Chapter 328 – Annihilating Villains

The one-eyed man’s death stunned everyone present.

Even the eyes of the tavern owner and Qiao Sheng who hid behind the counter open wide with shock when they saw this scene. This newcomer young man is too ferocious, right?

The Firecrow Town was the place of exile for all villains in the Darchu Dynasty, and these villains gathered here in throngs. All that were capable of surviving here were extremely ferocious existences.

Moreover, there were newcomers joining Firecrow Town practically every single day. But all these newcomers would very quickly be dealt with by these veterans, to the point of becoming exceedingly obedient, and some that dared resist would only have a single end: death. A situation where a newcomer was capable of annihilating a veteran rarely occurred.

Yet Chen Xi had succeeded, and he’d only used a single sword strike to kill a veteran whose hands were covered in blood and possessed abundant experience before everyone could react!

But the following scene was even more shocking.

After he killed the one-eyed man, Chen Xi actually didn’t hold back in the slightest, and he stomped out to launch a slaughter once again. His Talisman Armament tore through the sky like a wisp of smoke, and it pierced out with the matchlessly swift Xun Sword of Wind directly towards Scarecrow Zhang.

Since the moment he saw Scarecrow Zhang nailing the naked corpses of women on numerous wooden pillars that were exposed to the cold wind, Chen Xi had already aroused killing intent towards this person.

Indeed. These women were sinners that had fled to Firecrow Town, but on what basis did they have to die at the hands of Scarecrow Zhang that was similarly a villain? Moreover, their corpses were exposed in the wild and suffered all kinds of torture after their deaths?

The death of the one-eyed man caused Scarecrow Zhang to explode into rage. He felt as if it was because he didn’t make a move in time that caused the death of the one-eyed man, so he was extremely furious and was just about to make a move to torture and kill Chen Xi. Yet never had he imagined that Chen Xi had actually struck his sword towards him, and the flames of rage in Scarecrow Zhang’s heart was instantly about to explode out.

“Damnable kid! You probably don’t know how cruel your grandfather’s methods are, right?” The furious Scarecrow Zhang’s reaction was similarly exceedingly swift. He was one of the five great villains of Firecrow Town, and his strength was at the absolute top. 

When Chen Xi’s sword assaulted him, he’d already dodged to the side, and then a curved blade that emitted cold light appeared with a raise of his hand before slashing towards Chen Xi’s neck.

But even though his reaction was swift, Chen Xi’s was swifter. The Talisman Armament in Chen Xi’s hand turned, transforming the Xun Sword of Wind into the Zhen Sword of Lightning, and a bolt of lightning tore through the sky as the glow of lightning shot into the sky. The Talisman Armament shattered the curved blade that assaulted him, and then it didn’t lose momentum in the slightest as it instantly tore open Scarecrow Zhang’s belly!

In the blink of an eye, one of the five great villains, Scarecrow Zhang, fell on the ground and perished.

The space within the tavern was extremely small and narrow, and the battle between the two even occurred in a tiny space. It looked to possess an impetus that shocked the heavens and the earth, but every single move was straightforward, ruthless, and fatal. It was absolutely dangerous and ruthless to the extreme, and so long as one of them slightly hesitated, it would be possible for them to encounter a fatal injury from their opponent.

Moreover, Chen Xi seemed to not be just a little bit stronger. The quality of the Talisman Armament in his hand similarly suppressed Scarecrow Zhang’s curved blade, allowing him to directly blast apart the curved blade with force and kill Scarecrow Zhang.

If it was a weapon that could compare to the Talisman Armament, then perhaps it would be impossible for Scarecrow Zhang to have died so fast. Unfortunately, there would never be an ‘if’ in this world.

At the heart of the matter, Chen Xi’s moves, combat technique, and Magic Treasure firmly surpassed Scarecrow Zhang, so Scarecrow Zhang deserved to be killed in a short instant.


Everyone gasped as they watched one of the five great villains, Scarecrow Zhang, perish in a single move. Everyone felt as if the world was crumbling down, and it felt so unreal.

The figures of some of the villains that originally wanted to charge over froze when they saw this scene, and they were unable to take another stride, as they were already completely terrified by this strike. Where did this fellow come from, why is he even more like a villain than us?


