chen Xi didn’t have any other gains. Because these assassins utterly didn’t bring along storage Magic Treasures.

Just think about it, the profession of being an assassin caused them to frequently wander about between life and death. So they’d probably made preparations to perish before carrying out a mission. Thus, besides the most formidable weapon in their possessions, they naturally wouldn’t bring along other valuables along with them.

Chen Xi looked at the 103 Magic Treasures that lay before his eyes.

Amongst these 103 Magic Treasures was a variety of weapons like blades, spears, swords, and pikes, but without exception, there was an ‘eye’ shaped mark on every single one of these Magic Treasures.

Obviously, all these Magic Treasures were refined by the same equipment refiner, and this ‘eye’ shaped mark was probably the unique mark of this equipment refiner.

But this wasn’t the main point, the main point was that other cultivators were utterly unable to use these Magic Treasures!

Chen Xi was able to discern with a glance that these Magic Treasures were made specially and customized according to each assassin. Every single Magic Treasure could only be used by one of these assassins, and if it was another person, at the instant that person’s True Essence poured into the Magic Treasure, it would cause a change to occur in the internal structure of the Magic Treasure, causing it to transform into a pile of scrap metal in the end.

This was a restriction added into the Magic Treasures when the equipment refiner refined them, and if he wanted to remove this restriction, the only way was to tear the Magic Treasure apart. But, in this way, it would be no different to destroying the Magic Treasure.

They don’t even leave any spoils behind after death. This Blacksun Pavilion’s style is really stingy. Chen Xi sighed in his heart. Originally, he was thinking that once he arrived at Silken City, he would sell off all these Magic Treasures and would surely be able to obtain a shocking amount of wealth. However, now it would seem like he could only discard this thought.

But, I should find the time to properly study the restrictions on these Magic Treasures. Perhaps there should be a way to dispose of the restriction. At the very least, I can feed them to Bai Kui. In any case, that little fellow eats everything, so he probably wouldn’t refuse the temptation of earth-rank Magic Treasures… Chen Xi shook his head and didn’t think any further as he had to leave right away. The smell of blood was so dense here, and there would soon be numerous ferocious beasts that would smell the blood and swarm over.


I seem to have overlooked something…

Not long after he left, Chen Xi suddenly thought of a problem.

There were an entire 168 people in the ambush operation of the Blacksun Pavilion towards him this time, and they were divided into three teams. Two of those teams had already been exterminated by him now, whereas, a last team remained. This team was led by Commander Whitesky, who was ranked the 65th on the Blacksun Golden Core Rankings. In terms of combat strength, he was slightly higher than both Crimsonfox and Rose, and his strength couldn’t be underestimated.

Of course, Chen Xi wasn’t concerned about this. He was concerned about whether the extermination of Crimsonfox and Rose’s teams would be discovered by this team and cause them to rush over here?

They surely will!

There’s probably a special method of communication between assassins of the Blacksun Pavilion, otherwise, they would absolutely not divide into three teams to ambush me. In that way, it has given me an opportunity to crush them one by one…

Chen Xi pondered for a short moment as an extremely bold plan appeared in his mind. He wanted to seize this opportunity to completely wipe out all the assassins the Blacksun Pavilion had sent to ambush and kill him this time!


Black clothes, black armor, black shoes, black helmet, this was Whitesky. His entire body was enveloped in a layer of pitch black and icy cold armor, and he was like a valiant and ferocious general that had gone on an expedition in the battlefield.

But at this moment, Whitesky’s gaze was extremely gloomy as he stared at the two corpses by his feet. Crimsonfox and Rose were beheaded, their necks were slit with a single slash of the sword. Even though he didn’t have much of a relationship with Crimsonfox and Rose, he still couldn’t help but go silent when he saw the state of their deaths.

“Have you found the target’s tracks?” Whitesky asked abruptly. His voice was sharp and hoarse like howl of chilly wind, and when it entered into the ears of others, it caused one’s heart to go cold as a chill ran down one’s spine.

“Yes.” The members of his team replied right away with haste.

“Alright, we’ll depart right now.” Whitesky glanced at the person that spoke earlier and said with an icy cold voice, “Besides that, report the news back to the higher-ups, or to Commander Jiang Xun.”




