Chapter 321 – The Reason For The Ambush

Chen Xi was extremely furious, and his thoughts became slightly chaotic as well. 

The sudden appearance of Zhen Liuqing and Ya Qing, and the news they brought him was too enormous, causing him to be unable to take it in for some time.

Under the astonished gazes of the two young women, Chen Xi stood up abruptly before moving to arrive before the table, and then he opened up the ink before spreading out a piece of white paper. After that, Chen Xi took a deep breath before lifting up his brush and writing.

He still has the mood to write at a time like this?

The two young women glanced at each other, and their eyes carried a trace of worry. Chen Xi’s unusual actions had undoubtedly indicated that his heart wasn’t as calm as he seemed on the surface.

But what exactly is he writing?

Both the young women didn’t disturb Chen Xi, and they silently walked forward before stopping and watching.

Chen Xi’s writing was extremely beautiful, his strokes were vigorous, graceful, and agile. Row after row of tiny words seemed like flowing talisman markings, and his writing possessed a clear rhythm. Under the illumination of the moonlight stones, it revealed an indescribable beauty, and it seemed to contain a trace of an imperceptible aura of an extremely profound Grand Dao.

Both the young women revealed a trace of surprise. Never had they imagined that Chen Xi’s attainments in writing were actually so deep. But in next to no time, their hearts were drawn by the content of what Chen Xi wrote.

The masterminds behind the scenes, the central plains’ Wise King's Estate, Earthly Heaven Sect, Nine Cauldrons Immortal Sect, Whitecrane Sect, the eastern sea’s Dragonshark Isle, and the northern barbaric lands’ Skycave Mountain. These six great powers deserve death!

The power that’s carrying out the Blacksun Ambush, the Blacksun Pavilion. This power kills for money and acts lawlessly. The wages of sin are death. It deserves elimination!

The cultivation of the assassins are at the Golden Core Realm. All of them are adept in assassination and have experiences numerous battles without a single lost. Evildoers like this deserve death!

The route of the ambush is between the Azure County and Silken City. This path should be met head on, and it must be done…

When he wrote up to here, Chen Xi placed the brush on the table and let out a light breath of air, and the expression between his brow was already calm and tranquil as if the few lines of words he’d written earlier had already smoothened out all his thoughts, causing his mind and body to attain a clear state.

Both the young women were stunned. They clearly sensed undisguised killing intent that was dense to the point it couldn’t be dispersed from those few lines of pitch black words that seeped through the paper, and it was resolute and decisive, almost effusing out of the paper!

“You really want to go against those powers? You don’t even intend to let the Blacksun Pavilion off?” After staying silent for a long time, Ya Qing looked at Chen Xi with slight shock and anxiousness, and her voice revealed a trace of a heavy tone.


Right when she spoke, the white paper on the table seemed to be unable to endure the killing intent that permeated the lines of words, and it silently transformed into tiny pieces that vanished without a trace.

Chen Xi said calmly, “I must participate in the Allstar Meeting. The actions of these powers have already touched my bottom line. Even though my current strength is insufficient to shake them, yet a day will come when I give them a test similar to the Blacksun Ambush. Those that pass may live, otherwise, die.”

“Master is right. I’ve had a bellyful of pent up rage since a long time ago. These people are simply devoid of shame. They set up an ambush, yet deliberately act magnanimous and say that the enmity between both parties will be written off if Master can survive the ambush. This is simply outrageous.” Mu Kui had kept silent since the beginning. At this moment, he seemed like an erupting volcano as he said furiously, “Moreover, from the beginning until the end, it was they who were looking for trouble with Master. It’s good enough that Master didn’t look to get even with them, yet they’re hypocritically taking a bite at us instead. I truly wish for nothing more than to destroy their sect and wipe out their inheritance, causing all of them to be annihilated!”

Both the young women looked at Mu Kui’s indignant appearance and were shocked in their hearts, as they entirely never imagined that the matter would actually be so complicated.

Zhen Liuqing asked with surprise. “How exactly did you become enemies with those sects?”

“Yeah. It’s really extremely rare to offend six sects in one go.” Ya Qing spoke out from the side as well. She’d already know some of the truth earlier, like Chen Xi had taken some Magic Treasures from Huangfu Chongming and the others, causing a group of old freaks at the Earthly Immortal Realm to make a move against him, yet they came back empty handed from the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect…

But she didn’t know how Chen Xi became enemies with the six sects.

