Chapter 316 – Endless Brightray

Ya Qing quickly obtained an answer to her question.

Zhen Liuqing didn’t have the intention of concealing anything and said directly, “Chen Xi was still conserving almost half his strength in that strike that defeated Hua Mobei earlier. Do you think that your cultivation is capable of resisting it if he exerts it with his full strength?”

An Qianyu was slightly unconvinced at the beginning. After all, he’d utterly not taken Chen Xi seriously in his heart earlier, and he’d only started to take Chen Xi seriously in the Goldlake Meeting today. But it was merely taking Chen Xi seriously. How could he be convinced if someone said Chen Xi surpassed him firmly?

But after that, when he carefully pondered about the scenes of the battle between Chen Xi and Hua Mobei, a layer of tiny beads of sweat instantly suffused his forehead, and his expression became slightly heavy.

If that sword strike were to be executed with his full strength…

An Qianyu’s expression was exceedingly heavy, his brows were knit tightly as if he’d encountered an extremely great problem, and he even had the feeling of being unable to catch his breath. After a long time, he gritted his teeth and said, “I admit that sword strike was formidable indeed. But if I utilize some trump cards, it isn’t something that’s impossible to resist.”

“What about after you resist it?” Zhen Liuqing seemed to have expected he would answer in this way since long ago, and she asked without thinking.

An Qianyu was stunned, his entire body seemed as if it had lost all support, and his spirits instantly became dispirited. Right, even if I can block this strike, there’s also the second, the third… How long can I resist for?

Can Chen Xi execute a second strike?

Of course he can!

He was capable of conserving energy even when he defeated Hua Mobei, so how could he not be capable to executing a second strike?


This kid is terrifying indeed. He’s only at the initial-stage of the Golden Core Realm, yet is still capable of conserving energy after experiencing a few tens of battles. Where’s the true limit of his strength?

An Qianyu’s mind was in turmoil, and he said bitterly after a long time, “Miss Zhen has helped me greatly this time, otherwise, I’m afraid I’ll be unable to escape the outcome of losing.”

Even though he spoke in this way, his voice revealed unwillingness. Just think about it, if someone was asked to admit they were inferior to another with a few words, anyone would probably feel unwilling in their hearts.

Zhen Liuqing smiled lightly and said, “I know you wouldn’t be willing. Look, Wang Daoxu is about to challenge Chen Xi. Your strength is roughly equal to him, so perhaps you’ll completely change your way of thinking after this battle ends.”

An Qianyu was stunned, and then he looked towards the number 3 combat ring.

At this moment, the gazes of most of the people present had already shot towards the number 3 combat ring, and Wang Daoxu was already standing on the combat ring and stood in confrontation with Chen Xi from far away.

Wang Daoxu was the disciple of the ancient sect that was renowned in the central plains, the Brightray Sect. His natural talent was extraordinary, his strength formidable, and he’d obtained an extremely great reputation in the central plains’ cultivation world at a young age.

At this moment, this tall young man wore a glowing feather hat with shoes that had cloud markings and seven stars on them, and he stood on the combat ring with an aloof bearing and in a poised and dignified manner, so he naturally drew the gazes of countless people.


A sword light shot into the sky from Wang Daoxu’s back, and bright light directly connected with the skyline and ran through the heavens and the earth, causing it to be gorgeous and imposing. This sword was obviously a top-grade earth-rank Magic Treasure. The body of the sword was bright like water, with countless bright cloud talisman markings inscribed on it, and it was like a multicolored surging clouds that was cut off from the horizon, revealing strands of cold and fierce aura amidst its magnificence.

“Brother Chen, please provide me with your guidance.” Wang Daoxu stood with his sword in his hand while he spoke with a tone that revealed extremely strong confidence, and the essence, energy, and spirit in his entire body condensed to a high degree, causing him to instantly attain his most optimal state. This was an ability required of a sword cultivator, as the Dao of a sword cultivator pressed forward with indomitable spirit and slaughtered all obstacles that blocked one’s self.

Chen Xi nodded. “Make your move.”

