Chapter 320 – Blacksun Ambush

The sea of clouds rose in the boundless sky.

At this moment, there were two figures, young and old, that were walking slowly with fluttering clothes amongst the clouds, and they seemed like gods.

“You didn’t let me ride the Nine Dragon Treasured Carriage, nor did you bring me along to move through space, and you forced me to fly in this desolate sky. You’re really free to the point of having nothing to do.” Young Master Zhou muttered resentfully.

“Little brat, didn’t I just take you from the Goldlake Meeting? What’re you complaining endlessly for?! I did it for your own good.” Zhou Xuantong grunted coldly.

Young Master Zhou frowned as he said, “What exactly has happened? Weren’t you always in closed door cultivation? Yet you come out so anxiously to take a stroll?”  

A stroll?

Zhou Xuantong was stunned, and then he slapped Young Master Zhou on the head before berating. “I couldn’t sit idly by any longer! Do you know how many disciples of old freaks have set their sights on the Allstar Meeting? Even the slovenly old Daoist couldn’t sit idly by, and he captured an Ancient Fiendgod with the intention of using the trace of Ancient Fiendgod Blood Essence to clean the impurities within the body of his disciple, Zhao Qinghe, and increase his disciple’s strength so that Zhao Qinghe would be able to compete for the top ten in the Allstar Meeting. Tell me, would I not be anxious?

“Using the Blood Essence of an Ancient Fiendgod to increase his strength?” Young Master Zhou was shocked greatly and said, “What extravagance! Could it be that he thinks Zhao Qinghe wouldn’t be able to enter the top ten of the Allstar Meeting with his strength?”

Zhou Xuantong grunted. “Isn’t this because the disciples of some old fellows have suddenly made an appearance and disrupted the plans of everyone? Didn’t you see even Huangfu Taiwu couldn’t sit idly by and hastily took his disciple away? He probably knows about this matter as well and plans to seize this one year of time to properly increase the strength of his disciple.”

Young Master Zhou said with a frown, “There’s surely a reason, right?”

“The Dragon Transformation Pool that has been sealed for countless years is about to be opened…” When he spoke the words Dragon Transformation Pool, Zhou Xuantong’s expression became solemn, and his eyes revealed a rare trace of scorching hot yearning.

Dragon Transformation Pool!

Young Master Zhou’s eyes squinted as he instantly understood everything, and the trace of displeasure in his heart vanished completely. After staying quiet for a long time, he asked. “Where are you taking me?”

“I’m naturally taking you to a good place to increase your strength.” Zhou Xuantong patted Young Master Zhou’s shoulder and said, “There’s no need to be too pressured. So long as you cultivate properly during this next year, you have the chance to be ranked in the top 10 of the Allstar Meeting.”

“I will.” Young Master Zhou nodded, and his expression was filled with resolution.

“Oh, I forgot to ask you something. Why did you give the Dragonsoul Jade Pendant to Chen Xi?” Zhou Xuantong asked suddenly.

Young Master Zhou shrugged as he said, “It’s nothing, I was just handing over the wager to a lost bet.”

Zhou Xuantong seemed to heave a sigh of relief in his heart as he nodded. “That’s good. Even though the Dragonsoul Jade Pendant is valuable, it’s nothing to our Zhou Clan, so it doesn’t matter.”

Young Master Zhou asked doubtfully. “What exactly do you want to say?”

“It’s nothing. I just obtained the information that this kid will probably be unable to arrive at Silken City, and perhaps he’ll lose his life.” Zhou Xuantong replied casually.

Young Master Zhou said abruptly, “Why? Could it be that someone wants to deal with him?”

“It isn’t someone, but many people.” Zhou Xuantong said with a frown, “This matter isn’t related to you, so you better not involve yourself. After all, it’s a Blacksun Ambush, and it will be extremely troublesome if our Zhou Clan was involved in it.”

Blacksun Ambush?

Young Master Zhou was shocked with terror, and then he went silent.


The Warlord’s Estate.

Huangfu Taiwu sat high up at the center seat, and his entire body emitted a dazzling and resplendent aura that shone brilliantly. When looked at from afar, he was like a dazzling sun whose power covered the sky.

“Master, don’t worry. Disciple will surely cultivate properly in the Battlesoul Blood Cavern and obtain a seat in the top 10 in the Goldlake Meeting. Only in this way would I not let you down.” Su Chan knelt on the ground and spoke resolutely.

