Chapter 315 – Renouncing The Right To Challenge

The so-called four realms and 12 levels of Dao Insight was the division of the Dao Insights comprehended by cultivators into 12 levels and four realms. The first three levels were the Elementary Realm, attaining the 6th level was the Initial Realm, attaining the 9th level was the Advanced Realm, and attaining the 12th level was the Perfection Realm.

When the Dao Insight mastered by a cultivator attained the Initial Realm, the phenomenon of Dao Insight taking form would appear. Moreover, once achieving this state, cultivators would be able to start condensing Dao Territories.

Something that must be pointed out was that the phenomenon of Dao Insight taking form could only be developed by mastering a Grand Dao Insight, whereas, Minor Daos were incapable of this.

Amongst the cultivators that sat in the Goldlake Meeting’s venue, practically all of them had a cultivation at the Golden Core Realm. Moreover, they’d more or less comprehended Dao Insight, so they naturally knew the levels of Dao Insight like the back of their hands.

Originally, when they saw Hua Mobei’s sword strike out and form the divine beast phantom, Kui Ox, from Dao Insight, they were already exceedingly shocked. At this moment, when they suddenly saw the phantoms of the divine beasts Inferno Bull and Water Qilin appear at the same time from Chen Xi’s attack, they were instantly unable to hold back the shock in their hearts and went into an uproar.

“My god! I didn’t see wrongly, right? Both his Fire and Water Dao Insights have attained the Initial Realm to develop divine beast phantoms. These are two Grand Daos! How did this fellow Chen Xi achieve it?”

“Amazing! No wonder he was capable of defeating Ji Yue with a cultivation at the initial-stage of the Golden Core Realm. Merely this advanced grasp of Dao Insight has left others far behind him!”

“Terrifying! He’s truly a terrifying sword cultivator! A dazzling figure has finally appeared in the southern territory’s cultivation world. His natural talent and strength are so formidable that it isn’t the slightest bit inferior to some of the genius figures in our central plains’ cultivation world!”

In the eyes of everyone, Chen Xi’s image had become greater once more, and he was already an existence that was equal to some of the top experts in the younger generation. But the outcome of the battle hadn’t been decided yet, so they were unable to discern exactly how formidable Chen Xi’s strength was.

“Chen Xi has obviously concealed strength in this strike. The Inferno Bull stormed out while riding on a gale, and that gale is a Grand Dao as well. The Water Qilin appeared while bathed in the light of lightning, and the lightning is similarly the Grand Dao of Lightning. If Chen Xi exerts his full strength in that strike, I’m afraid another two more divine beast phantoms formed from wind and lightning would appear.” Zhen Liuqing took a deep breath and seemed to be suppressing the shock in her heart as she said slowly, “I met Chen Xi once in Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault. Under the Equipment Emperor’s Dao Measuring Stone at that time, the Dao Insights he’d comprehended completely surpassed everyone and was equal to me. But the final outcome was that Chen Xi was first, because the practically all the various Dao Insights he’d comprehended were Grand Daos, whereas, I was obviously slightly inferior. At that time…his cultivation was only at the Golden Hall Realm.”

Ya Qing was stunned and seemed to have never imagined that Zhen Liuqing would actually acknowledge being inferior to Chen Xi in the comprehension of Dao Insight, and she couldn’t help but arouse a wisp of shock in her heart. Zhen Liuqing was someone the current Emperor Chu had personally judged to be an existence that could compare with Qing Xiuyi and Huangfu Qingying, yet Chen Xi was capable of suppressing Zhen Liuqing in terms of Dao Insight comprehension. Didn’t this mean that he was possibly more formidable than Qing Xiuyi and Huangfu Qingying?

Of course, this was merely a competition of Dao Insight comprehension. But if such an outcome was spread, it would absolutely cause a tempestuous storm in the entire cultivation world!


As soon as the Inferno Bull and Water Qilin appeared on the number 3 combat ring, they instantly tore apart Hua Mobei’s attack, and the enormous water element energy went berserk to shake the entire combat ring to the point it shook intensely.


