Chapter 332 – Chained Fiendgod

After flying for around two hours, Chen Xi confirmed that there were no pursuers behind him before finally slowing down.

He was contemplating what to do next, as he wasn’t really worried about his safety at this moment. The advantage of numbers was extremely difficult to be expressed within the forest, and he was even more agile by himself.

Most importantly, he was extremely familiar with combat in the woods.

The problem that lay before him now was that even though he’d escaped the Blacksun Pavilion’s assassins behind him, there were surely more assassins distributed ahead, and their strengths would only be even stronger. If he continued taking a passive stance and heading forward, he would surely fall into the trap set up by them, and this was absolutely not something he was willing to see happen.

Chen Xi knew that if he wanted to turn around this situation that wasn’t beneficial to him, then he first had to grasp the initiative and not be led by the nose!

So, how should I change this situation? 

Chen Xi pondered swiftly as he flashed towards the depths of Gloom Forest.

Gloom Forest was extremely large and vast to the point it seemed boundless. Along with him moving deeper in, the size of the trees grew more and more enormous, tall, and old, and they were like pillars that stood towering beneath the sky and caused one to be unable to imagine exactly how long these trees had lived for.

Moreover, as he moved deeper in the forest, hills and mountains that were towering and vast started appearing in succession. But all of them were covered by this luxuriant forest. If one were to look down at the forest from the sky, the ground was like a sea of trees that rose up and down, and one’s eyes would be filled with verdant green.

Suddenly, a feeling of terror surged into his heart and interrupted Chen Xi’s thoughts. There was an ash brown colored mountain in the distance, and for an unknown reason, it was completely barren, causing it to seem extremely conspicuous within this vast sea of trees.

Chen Xi sensed a terrifying aura, and this feeling caused him to feel uneasy. The instinct in his heart allowed him to instantly determine that if he still didn’t leave this barren mountain, then his life would suffer the most terrifying blow!


Without the slightest hesitation, Chen Xi executed the Starsky Wings with his full strength and transformed into an illusory shadow that moved over mountains as if he was desperately fleeing for his life, and he only stopped after dashing out for around a few tens of kilometers.

The trace of terror that lingered in his heart only dispersed after he arrived here, and he stopped trembling with fear.

At this moment, the place he stood at was covered in vast amounts of luxuriant plants and ancient trees that towered into the sky, and it formed a sharp contrast with the barren mountain in the distance. The area here was filled with vitality and exuberant plants, whereas the barren mountain had a deathly aura and not even a blade of grass grew upon it, causing it to seem extremely desolate. Moreover, there was a trace of faint mysterious aura surging on the mountain, and it seemed as if a den of monsters sealed for an eternity was about to be opened.

What exactly is hidden in there?


But Chen Xi could wrap his head around what was going on, a strange sound unexpectedly resounded out from the barren mountain. It was as if the mountain was cracking and rocks were moving, and it seemed as if a terrifying monster was about to climb out from the bottom of the mountain.


The demon beasts and flying beasts in an area of 50km of the forest seemed as if they’d been affected by something, and they became panicked and uneasy, causing them to flee madly towards the distance, ploughing through everything before them as they rumbled through the forest while emitting howls of terror.

At this moment, it was actually as if the end of the world had arrived. Because of the unusual movements in the barren mountain, this silent forest had become unprecedentedly chaotic.

“This is…” Chen Xi’s eyes opened wide like sauces as he saw numerous distant mountains crumbling abruptly without the slightest sign, and then an expanse of ash brown colored mist emerged from there, causing it to be an astonishing sight.

Numerous large mountains crumbled, ancient trees shattered, and an enormous rift split open on the ground, whereas, the barren mountain had submerged down to form a terrifying black hole.


Right at this moment, an enormous figure that was even larger than a mountain charged out of the ground with a bang. Its body beneath its spine was bound by numerous and dense black colored chains, yet merely its upper body seemed as if it would tower through the sky. Its eyes were enormous like lakes, and its shoulders were even broader than the mountains that spread across the ground. Every single breath of it actually gave rise to a gale that shook the surroundings as it swept out in all directions, and it emitted a rumbling sound of thunder.

“Ancient Fiendgod!?” Chen Xi was extremely shocked as he’d recognized the true identity of this enormous figure with a single glance. It was precisely because it was charging out from the ground that the numerous mountains crumbled and the earth split apart.

This Ancient Fiendgod was struggling intensely, causing the mountains and ground to crumble and emit roiling dust and smoke amidst its struggling, and the noise emitted from this resounded in the heavens and the earth and was powerful and terrifying to the extreme. But the part of its body beneath its spinal cord was imprisoned by numerous pitch black chains, so no matter how hard it tried, it was unable to struggle free of the shackles of the pitch black chains.

Those pitch black chains were surely a formidable divine object, otherwise, it would absolutely be impossible for it to restrain an Ancient Fiendgod here and cause it to be unable to lay waste to the world.


Chen Xi suddenly felt his hand shake tremendously. It was the Staruin Bow! This Shaman Treasure seized from the hands of Qi Yin had actually become restless at this moment, and it was about to slip out from his hand.

What a strong suction force. Could it be that this Ancient Fiendgod was drawn out because of this bow? Right, the materials used to refine this bow was obtained from an Ancient Fiendgod, and actions like this are absolutely an intolerable disrespect towards the Ancient Fiendgods that felt their statuses were extremely noble. Chen Xi instantly deduced many things in his mind. To a body refiner, a Shaman Treasure was a weapon they dreamt of the most, but to an Ancient Fiendgod, a Shaman Treasure was an existence that aroused the greatest detest in them. Because the birth of every single Shaman Treasure meant that an Ancient Fiendgod had met its doom.

