Chapter 337 – One That Kills Will Usually Be Killed

Chen Xi wasn’t a god, nor did he possess a miraculous technique to predict the future, and the reason he guessed these assassins of the Blacksun Pavilion would detonate their golden cores at this moment was entirely from his acute insight and control of the situation of the battle.

Crimsonfox and the others didn’t act in this way at the beginning because the space they were in seemed to be boundlessly vast. Actually, it was merely the size of a small hill, but it was enveloped by the Boundless Starsea grand formation, causing an illusion that it was boundlessly vast to be created.

Coupled with that was the might of the detonation of golden cores being too terrifying, to the point that even Rebirth Realm cultivators were afraid of being unable to avoid it in time. Choosing to detonate their golden cores at that time would cause its terrifying might to affect the others, so no one was stupid enough to act in that way.

However, at this moment, almost all of the assassins within the grand formation had perished and only a little over ten remained, whereas around eight of those terrifying ferocious beasts were still alive, causing there to be a great disparity in the strengths of both sides. Crimsonfox and the others had completely fallen into a hopeless situation, and if they didn’t detonate their golden cores, they would face extermination and die miserably under the claws of these ferocious beasts.

Under these circumstances, detonating their golden cores had undoubtedly become their only method of turning the situation around.

It was precisely based on a perception and analysis like this that Chen Xi would have moved away as if he could predict the future to avoid being affected by the explosions caused by the detonation of the golden cores of these assassins.


A destructive force that was beyond compare exploded out from within the Boundless Starsea grand formation, it seemed as if mountains were crumbling and tidal waves were surging, and its impetus was terrifying to the extreme. In practically an instant, the entire grand formation was destroyed and vanished without a trace, and then the terrifying force charged into the skies and swept out in all directions.

The golden core within the bodies of cultivators was the foundation of the heavens and the earth cultivators used to step into the Grand Dao, and their entire cultivation was condensed within it. It was like a barrel of gunpowder, and it only needed a tiny spark to emit a might that caused heavens and the earth to collapse and the sun and the moon to be cast into a shade.

In merely the time for a single breath, the trees, rocks, and even spirit energy and the various airflows in the sky within an area of 300m was obliterated within this terrifying force. It was even to the extent that the continuous mountain range that moved up and down exploded to reveal a terrifying pit.

When looked at from afar, a mushroom cloud that roiled violently and endlessly blasted up into the sky, and it seemed as if it wanted to blast a hole in the sky.

Before this terrifying might, Chen Xi once again flashed backward explosively for a distance of 3km before stopping. But the airflow in the sky that was violent like blades still cut into his eyes to the point they ached, and it was obvious how terrifying the might of the explosion of golden cores was.

Smoke and dust suffused the sky, and it only dissipated after a long time.

When Chen Xi clearly saw the scene of the battlefield before him, he couldn’t help but be shocked in his heart.

The entire ground was covered in broken limbs and shattered bones, the air was suffused with dense and pungent burnt smell, and there were even numerous burnt pits and rifts on the ground…

To Chen Xi’s shock, Crimsonfox and Rose were actually still alive!

At this moment, the two of them had suffered heavy injuries and were covered in scars, and they were standing on the ruins while gasping for breath, and the vital energy in their bodies were in complete chaos. They were like two people that were on the verge of death, and their vitality was about to dry up.

Obviously, even though the two of them were lucky to have survived under the terrifying explosion earlier, their bodies had obviously suffered extremely severe injuries.

A trace of sorrow flashed past Crimsonfox’s eyes. Only he and Rose remained at the scene, whereas, everyone else had been sacrificed, and they would probably be unable to escape the outcome of facing extermination.

He’s carried out countless missions, yet had never had a single mission that caused him to be in such a sorry state and feel such despair. When he thought of the target of the assassination this time, even with his selective gaze, he had to admit that he’d utterly lost in terms of tactics and planning, and he’d severely underestimated how terrifying his opponent was since the beginning.