“Good! The Battlesoul Blood Cavern has a total of 18 levels. So long as you’re able to enter the 15th level, then your strength will be more or less sufficient to go against the others.” Huangfu Taiwu spoke with a voice that was like a thunderclap, and it rumbled within the Audience Hall. “Besides that, you don’t have to vexed because of Chen Xi and just cultivate wholeheartedly. If I’m not wrong, he’ll surely be killed in a few days.”

Su Chan was shocked in his heart and asked. “Master, could it be that you’re going to make a move personally?”

Huangfu Taiwu shook his head. “It isn’t me. You’ve probably heard of the Blacksun Ambush, right? Presently, this trap has been set up for Chen Xi by a group of people.”

The Blacksun Ambush? How ruthless! This damnable bastard Chen Xi has actually offended so many people and sown such great enmity. It has really exceeded my expectations… Su Chan’s heart shook. How could he possibly have not heard of the Blacksun Ambush?



Azure County City, within a room in an inn.

Chen Xi sat cross-legged on the bed and was meditating in cultivation. Beside him lay three violet gold colored large gourds that were filled with 500kgs of Baleful Divinewater. On the other side lay a blood colored jade pendant, which was the Dragonsoul Jade Pendant.

He’d left the venue of the battle after obtaining 100 successive victories in the Goldlake Meeting, and he returned to the inn with the intention of relying on the assistance of the Baleful Divinewater and the dragon soul and Blood Essence in the Dragonsoul Jade Pendant to charge into the Golden Core Realm in body refinement in one go.

On one hand, the reason he was acting so urgently was because his body refinement cultivation had already touched the border of the Golden Core Realm, and on the other hand, it was because a feeling of danger existed faintly in his heart.

After he heard the warning of the Zhou Clan’s Ancestor during the Goldlake Meeting three days ago, he’d felt that something was slightly amiss. An Earthly Immortal Realm expert with unfathomable strength had advised him without reason or rhyme that he shouldn’t participate in the Allstar Meeting if he felt his strength was insufficient. This matter was truly too unusual.

It was precisely from that day onward that an inexplicable trace of a feeling of danger appeared frequently within his heart. Even though he was unable to deduce the reason, he didn’t dare let his guard down. So he decided to properly increase his strength defend himself against any mishaps.

After a long time, Chen Xi woke up from his meditation. He felt his body and mind had attained a calm, clear, and extremely pure state, and he decided right away to start charging to the Golden Core Realm in body refinement.

So long as he attained this realm of cultivation, then might of his Divine Abilities Starsky Wings and Grand Astral Palm would obtain an obvious increase, and when used as a trump card, they would surely be able to give rise to surprising effects.

Moreover, after his body refinement cultivation advanced into the Golden Core Realm, the ability of recovery of his body would obtain a tremendous increase. So long as his heart and head weren’t injured, then he could rely on his vital blood that was boiling like lava to instantly recover to his previous state, and this was undoubtedly a superb ability to preserve his life.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Right when Chen Xi intended to cultivate, a wave of knocking resounded out. Chen Xi’s Divine Sense stretched out of his room, and when he saw clearly who the person who arrived was, he couldn’t help but be stunned. Why has she come?

The person outside the door was Zhen Liuqing. She seemed to have encountered some sort of difficult problem, causing her black brows to be knit tightly, and her beautiful face had an extremely complicated expression that contained worry, astonishment, and frustration.

After he instructed Mu Kui to open the door, Chen Xi walked out from his room and asked with surprise. “Could it be that Miss Zhen has something urgent to discuss?”

Zhen Liuqing did indeed have something urgent to discuss, and she didn’t conceal it and said, “I obtained information earlier that someone has set up a Blacksun Ambush that’s directed at you! In other words, your current situation has already become extremely precarious.”

“Blacksun Ambush?” Chen Xi’s brows rose up, and he asked with a perplexed expression.