“Skyrending Ray!” Once Wang Daoxu made a move, he didn’t hesitate in the slightest and attacked directly, causing his sword to spray out with bright lights that instantly swept out to form numerous rosy sword lights in the sky, and it was like numerous waves of snowstorms that were extremely dazzling as they swept towards Chen Xi.


The snowstorm exploded apart as the sword qi within it dispersed, and Chen Xi, who wore azure clothes, wasn’t injured in the slightest. Wan Daoxu’s attack was slashed into nothingness by his Xun Sword of Wind.

“Brightray Allure!” Wan Daoxu seemed to be not surprised in the slightest. His figure flashed in the sky as he moved along the layout of the big dipper, and then a sword light tore through the sky and condensed numerous delicate and charming flowers that seemed to be constructed from rosy clouds. Under the sunlight, they were suffused with a glassy seven colored dazzling light as they revolved slowly and emitted clear howls in the sky. These Brightray Flowers transformed into flowing lights that covered the sky as they surged towards Chen Xi from all directions.

“Brother Wang, bring out your true strength.” Chen Xi took a step forward as he casually swung out the Talisman Armament, causing a large patch of Brightray Flowers to be shattered, and the remaining strength of the sword qi forced its way through and sliced the sky to the point it shattered like cotton, revealing its extremely fierce and terrifying sharpness.

“Alright! Since it’s like this, I won’t conceal my strength any longer!” Wang Daoxu’s eyes abruptly shot out a ball of bright light as he laughed heartily, and then he formed a sword seal with his right hand before shocking True Essence fluctuations spread out from him.


An extremely dazzling vast and mighty sea of clouds gushed out with a bang, and there were numerous expanses of rosy clouds that probably numbered in the billion. Moreover, these rosy clouds were formed from strands of sharp sword qi that were interwoven together and condensed into a sea of clouds. Sword qi charged into the sky while emitting a bright glow, such a scene caused even the heavens and earth, sun and moon, to be thrown into a shade.

Under Chen Xi’s pressure, Wand Daoxu had already utilized a killer move at the start of the battle.

He had no other choice. It was fine before he fought Chen Xi, yet once he did, Wang Daoxu finally felt the pressure Chen Xi brought upon him. Every single strike of Chen Xi’s seemed extremely simple and without any aura of battle, yet it was these type of light and simple attacks that were the most terrifying. One wouldn’t know when one’s enemy wouldn’t attack suddenly, or when one’s opponent would grab onto one’s flaws and use it to attack violently.

If sword cultivators were divided into types, then some were lone wolfs that moved about freely and bore patiently before striking ruthlessly, some were venomous snakes that were hiding in the shadows, and they killed on attack, some were like fierce tigers that were ferocious and overbearing with peerless imposing auras…

Chen Xi was like a hunter that was familiar with the law of the jungle, and no matter how cunning a wolf was, how vicious a venomous snake was, or how ferocious a tiger was, all of them were entirely incapable of escaping his control.

Wang Daoxu had never sensed this type of pressure that existed invisibly from any Golden Core Realm cultivator, and today was a first.

So he didn’t hesitate in the slightest to execute his trump card and strive to turn around the situation with a single strike, so that he would be able to obtain an absolute advantage and obtain the final victory through it.

“Endless Brightray! This is Wang Daoxu’s trump card. It contains the Cloudray Dao Insight that’s like lightning when converged and like wind when dispersed, and between its sudden convergence and dispersion, it’s like a spider web that conceals killing intent in every inch. So long as one is enveloped by it, one would surely suffer a heavy injury. This move is also one of the most formidable trump cards in the Brightray Sect’s Dao Grade martial technique, Brightray Duelsky Sword. Why would he execute it at the beginning of the battle?” In the spectating area, An Qianyu’s eyes were staring wide open and he was slightly unable to wrap his head around what Wang Daoxu was thinking. As one of Wang Daoxu’s most intimate friends, he knew that Wang Daoxu’s battle style was one that gradually pursued his opponent and infiltrated silently, causing his opponents to be forced into a hopeless situation by him without noticing it, and a situation like this where he utilized a trump card at the beginning was extremely rare.

