Chapter 334 – The Target


A trace of fluctuation emerged from the light blue colored Treasured Talisman in his hand, and then Crimsonfox’s eyes narrowed as he smiled lightly. “The target seems to have noticed us, and he’s heading back towards Gloom Forest. Let’s go, the hunt is about to begin.”

The tip of Crimsonfox’s foot tapped the sky, causing a circle of ripples to spread out in the sky, and then his speed abruptly accelerated greatly before the other assassins of Blacksun Pavilion followed closely behind him in unison.

Coupled with the 50 assassins that Rose led, their group totaled 107 people at this moment.

All of these people were assassins that had experienced hundreds of battles and were extremely experienced, and they dispersed the shape of their teams to form a fan shape as they flashed forward in the sky. Even though the speed at which they pushed forward was swift, the faces of every single one of them was calm and composed without the slightest impatience, showing an extremely high attainment in carrying out operations, and their cooperation between each other was extremely good.

Crimsonfox didn’t raise a defensive barrier around him and allowed the cold wind that was like blades to blow onto his face, and his eyes narrowed slightly as he revealed an expression of slight enjoyment. After he heard Rose’s description of Chen Xi, he felt the desire to slaughter in his heart being drawn out bit by bit.

It had been a very long time since he’d encountered such an interesting kid, and he extremely anticipated the siege that was about to begin.

Crimsonfox wasn’t worried that the target would be able to escape, or perhaps no one could escape from him. Because he possessed countless methods to lock onto the enemy, and the Shadowtrack Treasured Talisman was only one of his methods.

He wasn’t adept in battle, and his strength was even inferior to Rose. Yet he was ranked the 68th on the Blacksun Golden Core Rankings and was even higher than Rose, who was ranked the 76th.

The reason was extremely simple. None of the commander level assassins were capable of comparing with his attainments in the art of tracking. The Blacksun Pavilion had sent him over this time precisely for the sake of firmly locking onto the target and completely putting an end to any possibility that the target would escape!

“Everyone pay attention, the target has stopped moving. Make preparations for battle!” Crimsonfox didn’t fail this time as well, and he quickly noticed the rough location of the target.


This was a hill covered in forest that covered an area of around 3km, and it was like a small hump had arisen within the luxuriant forest, causing it to be extremely inconspicuous.

Chen Xi stood in midair, his clothes fluttering with the wind, and he suddenly raised his head to look towards the distant sky.

In the distant sky was a group of small black dots that were flying over here with shocking speed, and an aura of slaughter filled the air and seemed like a dark cloud that swept over.

A trace of coldness suffused the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth. He’d already been preparing for a long time for the arrival of this day. At this moment, as he looked at the appearance of the formidable array of Blacksun Pavilion assassins, he didn’t feel nervous in his heart, and only boundless killing intent remained.

He didn’t have any distracting thoughts in his heart, causing it to be unusually clear, and he was only waiting for an optimum moment before launching a swift strike without the slightest hesitation. 

Because he didn’t like being in a passive situation and being on the receiving end, he didn’t like being taken as prey by another. This time, he wanted to let them know exactly who the hunter was and who the prey was!

In the sky, Crimsonfox and Rose stopped, and the 105 black clothed assassins behind them spread out as their auras locked down onto the surroundings from afar.

Oppressive and pure killing intent covered the heavens and the earth, causing the demon beasts in the nearby 50km to seem to have noticed something was amiss and not dare approach this area.

Rose raised her white hand to gather her black hair behind her ear, and the violet colored chain on her wrist emitted a strange clanging sound that captivated the heart. She stared at Chen Xi with a pair of icy cold eyes that didn’t contain the slightest emotion, and she seemed as if she was staring at a dead person.

It was precisely this person that had escaped her encirclement, and this time, she would absolutely not allow a situation like that from repeating again!

As he looked at Chen Xi who stood all alone in the distance, the corners of Crimsonfox’s mouth was suffused with a ghastly and feminine smile as he said unhurriedly, “You know that fleeing is only a waste of energy, so you don’t intend to flee? It’s fine this way as well. The customers that entrusted our Blacksun Pavilion with assassinating you would most probably be willing to see how you die tragically with their own two eyes.”

