Chapter 323 – Golden Core Realm In Body Refinement


Within the room, Chen Xi had a calm and solemn expression as he sat cross-legged on the bed, and a wave sounds that were like tempestuous thunderclaps resounded out from within his body. A profound rhythm was faintly revealed from within the sounds, and it was like the sound of the Grand Dao as it sounded out in waves.

After he dealt with Ji Yue last night, Chen Xi made up his mind to start charging into the Golden Core Realm of body refinement right away.

At this moment, he was working hard to increase the vital energy and blood of his body to the most optimum state so that he would be able to use it to endure the Baleful Divinewater and the energy of the dragon soul and Blood Essence contained within the Dragonsoul Jade Pendant.

After a long time, all the sounds returned to normal and Chen Xi suddenly opened his eyes, and then he didn’t hesitate in the slightest to raise his hand and slap the three violet gold colored gourds. Every single pore in his entire body opened up as he madly absorbed the Baleful Divinewater like a whale swallowing water.

The Baleful Divinewater was a supreme body refinement divine treasure in the heavens and the earth. Not only was the energy contained within it capable of tempering the impurities within the body, it was also capable of providing the miraculous effect of consolidating the cultivation and foundation of the body.

If the body was said to be a piece of porcelain, then the Baleful Divinewater’s use was to eliminate the unfinished parts of the porcelain, expanding the volume of the porcelain and allowing it to become clean and clear while possessing a hard and solid quality.


Along with the Baleful Divinewater charging into his body, the strength of Chen Xi’s body skyrocketed ceaselessly, and it became more and more tough and tensile. During the process of his cultivation, his body emitted rumbling sounds as his muscles collided with each other like two large mountains clashing with each other, and the force of the sound was rather immense.

Ordinary body refining used flames, the stars, ice, and other external energies to temper the body, whereas, the Baleful Divinewater’s tempering of the body wasn’t only reflected on the outside, even every single internal organ in the body, the skin, and even hairs were being tempered ceaselessly.

It was even to the extent that if a hair on Chen Xi’s head was madly chopped with a profound-rank flying sword now, one could only dream of chopping it off!

This was the strength of a body refiner. It wasn’t just their bodies that were strong, even the internal organs and bones within the body and hair outside the body would obtain a qualitative transformation.


Rumbling sounds that were like the sounds of the Grand Dao resounded from Chen Xi’s body once more as his muscles, bones, tendons, skin, internal organs…his entire body was cheering with a strange rhythm, and it seemed like the heavens and the earth were resonating with him while carrying a strand of a beautiful feeling of happiness.

His skin was faintly suffused with a layer of a white jadelike sheen, and it was crystalline and translucent to the point it was like the most flawless jade in the world, whereas the aura his entire body emitted was like a terrifying Magic Treasure that gave others an unshakeable and indestructible feeling.

In next to no time, the energy of the Baleful Divinewater was completely absorbed, and the aura on Chen Xi’s body swiftly concealed itself and vanished, causing him to recover to normal. His skin was still white and seemed to be tough and elastic, and it was utterly impossible to discern how strong it was.

Without the slightest dallying and seizing the moment his body had attained its optimum state, Chen Xi’s right hand held the Dragonsoul Jade Pendant rightly within it before he circulated his cultivation to absorb the dragon soul and Blood Essence within the jade pendant.

According to legend, the Dragonsoul Jade Pendant contained a trace of Blood Essence and soul of the primordial divine beast, Green Dragon. When worn on the body, it provided a mysterious and formidable beneficial effect towards one’s cultivation. Within the Darchu Dynasty, only the members of the Imperial Family possessed such a precious treasure.

To qi refiners, wearing the Dragonsoul Jade Pendant would allow one to avoid all sickness and evil, allowing one to utterly not have to worry of the danger of suffering from qi deviation when cultivating, whereas to body refiners, so long as they were able to absorb the trace of Blood Essence and soul within it, it would be sufficient to allow the body, vital energy, blood, and Shaman Energy to obtain a tremendous increase to a completely new height.

At this moment, what Chen Xi wanted to do was to absorb the trace of Blood Essence and enormous ‘energy of a dragon’ contained within the Dragonsoul Jade Pendant to advance his cultivation to the Golden Core Realm!


Mu Kui guarded outside Chen Xi’s room’s door with a vigilant expression, and even his eyes didn’t blink.

His Master, Chen Xi, was charging to the Golden Core Realm, and no mishap could be allowed to happen at this time, otherwise, he would suffer qi deviation or even death.

Coupled with that, the most terrifying assassination organization in the world, the Blacksun Pavilion, was about to carry out an ambush against Chen Xi. Under these circumstances, Mu Kui didn’t dare be careless in the slightest, and the nerves in his entire body were strained, as he was deeply afraid that the slightest thing would go wrong.

There were numerous guests in the inn during the day, and most of them were drinking wine and chatting, causing it to seem as if nothing was amiss. Actually, there was no danger indeed. The order in Azure County City had always been known for being good, and battles and strife rarely occurred. So, Mu Kui’s worry was obviously slightly unnecessary.

It was even to the extent that when his nervous and solemn expression entered into the eyes of the inn’s guests, all of them felt extremely curious. This fellow is so nervous. Could it be that something shady is going on within the room behind him?

“Hey, do you think some young girl is being forced to sell herself within that room, and this fellow is a henchman that’s on the lookout?”

“In broad daylight? It’s impossible for someone to be such a pervert, right?”

“You don’t understand. Some fellows these days just happen to like this, and they seek excitement.”

“Now that you say this, I really feel it might be that. Haha! I wonder who that fellow in the room is. If I have the time, I have to properly seek guidance from him in some romantic stuff of the bedroom.”