Zhen Liuqing smiled lightly yet didn’t enlighten him. Some things required the outcome of the battle to be decided before one would understand everything, and it made no difference no matter how much another guided and helped.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sea of clouds emitted steam as they covered the surroundings, causing the entire combat ring to be beneath rolling vast sword qi, and the combat ring emitted muffled sounds of collisions that was like the sound of drums as it shook without end.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was instead surrounded in the center of this sea of clouds, and when looked at from afar, the boundless rosy clouds surrounded and pressed down onto him from all directions as if they wanted to swallow him.

Chen Xi suddenly swung up the Talisman Armament in his hand when facing this attack that covered the heavens and the earth.

All the spectators were rather baffled, as they didn’t know why Chen Xi didn’t execute a fierce attack at this critical moment and escape the encirclement of the sea of clouds. After all, those rosy clouds were condensed from strands of sharp sword qi, and if he continued delaying like this, then the attacks he would suffer would surely be like a storm that was impossible to avoid.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

A wave of faint sounds of the wind rose abruptly and were like the wails of ghosts and spirits as they swept through the heavens and the earth, and the wave of sound shook the eardrums of everyone present to the point they felt a piercing pain.


Only now did everyone clearly see that a whirlwind that revolved madly had suddenly appeared around Chen Xi, and it connected straight into the skyline. The energy that was like a whirlwind seemed material and revealed a terrifying aura that crushed, tore apart, and destroyed everything as it blasted out towards the surroundings.

Under the fury of this whirlwind, the roiling sea of clouds was torn apart like cotton to transform into strands that were swept away by the whirlwind. 

A whirlwind that scattered the clouds!

“You’re actually strong enough to easily destroy my trump card.” Wang Daoxu took a few tens of heavy steps in retreat as a wisp of shock suffused his face, and then it returned to normal.

“Receive a move of mine as well, Heavenblaze Inferno!” While maintaining his strength at around 60%, Chen Xi’s body flew into the sky as translucent flames abruptly gushed out from the Talisman Armament in his hand, and then boundless waves of flame blasted out in all directions. The scene was like the scene of an erupting volcano, with lava that was like dragons that penetrated everything, and it instantly covered the entire combat ring.

These flames were formed from sword qi and contained the violent and ruthless Fire Dao Insight. If one were to look carefully, one would notice that this move was unusually similar to the Endless Brightray Wang Daoxu had just executed.

But there were still some slight differences. If it was said that Wang Daoxu’s sword qi was like a surging sea of clouds, then Chen Xi’s sword qi at this moment was like a flood, a vast and mighty flood of a sea of flames!

This was a move Chen Xi was suddenly inspired to create, and it could be considered to be creative study and application.

It was already too late to dodge, so Wang Daoxu circulated his entire True Essence right away to condense a sword barrier that separated himself from his surroundings. However, when the sea of flames flooded over, he finally knew how terrifying its strength was.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Instantly, even Wang Daoxu himself didn’t know how many attacks he’d suffered, and the sword barrier was on the verge of collapse.

Shit! It won’t hold on for much longer. No matter how strong its defensive capability was, it was incapable of bearing this attack that surged without end, and there would always be a time when dripping water would wear through a stone. At this moment, Wang Daoxu knew that he’d made a fatal mistake earlier, and that was that he shouldn’t have taken a passive position of defense…

“Brightray…” Wang Daoxu’s reaction was extremely swift as well, and he instantly decided to change defense into offense and break through the tight encirclement. But would Chen Xi give him the opportunity? The sword qi flood moved even more densely and ferociously, forcing him to have no choice but to support his defense with all his strength, and his countenance gradually became pale.


The sword barrier was shattered into pieces.

When they saw the sea of flames was about to swallow Wang Daoxu, even the crowd of spectators in the spectating area revealed expressions of being unable to watch. Right at this moment, the entire sea of flames vanished without a trace as if it had evaporated into thin air, and it revealed Chen Xi’s extremely precise control of his strength.

“I’ve actually lost…” Wang Daoxu had a dazed expression as he muttered without end. 

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