Chapter 318 – Can’t Be Compared To The Past

The hand that was covered in wrinkles and creases tore through the sky in a seemingly slow speed while not carrying the slightest aura of life, yet it instantly caught the clothes on Young Master Zhou’s back, and no matter how he struggled, he was incapable of breaking free.

It felt like an eagle capturing a chick. Young Master Zhou whose strength belonged to the top ranks amongst those of the same generation actually didn’t have the slightest room to resist before that hand.


Everyone gasped in their hearts as they knew that a peerless expert that wasn’t the slightest bit inferior to the Warlord, Huangfu Taiwu, had arrived!

“Old fellow, cough, cough, quickly loosen your grip. Do you want to choke me to death!?” Young Master Zhou cried out loudly in a sorry state, and he didn’t have the slightest graceful bearing from before. He instead seemed like a naughty child that was caught by his elder, and it caused everyone to be unable to resist from being amused.

“You impolite kid! Do you still treat me as your great grandfather?” Accompanying this voice was a gaunt old man that stepped out from the sky and instantly appeared in everyone’s field of vision. He wore a black long gown while leaning on a cane in his hand, his hair was white like snow with a face covered in wrinkles, and his eyes seemed to have experienced countless years, yet were bright and deep, causing one to not dare stare at him.

The old man’s appearance and dressing was extremely ordinary, like an old man that tended to the fields, yet if carefully looked at, not a single person was capable of determining his strength. His body seemed as if it was enveloped in a layer of mist that was deep, vast, indifferent, and difficult to understand.

Even if one’s gaze only observed him for a short moment, one’s soul would fall into a boundless abyss that caused one’s soul to fall into a daze. Some people present who didn’t have sufficient strengths even revealed demented expressions as if they were in a dreamlike state.

Breaking through space with a stretch of his hand. He has obviously grasped the Spatial Dao Insight to perfection. This person’s strength is surely at the 6th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm or above! Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed. He naturally wouldn’t have his mind dazed by the old man’s aura, yet he was rather shocked in his heart.

The Warlord Huangfu Taiwu had just appeared and then another old man with unfathomable strength had arrived. One was Su Chan’s master, whereas the other was Young Master Zhou’s great grandfather, and both of their cultivations were at the peak ranks in this world. Why have they made an appearance in unison?

Perhaps, they’d already come since the Goldlake Meeting began, but they’d always been hiding in the shadows?

Chen Xi was surprised and doubtful in his heart.

“Little brat, quickly return to the clan with me. You’ve probably played enough after sneaking out this time. There’s still another year before the Allstar meeting. During this time, you must obediently stay in the clan and cultivate with concentration. I’ll be keeping an eye on you, so don’t dream of escaping again.” As the old man spoke, he’d already loosened the grip of his hand that grabbed on to Young Master Zhou. But with his strength, he didn’t have to worry about Young Master Zhou escaping under his watch.

“Why?” Young Master Zhou frowned.

“So that you don’t embarrass me in the Allstar Meeting!” The old man glared at him, and with a wave of his hand, a divine light gushed out into appearance before dispersing. Young Master Zhou’s entire body instantly vanished without a trace, and it was unknown where the old man put him.

The Warlord Huangfu Taiwu’s stalwart body had always been standing in the extremely distant horizon, and he didn’t turn around even when the old man arrived. At this moment, he spoke coldly with a voice that was like a thunderclap that surged toward the surroundings. “Zhou Xuantong, this grandson of yours should be properly disciplined indeed. He’s utterly unruly and will probably die early.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Huangfu Taiwu flicked his sleeve and brought along Su Chan, who was by his side, to tear open the space before instantly vanishing into thin air, and he only left behind his voice that was like a thunderclap as it reverberated in the heavens and the earth.

“What the hell!? You even cursed this little brat of my clan? If I knew earlier, I’d have allowed him to fiercely thrash your disciple. Truly outrageous!” The old man rolled his eyelids as he grunted coldly with disdain, and his words didn’t show the slightest respect to Huangfu Taiwu and seemed to be rather unyielding and arrogant.

Everyone was greatly astonished when they heard this. Only this old ancestor of the Zhou Clan would dare speak in this way.

“Kid, this little brat seems to have a good impression of you. Since it’s like this, I’ll kindly give you a warning. If you feel your strength isn’t enough, then don’t head to Silken City to participate in the Allstar Meeting.” Before the old man left, he suddenly turned around to look at Chen Xi, and then he slightly sized Chen Xi up and couldn’t help but shake his head. After that, he said some baffling things before flying off, and he vanished without a trace in the blink of an eye.

