Chapter 322 – Courier

The night sky was like a dark pool of water.

The Goldlake Meeting that continued for a few days had come to an end today, and many cultivators that had come from afar had chosen to celebrate tonight. No matter win or lose, they would depart from this misty city of a thousand lakes tomorrow.

Even though the Goldlake Meeting this time couldn’t be said to be matchlessly brilliant, yet it was sufficient to be said to be magnificent and surging up and down. The most eye-catching of it all was undoubtedly a single person — Chen Xi.

The northern barbaric lands Zenith Sect’s Ji Yue, the eastern sea’s Jadepool Celestial Isle’s Hua Mobei, the Brightray Sect’s Wang Daoxu… All the experts of the younger generation had lost beneath the edge of Chen Xi’s sword.

Because of this, Chen Xi had become the first cultivator in the history of the southern territory to obtain 100 successive victories in the Goldlake Meeting. Moreover, he was the one and only existence to obtain 100 successive victories in the Goldlake Meeting this time.

Discussions related to Chen Xi had become the hottest topic in the streets and restaurants of Azure County City. Moreover, it didn’t slow down because the Goldlake Meeting had come to an end, and it instead became more and more intense. His birth, origins, and display during the Goldlake Meeting caused everyone to take delight in talking about it.

It was even to the extent that some merchants had utilized Mirage Jade Slips to record all of Chen Xi’s battles in the Goldlake Meeting, and these jade slips had become the most demanded hotcake in the city’s markets.

Some bought it for the sake of contemplating Chen Xi’s combat techniques, some bought it for the sake of allowing their children to take Chen Xi as their role model and cultivate diligently, and some bought it purely for the sake of collecting it. Something worthy of mentioning was that most of these people were young women that had awakened to love…

Under these circumstances, Chen Xi and Mu Kui had just walked out of the inn when they were quickly recognized by people, and no matter where they went, they would be pursued by the gazes of countless people. Some brave young women even mustered up the courage to walk forward and give away their perfume satchels, jade pendants, jade hairpins, and other things they carried with them to display their love, causing Chen Xi to feel his scalp go numb, and he could only flee in his helplessness.

Young women were filled with romance and passion when in love.

But Chen Xi didn’t dare stride through the streets while revealing his appearance any longer, and he bought a cloak and heaved a sigh of relief after wearing it. After that he started buying some materials required to craft talismans with Mu Kui.

What caused Chen Xi to be helpless was after strolling through countless merchant stores, the materials he’d purchased were only sufficient to craft seven high-grade Treasured Talismans. But he understood that all these materials were rare and precious, and being able to purchase them on the market was already very good. Under normal circumstances, these expensive and rare materials would only appear in auctions.

But this wasn’t the main point. The main point was that after he purchased these materials, the two million Nascent Condensation Pills he won in the Goldlake Meeting had actually been spent completely. Moreover, he’d even used an extra 30,000 Nascent Condensation Pills. In other words, the materials to craft seven high-grade Treasured Talismans was actually worth 2,030,000 Nascent Condensation Pills!

When he thought about how he and Mu Kui had utilized 15 high-grade Treasured Talismans in one go when fighting Sikong Hen and the others, Chen Xi was slightly unable to keep calm in his heart. If all of these were exchanged into Nascent Condensation Pills, how much would they be?

No wonder high-grade Treasured Talismans are so rare. Merely their materials are already so shocking. If one still had to entrust them to a Talisman Formation Master to craft them, then the cost will probably be even higher…

But after he returned to the inn, Chen Xi’s quickly moved his attention and gazed at the various materials that filled the table, and he silently pondered the various steps of talisman crafting in his mind.

Unknowingly, it was already deep into the night and a few hours before dawn.

A gentle breeze drifted in the sky, and it was fine and dense like silk. It emitted scratching sounds as it descended onto the window, causing the night sky to seem even more tranquil, intangible, and clear.

The eyes of Chen Xi who was pondering deeply squinted abruptly, and he didn’t raise his head as he said indifferently, “Since you’ve come, then why hide yourself?”

The window moved without the wind and slowly opened up as a barefooted young man in linen clothes walked in. His face was smooth with a firm and serious expression between his brows, and a gorgeous red lotus flower that was like a tattoo was revealed on his bald head. It was exactly the disciple of the northern barbaric lands’ Zenith Sect, Ji Yue.

“Brother Chen is still awake so deep into the night, could it be that you’ve always been waiting for me?” Ji Yue wasn’t the slightest bit surprised that Chen Xi was able to notice his arrival, and in fact, he’d utterly not concealed his tracks.

