Chapter 331 – Breaking Out of the Tight Encirclement

Nineteen black clothed figures arrived soundlessly like spirits from hell, and the pair of eyes that were revealed on their faces that were covered by black cloths were icy cold, to the point they didn’t contain a trace of feelings.

The hearts of the group of villains jerked when being stared at by gazes like this, and for no reason or rhyme, they felt their entire bodies go cold as if they’d fallen into an icy pit as boundless terror gushed throughout their bodies.

These villains possessed extremely abundant experience in murder, and they were able to discern with a single glance that the killing intent emitted by these 19 figures was so piercingly cold that it was even denser than their own killing intent by more than 10 times. These were absolutely devils of slaughter that had walked in mountains of corpses and seas of blood!

The black clothed figure in the lead seemed to be the leader, and the figure’s eyes squinted upon noticing Qi Yin’s corpse on the ground.

One of the black clothed figures charged forward to search Qi Yin’s corpse for a moment and said, “He was just killed, and his time of death ought to be nine breaths of time earlier. It looks like the plan has failed and the target has probably noticed us and fled. But he has probably not gone far.”

The black clothed leader said indifferently, “Don’t give chase. The commander divided the 53 of us into three small teams this time, and we’re surrounding him from three directions. Unless that kid flees back to Firecrow Town, he’ll surely be ambushed and killed by the other two teams.”

The leader paused for a while, and then glanced at the group of villains present and said with an icy cold voice, “Kill them all, don’t let a single one survive!”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

As soon as the leader finished speaking, the other black clothed figures moved out instantly with a reaction speed and movement that was so swift, it simply attained an extent that caused one’s hair to stand on end. They were like machines of slaughter that were awaiting their orders at all times. Once the order was given, they moved out with a bang, and their fierce and murderous imposing aura was absolutely not something that could be tempered in a short period of time.

Numerous shrill cries swiftly resounded out in the surroundings of the forest.

Even though the strengths of these villains weren’t weak, they seemed to be utterly weak and fragile before the attacks of these black clothed figures, and one of them practically perished in every single breath of time.

A battle like this was amazingly close to a crushing slaughter, and the scene was extremely bloody.

On the crown of a nearby tree, Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as his enormous Divine Sense spread out via the Rippling Echo technique, causing everything that occurred in the battlefield to be fully reflected within his mind.

Early on, before he killed Qi Yin, his Divine Sense that completely surpassed a Rebirth Realm cultivator had acutely discerned something unusual in the surroundings. Not only had he noticed these black clothed figures, he’d even noticed the black clothed figures that were approaching from another two directions.

In other words, he’d already noticed that he’d fallen into a tight encirclement with enemies in three directions since long ago, and this was the reason why he didn’t flee.

But the appearance of these black clothed figures before him allowed him to instantly realize that this was a superb opportunity!

These Golden Core Realm assassins of the Blacksun Pavilion were in combat with those villains, and this was extremely beneficial for him to break out of this tight encirclement.

Moreover, he acutely noticed that this batch of assassins from the Blacksun Pavilion came from a direction that headed towards the depths of the Gloom Forest. So long as he broke out of the encirclement and followed along this path, he would perhaps be able to escape this adverse situation of being encircled.

Of course, it was extremely likely that their companions were ahead, but so long as he successfully broke out of the encirclement and escaped this situation of being surrounded, then his chances of surviving would be much greater.

Most importantly, he wasn’t afraid of anyone in this forest that possessed a complicated environment. As for those villains from Firecrow Town, he wasn’t stupid enough to think that he possessed the ability to rescue them.

Chen Xi’s train of thought became even clearer and he promptly decided to make a move because if he continued dallying, then the enemies coming from the other two directions would arrive.

The slaughter was still carrying on. At this moment, only a mere seven villains were still standing while covered in blood and injuries, and they would die in a short while.

Chen Xi moved silently like a leopard cat that moved in the darkness as he soundlessly laid in ambush by the side of a large tree, and the tips of his fingers flickered with an imperceptible True Essence sharp light. The energy fluctuations of the Talisman Armament was too great and would easily expose his traces, whereas he was capable of controlling the True Essence fluctuations on the tips of his fingers instead, so he didn’t have to worry about being noticed.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Amongst the last seven villains that remained, six were killed instantly, and only a single villain remained, yet he’d seized this slight gap to flash out and flee madly.

“Wood One, kill him. Everyone else clean up the battlefield and prepare to leave.” The leader of the black figures instructed with an indifferent voice.

“Yes.” A black clothed figure answer before flying out explosively like an arrow that left the bow, and he moved to pursue the villain. In next to no time, he caught up to the villain behind an extremely thick and large tree. 

After witnessing this scene and knowing that villain would face certain death, the leader of the black clothed figures turned to glance at the corpse of Qi Yin at the side, and then couldn’t help but sigh after sweeping it from top to bottom. “What a pity, that Starruin Bow was a Shaman Treasure of shocking value.”

Right at this moment, a sudden development arose!

At the side of the extremely thick and enormous tree that was 300m away, after he killed the final villain, the body of the black clothed figure called Wood One froze, and he actually stood frozen on the spot without moving.

“Wood One, what’s wrong?” Someone asked curiously. Wood One’s movements had always been agile and direct, and he’d never dallied. Could it be that there’s an enemy behind that tree?

The gazes of everyone couldn’t help but glance over.

“Watch out!” The leader’s eyes suddenly opened wide

A figure suddenly flashed out like a bolt of lightning from behind Wood One. This unforeseen event happened too quickly to the point that a trace of an extremely short gap appeared in the reactions of everyone, and this gap wasn’t even for a tenth of an instant.