A heaven shaking bear roar resounded out as the Inferno Bull carried billowing flames and an overbearing aura as its hooves stomped on the sky, and its jade white horn that was like a curved saber fiercely collided with Hua Mobei and instantly flicked him flying up into the sky, causing his body to fly uncontrollable out of the combat ring.


Hua Mobei fell to the ground. This strike had obviously caused him to suffer a heavy injury, his countenance was ghastly pale as he abruptly spat out a mouthful of dark red blood, then his spirits drooped, and he was unable to get up.

He’d actually lost in a single move.

Everyone in the spectating area couldn’t help but let out shocked exclamations when they saw this scene, and they seemed to be worried about Hua Mobei’s life, while seeming to not dare believe that Hua Mobei had actually lost so quickly.

“Amazing! You really didn’t let me down. Brother Chen, you’ve already won my respect.” Hua Mobei forcefully endured his injuries to stand up, and even though he’d suffered a serious injury, a wisp of delight had gushed into appearance on his face as he said with a burning gaze, “After experiencing this battle, I’ve obtained numerous enlightenments. I’ll surely defeat you in the Allstar Meeting next year. Brother Chen, you better not slack off and allow me to catch up to you!” 

“Alright, I’ll be waiting for you.” Chen Xi nodded seriously. Even though Hua Mobei was madly addicted to battle, he was easygoing, heroic, and straightforward. An opponent like this was worthy of his respect. Moreover, if he had the chance, it wasn’t bad to become friends with Hua Mobei.

Hua Mobei cupped his fist from afar and didn’t say anything further before carrying his sword on his back and leaving with a carefree expression. He actually wasn’t the slightest bit reluctant to leave the Goldlake Meeting that hadn’t ended.

Perhaps in his heart, he’d already attained his goal this time.

This competition truly allowed everyone present, including the Rebirth Realm cultivators that presided over the battles, to widen their horizons.

The most brilliant scene was when Chen Xi was pinned down within the waves, and then he slashed out with two Dao Insight phenomenon in a single strike. This scene had truly shocked everyone present.

In the entire cultivation world of the Darchu Dynasty, one who was capable of comprehending Dao Insight to such an extent at the initial-stage of the Golden Core Realm could be said to be extremely rare like phoenix feathers and qilin horns. For a time, everyone single move Chen Xi made on the combat ring had become mysterious in the eyes of many people, and they even vaguely guessed why Young Master Zhou and the others would fight for the chance to battle Chen Xi.

Because the strength Chen Xi revealed was indeed capable of causing countless experts to be unable to restrain the desire to do battle in their hearts.

Subsequently, after Chen Xi defeated Hua Mobei, there was actually no participant in the entire Goldlake Meeting that ascended the combat ring to challenge him.

They seemed to be waiting for Young Master Zhou and the others to make a move. Perhaps, under these circumstances, only Golden Core Realm experts of the young generation that were renowned since long ago like Young Master Zhou and the others could suppress Chen Xi.

In next to no time, the gazes of everyone moved away from the number 3 combat ring and shot towards the combat rings Young Master Zhou, An Qianyu, Wang Daoxu, and Su Chan were on.

Chen Xi didn’t waste time and seized this opportunity to hurriedly consume a few Sky Jadeliquid Pills to replenish his True Essence. Since ascending the combat ring and battling until now, especially after fighting Ji Yue and Hua Mobei, the True Essence in his body had already been almost completely consumed. He couldn’t do anything about it as compared to the other people, his cultivation at the initial-stage of the Golden Core Realm was truly pitiably weak, and if it wasn’t for him conserving strength since the battles began, he’d probably be utterly incapable of persisting until now.

Fortunately, after advancing to the Golden Core Realm, so long as he possessed sufficient medicinal pills to support him, he utterly didn’t have to worry that his True Essence would dry up, because his True Essence would recover instantly once he consumed the medicinal pills. Of course, successive battle didn’t just consume True Essence, and it also consumed his mental energy and the energy of his soul. If both his mind and body were exhausted, then it would greatly affect his combat strength. 