Never had he imagined that not only was his opponent’s qi refinement cultivation extraordinary, his opponent was actually a formidable body refiner as well, and even possessed extremely advanced attainments in the Dao of Talismans.

What he never expected even more was that not only was his opponent’s strength extremely formidable, his opponent’s ability of utilizing tactics and control of the situation of the battle had attained a height that he could only look up to.

“Come out! You devil!” Bitter regret and rage arose in Crimsonfox’s heart for no reason, and a wisp of an unusual red color suffused his face that was pale as a sheet as he shouted out loudly.

Crimsonfox’s explosive shout caused Rose who was by his side to be stunned, and then her icy cold and peerlessly beautiful face couldn’t help but go dim. Right, the target this time is like a devil indeed, and he played with all of us within the palm of his hand…

Chen Xi hid in the shadows with an indifferent expression, and he seemed to have turned a deaf ear towards Crimsonfox’s shout.

Actually, he knew extremely clearly that if he were to make an appearance now, then once Crimsonfox and Rose put their lives on the line and detonated their golden cores, just thinking about the consequences caused a chill to run down his spine.

There was no reply from the surroundings, and Crimsonfox’s eyes couldn’t help but reveal a trace of despair. He knew that the target was surely concealed in the shadows and might launch a fatal strike at him at any moment, and he similarly understood that his intention of detonating his golden core to take his target down with him had probably a wishful thought of his.

Looks like I’ll really be perishing here today…

As soon as this thought emerged in his mind, all the resentment, rage, and regret in Crimsonfox’s heart dissipated instantly as it wasn’t an injustice to lose at the hands of an enemy like this.

Beng! Beng!

Suddenly, two shapeless arrows tore through the sky and assaulted Crimsonfox and Rose.

If they were facing an attack like this at an ordinary time, then Crimsonfox and Rose would be entirely capable of easily avoiding it. However, at this moment, they’d already suffered from heavy injuries and their entire bodies didn’t have the slightest strength remaining, causing them to be only able to watch as death approached.

Pu! Pu!

Two piercing sounds resounded out, and then both of them felt pain in their bellies and their entire Dantians were completely destroyed under this strike.

Crimsonfox started laughing. This fellow has finally made a move. His heart was filled with praise. Even under this situation of absolute advantage, he was still able to be so cautious. It’s no wonder that this fellow was able to survive until now…

He suddenly felt slight anticipation. Rose and I have failed. What sort of pleasant surprise would that fellow bring to Commander Whitesky on the third line of defense?

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to see it…

Chen Xi walked out from the shadows to arrive before Crimsonfox and Rose, and there wasn’t much delight in his heart for being about to annihilate all his enemies. He sized Crimsonfox up for a short moment before stretching his hand out to grab a mirror.

It was precisely the Mirror of Exchange.

Crimsonfox and Rose raised their heads in bewilderment, as they didn’t know what Chen Xi wanted to do.


Chen Xi disregarded the two of them and utilized the Mirror of Exchange, causing a ripple to flow out. In next to no time, the scene here appeared once more on the surface of the mirror. 


At the depths of the Wise King’s Estate, the atmosphere was extremely oppressive as all the old freaks had knit brows and squinted eyes, and they seemed to be waiting for something.

From the moment Crimsonfox and the others fell into the grand formation, the two Mirrors of Exchange had already lost connection, causing them to be unable to see everything that was occurring on the other side any longer, and this unexpected event caused them to be slightly anxious and fretful in their hearts.

They saw Chen Xi was about to be killed and the three Immortal Artifacts were about to fall into their hands, yet an unexpected event just had to happen at this moment, so how could they be able to keep their composure?

“A mishap wouldn’t have occurred, right?” Someone couldn’t endure the worry in his heart and spoke out.

