Chapter 336 – Starting To Draw In The Net

The Blood Nightmare Flower was a rare spirit herb that emitted a unique smell, and one it was smelled by a demon beast, it would cause an extremely strong illusion to appear within their minds.

The unique smell emitted by a 10,000 year old Blood Nightmare Flower was even capable of causing demon beasts to think that so long as they consumed this flower, they would be able to obtain a meteoric rise and ascend to become an unfettered Heavenly Immortal in an instant.

Even though the effect was slightly exaggerated in their illusions, the medicinal strength of this flower was extremely miraculous indeed. Especially towards some ferocious beasts that found it difficult to take human form, as after they consumed this flower, they would be able to take human form in an extremely short period of time while possessing a superb body for cultivating the Dao.

This was similar to a temptation that was impossible to resist to any demon beast.

It was precisely because of this that when Chen Xi threw this peculiar spirit flower into the Boundless Starsea grand formation, these ferocious beasts that were overlords of an area would disregard their safety and charge into the Boundless Starsea grand formation without the slightest hesitation.

Chen Xi didn’t continue sighing with emotion about the flower in his heart, and he sat down cross-legged before starting to recover his enormous physical strength.

From setting up the formation, to luring the Blacksun Pavilion assassins to attack, then drawing them into the grand formation, and then finally gathering all these overlord level ferocious beasts. Every single step exhausted a great amount of his mental and physical strength, and there were even numerous dangers existing all along the way. A mistake in any detail could have possibly caused everything to be for naught, whereas, he would fall into a hopeless situation as well.

This was a battle of life and death, and it didn’t permit the slightest accident.

Fortunately, up until now, the entire plan had almost been completed flawlessly, and it was time to reap the rewards next. 


It’s a trap!

A trap that was meticulously set up since long ago and was awaiting us to fall into it!

Crimsonfox, Rose, and all the assassins of Blacksun Pavilion behind them had extremely heavy expressions as they stayed vigilant towards their surroundings, and they didn’t dare be careless in the slightest.

This was a large scale illusion formation. When they walked within the grand formation, the heavens and the earth were completely covered with silver colored starlight that fluttered about, and there were even countless stars flickering in every single corner. It was profound and vast, and it caused one to be unable to clearly determine where exactly the true exit was.

Crimsonfox wasn’t flurried when facing a deadlock. In the end, Chen Xi was only a single person. No matter how formidable the formation was, it had to be controlled, and a formation that was controlled and a formation that wasn’t were two completely different notions.

Even though a formation possessed numerous profundities, it was a type of external source of strength in the end. After living a life of slaughter for so long, Crimsonfox understood extremely well that the essence of battle was the competition of the strength of both parties. Not to mention that the grand formation before him was obviously a mere illusion formation that didn’t possess the slightest lethality, and so long as he found the location of the formation’s foundation, he would be completely capable of breaking the formation apart with ease.

After he concentrated his attention, Crimsonfox didn’t continued pondering about anything else and gathered his attention towards breaking out of the formation.

This wasn’t the first time he’d attempted to break out of a formation, but it was the first time he’d faced such a formidable illusory formation. Even though he didn’t have any knowledge about this grand formation that had starlight fluttering about in it, he was still confident in his heart that by relying on the strengths of himself and his companions, breaking out of this illusory formation was only a matter of time.

Crimsonfox led everyone forward with a speed that wasn’t swift. Moreover, a large hole would surely appear on the ground every time he took a step, and any illusions would be shattered by this. In this way, he wouldn’t easily become confused from the illusions.

Even though this method was stupid, yet it was extremely effective. He only had to move forward step by step and search the entire grand formation, and he would surely be able to find the foundation of the formation before breaking out of it.

The methods varied, but the principles were the same. Any talisman formation would have a foundation, as the foundation was the center of the talisman formation. So long as the foundation was destroyed, then even the most formidable talisman formation would collapse instantly.

The further ahead he walked, the more confident he was in his heart.