Chen Xi was stunned and frowned endlessly. He didn’t think that this Ancestor of the Zhou Can would joke with him, and since the old man had said this, there was surely deep meaning behind it.

It wasn’t just Chen Xi, everyone present was stunned by these words. What does it mean? Could it be that Chen Xi who’d defeated Ji Yue, Hua Mobei, and Wang Daoxu actually doesn’t possess the qualifications to participate in the Allstar Meeting?

Everyone was unable to wrap their heads around it, so they didn’t continue thinking about it.

Even though the appearance of the Warlord, Huangfu Taiwu, and the Zhou Clan Ancestor, Zhou Xuantong, was only brief, it caused the atmosphere in the Goldlake Meeting to inexplicably become much heavier.

Just think about it, two peak experts in the world had appeared in unison at the Goldlake Meeting, and they took Su Chan and Young Master Zhou away before the competition ended. No matter who is was, they couldn’t help but guess in their hearts. Could it be that a great event more important that the Goldlake Meeting has occurred?

Moreover, along with the departure of Su Chan and Young Master Zhou, amongst the hot candidates in the Goldlake Meeting, only Chen Xi who’d just risen up remained. Even though there were many more experts, yet compared to Su Chan and Young Master Zhou, they seemed to be much duller, and even if the Goldlake Meeting continued, it seemed that it wouldn’t be as brilliant as before…

Sure enough, it was as everyone had expected. The following battles were indeed without merit and didn’t have any brilliant points. Only Chen Xi’s battles were still capable of drawing the attention of some gazes.

Chen Xi did indeed not disappoint the people present, and he obtained successive victories in the following battles. Moreover, he’d become the one and one cultivator that obtained 100 successive victories in the Goldlake Meeting this time!

Similarly, Chen Xi had also become the first cultivator of the southern territory to this day that obtained 100 successive victories in the Goldlake Meeting, and its significance was extraordinary. After all, the southern territory had been weak for a long time, and its strength as a whole was far inferior to the other territories of the Darchu Dynasty. In the previous Goldlake Meetings, there wasn’t a single cultivator of the southern territory that had obtained 100 successive victories.

Chen Xi’s appearance had undoubtedly broken this situation that hadn’t changed for many years and created a completely new situation, so its significance was so great that it was sufficient to be recorded in the history of the southern territory’s cultivation world.

The facts were indeed so.

On the same day that the Goldlake Meeting ended, this news swiftly spread into the cultivation world of the southern territory, causing a great stir, and practically every city in the southern territory was fervently discussing a single name — Chen Xi.

When this young man from the remote Pine Mist City obtained first place in the Hidden Dragon Rankings a few years ago, his name had already shaken the entire southern territory, causing him to be well renowned to the point of being known by every household.

Now he’d even defeated numerous outstanding experts in the Goldlake Meeting that gathered the geniuses of the younger generation from all over the Darchu Dynasty to become the one and only cultivator that obtained the title of achieving 100 successive victories. This great honor and achievement that was similar to creating history caused the entire southern territory’s cultivation world to fall into shock.

After the shock came happiness and inspiration.

This was Chen Xi’s honor and was similarly the honor of the entire southern territory’s cultivation world. As a cultivator of the southern territory, every single person felt proud for Chen Xi and felt honored because of him.

Even enemies that had disagreements with Chen Xi like the Dragon Lake City’s Xie Clan’s Second Young Master, Xie Zhan, couldn’t help but feel admiration and be extremely astonished when he found out about this.

It was even to the extent that for the sake of showing he was very familiar with Chen Xi, he bragged when he met others. “I battled Chen Xi once all those years ago. Even though I lost, it’s fine, since he’s Chen Xi! He’s a person that’s good at everything, but the only thing bad about him is he’s too busy, and I can’t even find him to have a drink…”

He had an appearance as if he was rather familiar with Chen Xi, causing his group of friends to be extremely envious and shout that he must bring them to meet Chen Xi if he had the chance. Second Young Master Xie, whose vanity had obtained satisfaction, naturally agreed readily, yet he sighed endlessly in his heart. Since he thrashed me that day, I haven’t fucking seen him for many years, yet all of you want to see him? Dream on! 


Dragon Lake City, Immortal Assembling Pavilion.

Du Qingxi, Duanmu Ze, and Song Lin were gathered here drinking wine as they chatted.