“How could that be possible? The Blacksun Pavilion dispatched over 100 assassins this time, and it was sufficient to annihilate a cultivator at the Rebirth Realm. No matter how extraordinary that kid is, he’ll surely die under the encirclement this time. How could any mishap occur?” Someone argued forcefully.

“Just wait. Perhaps there’ll be an outcome in a while.” Someone sighed.

Everyone instantly fell into silence. Even if they’d already cultivated to attain the Earthly Immortal Realm, when facing with this sudden unforeseen event, they could only stand by anxiously and helplessly, and they could only wait bitterly.

“The Mirror of Exchange has been activated once more!” After an unknown period of time, the Wise King Huangfu Jingtian unintentionally swept his gaze on the Mirror of Exchange and just happened to see a bright light suffuse the surface of the Mirror of Exchange.


At this moment, the gazes of everyone shot over in unison. However, when they saw the scene on the Mirror of Exchange clearly, it caused their expressions that weren’t in time to reveal excitement to freeze instantly, and their pupils dilated.

In the mirror was a charred ground that was in complete desolation. Severed limbs and shattered bones covered the surroundings as if it had experienced a natural disaster, and everything had transformed into an expanse of horrifying ruins.

Crimsonfox and Rose were completely covered in injuries as they stood alone in the mirror while bathed in blood, and blood gurgled out from their bellies. Obviously, their Dantians were already destroyed. Their expressions were extremely strange, containing despair, frustration, bitter regret… Various emotions were interwoven on their faces, and it was terrifying to the extreme.

After that, Chen Xi’s tall figure appeared in the mirror…

The hearts of all the old freaks sank when they saw this scene. No matter how unwilling they were to accept this situation, they had to admit that the worst had still happened.

“How could this be possible? How could a tiny intermediate-stage Golden Core Realm cultivator like him annihilate over 100 assassins of the Blacksun Pavilion? After all, those every single one of those assassins have experienced over 100 battles, and they’re extremely elite and formidable existences!” Someone muttered involuntarily and felt disbelief.

“It’s absolutely impossible to achieve this by relying solely on a single grand formation. Damnit! The Mirror of Exchange lost effect earlier, causing us to be unable to see exactly what had happened there.” Someone gnashed his teeth as he spoke.

“But, no matter what, the encirclement this time has failed to succeed in the end, and it has ended in complete defeat…” Someone sighed deeply, and the person’s voice revealed a dense disgruntled feeling.


A trace of a sharp sword light flashed within the mirror and instantly drew the attention of all these old freaks, and then they saw a terrifying scene.

Chen Xi held a sword in his hand and struck out with a wisp of sword light that directly beheaded Crimsonfox and Rose, causing blood to spray out as two headless corpses fell forward.

This was an extremely ordinary method of killing, and it couldn’t even be said to be cruel treatment or torture, but it was precisely because it was ordinary that it caused the old freaks to feel their hearts go cold.

Because Chen Xi’s expression when killing was too calm, and he killed too decisively without the slightest hesitation. He utterly didn’t say a single word and killed on a whim, and there wasn’t the slightest restraint or hesitation.

He seemed to be soundlessly telling everyone — When I, Chen Xi, deal with my enemies, besides death, there isn’t any room for discussion!

All the old freaks went silent. They were able to discern that the Mirror of Exchange was activated by Chen Xi, so was there any need to guess his intentions?

He wanted to use this to warn all of them — If someone offends me, then I’ll surely kill that person!

Right at this moment, they saw Chen Xi’s face appear in the Mirror of Exchange, his handsome face was covered in a calm and indifferent expression, and it felt as if he was ‘looking’ at them.

Within the Mirror of Exchange, Chen Xi’s mouth moved and seemed to have said something. However, the entire scene completely vanished as the Mirror of Exchange that floated in midair became completely dim and lusterless.

All of the old freaks couldn’t care about this, their faces had darkened as their expressions froze, and they seemed to have been stunned as they understood what Chen Xi had proclaimed soundlessly — One that kills will usually be killed!

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