Chen Xi raised his head from the table and stared straight at this body refiner that was adept in both the paths of Buddha and Devil as he said with a calm voice, “You’ve always been following behind me since I left the inn. It would be strange if you didn’t make an appearance tonight.”

Ji Yue was stunned, and then he chuckled. “I never imagined that I was still noticed by Brother Chen.”

Chen Xi looked silently at Ji Yue for some time before shaking his head and sighing. “Speak frankly if you have something to say. You wouldn’t have come here deep in the night for the sake of chatting with me, right?”

“Alright, Brother Chen is a straightforward person that speaks his mind. To tell you honestly, I came here this time for the sake of the same thing from the other day.” Ji Yue smiled lightly and said, “Of course, for the sake of making Brother Chen willingly hand over the Buddha’s Pagoda to me, besides the Buddhist Sect cultivation technique, I’ll also hand over a Devil Sect cultivation technique. How about it? After all, the techniques of both the Buddhist Sect and Devil Sect are poles apart, and if they’re thoroughly mastered and brought together, Brother Chen’s strength will surely advance a level higher. These conditions are sufficient to indicate my sincerity, right?”

Chen Xi didn’t even think about it before replying flatly. “I don’t need them, thank you for your good intentions.”

Ji Yue’s face froze, and he forcefully restrained the rage in his heart as he said with a smile, “Why don’t you consider it again, Brother Chen? Once you miss this opportunity, then you’ll regret it for your entire lifetime.”

The corners of Chen Xi’s mouth held a trace of ridicule as he said, “What I want to know is do you really think in your heart that you’ll be able to make me agree by relying on those two cultivation techniques?’

“You will agree, right?” A wisp of a smile suddenly shook open on the corners of Ji Yue’s mouth, and it was like a revolving vortex that was filled with charm, whereas a wisp of a strange glow that was golden yet wasn’t golden gushed out from his eyes at the same time, and it caused one’s heart to feel peaceful.

An enormous change suddenly occurred in Chen Xi’s sea of consciousness, and in his dazed state, he seemed to have arrived at a paradise. Heavenly dragons fluttered about as multicolored phoenixes danced in the sky, flowers rained from the sky as golden lotuses gushed out from the earth, and Buddha’s chanted scriptures as followers prostrated themselves in worship, and their expressions were filled with satisfaction and peacefulness.

All living creatures are suffering, life, age, sickness, and death. Unexpected calamity drops down from the heavens, causing their lives to be full of hardships. My Buddha is benevolent and saves all living beings. Those that are lost, follow my Buddha and you shall find happiness, you shall find eternal peace… A wave of melodious chanting reverberated in his heart and was filled with sympathy, causing one to be unable to help but want to kneel down and prostrate one’s self before praying with devotion.

Under the chanting of this voice, Chen Xi’s eyes couldn’t help but flash with a slightly dazed expression.

The corners of Ji Yue’s mouth couldn’t help but be suffused with a trace of dense disdain when he noticed this. “No matter how great your strength is, aren’t you still unable to escape being led astray by me Thundering Redemption Chant?”

“Hmph! I’ve let you off lightly. Now, I’ll let you die peacefully in paradise!” Ji Yue’s eyes stared wide open as the golden light within his gaze became purer and thicker, and it practically shot towards Chen Xi. 

He believed that Chen Xi would undoubtedly die in the next moment. Moreover, Chen Xi would die silently and seem as if he was in deep sleep.

Right at this moment, the eyes of Chen Xi who originally had a dazed expression suddenly emitted a cold bolt of lightning that blasted out explosively, and not only did it shatter the golden light that assaulted Chen Xi, it even directly charged into Ji Yue’s sea of consciousness.


Ji Yue’s mind droned as if he was struck by lightning, and his heart was filled with astonishment. How could this be possible! How could this fellow possible overcome my Thundering Redemption Chant?

However, before he could understand everything, an aching pain that felt like a saw blade slicing him instantly gushed throughout his sea of consciousness. That feeling was as if his sea of consciousness was being torn into countless pieces, and it ached to the point he practically instantly lost all consciousness. In the end, he fell to the ground with a thump, and he was devoid of all consciousness.

“You were truly looking to die. The strength of my soul has already completely surpassed above the Rebirth Realm, so how could it be confused by your tricks?” Chen Xi stood up and couldn’t help but shake his head as he looked at Ji Yue who was on the ground.

Even though attacks of the soul were shapeless, yet in terms of danger, they were even more terrifying than direct combat, as a single mistake could possible cause damage to the soul, causing one to become a complete retard. Even if it was Chen Xi, he didn’t dare easily utilize a soul attack unless it was situation where his victory was assured.