The tavern door was suddenly blasted apart. Skull Li saw that the situation wasn’t going so well and intended to flee. But how could Chen Xi let this villain that made human skulls into a necklace off?

His figure shook and had already followed closely behind Skull Li to charge out of the tavern.

For no reason or rhyme, everyone in the tavern heaved a sigh of relief in their hearts when they saw Chen Xi leave, and it was as if so long as Chen Xi was here for a moment, they would be unable to catch a breath.

“The Soulmoon Blade in Scarecrow Zhang’s possession is a top-grade earth-rank Magic Treasure, how did it get shattered instantly? Could it be that the sword in that kid’s possession has a quality that’s even higher than the Soulmoon Blade?” Someone looked at the pieces of the curved blade with a surprised and doubtful expression as he muttered.

“No matter how good a Magic Treasure is, it depends on the person using it. If that kid’s sword technique wasn’t formidable, then how could he be able to kill Scarecrow Zhang with one and a half moves? That sword technique… Just thinking about it now causes terror to arise in my heart!” Someone spoke with a lingering fear.

“All of you still have the free time to pay attention to all this? Flee, quickly! After that maleficent existence kills Skull Li, he’ll surely come back to deal with us. After all, all of us aroused bad intentions towards him. If we don’t flee now, then when?” Someone’s heart burned with anxiety as he spoke.

When fleeing for their lives were mentions, everyone instantly returned to their senses. Right, that kid looks like a ruthless and merciless person. We’ll really be killed by him if we still don’t flee…

“Ah!” However, right when everyone intended to flee, an extremely gloomy shrill cry suddenly sounded out from outside the tavern. At the same time that this cry sounded out, Chen Xi’s figure had once again returned to the tavern.

He held a head that dripped with blood in his hand. Shockingly, it was Skull Li.

In the past, Skull Li was addicted to making human skulls into a necklace, yet now, he instead had his head chopped off by Chen Xi. The hearts of everyone were filled with terror and uneasiness when they saw this scene. Not to mention fleeing, they didn’t even have the courage to look Chen Xi in the eye.


Chen Xi casually tossed it out, and Skull Li’s head cracked apart and exploded into a ball of blood and shattered bones before dropping to the ground. However, Chen Xi’s gaze had already looked towards Crimson Matthiola and Wu Fuzi, and he couldn’t help but shake his head as he looked at their terrified and uneasy expressions. “Scarecrow Zhang is dead. Skull Li who wanted to make my skull into a bone pearl is dead. What about the two of you? Do you still want to make me into fertilizer or stuff me into a hole to emit shrill cries?”

“We don’t dare, we don’t dare.” The two of them shook their heads like a rattle. Even if they were villains whose hands were tainted with blood, but when they were facing a threat to their own lives, they still seemed to be so terrified and weak.

“I’ll give both of you a chance, end your own lives.” Chen Xi spoke indifferently as he wasn’t a softhearted person. Since these wicked and evil villains dared to offend him, then he must remove all future troubles.

“Please… I beg you Senior, give this little girl a way out!” Crimson Matthiola implored with a sorrowful voice, and her expression was sad and pitiable.

“This lowly one’s crimes deserves a thousand deaths, and I had eyes but failed to see. Senior, please let me off.” Wu Fuzi didn’t have the slightest scholarly temperament any longer, and tears streamed down his face as he revealed extreme remorse.

Chen Xi stayed silent and wasn’t moved in the slightest.

When they saw they were unable to move Chen Xi, Crimson Matthiola and Wu Fuzi glanced at each other as a trace of resentment and hatred flashed within their eyes, and then they attacked brazenly at practically the exact same time.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Crimson Matthiola’s white hand waved out, causing numerous blood colored flying knives that flickered with a cold light to tear through the sky as they assaulted Chen Xi. These flying knives had peculiar shapes like flower petals, and they crisscrossed in midair to form a gorgeous blood colored Matthiola pattern that gushed with Dao Insight within it. It was actually a formidable Dao Grade martial technique.

