Chapter 335 – Turning The Situation Around

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Numerous shapeless arrows tore through the sky like flowing light that suddenly shot out explosively, and every single flowing light carried a fierce, murderous, and all-conquering sharp aura.

Everywhere it passed, numerous thick ancient trees were directly penetrated, and the hard and thick ground was blasted to the point rubble sprayed all over the sky. In just an instant, an area of 5km around the small hill was riddled in holes like a hornet’s nest, and it was in a state of devastation.

The scene was shocking, yet it was unable to create the slightest threat towards the assassins of Blacksun Pavilion.

Under the lead of the two commanders, Crimsonfox and Rose, the over 100 assassins formed a circle as they pressed forward towards Chen Xi. They naturally wouldn’t just encircle him without attacking, and conversely, every single one of them executed their fiercest attacks that covered the heavens and the earth as it enveloped towards Chen Xi.

Dao Grade martial techniques, Martial Treasures… A variety of attacks swept through the heavens and the earth with a vast and terrifying might that shook the surroundings and shattered the sky. It was like a volcano had erupted in the area of 300m in their surroundings as the earth quaked, causing it to be extremely terrifying.

The violent flames and the matchless dazzling and resplendent lights emitted from the explosions caused the heavens and the earth to pale in comparison, and everything in that area couldn’t be seen clearly any longer.

“That kid is probably dead this time.” In the Wise King’s Estate, the scene within the Mirror of Exchange that floated in the air was already completely blurred as it was entirely filled with a variety of divine light, and when he saw this scene, the Whitecrane Sect’s Daoist Long He couldn’t help but sigh with emotion.

“It isn’t just probably, he’s dead for sure!” Huangfu Jingtian laughed heartily, and his voice revealed extreme delight. “In less than three days, all the treasures in that kid’s possession will be in our hands. Everyone, could it be that all of you don’t think this is worthy of celebration?”

As he spoke, he raised the wine cup in his hand before raising his head and emptying his cup.

The other old freaks held smiles on their faces and raised their wine cups before emptying their cups when they saw this scene, and it seemed as if it wasn’t sufficient to vent the excitement and happiness in their hearts if they didn’t do this.

Right, the treasures we dreamt of are about to fall into our hands. At this moment, none of them could restrain their excitement.

As for whether seizing treasures from a junior was a loss of face, none of them mentioned it, and it was even to the extent that they automatically overlooked this little detail.

This was the psychology of great figures. So long as they took a fancy to something, they would demand or seize it without the slightest regard for the fate of ants.

“Hmm? What’s that?” At the instant everyone was laughing heartily and drinking wine, Daoist Long He unintentionally noticed that the surface of the Mirror of Exchange suddenly lit up with countless dazzling rays of starlight.

Rays of starlight followed along a profound pathway to overlap each other layer by layer and link up with one another, and in practically an instant, it swallowed all the divine lights, bright lights, and flames…

After that, the scene within the Mirror of Exchange changed abruptly.

The entire sky was suffused with stars that enveloped all directions, and all the figures of the Blacksun Pavilion’s assassins had vanished as if they’d vanished into thin air and not a single trace of their existence could be found.

This is…

The pupils of old the old freaks constricted as they instantly recognized that this was shockingly an enormous and complicated grand formation!

A bad feeling suddenly gushed into the hearts of everyone.



Chen Xi stood outside the grand formation and was breathing heavily as he’d suffered a great deal of injury beneath the attacks that covered the heavens and the earth. At this moment, his entire body was burned black, his hair disheveled, and he seemed to be in an extremely sorry state.

But when he saw the grand formation before him that was suffused with starlight, Chen Xi still revealed a slight smile.

After he killed Qi Yin and escaped from Rose’s tight encirclement, he’d always been contemplating how to grasp the initiative and wipe out all threats.

While he was moving ahead, he was contemplating.

During the intense battles with numerous terrifying ferocious beasts, he was contemplating.