Earlier, he’d intentionally revealed a trace of weakness so that Ji Yue would think he had an opportunity to take advantage of, causing his mind to be unconsciously unguarded and defenseless, whereas he instead seized this opportunity to execute the God Killer Arts with his full strength, allowing him to destroy Ji Yue’s sea of consciousness with a single strike. After this, Ji Yue had lost his sea of consciousness, and he was no different than a retard that was unable to move, causing him to be only capable of staying motionless and waiting for death in this lifetime.

This was called trying to injure another but ruining one’s self, karma is a bitch.

The sound of Ji Yue falling to the ground startled Mu Kui who was outside, and he walked into the room before noticing Ji Yue who lay motionless on the ground and said with surprise, “Master, you killed him?”

“No, but he’s no different than a dead man.” Chen Xi shook his head.

“Fantastic, let me see what this fellow has…” Mu Kui didn’t care about all that, and he rubbed his palms together as he charged forward to start plundering the spoils.

This fellow Ji Yue deserved to be called a disciple that was from a great sect like the Zenith Sect. He possessed over one million over Nascent Condensation Pills and various medicinal pills used for healing injuries that similarly possessed a shocking worth in the market.

Besides this, there were also two Divine Ability cultivation techniques, and they were respectively the Deity Transformation and Dragolion Vidyaraja Seal. As for the Buddhist Sect cultivation technique and Devil Sect cultivation technique, he didn’t carry them with him.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but shake his head endlessly when he saw this. When this fellow came here tonight, he utterly had no intention of exchanging the Buddhist Sect and Devil Sect cultivation techniques for the Buddha’s Pagoda. Otherwise, why didn’t he carry them with him?

But Chen Xi was fond of the Divine Ability Deity Transformation to the point of being unwilling to let it go. This Divine Ability wasn’t cultivated exclusively by Buddhist Cultivators, and other body refiners were similarly capable of cultivating it. Moreover, Chen Xi noticed that the Deity Transformation and Heavenly Transformation were similar, both of them were capable of instantly increasing the strength of the body and used to supplement other Divine Abilities. The only difference was the Heavenly Transformation could be purchased on the market, whereas this Deity Transformation was a secret Divine Ability that wasn’t passed down to others outside the sect. Thus, it was utterly impossible to be found in the market, and it could only be found in some ancient and great sects.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but slightly anticipate. Exactly how terrifying would the might of the Grand Astral Palm be if I combine the Deity Transformation and Heavenly Transformation before executing it?

“Eh, Master, look what this is?” Mu Kui spoke out suddenly. He held a blood red crystal in his hand, and it was something he’d found from the pile of miscellaneous items in Ji Yue’s possession.

This blood red crystal was in the shape of a diamond, completely crystalline and translucent, and liquid that seemed like blood gushed within it. When looked at from afar, Chen Xi could still clearly sense a strong blood energy assault his face. Moreover, this blood energy didn’t have a bloody aura, and it was pure and thick instead. When he smelt it, it was like drinking sweet dew, causing the blood and flesh in his entire body to feel a wave of comfort and vitality.

“Shaman Blood Crystal!?” Chen Xi blurted out. He’d faintly seemed to have heard that once one attained the Golden Core Realm in body refinement, the replenishment of Shaman Energy would encounter an extremely great barrier. Once one’s Shaman Energy was dried up and exhausted, it would require an extremely long period of time to recover, whereas once one possessed Shaman Blood Crystals, after one absorbed the enormous blood energy contained within it, it could be instantly transformed into Shaman Energy that gushed into the body, causing one’s exhausted Shaman Energy to recover to its original state.

This treasure was almost similar to the Nascent Condensation Pill and Sky Jadeliquid Pill qi refiners require, and its effects were similar.

“How many of these does this fellow possess?” A trace of excitement couldn’t help but arise in Chen Xi’s heart. He was already capable of being certain that these blood colored crystals were Shaman Blood Crystals without a doubt. Supposedly, this treasure was located in the depths of the center of the earth and was nurtured by the essence of the earth, and it was extremely rare and difficult to collect.

“A lot. Almost 10,000. I thought they were a pile of useless red gems earlier.” Mu Kui scratched his head and chuckled.

“Ji Yue has really become a courier for me. Not only has he gifted me a formidable Divine Ability, there’s even a great amount of Shaman Blood Crystals. With them in my possession and coupled with the Baleful Divinewater and Dragonsoul Jade Pendant, I’ll surely be able to smoothly advance to the Golden Core Realm in body refinement within three months!” Chen Xi clenched his fists fiercely as he spoke with a burning gaze.

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