“I think you should forget it. Didn’t you see that fellow is a demon cultivator, and it’s probably a demon cultivator within the room. Compared to those demon cultivators, us humans aren’t as impressive as they are in these things!”

“So that’s how it is. No wonder some fellows who are incapable like to frequently purchase the thing in the nether regions of some fierce beasts for a hefty sum. So it turns out that this thing is greatly beneficial!”

Some guests were utterly bored, and they took Mu Kui and Chen Xi who was in the room as a source of pleasure to ridicule and laugh at, causing some of the men present to break out in laughter, whereas some women lowered their heads in embarrassment instead as they spat and cursed endlessly.

Mu Kui glared furiously and wished for nothing more than to charge over and bash those bastards with mouths full of shit, but when he thought of his Master that was within the room, he forcefully endured it.

“Roar!” Right when everyone was laughing from ear to ear, a roar that was like the roar of a dragon sounded out abruptly and shook the heavens and the earth. The roar was filled with supreme dignity and the faint aura of a dragon, causing the expressions of everyone to go pale instantly as a chill ran down their spines.

What a terrifying aura!

The entire inn instantly became perfectly silent to the point a falling needle could be heard, and the gazes of everyone shot up towards the room behind Mu Kui with astonishment because the shocking dragon roar had come precisely from there!

Could it be that the demon cultivator within the room is a formidable existence that possesses the inheritance of a dragon’s bloodline?

The hearts of everyone jerked, and those fellows who brazenly joked about Mu Kui and Chen Xi went pale and felt uneasy. When they thought of how they’d unknowingly offended a formidable existence that was capable of emitting a faint aura of a dragon, they felt nervous and almost couldn’t restrain themselves from fleeing.

Mu Kui couldn’t help but sneer without end when he saw the terrified appearances of these fellows, but he was similarly extremely astonished in his heart. Why has Master made such a great commotion? Could it be that his body refinement cultivation has already advanced successfully?

Chen Xi hadn’t advanced. All of this was because the trace of Blood Essence and soul within the Dragonsoul Jade Pendant contained an energy that was too enormous and mighty. After it gushed into his body, it was simply like a wild and unyielding fierce beast that went on a rampage, and he exhausted a great deal of strength before finally subduing it.

But it was precisely because it was strong that its effects were obvious and could even be described as shocking.

At this moment, the nine Shaman Markings on Chen Xi’s back that were arranged according to the nine palaces seemed as if they were alive. The star core at the center of every single Shaman Marking emitted a misty divine light that interwove above him and condensed into a blurry nebula pattern.

This nebula emitted a chilly and clear brilliance that surged with tiny and gorgeous spots of light within it, and they were like groups of stars that flickered endlessly. A sharp golden colored star, a simple azure colored star, a vast dark blue colored star, a surging crimson red colored star, a thick yellow colored star… It covered the five elements, Yin, Yang, wind, lightning, star, sky, and all the other Dao Insights while overflowing with an illusory glow.

Within Chen Xi’s body, the copious vital blood was boiling as if it was set on fire as well, and it rumbled as it surged within his body. Every single inch of his skin and pores seemed to have a tiny aperture that were difficult to find with the naked eye opened upon them. The Shaman Energy that originally flowed within his body seemed to have found a place to stay, and all of it poured into the numerous tiny apertures.

Body refiners cultivated the body to seek the Dao with the intention of becoming immortal. They considered the body of man to contain a myriad of tiny apertures, and every single aperture was a mysterious and vast world. When all these tiny apertures were opened, it would be the time one’s body became immortal.

The state of Chen Xi’s body at this moment was obviously one where the tiny apertures in his body were being opened, and his body was experiencing a qualitative transformation. Disregarding attaining immortality through the body, it was absolutely an enormous breakthrough when compared to before.

This breakthrough was the Golden Core Realm of body refinement!

Shit! The Shaman Energy in my entire body is gushing towards the tiny apertures. If this goes on, then I’m afraid the energy that remains would be utterly insufficient to support my advancement… Fortunately, I already possess a great amount of Shaman Blood Crystals now, otherwise, if it was according to my earlier expectations, it would really be possible that the situation of being unable to continue would appear, and I would stop before the Golden Core Realm in body refinement in the end. Besides feeling delighted as he sensed the tremendous changes that was occurring within his body, he couldn’t help but feel apprehensive in his heart, and he hurriedly took out the Shaman Blood Crystals plundered from Ji Yue before absorbing the energy within it with all his might.

These Shaman Blood Crystals were worthy of being rare treasures that were from the essence of the earth’s core. He’d only absorbed a mere two crystals and Chen Xi felt his entire body was once again filled with vast Shaman Energy.

However, in next to no time, this newly born Shaman Energy had once again gushed towards the tiny apertures in his body. Those tiny apertures were as the legends said, they seemed like numerous mysterious and vast worlds that possessed unimaginable space.

Chen Xi couldn’t care about anything else, and he hurriedly withdrew another two Shaman Blood Crystals before absorbing them with all his might.

Just like this, he consumed 16 Shaman Blood Crystals before Chen Xi felt those tiny apertures that were opened had arrived at a saturated state, and he seized this opportunity to start charging towards the final barrier that obstructed his advancement!

This barrier was called ‘lava transformation,’ it meant that when Shaman Energy led along the vital blood in the entire body, it would allow it to become condensed to the point of being like lava.

Three days later.

A pillar of vital blood rose up like smoke to pierce through the sky and transform into a cloud that surged as it covered an area of 300 meters! Even though it vanished in the blink of an eye, yet it shocked all the nearby cultivators to the point of focusing their attentions towards it.

It was on this day that Chen Xi advanced into the Golden Core Realm in body refinement!

— End of Book Five —

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