At practically the exact same time, Wu Fuzi attacked as well. A pitch black jade fan appeared in his hand before spreading open, and boundless sharp cries that were like the sounds of ghosts wailing gushed out with a bang and the waves of sound stayed condensed without dispersing. The shapeless waves of sound were like the ripples that extended on the surface of a lake, and they crushed the space to the point it shattered inch by inch as they struck towards Chen Xi. 

Shockingly, this sound wave attack contained a trace of Rhythm Dao Insight!

But when facing with these successive and terrifying attacks, Chen Xi just casually slashed out with his sword, and a fierce sword qi that contained the vast and mighty Kan Sword of Water shot out.


The sword qi was like the tide as it struck the shore. In an instant, the mighty and boundless sword qi had shattered and drowned all the attacks, whereas Crimson Matthiola and Wu Fuzi who were caught off guard were assaulted by this sword qi. Their bodies had countless injuries that dripped with blood slashed upon them, and they looked like two people who were covered in blood from afar.

Bang! Bang!

Crimson Matthiola and Wu Fuzi utterly didn’t have the time to emit a shrill cry at the moment before their death before they’d already fallen and perished in unison.

There was nothing in the world more delicate than water, and nothing without a strong attack could defeat it. This was the Grand Dao of Water’s Kan Sword of Water. It was difficult to be countered by a strong attack, causing it to be impossible to resist.

In a short amount of time, besides Qi Yin who was wandering the Gloom Forest, the other four of the five great villains of Firecrow Town had perished beneath Chen Xi’s sword.

The hearts of everyone in the tavern was dead like ash, and the gazes they shot at Chen Xi were already filled with despair. They knew that even if all of them joined forces, they would probably not be a match for this person.


Truly too terrifying!

Even four of the five most formidable great villains in Firecrow Town had perished before a single move of his. Even though his cultivation was only at the initial-stage of the Golden Core Realm, his strength was really terrifying, to the point it caused everyone present to feel despair.

At this moment, these villains were simply like a group of helpless lambs, and they had a feeling of resigning themselves to their fate as they actually didn’t even have the thought of struggling and fighting desperately for their lives.

The atmosphere in the tavern seemed to be extremely silent, and even the air was extremely heavy.

“Little Brother, you’ve already killed enough people today. How about you let them off?” Amidst this atmosphere that was oppressive to the point it was suffocating, the tavern owner that had always stayed behind the counter spoke out slowly.

“Alright! Of course.” Chen Xi spoke loudly and seemed to have agreed without the slightest hesitation.

Everyone was stunned as they entirely never imagined that Chen Xi would actually agree so easily to this. For a time, they didn’t know if they should believe it or not, so no one dared be the first to leave.

“He let all of you leave, so leave! What’re all of you still standing here for?” Qiao Sheng berated from the side.

Everyone seemed as if they’d awakened from a dream when they heard this, then they fled with a loud clamor as if the tavern had already become a den of monsters, and their lives would be in jeopardy if they stayed for another moment.

Instantly, only Chen Xi, the tavern owner, and Qiao Sheng remained in the Firecrow Tavern.

“I’ve agreed to your request, so I hope you can answer a question of mine truthfully.” Chen Xi withdrew the map of the Gloom Forest he’d just purchased, and he stared at the tavern owner as he said, “Is this map actually genuine?”

An imperceptible trace of fleeting panic flashed in the depths of the tavern owner’s eyes before quickly returning to normal, and he was just about to speak when he was stopped by Chen Xi.

“I’ll repeat one more time. I hope that I can obtain a real answer. Otherwise…” Chen Xi looked at the surroundings and said indifferently, “I’m afraid you’ll have to be buried along with this tavern.”

The tavern owner was unconsciously covered in sweat, his smile was extremely stiff and forced, and he hesitated to speak. He seemed as if he felt that once he spoke these words, then he would face annihilation.

“Guest, you…” Qiao Sheng couldn’t help but speak out from the side.

Chen Xi directly interrupted him and said coldly, “It looks like the orders of the Blacksun Pavilion are obviously more important than your lives in your hearts?”

Blacksun Pavilion!

The pupils of the tavern owner and Qiao Sheng constricted when they heard these words, and then their entire bodies seemed as if they’d lost all spirit and energy, causing them to crash down and sit weakly on the ground. 

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