Chen Xi was only a single person in the end, and the grand formation before him was only an illusory formation without the slightest lethality after all. How could such a force obstruct his footsteps?

Suddenly, Crimsonfox stopped moving.

The nearby Rose asked cautiously. “What is it? Is there a situation?”

Crimsonfox revealed a slightly bewildered expression. “The target is approaching towards us.”

Rose was stunned, and then a wisp of disdain suffused the corners of her mouth. “This is an illusory formation after all. He probably knows that he’ll be unable to trap us for too long, so he couldn’t help but make a move himself.”

As she spoke, a wisp of dense killing intent gushed into appearance on her icy cold and peerlessly beautiful face. Chen Xi had escaped right beneath her eyes the last time, and it had caused a belly full of rage to be accumulated within her. Moreover, she’d even fallen into Chen Xi’s trap this time. Situations like these where she suffered a setback repeatedly had already angered her to the point of being on the brink of madness, and she urgently needed to kill.

Only by killing would she be able to vent the surging flames of rage in her!

Crimsonfox didn’t speak and closed his eyes. Suddenly, he abruptly opened his eyes and cried out in shock. “The target’s speed is too swift! Moreover, there’s more than one…”

When he spoke up to here, Crimsonfox’s expression had already gone ominous, and he didn’t have the slightest composure any longer as he shouted out explosively. “Quickly! There are too many enemies, prepare to engage them in combat right away!”


Right when Crimsonfox finished speaking, a wave of the sounds of running that was like the rumbling of thunder abruptly resounded within the entire grand formation as the earth quaked, and even the earth seemed as if it was shivering.

The wyrm that was enormous like a mountain, the flying beast with gorgeous wings, the enormous golden furred ape that was over 30m tall… At this instant, it seemed like all the overlord level ferocious beasts in Gloom Forest had converged together!

At this moment, it wasn’t just Crimsonfox, the faces of everyone went pale. They finally noticed that it wasn’t Chen Xi who’d come to attack, and it was instead a dense expanse of ferocious beasts!

What a detestable fellow!

What a ruthless plan!

What a terrifying chain of tactics!

At this instant, Crimsonfox finally understood the entirety of Chen Xi’s plans. This illusory formation did indeed lack the slightest lethality, but if a group of terrifying demon beasts were to suddenly make their way in, then the lethality created by this would absolutely be even more terrifying than a grand formation.

At this moment, they were already incapable of withdrawing, as they couldn’t retreat while within the grand formation, otherwise only death would await them.

Crimsonfox had experienced hundreds of battles and knew that only by facing these demon beasts head on would they have the slightest chance of survival, she he gritted his teeth and roared furiously right away. “Kill!”

A furious roar that was like explosive thunder resounded out in the entire grand formation, and it jolted awake everyone who’d fallen into panic. Crimsonfox’s explosive shout had allowed them to instantly locate their pillar of support.

As assassins of the Blacksun Pavilion, they possessed extremely tacit cooperation between each other, and their attainments in combat far exceeded ordinary cultivators, allowing them to finish preparing their combat formations in an instant before launching an attack towards the group of beasts that emitted rumbling sounds while smashing their way over.

Crimsonfox shouted out explosively before being the first to charge into the group of beasts.

It has finally begun… Chen Xi suddenly opened his eyes and stood up, and then his Divine Sense stretched out into the grand formation as he started to pay attention to the battle that was playing out within.

He noticed to his shock that when Crimsonfox, who was gentle like a woman, entered into combat, he was ferocious beyond compare. Crimsonfox’s thin body exploded out with a mighty and terrifying strength as he went on a rampage amongst the ferocious beasts, and he caught the ferocious beasts off guard, causing him to draw the attacks of most of the ferocious beasts. Moreover, Crimsonfox’s combat technique was extremely unique.

Crimsonfox held a one meter long golden iron chisel in each hand. The chisels were thick like a thumb, and the blade on their edges surged with a terrifying aura. Every single time he swung them out, it would condense an enormous golden scissor image that cut out and cut apart space itself with its peerless sharpness, and it caused the ferocious beasts that surrounded him to suffer injuries that were neither heavy nor light.