The two young women had come to notify him of the Blacksun Ambush as soon as they obtained information about it, and Chen Xi was rather moved in his heart by this. So he didn’t conceal it any longer and said slowly, “Simply speaking, the source of this enmity was because some treasures in my possession were seen by Huangfu Chongming, Lin Moxuan, Xiao Linger, Liu Fengchi, and Man Hong. Oh, right, there’s also Qing Xiuyi and her two Junior Brothers. They were covetous of it and carried out a movement to besiege me with the intention of seizing my treasures…”

“Even Qing Xiuyi!?” The eyes of the two young women focused. Even though Chen Xi had spoken dully and only listen out some locations, time, and figures, yet so long as they thought about it, they understood how dangerous Chen Xi’s situation was at that time.

“Right, Qing Xiuyi was there as well. But because of some things that occurred during the process of the battle, they didn’t seize anything from me and instead had their Magic Treasures taken away by me. The enmity was sown on that day.” Chen Xi’s eyes were deep and distant and seemed to be recalling everything that happened that day, and he quickly awoke from his recollection and said indifferently, “It was precisely because of this that the old freaks behind these people used this as an excuse to head to the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect together with the intention of coercing my sworn brother to hand me over to them.”

They’re going too far!

The two young women burst into rage when they heard this, and they extremely despised the actions of Huangfu Chongming and the others. These people had aroused greed in their hearts and intended to seize the treasures of another, yet had their own treasures seized in the end. This was already an extremely disgraceful incident, and they deserved to have their treasures seized away. But these people had notified the seniors in their sect and used it as an excuse to cause the group of old freaks to go against Chen Xi. This simply couldn’t be described with the word shameless!

“What happened after that?” asked Zhen Liuqing.

Chen Xi hesitated for a moment before deciding to speak the truth in the end. The two young women had obviously already taken him as a friend, so if he still concealed it, it wasn’t what a friend would do. After pondering for a short moment, he said, “A friend of mine once left a command token in the possession of my sworn brother, Bei Heng, and it was precisely this command token that caused those old freaks to be terrified and return empty handed.”

A single command token caused a group of Earthly Immortal Realm experts to leave obediently? The two young women were shocked in their hearts when they heard this, and they’d never imagined that Chen Xi actually had such a terrifying friend. Merely a command token left behind by that friend of Chen Xi’s possessed such might.

“That command token only had a single ‘’ character.” Since he’d already spoken of it, Chen Xi didn’t continue concealing anything and said, “Perhaps both of you have heard some rumors about this ‘’ character command token. In any case, I never imagined that this command token was so precious before this.”

Zhen Liuqing and Ya Qing’s eyes became extremely bright as they cried out in unison. “The Dark Reverie’s Violet Thistle Bai Clan!”

Chen Xi nodded. “It should be.”

“No wonder. Supposedly, even the current Emperor Chu had once paid a visit to the Bai Clan’s Patriarch, yet he wasn’t even able to enter through the entrance. How terrifying the power of the Bai Clan is in the Dark Reverie is obvious.” Zhen Liuqing’s clear eyes were bright as water, and they were suffused with strands of ripples of an extraordinary splendor as she sighed. “When faced with the Violet Thistle Bai Clan’s ‘白’ character command token, these old freaks would naturally not dare act rashly. When an Emperor is enraged, a myriad of corpses will be piled on the ground. But if the Violet Thistle Bai Clan were to make a move, then it would be a calamity that annihilated the entire Dynasty!”

Zhen Liuqing seemed to have realized something instead, and she said with sudden understanding. “No wonder the Blacksun Pavilion’s movement operation this time is an ambush and not a pursuit. Moreover, they even left a way of retreat for you. So it turns out that they’re worried about suffering the revenge of the Bai Clan.”

Ya Qing grunted coldly. “If they’re worried about this, then they would utterly not dare set up any ambush. Obviously, they don’t want to offend the Bai Clan, yet don’t intend to let Chen Xi off. So they thought of this operation. They’ve really taken great pains to think of such a method.”

