Chapter 319 – A Multitude of People Coming To Offer Congratulations

Pine Mist City, Chen Clan.

Presently, the Chen Clan Estate had already been expanded by almost 10 times, with rows upon rows of pavilions with vines hanging from their eaves and were nestled under the shade of green pine trees, and small bridges and flowing water winding around artificial mountains could be seen everywhere. There were blue lakes that glimmered while flying cranes fluttered about above at the center, and a group of mountains surrounding it from the outside. It was a picturesque scene like a paradise, and it was a feast for the eyes.

Even the servants and maidservants of the Chen Clan wore embroidered clothes and were filled with spirit, causing the atmosphere here to be different from other clans.

Presently, almost all the cultivators in Pine Mist City knew that if it was in terms of how solid and firm the estate was, how deep the hidden resources and reserves were, or how formidable the clan was, then the Chen Clan was undoubtedly number one.

This sort of tremendous change only occurred in a short few months of time, and the reason was extremely simple. Presently, the Chen Clan controlled all the resources in the entire depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range. The value of the spirit veins, ores, materials, and herbs in the 50,000km area of the mountain range was extremely shocking, and it provided an endless supply of wealth that surged like flowing water to the Chen Clan.

Under the support of such deep wealth, it was impossible for the Chen Clan not to rise, even if it didn’t want to.

Presently, it wasn’t just the merchants in Pine Mist City, even the Trading Companies of the other great cities in the southern territory had come over to negotiate business and seek cooperation with the Chen Clan.

For example, the Treasure Heaven Pavilion whose force covered the entire Darchu Dynasty had even signed a long term cooperation agreement with the Chen Clan. The Chen Clan would provide various materials, whereas the Treasure Heaven Pavilion would send various excellent equipment and Magic Treasures to the Chen Clan instead.

It could be said that the current Chen Clan was earning wealth by doing nothing.

Once the clan became wealthy, the power of the clan rose steadily at a tremendous pace as well. Now the Chen Clan possessed 10,000 disciples that didn’t share the Chen surname. Amongst these 10,000 disciples, 3,000 Elite Disciples were responsible for protecting the Chen Clan, whereas the other 7,000 disciples looked after and operated the various businesses of the Chen Clan.

Of course, the cultivations of these disciples that didn’t share the Chen surname weren’t high, and out of consideration for the Chen Clan’s future development, Chen Hao had already entrusted people with the task of recruiting a batch of young children that possessed optimum natural talents, comprehension ability, and loyalty from all over. The number required was 300, and he intended to exhaust great energy and wealth to foster these young children into the central force of the Chen Clan in the future.

Even though the Chen Clan didn’t have any experts now, the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect would send over some Rebirth Realm elders every three months to protect the Chen Clan and deter thieves. Three months later, another batch of Rebirth Realm elders would come over.

So the Chen Clan didn’t lack experts now. Moreover, with these Rebirth Realm elders protecting the Chen Clan, it imperceptibly helped the Chen Clan deal with numerous difficulties.

After all, in this current world, there were many people who had their hearts clouded with greed, and there were no lack of bandits and thieves as well. The Chen Clan was thriving, its wealth growing every day, and it had undoubtedly become an extremely plump piece of meat in the eyes of these people, and all of them wanted to have a bite. With the presence of these Rebirth Realm cultivators and coupled with the name of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, it had indirectly destroyed all these precarious factors before they occurred.

In short, the current Chen Clan was rising and strengthening with a shocking speed, and internal and external troubles wouldn’t occur for an extremely long period of time.

It was even to the extent that the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s Supreme Elder, Bei Heng, predicted that if the Chen Clan grew according to its current momentum, then it wouldn’t even need to use 100 years of time before it would be sufficient to be equal with the six great sects and five great clans of Dragon Lake City, and it would completely stand above the various other powers of the southern territory.

On this day, the Chen Clan was unusually bustling, and it could even be said to be the most bustling day in these past few days.

The leaders of the various powers in Pine Mist City, some people with respectable statuses from outside Pine Mist City, the managers of the various Trading Companies in the southern territory, a few elders of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, and the various demon cultivator leaders from the depths of the mountain range were all in groups of two to five and brought along precious gifts as they came to the Chen Clan in throngs.

The sky above Pine Mist City was covered by various streaks of light, flying Magic Treasures, and mounts early on at dawn, and the scene was extremely magnificent, grand, and bustling.

The reason was extremely simple. The shocking news that Chen Xi had obtained 100 successive victories in the Goldlake Meeting had already spread throughout the entire southern territory, whereas Chen Xi’s origins being Pine Mist City wasn’t a secret anymore. So how could these cultivators, powers, and trading companies that had a relationship with the Chen Clan not come visit and congratulate the Chen Clan?

“Pine Mist Institution’s Dean Ning Daofu and Redleaf Institution’s Dean Ye Qiu have arrived! These two seniors have specially gifted a 1,000 year old Greenheart Lotus and Nine-twist Blood Ginseng.”

“The various Chief Managers of the Misty Sea City’s Hundred Treasure Company, the Jadelight City’s Fortune Store, and Myriad Cloud City’s Treasure Gathering Pavilion have arrived! They’ve specially gifted a portion of Darksteel Composite Metal, Jadesky Exquisite Pills, and an earth-rank Magic Treasure Crimsoncloud Sword…”

“Ah, Senior Xuan Jing, Senior Qing Qiu, both of you have come as well. Quickly come in! Come in! Oh, why did the both of you bring presents? If the Patriarch finds out, then he’ll surely scold me fiercely… Alright! I’ll do as you’ve said, I’ll surely personally send this treasure to Young Master Chen Yu.”