Jiang Xun pondered for a moment as he looked at the jade slip in his hand, and then a wisp or surprise surged past his ordinary face before returning to normal, then he bowed and said, “I’ve failed to carry out the ambush, Seventh Leader, please hand down your punishment!”

An old man with a kind and benevolent countenance stood 30m before him, and it was precisely Cui Shan whom he called the Seventh Leader. Cui Shan waved his hand and asked. “Has Whitesky gone to pursue him?”

“Yes!” Jiang Xun gave a succinct answer with a calm expression, and not the slightest fluctuation in his expression could be discerned. “Crimsonfox and Rose’s teams have been completely annihilated.”

“Oh.” Cui Shan’s voice revealed a trace of surprise, and then he laughed lightly. “Haha, he was able to defeat the cunning and crafty Crimsonfox and Rose, who slaughtered resolutely and decisively. Looks like I’ve underestimated this little fellow as well.”

Jiang Xun shook his head and said, “According to the report Whitesky sent back, the target set up a grand formation and lured a large number of ferocious beasts over. These ferocious beasts included an Azurescale Wyrm, a five colored Vermillion Phoenix, a Gold Titan Ape, and various other overlord level ferocious beasts. Based on the situation at the scene, 90% of our forces died at the hands of these ferocious beasts and a few more died from detonating their golden cores. Only Crimsonfox and Rose were beheaded by him.”

Cui Shan sat back onto his chair while lightly rubbing his clean chin, and then his eyes narrowed as he went silent for a moment before bursting into laughter. “Extraordinary! His individual strength is so outstanding and even his combat tactics and planning is so extraordinary. If I took him to become my subordinate, then I would surely foster him as a core commander level assassin. Perhaps another Leader that could take charge and manage the Blacksun Pavilion would appear in the future.”

Jiang Xun replied calmly. “I’m afraid that’s impossible. I received news earlier that Huangfu Jingtian and the others have already found out some of the truth about what happened via the Mirror of Exchange. They sent word that if the ambush this time fails, then they’ll uproot our Blacksun Pavilion’s forces from the Darchu Dynasty.”

Cui Shan’s eyes went cold as he emitted a terrifying aura with a bang. A huge black sun image appeared behind him as his clothes fluttered, and he seemed to have transformed into a devil god of the shadows.

“Nevermind. Even a mighty dragon finds it difficult to crush a serpent in its own lair. Not to mention that since we’ve taken their money, we have to carry out this ambush successfully for them. If the operation this time fails, then the reputation my Blacksun Pavilion has created for a few thousand years will probably be completely destroyed.” Cui Shan sighed and waved his hand. “Then annihilate him!”

“Yes!” Jiang Xun nodded and replied. “I intend to personally lead a team and send out all the Golden Core Realm commander level assassins that’re active in the territory of the Darchu Dynasty.”

Cui Shan nodded and asked. “How many people in total?”

“I only need 22 commander level assassins.” Jiang Xun answered. “Their rankings are all at the top 50 of the Blacksun Golden Core Rankings. With this strength, any Golden Core Realm cultivator in the world can be killed.”

Cui Shan waved his hand and seemed as if he couldn’t be bothered to say any more, and then he sat in the darkness and closed his eyes to meditate. After Jiang Xun left, he once again opened his eyes before lightly sighing and muttering. Isn’t dispatching people repeatedly going too far? What if the Violet Thistle Bai Clan finds out?


Even though Chen Xi didn’t know the strength of Whitesky and the assassins under his command, but he knew very clearly that Whitesky had probably already found out about the deaths of Crimsonfox, Rose, and the others.

He didn’t flee impatiently but concealed himself at a concealed location in a mountain, and then he cultivated with great concentration as he worked hard to recover to his optimum state.

He’d already set up a trap earlier, and at this moment, he was waiting for the fish to take the bait.

When he thought of the costly price he paid to annihilate Whitesky and the others, Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel pained and regret in his heart. But so long as he was able to attain his objective, then paying this price would be worth it.

I hope these fellows arrive soon. I must leave Gloom Forest after this battle, otherwise, if the Blacksun Pavilion sends over some experts again, then my journey will probably be delayed again… Chen Xi’s eyes looked towards the distance, and he had a firm expression as he muttered without end.

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