Actually, both the young women had already guessed in their hearts that there was surely a reason why the group of old freaks refused to give up and even took the risk of offending the Violet Thistle Bai Clan to go against Chen Xi. Perhaps it was because the ‘treasures’ in Chen Xi’s possession were too precious, and it possessed a matchless attraction to Earthly Immortal Realm experts like them. Besides an Immortal Artifact, what other ‘treasure’ would be able to attract Earthly Immortal Realm experts?

But it wasn’t good for them to continue asking. Every single person had their own secrets, and it was better to not inquire about these treasures in Chen Xi’s possession.

Chen Xi naturally understood where the source of the matter was, it was the treasures in his possession. No matter if it was the Buddha’s Pagoda, or the Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil Brush inherited from the Netherworld Emperor, or even Ling Bai, all of them were sufficient to make any Earthly Immortal Realm expert go mad, and those old fellows were naturally no exception.

“Then what do you plan to do next?” asked Zhen Liuqing.

The question had returned to the previous topic of discussing, but at this moment, Chen Xi had already ordered his thoughts, and there wasn’t the slightest anxiousness in his heart as he said indifferently, “Slaughter a path until Silken City.”

“Do you want me to mobilize the forces of the Treasure Heaven Pavilion to help you enter Silken City?” asked Ya Qing with worry.

Chen Xi smiled. “There’s no need. The Blacksun Ambush is targeted at me, and only Golden Core Realm cultivators were deployed. If the Treasure Heaven Pavilion were to get involved, it wouldn’t be beneficial to the Treasure Heaven Pavilion, and it would also cause the matter to become worse. Don’t worry, on my path of cultivation until now, there were numerous people that wanted that life of I, Chen Xi, yet I’m still alive until now, whereas all of them are already dead.”

When they saw Chen Xi’s mind was made up, the two young women didn’t continue persuading him, and they chatted with him for a while longer before bidding their farewells and leaving.

They knew that even if they stayed at this moment, it would be of no use. Conversely, it would waste Chen Xi’s time. So instead of that, it would be better to leave earlier and give Chen Xi even more time to prepare strategies to deal with the enemy.

“Master, there’s no need to worry. Even if I have to lay down my life, I’ll allow you to safely arrive at Silken City!” After the two young women left, Mu Kui’s expression was solemn as he spoke word by word.

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he refused flatly. “Don’t interfere this time and stay in the Buddha’s Pagoda. If you stay at my side, I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself for my entire lifetime if any mishap befalls you. Not to mention I’m completely unafraid of any Golden Core Realm cultivator with my current strength.”

“I…” Mu Kui spoke anxiously.

Chen Xi stopped him from speaking and said seriously, “Mu Kui, you have to listen to me this time no matter what.  I still have to participate in the Allstar Meeting and go to the Primeval Battlefield and the Dark Reverie… There are many things I have to do, so how could I possibly die so easily?’

The corners of Mu Kui’s mouth twitched as he nodded.

Chen Xi patted him on the shoulder and said, “Cultivate properly in the Buddha’s Pagoda. Aren’t you at the intermediate-stage of the Golden Core Realm? You must advance to the advanced-stage of the Golden Core Realm when we arrive at Silken City, don’t let me down.”

Mu Kui gritted his teeth to the point they emitted rubbing sounds as he said resolutely, “Don’t worry Master, I’ll take my own life if I don’t succeed!”

Chen Xi was stunned. Mu Kui was good in every aspect, but he just took Chen Xi’s words too seriously as if he wasn’t able to achieve what Chen Xi instructed, he would regret it his entire lifetime.

“Come, accompany me to buy some materials used for crafting talismans and a map for the area between Azure County and Silken City. If you take a fancy to something, then buy it all as well. It’s time for the two million Nascent Condensation Pills I won in the Goldlake Meeting to be of use…”

“Master, when are we leaving the Azure County?”

“Once I advance my cultivation in body refinement to the Golden Core Realm and everything is prepared. It wouldn’t be late to leave then.”

“Master, I’m still slightly worried…”

“If you speak anymore nonsense, then I’ll throw you in the Buddha’s Pagoda. Are you so unconfident in me?” 


The master and servant walked swiftly in single file towards the various merchant stores in Azure County City. They spent money like flowing water as they cleared things out without restraint, and they completely didn’t notice that danger was about to arrive. 

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