Chapter 325 – Start

Right when Chen Xi had just walked out of the Crimsonscale Treasured Wagon, a special meeting was being carried out in the depths of the Wise King’s Estate.

At the innermost depths of the Wise King’s Estate was an illusory space that was filled with Immortal Energy. Numerous beautiful mountain ranges stood amidst the clouds and mist. Each of these mountain ranges contained shockingly dense spirit energy, and there were 108 mountains that formed a natural grand formation.

Vast spirit energy gushed out from the mountain peaks and was refined by the grand formation to form strands of intangible and translucent azure colored Immortal Energy that drifted in the entire space.

The sky here had an enormous and extremely dazzling ball of fire hanging upon it, and it could be compared to the sun. It illuminated the surroundings, causing every single inch in the space to be bathed in bright light that was exceedingly gorgeous, and a myriad of auspicious clouds hung in the sky.

Magnificent light and dense auspicious clouds.

This space that was opened up in the depths of the Wise King’s Estate was the location where the Wise King, Huangfu Jingtian, usually cultivated.

At this moment, at the mountain peak in the center that emitted Immortal Energy, the tall and stalwart Huangfu Jingtian, who wore an imperial robe with nine pythons on it and a gold plated tall crown, sat cross-legged there. As his eyes opened and closed, strands of golden colored bolts of lightning rumbled and revolved, and it was an extremely terrifying sight.

Shockingly, there were numerous figures sitting cross-legged on the other five mountain peaks in Huangfu Jingtian’s surroundings. The Whitecrane Sect’s Supreme Elder, Daoist Long He, the Earthly Heaven Sect’s Earthly Immortal Realm expert, Zhao Zimei, the Nine Cauldron Immortal Sect’s Earthly Immortal Realm expert, Chong Xu the unfettered, the eastern sea’s Dragonshark Isle’s Master, Mo Lanhai, and the northern barbaric lands’ Skycave Mountain’s Master, Lord Liu Xiao.

These five Earthly Immortal Realm experts of the central plains, eastern sea, and northern barbaric lands had actually converged at the Wise King’s Estate!

“I’ve just obtained news that the little fellow from Pine Mist City has already left the Azure County City on a Crimsonscale Treasured Wagon, and the Blacksun Ambush can finally begin.” Huangfu Jingtian spoke slowly with a voice that was like a thunderclap that resounded within the entire space, and it was filled with supreme dignity. “I invited Fellow Daoists here today with an extremely simple objective, and it’s to discuss how the treasures in the possession of this kid should be divided upon his death.”

Dividing the treasures in Chen Xi’s possession?

The other five Earthly Immortal Realm experts were stunned, and their eyes instantly burned with flames.

According to their knowledge, there were at least three Immortal Artifacts amongst the treasures in Chen Xi’s possession. Moreover, he’d obtained most of the benefits from Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault, causing him to simply be like a human shaped treasure mountain, so they couldn’t help but be moved by it. Otherwise, they wouldn’t take such a great risk to go against Chen Xi.

Of course, the most moving of them all was undoubtedly those three Immortal Artifacts.

Earthly Immortal Realm experts looked to be wonderful, yet they actually lived with more difficulty than other cultivators. The nine waves of Heavenly Tribulations were like a sharp sword that hung above their heads and pressed down upon them to the point they were unable to catch their breaths, and it was even to the extent that slight carelessness could cause them to perish.

So for the sake of increasing the possibility that they succeeded in overcoming the Heavenly Tribulations, besides cultivating bitterly, they searched for various Magic Treasures utilized for overcoming the tribulations, and Immortal Artifacts undoubtedly possessed an extremely great beneficial effect when overcoming the tribulations and were far from something that other things could compare to.

It was utterly not exaggerated to say that once one possessed an Immortal Artifact, almost all Earthly Immortal Realm experts would be able to safely overcome one or more Heavenly Tribulations!

So to the six Earthly Immortal Realm old freaks present, the three Immortal Artifacts in Chen Xi’s possession undoubtedly possessed a matchless force of attraction. Thus, none of them would easily let it go.