Crimsonfox didn’t make a move impatiently but instead started forming seals and withdrew a mirror that surged with ripples.

This mirror was called a Mirror of Exchange, and it was a type of rare and wondrous treasure. It didn’t possess any offensive ability, and its effect was extremely simple, it was capable of constantly displaying the scenes and everything that happened nearby.

Even if the other person that possesses a Mirror of Exchange was 500,000km away, the person would be able to see everything that occurred here through the mirror, and it would be as if the person was present here, causing it to be an extremely miraculous treasure.

Obviously, Crimsonfox had did this because he wanted everything that occurred here to be personally witnessed by some people that were an unknown distance away.

Chen Xi had even guessed already that Huangfu Jingtian and that group of old freaks were gathered somewhere before the other Mirror of Exchange, and they were looking towards him now. But he wasn’t worried in the slightest. So what if they see? The winner and loser hasn’t been determined.

Just like Chen Xi guessed, at this moment, in a space at the depths of the Wise King’s Estate that was filled with Immortal Energy, a Mirror of Exchange floated in the air as a detailed scene appeared upon it.

When they saw the scene of Chen Xi being encircled by the Blacksun Pavilion assassins, the spirits of Huangfu Jingtian, Daoist Long He, Mo Lanhai, Zhao Zimei, Lord Liu Xiao, and Chong Xu the Unfettered were refreshed as their eyes revealed excited expressions.

“The Blacksun Pavilion is worthy of being the number one assassin organization in the world. It sent such an amount of forces for the sake of killing a little fellow. It’s truly an extravagant display. This kid will absolutely die a graveless death this time!” The Dragonshark Isle’s Master, Mo Lanhai, praised.

The Wise King, Huangfu Jingtian, shook his head and laughed coldly. “The six of us have paid a great price to make the Blacksun Pavilion deal with that kid, so dispatching so many assassins isn’t a big deal.”

“I’m not concerned with all this. So long as that kid’s treasures can safely fall into our hands, then it wouldn’t be in vain, no matter how great a price we pay.” Daoist Long He chuckled.

The gazes of everyone burned when the treasures in Chen Xi’s possession were mentioned, and they stared at the Mirror of Exchange with an appearance as if they simply wished for nothing more than to drag Chen Xi out from within the mirror!

In the sky above the small hill that was covered by the forest, the two parties stood in confrontation from afar, and they didn’t voice any remarks to each other.

Both of them held the confidence of surely annihilating their enemies and strived to kill each other in battle, so was there any need for nonsense?

Even though he knew that his side had already occupied an absolute advantage, Crimsonfox still decided to first send out a few people to probe his opponent. He’s experienced countless battles and knew deeply that he couldn’t be careless, as since Chen Xi was able to stay alive until today, Chen Xi’s strength would surely not be simple.

He called over five of his subordinates and said casually, “End it quickly.”

These five people didn’t dare be careless. Even though their target was only a single person, yet he was capable of escaping from the hands of Commander Rose, so his strength couldn’t be underestimated. If it was a one on one battle, they knew they wouldn’t be a match for him, but if it was a five on one battle, they had sufficient confidence to kill him. If one wanted to obtain a foothold in the Blacksun Pavilion, and especially as an ordinary assassin, one had to learn how to cooperate with one’s companions.

This was also the reason why they’d survived all the years until now.

The five black clothed assassins approached, all of them stood in a well-arranged location that allowed them to cooperate with each other from afar, and they utilized a combat method that didn’t have the slightest blind spot to firmly lock onto Chen Xi’s aura.

Before these people approached, Chen Xi suddenly moved his hand as his muscles bulged, and vast Shaman Energy poured into the pitch black Staruin Bow that was suffused with a dim glow as he drew the bow to form a full moon.