Zhen Liuqing discerned with a single glance that Chen Xi didn’t know how serious the Blacksun Ambush was, and she explained right away. “This is an assassination directed at a cultivator, and it’s issued by a power called the Blacksun Pavilion. The Blacksun Pavilion specializes in assassinations, and its forces don’t cover just the Darchu Dynasty. Supposedly, the forces of the Blacksun Pavilion are even spread out in the other Dynasties, causing it to be extremely terrifying. Even the Darchu Dynasty’s Imperial Family is helpless against it. Moreover, so long as one is able to pay the price, the Blacksun Pavilion will arrange an assassination, and every single assassination has never failed, causing it to be terrifying to the extreme.” 

Chen Xi felt apprehensive in his heart as he finally understood why the Zhou Clan’s Ancestor would speak those words. He probably knew of this as well, so he’d warned me because of Young Master Zhou.

Now that I think of it, this power called the Blacksun Pavilion is terrifying indeed. It covers a few Dynasties and is simply like an uncrowned king that exists in the shadows. Being targeted by a power like this is indeed a cause for fear.

But Chen Xi was extremely bewildered as well. Who have I offended now? And why did they entrust the Blacksun Pavilion with carrying out a Blacksun Ambush at me?

It was an ambush and not a pursuit, and just the name of it gave one much food for thought.

“Miss Zhen, do you know who wants to go against me?” Chen Xi realized how serious the situation was, and he asked with a frown.

Zhen Liuqing stared fixedly at Chen Xi’s eyes as she said, “Could it be that you didn’t guess anything?”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then his eyes went cold as he asked. “Could it be that powers behind Huangfu Chongming, Lin Moxuan, and Xiao Linger? Wait, I ought to have to add on the powers behind Liu Fengchi, Man Hong, Pei Zhong, Xue Chen, and the others.”

Zhen Liuqing stayed silent, and she obviously approved tacitly.

Chen Xi took a deep breath and said with cupped fists, “Thank you for warning me, Miss Zhen. I’ll remember this favor and will surely repay it tenfold in the future!”

Zhen Liuqing shook her head and said, “You should first consider how you ought to deal with the situation before you.”

“What else can I do? The enemy is in hiding while I’m out in the open. I can only destroy anything that stands in my way,” said Chen Xi with a smile. After finding out the reason behind the matter, he instead became composed. But, what he said was the truth as well, he could only passively resist the situation before him for now.

“Chen Xi, Chen Xi…” Right at this moment, Ya Qing had actually came to this inn and swiftly charged into the room, and when she saw Zhen Liuqing was here as well, she knew instantly that she was probably a step too slow.

Ya Qing had come this time for the sake of telling Chen Xi about the Blacksun Ambush as well. But compared to Zhen Liuqing, she obviously possessed more information. After all, she was from the Treasure Gathering Pavilion, whereas the Treasure Gathering Pavilion itself possessed the combined function of gathering information.

“This ambush will occur between the Azure County and Silken City. In other words, so long as you go to Silken City, you will encounter the assassination of the Blacksun Ambush. Moreover, the assassins deployed this time are all at the Golden Core Realm, yet there isn’t a single expert above the Golden Core Realm that’s participating in it. But the strengths of these assassins can’t be underestimated, as they’re all Golden Core Realm experts that have lived for a few hundreds of years. If it’s in terms of strength and experiences, then they’re far from something young Golden Core Realm cultivators can compare to.” When Ya Qing spoke up to here, a trace of a strange expression suffused her face as she said slowly, “Moreover, according to my knowledge, the news about the assassination this time wasn’t kept secret, and the other party obviously wants you to know about it.”

Chen Xi said with surprise, “They want me to know about it?”

Ya Qing nodded and said, “Before I came, I was instructed by someone to tell you something.”

“Tell me something? What?” Chen Xi didn’t ask who instructed her as he already knew the true mastermind behind the scenes, so asking all this was meaningless.

“The person said that if you’re able to survive the ambush this time, then the enmity between each other will be written off.” Ya Qing spoke word by word, and she seemed to be imitating the tone that person spoke with.

“Written off?” A trace of ridicule suffused the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth. “They clearly know that there’s no record of failure in the Blacksun Pavilion’s assassinations yet still spoke like this. Do they think highly of me? Or are they mocking me?”

Zhen Liuqing said abruptly, “Ambush? In my opinion, they’ve obviously left you a way out, and that is to not go to Silken City. In this way, there could be no ambush, and you’ll be able to preserve your life.”

Chen Xi didn’t even think before replying resolutely. “Impossible! I’ll go to Silken City to participate in the Allstar Meeting no matter what!” 

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