Imp led all the servants to stand outside the vermillion colored entrance since early in the morning to welcome guests. His smile was stiff, and he shouted to the point he sounded hoarse, yet the happiness and pride in his heart grew greater and greater. As a member of the Chen Clan, being able to receive such distinguished guests with high status was something that carried an extremely high sense of accomplishment.

At this moment, the Chen Clan Estate was filled with guests and rows upon rows of feasts. The sounds of chatting and drinking wine could be heard everywhere, and the topic discussed the most was naturally Chen Xi.

The Chen Clan Main Hall. Those that were able to enter the main hall naturally possessed statuses and identities that were the most eminent amongst everyone. Fei Lengcui sat in the main hall while entertaining these distinguished guests, yet Chen Hao wasn’t present. But even then, no one spoke ill of it or was displeased.

After all, Fei Lengcui wasn’t just Chen Hao’s wife, she was also a rather renowned disciple of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect all those years ago, and coupled with her relationship with Chen Xi, who amongst the people present would dare look down upon her?

“Sister in law, could it be that kid, Chen Hao, has encountered something troubling? Why hasn’t he come?” In the end, someone was still unable to bear the curiosity in his heart. This person was naturally the Old Turtle King, Xuan Jing, and it was most suitable for him to ask this question.

Fei Lengcui shook her head, and her expression revealed boundless happiness and sentimentality, causing it to be extremely complicated and said, “He and Yu’er have gone to the memorial hall. He said he wanted to tell grandfather about Big Brother Chen Xi.”

Everyone instantly went silent.

Almost all of them knew of Chen Tianli and knew that it was this old man that brought up Chen Xi and Chen Hao by himself. At that time, the Chen Clan had been annihilated and fell to utter poverty. Not only did the three of them life impoverished lives, they still had to suffer various ridicule and mocking, and it could be said to be an extremely difficult life.

Presently, the Chen Clan was rising and strengthening swiftly, and it was like the sun in the midday sky in the southern territory. Compared to before, it could indeed be said to be like the difference between the heavens and the earth, yet it was impossible to exchange it for Chen Tianli’s life, and it was indeed something that caused others to sigh with emotion. 


At the Chen Clan Memorial hall.

Row after row of candles were lit permanently and there were numerous memorial tablets spread out above. On these memorial tablets, the names of every single clansmen that died when the Chen Clan was annihilated all those years ago was inscribed.

Chen Hao knelt on a cushion as he looked at the memorial tablet at the center and muttered. “Grandfather, you asked brother to earn money and support the family, but didn’t let him learn anything, as you said his natural talent was inferior to me. Relying on our family’s wealth, it was only possible to provide for a single person to cultivate wholeheartedly. So, you asked him to give up everything and bear the heavy burden of maintaining our family’s livelihood…”

“But now, not only has my brother obtained the first in the Hidden Dragon Rankings, he even obtained 100 successive victories in the Goldlake Meeting and has become the one and only cultivator from our southern territory to obtain this honor. He shocked the world with this deed and his name is known far and wide. You were mistaken all those years ago.”

“My brother never resented your decision from all those years ago, as he knew your heart ached extremely when you made that decision. I finally understand this feeling now. My brother has gone alone to wander outside while bearing the hatred of our Chen Clan by himself, and he has encountered countless dangers to his life, causing my heart to ache extremely as well. All these things ought to be borne by me, right…?”

“Father, you’re crying. Didn’t you say a man doesn’t shed tears easily?” Little Chen Yu knelt silently at the side, and he stretched out his small hand to help wipe the tears of Chen Hao’s face when he saw his father’s face was covered in tears.

Chen Hao took a deep breath and rubbed little Chen Yu’s head as he said, “Yu’er, father owes your Uncle too much in this lifetime. You have to properly repay your Uncle as well once you grow up, alright?”  

“Okay! Uncle is the best to Yu’er, so I’ll surely repay him throughout my lifetime.” Little Chen Yu nodded his head fiercely, and then he frowned and asked. “Father, how should Yu’er repay Uncle?”

Chen Hao smiled and looked at Chen Tianli’s memorial tablet as he said, “It’s extremely simple. Make our Chen Clan flourish and be eternal!”

“Eternal?” Little Chen Yu was still young and obviously didn’t understand what this meant.

“Right, eternal. Even if the heavens and earth collapse, natural disasters strike ceaselessly, a myriad of enemies invade, or under the corrosion of time, our Chen Clan isn’t allowed to fall!” Chen Hao spoke word by word.

Little Chen Yu stared at his father’s eyes as he said seriously, “Father, Yu’er has committed it to heart. Uncle had once told Yu’er that actions always speak louder than words, so watch Yu’er actions.”

“Let’s go. Today is a day of celebration for your Uncle, let’s go see those uncles of yours.” Chen Hao nodded and stood up before holding Chen Yu’s hand, and the he turned around to leave the memorial hall.

“Yay, fantastic! I’ll be able to obtain many fun things again…” Little Chen Yu cried out loudly with excitement, and then he covered his mouth with his hand and said with an apologetic expression, “Father, am I too playful?”

“Play to your heart’s content today. But you must cultivate properly in the future. Do you still remember what I told you?” Chen Hao smiled.

“I do. All those years ago, Uncle cultivated diligently at all times, and that’s why he was able to become more formidable than others. Yu’er should be like Uncle and make use of every minute of time to cultivate so that I can keep up with Uncle.” Little Chen Yu answered with a clear voice.

Chen Hao nodded, yet he sighed in his heart. Yu’er, don’t blame Father for forcing you. You have to inherit the Chen Clan in the future, and you’re unlike other children that can have a carefree childhood…


Author’s Note: I feel that this chapter should be written. A novel can’t guarantee that every single character is vivid and substantial. At the very least, the loved ones and friends that are closely related to the MC can’t be written as if they are insignificant, right? 

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