“There are six of us, yet only three Immortal Artifacts. Moreover, the Buddha’s Pagoda amongst them is a damaged Immortal Artifact without an Artifact Spirit. Compared to the other two, it’s obviously not on the same level. I wonder how Wise King wants to divide them?” The person that spoke was the eastern sea’s Dragonshark Isle’ Master, Mo Lanhai. This person sat cross-legged on the mountain peak in an extremely dominating position and was filled with an overbearing aura, and his entire body was like a vast ocean and flowed with blue lights that enveloped his entire body, causing his appearance to be blurred. When looked at from afar, he was like a god born from the blue sea, a supreme existence that one could only look up to.

Actually, in terms of imposing aura, everyone had their own merits. All of their strengths were around the 6th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm and none of them were inferior to the other. Otherwise, it would be impossible for them to be on equal footing with the Wise King, Huangfu Jingtian.

A trace of coldness arose in Huangfu Jingtian’s heart as he said with an emotionless expression, “I called everyone here together because I wanted to hear your opinions. I wonder if anyone has any brilliant ideas about this?”

Everyone looked at each other, yet none of them continued speaking. If it was possible, they wished for nothing more than to take possession of all three Immortal Artifacts, so who would be willing to share it equally with the others?

But obviously, this would absolutely not happen.

Because to any one of the people present, asking them to give up the chance of obtaining an Immortal Artifact before them would absolutely be more serious than asking for their lives. No matter who it was, they wouldn’t agree to it.

However, there just happened to be only three Immortal Artifacts, and if they were divided, there would surely be three people that weren’t able to obtain one. When facing such a difficult problem, they could only use silence to indicate their attitudes towards it.

“Wise King, the Blacksun Ambush hasn’t started, and that kid is still well and alive. Aren’t we being a little too anxious by doing this?” Daoist Long He frowned with his white brows as he broke the silence and said slowly, “Actually, up until now, I’m still worried about one thing. We six have joined forced to entrust the Blacksun Pavilion to carry out a large scale ambush against Chen Xi. If this matter is found out by the Violet Thistle Bai Clan, then the consequences are truly worrying.”

When the Violet Thistle Bai Clan was mentioned, the hearts of the other old freaks jerked as well, and their expressions became much more serious. Even though they knew that acting in this way would offend the Bai Clan, they still felt uneasy, as if a sword was pointed at their backs when this was mentioned.

“Aren’t the worries of Fellow Daoist Long He slightly unnecessary? We aren’t personally making a move in the operation this time, so even if the Bai Clan wants to punish someone, they would vent their rage onto the Blacksun Pavilion. What does that have to do with us?” The Wise King Huangfu Jingtian laughed loudly and said with completely indifference, “Not to mention we gave that kid a way out. So long as he doesn’t head to Silken City, he’ll still be able to live well.”

The Earthly Heaven Sect’s Zhao Zimei nodded and said, “The Wise King is right. We’ve specially instructed the Blacksun Pavilion that they can’t utilize a force above the Golden Core Realm against that kid in the Blacksun Ambush this time. Moreover, we entrusted people with the task of revealing to that kid that so long as he’s able to survive the Blacksun Ambush, the enmity between us would be written off. These conditions have already sufficiently indicated our sincerity. Even if the Violet Thistle Bai Clan finds out, they wouldn’t unreasonably go against us, right?”

The words of Huangfu Jingtian and Zhao Zimei caused the expressions of everyone present to ease up. Right, that kid was given a way out of the ambush and the ambush even had conditions set upon it. Besides that, all of us have utterly not made a move personally. Even if the Bai Clan finds out about this matter, what can they do?

Daoist Long He’s white brows were still knit tightly as he sighed. “Everyone, it isn’t that I’m cowardly, but have any of you heard of the Blacksun Pavilion’s assassinations failing? No matter how many conditions we used to start the ambush, that kid will surely face death. So long as the Bai Clan investigates slightly, they would be able to understand the whole story.”

Huangfu Jingtian spoke with displeasure. “So in this way, Fellow Daoist Long He intends to withdraw? Alright, it’s not too late for you to withdraw now, and all of us will absolutely not say a word. Even if the Bai Clan wants to lay down the blame, it would have nothing to do with you. But after Chen Xi dies, you won’t get a share of the three Immortal Artifacts in his possession.” 

When he spoke up to here, Huangfu Jingtian’s gaze swept the others as he said coldly, “Who else intends to withdraw? You can speak of it now, and I guarantee I won’t say a word.”