Crimsonfox moved about ceaselessly as the golden scissor flashed in the sky, and the ferocious and fierce aura he emitted could be said to be unstoppable. His formidable combat strength was something that even Chen Xi was extremely shocked by.

But, compared to Crimsonfox, Rose’s combat methods were obviously even more terrifying. This icy cold woman whose blood red clothes fluttered about had a blood red colored chain that was thin like a thumb coiled around her snow white wrists, and every time she swung it out, it was like a blood red snake that danced about in the sky.

Moreover, every single inch of this chain contained a strong swallowing force. So long as the body of a ferocious beast was restrained by this blood colored chain for a short moment, chunks of its flesh and vital essence would be swallowed, causing the chain to be extremely wicked and terrifying. 

Rose’s method of attack was extremely prominent in a group battle. The ferocious beasts that were originally in a group were struck into a scattered mess by her, and this caused the threat the ferocious beasts posed towards everyone to reduce greatly.

The other assassins of the Blacksun Pavilion cooperated extremely tacitly with each other, and they converged their attacks to strike those ferocious beasts that had been broken up from the group.

The combat techniques of the two commander level assassins, Rose and Crimsonfox, caused Chen Xi to greatly widen his horizons, but he wasn’t worried in the slightest that any change would occur in this fatal trap of his.

Because no matter if it was the wyrm, the flying beast, or the enormous ape, all of them were extremely formidable. Even though Rose was capable of making these ferocious beasts break up from the group, yet she was incapable of causing a fatal injury to them.

Conversely, the ceaseless attacks of Crimsonfox and Rose had aroused the ferocity within the bones of these ferocious beasts, causing all of them to become infuriated and go berserk, and then they joined forces to kill all enemies around them.


Six assassins felt a black shadow envelop them, and they weren’t able to dodge before the wyrm’s claw slapped down onto them, slapping them into a ball of mush and causing them to die tragically.

In the Gloom Forest, this wyrm was absolutely an overlord whose defense and offense were at the peak amongst the others. Its scales were impenetrable, and when its enormous claw descended, it was capable of crushing mountains and shattering the earth, causing it to be extremely terrifying.

There was no need for Crimsonfox to direct them, as the death of their companions caused practically all the other assassins to concentrate their attacks onto this enormous wyrm.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

The wyrm was instantly drowned under countless attacks. No matter how shocking its defensive ability was, when facing the enraged strikes of a large mass of Golden Core Realm assassins, it was instantly riddled with holes as well.

But it was precisely because this wyrm had drawn almost all the attacks, it gave the other ferocious beasts an opportunity to take advantage of.

The enormous flying beast with gorgeous wings suddenly dove down before its wings spread open, and then its wings that were sharp like blades swept through the crowd. In an instant, over 10 assassins were cut into half at the waist, causing fresh blood to spray out as they fell down and perished.

The other ferocious beasts weren’t inferior to it in the slightest, and practically all of them seized this opportunity to slaughter more than 10 people each. The terrifying ferociousness they revealed caused a trace of cold sweat to emerge from even Chen Xi, who was outside the grand formation.

At this moment, within the Boundless Starsea grand formation, the dense smell of blood permeated the air, pieces of corpses covered the ground, and the sounds of shrill cries echoed out endlessly. Coupled with the enraged and bloodthirsty roars of the various ferocious beasts, it was simply like hell on earth.

Chen Xi stood outside the grand formation with an indifferent expression, as the death of these people was incapable of causing him to feel pity, and then he raised his head and muttered suddenly. “Only a little over 10 assassins remain. It’s about time they detonate their golden cores, otherwise, they might be completely exterminated…” 

As he spoke, his figure suddenly retreated explosively, and he’d instantly put a distance of 300m between himself and the grand formation.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Sure enough, just as Chen Xi had expected, these assassins from the Blacksun Pavilion knew they had no hope of breaking out of the encirclement at this moment, and they’d already started detonating their golden cores! 

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