Chapter 317 – Huangfu Taiwu

The top Golden Core Realm cultivator in the younger generation of the Brightray Sect, Wang Daoxu, had lost!

A short period of silence appeared in the spectating area, then it was replaced with various cries of shock, and the faces of everyone were covered in shock.

It was too unexpected!

Wang Daoxu had actually lost in only three moves. As far as the spectators were concerned, this was simply an unbelievable thing.

“What do you think now?” Zhen Liuqing asked. Truthfully speaking, even though she’d already expected Chen Xi would be able to win since long ago, yet when she saw how he so directly defeated Wang Daoxu with her own eyes, she couldn’t help but exclaim with admiration in her heart.

An Qianyu stayed silent for a long time before nodding. “He’s extremely strong indeed. I’m inferior to him.”

Zhen Liuqing said with a smile, “You don’t have to be dejected. According to your strength, ranking in the top 100 of the Allstar Meeting shouldn’t be difficult. If your luck is good, it’s even possible for you to rank in the top 50.”

An Qianyu laughed bitterly. “You don’t have to console me. If I couldn’t endure a setback like this, then I’d have lived until now in vain.” He paused for a moment then asked suddenly. “What about him?”

The him he spoke of naturally pointed towards Chen Xi.

Zhen Liuqing was able to discern in, and she pondered for a moment before smiling as she shook her head. “Who knows? After all, even my Mistwater Pavilion’s Steller Aquamirror Arts is incapable of deducing his fate. So I can’t make an improper judgment of him.”

“If it’s according to me, Chen Xi will surely be able to be ranked in the top 10 and create a miracle that attracts the attention of everyone in the world!” Ya Qing smiled happily as she spoke from nearby, and her clear eyes were filled with ripples of extraordinary splendor.

Zhen Liuqing and An Qianyu glanced at each other before falling silent. Just as Zhen Liuqing had said earlier, Chen Xi’s fate was concealed by the workings of the heavens, and coupled with the strength he revealed now, it might really be possible for him to obtain a shocking achievement in the Allstar Meeting.

“You’re extremely formidable. Miss Zhen had once told me that I wasn’t a match for you when I ascended the combat ring earlier, but I didn’t believe it at that time. Now it would seem like I was wrong.” Wang Daoxu smiled on the combat ring, and his expression was slightly dejected.

Chen Xi thought for a while and said, “You’ve conserved a lot of strength. If you exerted your full strength, then perhaps the battle would be a different situation.”

Wang Daoxu laughed bitterly without end and asked a question in reply. “Didn’t you conserve your strength as well? In the end, I would still suffer defeat, so why not lose readily like I did now? At least I can accept it.”

Chen Xi went silent.

“I truly hope I don’t encounter you in the Allstar Meeting. Farewell.” Wang Daoxu sighed with emotion before turning around and leaping off the combat ring, and he quickly vanished in the spectating area.

No one paid attention to Wang Daoxu’s departure. At this moment, the gazes of practically everyone had converged onto Chen Xi, and their eyes contained shock, reverence, and admiration as they looked at that figure that was tall and straight like a spear.

The northern barbaric lands’ Zenith Sect’s perfection-stage Golden Core Realm body refinement cultivator, Ji Yue.

The eastern sea’s Jadepool Celestial Isle’s perfection-stage Golden Core Realm cultivator, Hua Mobei.

The top expert in the younger generation of the central plains’ Brightray Sect, Wang Daoxu.

These three people were all formidable existences that couldn’t be defeated to most of the people present. However, just moments ago, all of them had lost at the hands of Chen Xi, an initial-stage Golden Core Realm cultivator from the southern territory that wasn’t well known. Who had expected this would happen before this? It was precisely because no one expected it that the shock it created struck the heart, and they couldn’t help but feel admiration.

Young Master Zhou’s appearance broke this sort of silence. He’s long since obtained 41 successive victories during the battle between Chen Xi and Wang Daoxu. At this moment, he stood beneath the combat ring while fanning the jade fan in his hand, and he stared at Chen Xi for a long time before laughing abruptly. “Not bad. Your strength has successively exceeded my expectations, and only battling an opponent like you is a joy of life.” 

As he spoke, he withdrew the palm sized Dragonsoul Jade Pendant and tossed it over. “According to the bet earlier, Wang Daoxu has lost, so this Dragonsoul Jade Pendant belongs to you. Quickly absorb the dragon soul and vital blood within it and quickly recover your strength, then have a battle with me.”

Chen Xi raised his hand to catch the Dragonsoul Jade Pendant, and he was about to think of some words to return this jade pendant back to Young Master Zhou. However, as soon as this jade pendant entered into his hand, he felt the vital energy and blood in his entire body surge and flowed strongly through his entire body, and it seemed to wish for nothing more than to effused out of his body and swallow this jade pendant.

This jade pendant seems to have an extremely great benefit towards body refiners… Right, the dragon soul and vital energy contained the energy of a dragon, and isn’t it a supreme divine medicine to strengthen the body? If I rely on the dragon soul and vital blood in within it and with the assistance of the Baleful Divinewater, it will surely be able to allow my body refinement cultivation to charge into the Golden Core Realm! Chen Xi’s heart shook and he felt slightly hesitant, and then he said to Young Master Zhou right away, “I’ll take this jade pendant, and I’ll surely repay you in the future.”

Young Master Zhou waved his hand. “What repayments? A loss is a loss. This thing belongs to you, and we don’t owe each other anything. I’m not willing to allow someone to owe me a favor because of this.”

Chen Xi was stunned and knew that no matter what he said, Young Master Zhou would be unwilling to listen to it, so he didn’t mention this anymore.