However, it was precisely this less than a tenth of an instant worth of time that gave Chen Xi a superb opportunity.

His entire body was like a cheetah that had been accumulating strength while waiting to strike, and he suddenly erupted with his entire strength. A pair of shapeless wings appeared on his back, and in the next instant, he’d flashed out explosively like a wisp of illusory and translucent flowing light.

This was absolutely the first time since Chen Xi cultivated the Starsky Wings that he’d executed it to the limit, and his speed was so swift, the scenery before his eyes warped like a mirage as he teleported in the air.

Moreover, his aura had already locked onto the vital point of his enemy with extreme precision — the throat!

As he lightly swung up his right hand, a True Essence light that was like a sharp blade appeared, and it seemed like a wisp of cold light that suddenly appeared in the darkness.

Within Chen Xi’s field of vision, the pupils of his enemy constricted abruptly and were filled with surprise, terror, and panic. Chen Xi didn’t feel the slightest bit of pity, nor did he feel a shred of happiness. His feelings were extremely calm and composed to the point it was like glittering and bone piercing ice.


Chen Xi’s right hand flashed out abruptly like an agile swallow skimming the surface of a lake, and it smoothly and swiftly brushed lightly past the throat of his enemy. After that, he didn’t dally in the slightest as his figure turned like a divine dragon swinging its tail, and he pounced towards another enemy.

If he wanted to charge out of the encirclement, then he had to first kill three people that were obstructing his path. Presently, he’d already killed two of them, and he only had to deal with another one before he would be able to attain his goal.


Another sound that was extremely minute resounded out as Chen Xi’s figure charged towards the final person. However, right at this moment, a wave of strong energy fluctuations came from behind him, and a sense of danger suddenly arose in his heart.

But Chen Xi didn’t alter his movements. His eyes were still calm as water as he leaped on the ground to flash behind the final black clothed figure with a somersault, and then he slashed his palm onto the enemy’s throat before swinging and tossing this person’s corpse behind him.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Streams of blade lights that were like a rainstorm tore through the sky as they struck towards him, and they instantly slashed this person’s corpse apart and into mush, causing pieces of the corpse to spray all over the sky and a bloody smell to assault the noses of everyone present.

Chen Xi didn’t have the time to see who attacked him from behind. He seized this opportunity to execute the Starsky Wings with his full strength and instantly vanished within the depths of the forest, and not the slightest sign of him could be see any longer.

The person who launched an attack at him earlier was the leader of this group of black clothed figures. His strength was the strongest and possessed extremely abundant experience, and he’d noticed something was amiss when Wood One stood frozen by the side of the enormous tree, but what he never imagined was that the target was actually so formidable!

This quick flow of actions could be said to cause one to have too many things for the eye to take in, and it gave him an unprecedented shock.

The figure of his target was like a ghost, and the target’s method of killing was agile and without the slightest hesitation, causing coldness to emerge from his heart. This was the first time since he carried out missions that his target had broken out of his encirclement!

Meanwhile, the others recovered from their shock, and all of their expressions became grim as their entire bodies became stiff. Everything that occurred earlier happened in around the time of a single breath, whereas it was precisely within this breath of time that their target hadn’t just charged out of their encirclement, but had already vanished without a trace now.

All of them looked at the directions Chen Xi vanished at with pale expressions, and they went silent in unison.

After a short moment, the leader returned to his senses, and his voice was icy cold and seemed as if it was squeezed out from the cracks between hit teeth. “Send out the news about what happened here right away. All of us will probably be struck with misfortune if we don’t catch this fellow! After all, our Blacksun Pavilion only allows success and not failure when carrying out missions!”

“There’s no need, we’ve already arrived.” Right at this moment, a hoarse and unpleasant voice resounded out, and then over 10 black clothed figures appeared from the south.

Moreover, at the same time, another 10 plus black clothed figures similarly appeared from the north, and they flew over extremely swiftly. But unlike the other two groups of black clothed figures, at the center of this group of black clothed figures was a peerlessly beautiful woman with fluttering black hair who was in a blood colored dress, and her expression was icy cold to the extreme.

Amidst this group of black clothed figures that wore black colored cloths on their faces, this woman undoubtedly seemed extremely conspicuous. She was the Golden Core Realm commander level assassin of the Blacksun Pavilion, the assassin that was ranked 76th on the Blacksun Golden Core Rankings, Rose!

The instant she made an appearance, the expressions of all the other black colored figures turned fearful as they lowered their heads and bowed to indicate their respect.

Clang! Clang!

Rose walked by herself towards the two corpses and scanned them with her gaze for a short moment before raising her head, and then she stretched out her white hand to release a wisp of flames that instantly blazed the corpses into nothingness. Shockingly, there was a blood colored chain with the thickness of a thumb on her right wrist that was white like snow, and it emitted a wave of clear, melodious, and pleasant sounds of impact when she moved earlier.

“Not only was he able to notice our tracks, he was even able to seize a short time of a single breath to break out of the tight encirclement before he was completely encircled. This person is a formidable enemy indeed.” Rose spoke indifferently with an icy cold voice that didn’t contain a shred of emotion, and then she said with a wave of her hand, “Move out! Use the Universe Teleportation Talismans to converge with Commander Crimsonfox.”

Along with the wave of her hand, the blood colored chain on her wrist emitted a clear, melodious, and pleasant sound once more, and it resounded out in this dim forest while carrying a trace of an icy cold aura that caused one’s heart to palpitate. 

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