When it involved three Immortal Artifacts, even Daoist Long He went silent, so the others naturally wouldn’t withdraw at a time like this either. Moreover, not to mention if doing this would allow them to escape the rage of the Bai Clan, merely withdrawing would cause the others to bear grudges in their hearts and take them as an enemy. The effect of this adverse circumstance would even implicate the sects behind them, so it was extremely not worth it.

Every one of them were old freaks that had lived for countless years, so they were naturally capable of differentiating this little bit of advantage and disadvantage.

Huangfu Jingtian couldn’t help but laugh coldly in his heart when he saw this scene, and then his expression focused. His hand swiped out to cause a door to split open in the space beside him, and then a jade slip flew out and was grabbed in his hand.

“Hahaha, the heavens are really on my side!” After Huangfu Jingtian finished reading the contents of the jade slip, he couldn’t help but laugh loudly, and then he said, “Let me tell everyone a piece of good news. According to the information sent over by the Blacksun Pavilion, the Violet Thistle Bai Clan is in transition from old to new. The new Bai Clan Patriarch is about to ascend his position and has no time to attend to other things. Moreover, once the new Bai Clan Patriarch ascends to his position, he’ll converge the entire strength of the Bai Clan to establish a new piece of territory, causing the Bai Clan to absolutely not send a large force to the Darchu Dynasty in the next one thousand years!”

The bodies of everyone shook and their brows eased up when they heard this before roaring in laughter from this pleasant surprise.

“But Fellow Daoists, even though we don’t have to worry about the Bai Clan sending out a large force, we have to be on guard against someone from the Bai Clan being especially concerned about this kid. So unless we have no other choice, it’s better for us to not make a move personally. We’ll let Blacksun Pavilion take the blame for this.” Huangfu Jingtian grinned as he reminded them.

Everyone nodded, as they’d considered this situation as well.

“Alright, this kid will be unable to escape calamity, so we should discuss how to divide those three Immortal Artifacts.” Huangfu Jingtian’s expression went solemn as he once again mentioned the problem from before.

The worry in everyone’s heart was swept away completely at this moment, so they didn’t feel aversion to this problem and started speaking out in succession right away as they discussed this matter together. 


Azure County City, in an illusory space that was similarly opened up in the world.

A man with an ordinary appearance bowed solemnly and respectfully. “Seventh Leader, I’ve already passed on the news to the Wise King’s Estate. Shall we start the operation now?”

An old man with a benevolent and kind countenance stood 30m ahead of the man. If Chen Xi was here, he would surely be able to recognize that this old man was shockingly the Rebirth Realm cultivator that presided over the number 3 combat ring in the Goldlake Meeting, Cui Shan!

But unlike before, Cui Shan’s entire body emitted an extremely terrifying aura at this moment, and it condensed at his back to form into an enormous black sun, and it seemed to be extremely mysterious.

Cui Shan pondered deeply and said, “Chen Xi can’t be underestimated. I watched 100 battles of his, and his strength is even slightly stronger than Young Master Zhou and Su Chan. Repeat the operation to me once more so that I can see if there are any flaws.”

Jiang Xun thought for a moment before replying. “A total of 163 Golden Core Realm assassins have been deployed this time, and they’re led by three commander level figures — The 76th on the Golden Core Rankings, Rose, the 68th, Crimsonfox, and the 65th, Whitesky. 

“The route for the operation this time is situated in the dangerous areas between the Azure County and Thunder City. The three commanders have already led their teams in and are distributed all over the route. They’re only waiting for Chen Xi to fall into the net.”

“Moreover, for contingency’s sake, there are another few more commanders and three 50 man teams waiting for orders.”

Cui Shan nodded and said, “Good. Not to mention a Golden Core Realm cultivator, even a Rebirth Realm cultivator would be unable to escape death before such a force. Send out the instructions, start the Blacksun Ambush! Be sure to remember that you’re only allowed to succeed and not fail in the operation this time!”

Jiang Xun nodded before turning around and leaving.

I originally intended on taking him into the Blacksun Pavilion to serve me. Relying on his strength, he’ll surely be able to become a first-rate assassin amongst the Golden Core Realm commanders. Unfortunately, the price offered by the buyers was too high. They want to see him in the flesh, dead or alive, so I can only give up… Cui Shan sighed lightly, and with a wave of his hand, he and the illusory space vanished instantly in unison. 

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