Instantly, Chen Xi seemed to have transformed into a different person. Terrifying killing intent surged out explosively from his body like a tide, and his black hair fluttered as killing intent lingered in the air around him. Coupled with his posture of drawing the bow to form a full moon, he was like a god of the primordial era that shot the sun and exterminated fiends, awe-inspiring and baleful.

The five people that moved to surround him felt suffocated as their faces went pale, and a trace of extremely tiny fluctuation arose in their minds from being affected by Chen Xi’s killing intent.

Even though this trace of fluctuation only lasted for less than an instant, it was acutely grasped by Chen Xi, and his hand that clenched onto the bowstring suddenly moved successively five times in an instant as if he was playing the zither!

Beng! Beng! Beng! Beng! Beng!

It was like a sound that took one’s life away, like the sound of the drum of death beating in one’s heart. Five shapeless arrows instantly transformed into five flowing light that directly tore through the sky.


A black clothed assassin’s body suddenly exploded apart as if he was fiercely smashed by a hammer of the gods, and the terrifying force of impact caused his shattered corpse to explode into a ball of bloody mist that sprayed all over the sky.

The might of a single arrow was terrifying to this extent!

Actually, this was extremely normal. Archery was unlike any other combat method. It was fine if it didn’t hit, yet it surely killed its target if it did. Its offensive strength was so formidable and effective range was so far that none could compare to it.

Even though this arrow was merely a shapeless arrow, it contained Chen Xi’s enormous Shaman Energy, and it was even covered by the Wind and Sky Dao Insights, causing its speed to be matchless. So while it was shapeless and immaterial, it was absolutely a lethal weapon in hunting and killing enemies, and it caused one’s enemy to be unable to guard against it.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

At practically the exact same time, the bodies of the other four people exploded into balls of bloody rain in succession, and it sprayed throughout the sky.

Instantly, all the five black clothed assassins Crimsonfox sent out had met their end, and they didn’t even have the chance to emit a shrill cry before death. Such an exceedingly bloody scene caused the pupils of everyone present to constrict.

They naturally recognized the Staruin Bow in Chen Xi’s hand, and they knew it was a Shaman Treasure that originally belonged to Qi Yin. But when utilized in Chen Xi’s hands at this moment, the might it exploded out with caused all of them to feel disbelief.

This fellow isn’t just a qi refiner, his body refinement cultivation is so strong that it’s even more formidable than Qi Yin!

This sudden knowledge caused the hearts of everyone present to go cold. After all, before the operation this time, the information they came into contact with only showed that Chen Xi was merely a qi refiner, and it utterly didn’t reveal that he’d actually cultivated a body refinement cultivation technique concurrently.

Even if a slight error occurred in their information, it would cause a change in the outcome of the operation, and this was something that every single assassin had to remember in their hearts. At this moment, the body refinement strength that Chen Xi revealed now had undoubtedly caused the situation to undergo a slight change.

The death of these five people caused this slight change to be exposed, and it was instead a good thing towards their following operation. Because their absolute advantage hadn’t changed.

“Shaman Treasure! School of Fiendgod Body Refinement! The secrets concealed on this fellow are really numerous…” When the group of old freaks in the Wise King’s Estate witnessed this scene, besides the shock in their hearts they felt at the beginning, they quickly recovered to their previous states.

As far as they were concerned, no matter how strong Chen Xi’s individual combat ability was, he was only a single person in the end. At this moment, when facing the encirclement of over 100 assassins of the Blacksun Pavilion, especially with two commander level assassins leading the operation, there would only be a single end for him: death!

Beng! Beng! Beng!

Chen Xi seemed to have completely not noticed his current situation, and he ceaselessly drew his bow before releasing arrows that shot towards the black clothed assassins all around him.

But unfortunately, after they took precautions against it, these black clothed assassins revealed formidable individual strength, and all of them easily avoided these arrows, causing all of Chen Xi’s attacks to miss and seem as if his actions were useless.

At this moment, in the eyes of everyone present, Chen Xi was indeed like a caged beast in battle, struggling desperately.

No one noticed that at the locations where those shapeless arrows Chen Xi shot out descended, traces of weak light that were inconspicuous had appeared!

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