At the moments he was making the best use of his time to heal his injuries after the numerous times he suffered heavy injuries, he was contemplating as well.

When a person concentrated on a thing, the potential that would explode forth from that person would absolutely exceed the expectations of all. As the saying goes, concentration to the point of insanity brings out the extreme.

The grand formation suffused with starlight before him was the masterpiece of Chen Xi’s bitter contemplation.

If he wanted to exterminate all 100 plus of his enemies in one fell swoop, then setting up a grand formation would undoubtedly be able to bring forth an unbelievable effect. A grand formation could be used for defense, and it could be used for slaughter.

After he possessed this thought, he gathered a huge amount of material in the Gloom Forest and utilized almost all of the materials within the Buddha’s Pagoda before being able to set up this grand formation.

This grand formation was called the Boundless Starsea. Once cultivators fell into this grand formation, it would be as if they’d fallen into a boundless sea of stars. No matter how they flew or how they resisted, they would be unable to escape the restraint of this grand formation.

Unless one knew the method of breaking out of the formation or had attained the Nether Transformation Realm and destroyed the grand formation by force, otherwise, one would be like a caged bird that had fallen into a hopeless situation, incapable of flying away even with the possession of wings.

Simply speaking, the Boundless Starsea could be called an enormous illusory formation, and it was only capable of trapping one’s enemies, yet didn’t possess the slightest offensive ability.

There was nothing he could do about this. The materials in Chen Xi’s possession and all the materials he’d gathered in Gloom Forest could only set up this formation. As for another large scale slaughter formation, even though he knew how to set up the grand formation, because he suffered from a lack of materials, he could only make do with the Boundless Starsea grand formation.

But its effects were similarly prominent. After he utilized the art of archery that he wasn’t skilled in to show weakness to his enemies, his enemies really acted as he’d expected. They thought he had nothing left up his sleeves and thought he was battling like a caged beast, and they pressed forward, yet they fell into the trap he’d set up since long ago in the end, causing them to turn from hunter into prey…

At this moment, all the 105 assassins of the Blacksun Pavilion including Crimsonfox and Rose had fallen into the grand formation, and they would be absolutely unable to escape in a short period of time.

This was an opportunity, a superb opportunity for him to exterminate all of them in one fell swoop!

Without the slightest hesitation, Chen Xi leaped up to instantly charge into the depths of the forest, and he left the grand formation behind.

After a short moment, he arrived nearby a waterfall, and he stopped 300 meters away. Without dallying in the slightest, he drew the Staruin Bow right away before suddenly shooting out a shapeless arrow explosively. The arrow tore through the sky and carried an unparalleled force of impact, and it collided into the waterfall and shook it to the point rocks shattered and waves of water surged into the sky.

“Roar!” Right at this moment, a beast roar that shook the heavens resounded out. A wyrm that was enormous like a mountain, completely graphite colored, and covered in icy cold scales exploded out from the surface of the water as its enormous claw that was thick like a water barrel stretched out to the sky, and it searched for the provocateur that had the audacity to trespass upon its place of cultivation.

“Bang!” Welcoming it was another shapeless arrow that was even more fierce, sharp, and filled with vast Shaman Energy, and it fiercely shot onto its head, causing a string of dazzling sparks to appear and this wyrm to be infuriated.

It noticed Chen Xi, and it instantly soared up to swiftly pounce towards Chen Xi before opening its mouth to spit out a ray of ice that was like an ocean, causing the mountains and forest ahead to transform into frost and lose all vitality.

Chen Xi fled madly, executing the Starsky Wings with his entire strengths, causing his entire body to seem like a wisp of a translucent illusion as he instantly flashed out 3km away.

Under its explosive rage, the wyrm pursued without end, its limbs stomped and instantly crushed expanse after expanse of enormous trees, and it shocked the numerous ferocious beasts nearby to the point of becoming horrified and fleeing in panic.