Of course, they were mostly chatting about Chen Xi.

“This fellow is too mean. He didn’t even bid farewell to us when he left the southern territory to head to the central plains. I’ll surely get him wasted if I see him again.” Duanmu Ze grumbled.

“See him again?” Song Lin shook his head and sighed. “Presently, he has already obtained 100 successive victories in the Goldlake Meeting, and his strength is already sufficient to be ranked in the top 100 of the Allstar Meeting. He’s probably heading towards Silken City now to prepare for the Allstar Meeting. Meeting him again is easier said than done.”

Duanmu Ze went silent. Actually, he knew in his heart as well that Chen Xi couldn’t be compared to the past now, as Chen Xi’s strength was superb to the point of being able to be called a top expert in the younger generation in the entire Darchu Dynasty. A person like Chen Xi was bound to go higher and higher, and Chen Xi wouldn’t lay dormant in a small pool and live listlessly for his entire lifetime.

Waves of bustling and clamorous noise came from outside the window, and the guests seated within were discussing Chen Xi’s past deeds as well. Actually, something related to Chen Xi had occurred in this Immortal Assembling Pavilion as well.

At that time, Chen Xi had a disagreement with the Xie Clan’s Second Young Master, Xie Zhan, because of the siblings Mu Yao and Mu Wenfei, so he underwent three battles in the combat ring within the pavilion.

It was precisely after that battle that the name of Chen Xi’s who’d just arrived in Dragon Lake City was spread throughout the entire Dragon Lake City overnight.

Presently, they were revisiting an old place, yet their old friend was far away in another city. As Chen Xi’s few good friends, Duanmu Ze, Song Lin, and Du Qingxi sighed considerably with emotion in their hearts.

“Right, I heard your father has betrothed you?” Duanmu Ze suddenly raised his head to look at Du Qingxi.

Du Qingxi was silent since the beginning. She was silently drinking wine as her thoughts spun about, and what she was thinking about was a mystery. She was stunned briefly when she heard this, and they said indifferently, “I won’t get married.”

Her voice was calm, yet revealed a resolute and decisive feeling.

“Could it be that you’re still dreaming that Chen Xi will return and marry you?” Duanmu Ze laughed as he cast a wink at her.

However, this joke of his caused Du Qingxi’s expression to dim down greatly, and her extremely beautiful face unintentionally revealed a trace of sorrow that was simply heartbreaking.

Duanmu Ze instantly knew that he’d said something wrong, and he hurriedly consoled. “It’s no big deal. If you want to see him, then let’s make a trip to Silken City when the Allstar Meeting begins!”

“Right. Truthfully speaking, I haven’t gone to the Capital, Silken City, in my entire lifetime. We can seize this opportunity to go look around.” Song Lin hurriedly nodded as well.

Du Qingxi’s eyes lit up, and a wisp of vitality suffused her beautiful face. “Really?”

Duanmu Ze and Song Lin glanced at each other before nodding in unison.

“Alright. Then I’ll go home first. We’ll leave in a few days!” The corners of Du Qingxi’s mouth held a smile, she was in high spirits as she turned around and left, and she was even muttering. “Oh, Silken City is extremely far from here. What should I bring along? Oh, right, I’ll first pick up some things for Chen Xi. He seems to be extremely fond of drinking wine. My Father just happens to have a bottle of 100 year old wine…”

“Hey, the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect has convened a grand gathering for seven days to celebrate for Chen Xi who’s far away in the central plains. At that time, all the various powers of Dragon Lake City will be going to participate. Are you going?” Duanmu Ze shouted.

“No. In any case, I won’t be able to see Chen Xi, so it’s really boring even if I go.” Du Qingxi didn’t even turn around as she replied swiftly. After she decided to head to Silken City, she entirely seemed as if she’d obtained new life, causing her to be radiating joy and wearing a smile as she hummed an unknown tune, and she moved with swift footsteps. She simply seemed like a young girl that had awakened to love, causing Duanmu Ze and Song Lin to be dumbstruck by the sight.

“Is this the power of love?” Duanmu Ze spoke with astonishment.

“Brother Duanmu, we cultivators must not fall in love. Love is the strongest imperceptible dagger, it’s an inner demon, a monster, a tribulation, a…” Song Lin shook his head as he spoke.

“Fuck off! You haven’t even had a woman! What the fuck do you know about love!?” Duanmu Ze kicked Song Lin. 

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