“Chen Xi, I challenge you.” The nearby Su Chan spoke out abruptly, as he’d already arrived here before Young Master Zhou and had always been looking on coldly from the sidelines.

Young Master Zhou frowned and said unhappily, “Su Chan, I haven’t gotten even with you for using tricks to obstruct me earlier, yet you want to go ahead of me now? Could it be that you really think I don’t dare bash you?”

“Hmph! This is the Goldlake Meeting, and everyone has the qualifications to challenge Chen Xi. Why would I obstruct you? Of course, I detest it if someone interferes when I challenge Chen Xi.” Su Chan spoke coldly.

“Good! Very good! It’s the first time that you, Su Chan, dared speak to me like this.” Young Master Zhou laughed loudly, yet his voice was icy cold to the extreme. “How about we play together first? Do you dare?”

Su Chan was stunned and was slightly hesitant. If it was any ordinary time, he would have naturally agreed long ago, and he would utterly not care who Young Master Zhou was. But it was different now, trampling upon Chen Xi on the combat ring and embarrassing Chen Xi before everyone could be said to be a knot in his heart, and he eagerly looked forward to realizing it as soon as possible. Now, he finally awaited a chance with great difficulty, and he wasn’t willing to lose this chance because of other unimportant things.

“What? You don’t dare?” Young Master Zhou said with disdain, “Right, a fellow that only uses his mouth like you will only resort to despicable means and utterly wouldn’t have the courage to fight.”

“You…” Su Chan’s eyes squinted, no matter how good a person was, the person would surely have a temper, not to mention he’d never felt afraid of Young Master Zhou. Instantly, he had the impulse to thrash Young Master Zhou.

“What? I asked you if you dare or not?” Young Master Zhou sneered.




Everyone in the spectating area instantly became extremely excited when they saw Young Master Zhou and Su Chan were having a confrontation, and they shouted out in unison.

The sounds of thousands of people shouting was like a thunderclap, and it carried a vast and mighty aura like that of two armies battling each other amidst thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers. No matter how emotionless a person was, the person’s blood would probably be stimulated to a boil, and his battle intent would surge.

With Su Chan’s cultivation, his mind would naturally not be affected by this wave of sounds. But if he were to refuse Young Master Zhou under the gazes of everyone present, then he’d probably have no face to stand up in the cultivation world.

Su Chan glanced coldly at Chen Xi and seemed to be saying ‘just you wait, I’ll deal with you later,’ and then he turned around to look at Young Master Zhou and said, “Alright! So be it! I’ve long since wanted to experience the ultimate techniques of Silken City’s Zhou Clan. Since I have this opportunity today, I can’t let it slip by!” 

How could Chen Xi be terrified by this gaze? Actually, he felt extremely regretful in his heart as well. If it wasn’t for Young Master Zhou’s interference, he’d probably already be trampling on Su Chan now, right?

Unfortunately, the situation before him couldn’t move according to Chen Xi’s will, and he could only think about it in his mind.

At this moment, the battle between Su Chan and Young Master Zhou that was about to begin had already become the center of attention in the Goldlake Meeting, and every single person held their breaths and stared their eyes wide open as they were deeply afraid of missing the slightest detail.

“Su Chan! Return to the Warlord’s Estate with me!” However, right when the battle would break out at any moment, a voice that was like a thunderclap rumbled from the horizon, and it was indifferent and calm, yet revealed an overbearing aura that caused one’s heart to tremble. No matter what their cultivations were, everyone present felt horrified and their heart palpitated when they heard this voice.

A voice like thunder that deterred the world!

Everyone raised their heads and saw a tall and stalwart figure standing in the distant horizon while his entire body bathed in dazzling divine light that caused him to seem like a dazzling sun. Even though he had his back towards everyone, yet the terrifying aura that gushed out from him shook the heavens and the earth as he looked down upon the world, and he caused one to feel as if they were in a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood and the feeling of infinite despair and horror arose in one’s heart when looking at him from afar.

The Warlord! Huangfu Taiwu!

Instantly, a name flashed past the minds of everyone, and only the Warlord that was brave and skillful in warfare and whose might was supreme in the world could possess such a terrifying aura.

What dense killing intent. How many bloody battles would one need to experience before being able to effuse such a terrifying aura? Chen Xi felt suffocated as well when he saw the stalwart figure, and he felt extremely shocked in his heart.

“Master!” Su Chan was stunned, and then he turned around to glance deeply at Chen Xi before leaving the combat ring resolutely to flash towards the stalwart figure. The words of the Warlord, Huangfu Taiwu, were a supreme decree that he didn’t dare disobey.

“Dammit! He left before we fought…” Even though Young Master Zhou was extremely fearful of that stalwart figure, yet he was an arrogant and unyielding person, so he couldn’t help but mutter in a low voice.

“You little mischievous kid, you’re still so disrespectful.” Right at this moment, another voice sounded out. It was aged, warm, and caused one to feel as if they were bathing in spring breeze. Instantly, the horrifying killing intent that enveloped the heavens and the earth was wiped away, causing everyone present to heave a sigh of relief in their hearts.

After that, a wisp of shock arose in the hearts of everyone. Who was actually be able to wipe away the aura emitted by the Warlord, Huangfu Taiwu? 

“Why did this old fellow not stay nicely at home and come here as well!?” Young Master Zhou was like a mouse that saw a cat, and he cried out in fear before fleeing towards the distance with a speed so swift he’d flashed out 3km in an instant.

A scene that caused everyone’s scalps to go numb appeared. An aged hand that was covered in wrinkles and creases unexpectedly stretched out from the sky and instantly captured Young Master Zhou! 



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