When he realized this, Chen Xi tossed the Staruin Bow into the Buddha’s Pagoda right away. Right at this moment, he noticed that the enormous eyes of the Ancient Fiendgod in the distance suddenly shot towards him. The icy cold eye that was like a lake was filled with surging rage, and the terrifying might it emitted almost caused Chen Xi’s entire body to become stiff and even breathing became much more difficult.


In the end, under the restraint of the chains, the Ancient Fiendgod’s body fell down powerlessly, and it vanished from the enormous rift. After that, the rumbling sounds stopped, the dust and smoke gradually dispersed, and only terrifying ruins from what had happened remained.

Chen Xi didn’t speak for an extremely long time. This Gloom Forest was really dangerous and terrifying, and an unimaginable existence like an Ancient Fiendgod actually existed within it. The environment here was so adverse that it absolutely exceeded any of the dangerous places he’d experienced.

Chen Xi didn’t dare stay here any longer and continued heading forward. Unknowingly, he’d actually traveled a distance of a few tens of thousands of kilometers and a few days had passed by.

During these few days, he’d relied on the Starsky Wings that were swift like a bolt of lightning to avoid many ferocious beasts all along the way. Of course, it was unavoidable for a few fierce battles to occur.

It was to the extent that even up until now, Chen Xi hadn’t completely escaped from being pursued, as an enormous centipede that was completely bright silver in color had already been pursuing him for two days.

This was an extremely stubborn and formidable demon beast, it was more than 100m long and possessed a terrifying strength. The shell on its entire body was hard like steel, and even the Talisman Armament was incapable of shattering its shell, whereas its thousands of legs were like matchlessly sharp blades that shattered trees and swept through mountains. So long as Chen Xi slowed down slightly, it would follow along his aura to catch up, and it troubled him without end.

According to Chen Xi’s conjecture, this silver colored centipede’s strength was at least at the Rebirth Realm, and coupled with its outstanding defense and swift speed, it was utterly impossible for him to annihilate it.

He could only flee, so not to mention contemplating about how to deal with the Blacksun Pavilion, even escaping the terrifying demon beast behind him caused his head to ache at this moment.


A myriad of cold lights tore through the sky and swept out, instantly causing all the ancient trees and rocks in the surroundings to be completely shattered. Chen Xi didn’t have to turn around to know that the silver colored centipede had caught up once more.

He didn’t hesitate in the slightest to leap up and flash out explosively.


Chen Xi had just left when the ancient tree at the place he was standing earlier was chopped into half, and a myriad of enormous cracks were even cut open on the ground.

After that, an enormous silver colored centipede swung about thousands of legs as it shot out like a silver bolt of lightning. Its crimson red eyes stared in the direction Chen Xi fled as a trace of extreme rage flashed within. Just a little bit more, yet he escaped again…


Suddenly, violent howl resounded out from deep within the forest as a black figure that was over 30m tall charged out, and it stretched out its hand with extreme agility to grab towards the silver centipede.

Shockingly, this was a ferocious and violent enormous ape with golden fur that was suffused with a rosy light.

The silver centipede was shocked and hurriedly swung its thousands of sharp legs towards the enormous ape.


The enormous ape’s body was enormous, yet was extremely agile, and it transformed into a wisp of gold light that swiftly appeared at the head of the silver centipede before its hands smashed down like falling meteors. It broke open the extremely hard head of the silver centipede with a single strike.

At this moment, under the violent attacks of the enormous ape, this silver centipede that had chased after Chen Xi for a few days could only cry out in despair before perishing, and then its brains and flesh were completely devoured by the enormous ape.

This was the Gloom Forest. Danger and terrifying creatures were everywhere, the law of the jungle prevailed, and bloody killing intent was everywhere.

There was no reason to be used here. Those with weak strengths wouldn’t be able to survive for long because they would very likely become the food in another ferocious beast’s mouth in the next moment.

Subsequently, Chen Xi fought a few more bloody battles, encountered numerous dangers, and he even suffered heavy injuries on many occasions, causing him to almost lose his life. Fortunately, his body refinement cultivation was sufficiently formidable. So long as his head and heart weren’t injured, he was able to recover to his previous state in a short amount of time, so he was able to escape numerous assaults.

Presently, Chen Xi had formed an extremely good habit. So long as he stopped, he would recover his strength right away, and he would only stop for a short moment before leaving right away, as he didn’t have the slightest time to waste. Because if he spent more than 15 minutes at a single place, he would be assaulted by the ferocious beasts that came over after noticing his movements.

But, experiencing countless life and death battles was extremely beneficial towards Chen Xi’s strength and cultivation. Just the day before yesterday, his body refinement cultivation had already attained the intermediate-stage of the Golden Core Realm, and compared to before, his combat strength had increased by more than a little bit. Presently, even if he was to face a Rebirth Realm cultivator, he would be able to fight the cultivator equally.

Moreover, wandering and cultivating all along the way allowed Chen Xi to unexpectedly obtain a few ten types of rare spirit herbs that could be considered to be treasures of the heavens and the earth, and he’d even obtained the skin, bones, and materials from numerous ferocious beasts. All of these possessed an extremely shocking value, and if they were combined together and exchanged for Nascent Condensation Pills, they would at least be able to be exchanged for a few million pills, thus it was absolutely a considerable amount of wealth.

Right when Chen Xi was immersed in moving forward, at the side of a rocky area coiled with mist in the extreme depths of Gloom Forest was a group of people that were plotting a perfect and comprehensive ambush.

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