Chen Xi moved through the forest and quickly arrived before a gorge that had a sea of bloomed flowers, then he drew the Staruin Bow fully once again before shooting out numerous arrows that were like flowing lights, causing numerous horrifying cracks to be ploughed open on the sea of flowers, and petals fluttered in the sky as dirt surged up in to the sky.

An over 100m large flying beast with gorgeous wings suddenly flew out from the sea of flowers, and it flapped its wings furiously as one of the shapeless arrows from before had almost injured it!

It spread open its blood colored eyes that were sharp like blades and just happened to see Chen Xi who stood before the gorge, and it flapped its wings right away while emitting a clear cry of fury before transforming into a wisp of gorgeous smoke that charged towards Chen Xi.

This was absolutely a terrifying flying beast. Everywhere it passed, space was slashed apart by its wings that were like blades and the terrifying airflow that it carried along with it was like a gale that swept away rocks and wood, and everything before its path transformed into ask.

Chen Xi fled madly once again, and he arrived at another ferocious beast’s territory after a short while.

An enormous ape over 30m tall that was covered in magnificent golden hair resided here, and it was violent and ruthless. A slap of its hand was capable of easily smashing a mountain into powder, and it was the absolute overlord of this area that not a single ferocious beast was capable of shaking.

Chen Xi utterly didn’t make launch an attack, he only arrived within 300m of the enormous ape’s lair and shook his body, and it drew out this ferocious beast overlord that was indescribably hot-tempered.

Just like this, the entire Gloom Forest had become extremely chaotic. The wyrm that was enormous like a mountain, the flying beast with gorgeous wings, the hot-tempered and ferocious golden colored enormous ape… Over 10 overlords from various areas had been successfully infuriated by Chen Xi, and they went berserk in the forest as they carried out a pursuit.

These ferocious beasts had even encountered each other on the way, but they seemed to have been familiar with each other since a long time ago, so they didn’t enter into confrontation or battle, and they instead followed closely behind their enemy, Chen Xi, as they pursued him endlessly.

This scene shocked the other fierce beasts in Gloom Forest, causing all of them to be terrified and uneasy to the point of shivering. So many overlords moving out together caused them to feel as if the end of the world had arrived.

In the end, these overlord level ferocious beasts arrived before the Boundless Starsea grand formation under Chen Xi’s lead.

When they saw Chen Xi standing before the grand formation and not fleeing any longer, these ferocious beasts didn’t get carried away by their rage, and they slowed down instead and seemed to be slightly hesitant as if they’d noticed the existence of the grand formation.


Seeming to have expected this scene since long ago, Chen Xi withdrew a flower that was scarlet like flames. The flower’s petals revealed strands of dark gold color and contained surging and shocking vitality, and it emitted a unique smell.

At the instant this scarlet red flower appeared in the air and its smell was inhaled by these ferocious beasts, their eyes were instantly filled with blood, and their gazes were filled with greed and burning desire. It seemed as if the flower in Chen Xi’s hand was a supreme delicacy of the world in their eyes, and it revealed a temptation that was difficult to refuse.

A trace of a smile suffused the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth as he raised his hand and tossed this flower into the Boundless Starsea grand formation.


The enormous ape with golden fur who possessed the most hot-tempered temperament was the first to be unable to endure the temptation, and it moved out swiftly and trampled through the ground as it charged towards the grand formation. When the other ferocious beasts saw this, they slightly hesitated before being unable to resist the temptation in the end, and all of them charged into the grand formation and instantly vanished without a trace.

What a pity. For the sake of making these ferocious beasts attack, a 10,000 year old Blood Nightmare Flower is gone just like that. But, so long as I’m able to use this to annihilate those assassins of the Blacksun Pavilion, then it would be worth the price I paid… Chen Xi stood before the grand formation as he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. Up until now, everything was within his control, and what he needed to do next was to wait for the outcome. 

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