But all of this was incapable of affecting Chen Xi. He’d experienced countless fierce battles during these past few years, and his mental strength and will had been tempered to the point of being hard like steel long ago and was extremely solid. So the battles before him hadn’t caused him to be uncomfortable in the slightest.

“Who’s that fellow? He has a protruding mouth and a chin like an ape, his appearance is so wretched, yet he’s actually capable of fighting Young Master Zhou until now?”

“Dammit! If it wasn’t for this person, Young Master Zhou would have already obtained 41 successive victories long ago!”

“The Skysplit Sword Sect’s An Qianyu and the Brightray Sect’s Wang Daoxu have already obtained 39 successive victories, whereas Su Chan has already obtained 40 successive victories and is about to start the 41st battle. If Young Master Zhou is still unable to obtain victory, then he’ll probably lose to Su Chan.”

Meanwhile, an uproar arose in the spectating area.

Chen Xi was stunned and raised his eyes to look over. He saw that on the number 1 combat ring, Young Master Zhou was in a fierce battle with an extremely thin cultivator, energy surged and airflow swept out in all directions, and the situation of the battle was unusually intense.

Hmm? Isn’t that fellow Su Chan’s companion? Chen Xi noticed with a single glance that he’d seen the extremely thin cultivator when he registered for the Goldlake Meeting. At that time, this person had once ridiculed Mu Kui, causing Chen Xi to have a rather deep impression of him.

“Very good. Liu Yubai, for the sake of allowing Su Chan to take first, you spared no pains to make a move and obstruct this Young Master. Your Warlord’s Estate is really dirty!” Young Master Zhou suddenly shouted out loudly. His figure was like a dragon as he soared in the sky, and his fingers opened up like claws before slapping directly towards Liu Yubai’s head, and it was really fierce and ruthless.

“Hehe, Young Master Zhou, since others can challenge you, I can naturally challenge you as well. This matter isn’t as complicated as you think.” Liu Yubai laughed slyly as his skinny figure shook and seemed like a spinning top as he barely avoided Young Master Zhou’s fierce attack. But comparatively speaking, his strength was obviously slightly weaker, and he could only dodge ceaselessly under Young Master Zhou’s fierce suppression, yet was utterly incapable of counterattacking.

“Hmph! Do you think Su Chan can obtain the first just like this?” Young Master Zhou grunted with disdain, and then he shouted out loudly towards the spectating area. “Lin Jun, stop Su Chan for me!”

“Yes, Young Master.”


His voice hadn’t finished sounding out when a figure had charged out from the spectating area. This person was tall and ferocious with a pair of fierce eyes, his skin revealed a brassy color, and he gave others a ferocious and unyielding feeling. He stepped repeatedly on the sky, causing cracking sounds to resound out in the sky, and it revealed his formidable cultivation as he arrived on Su Chan’s combat ring in the blink of an eye.

“Young Master Su, please provide me with your guidance.” Lin Jun cupped his fist and spoke frankly.

Su Chan’s expression instantly darkened. He was only a single battle away from ascending the combat ring to trample on his enemy that had caused the annihilation of his clan. But unfortunately, he was disturbed at the critical moment.

Moreover, he was able to discern that Lin Jun was an expert. Perhaps Lin Jun’s strength was inferior to him, yet if Lin Jun delayed him wholeheartedly, then he would be unable to defeat Lin Jun in a short period of time.

“Young Master Su, watch out!” Lin Jun didn’t hold back in the slightest as he stomped on the ground, and then he pounced towards Su Chan like a cheetah.

Strong winds whistled in his surroundings. Su Chan didn’t dare continue thinking when he sensed the ferocious energy that surged on Lin Jun, and he could only move forward to deal with his opponent. Instantly, Su Chan was already locked in battle with Lin Jun.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but shake his head when he saw this scene. Both Young Master Zhou and Su Chan would probably lose the position of first, and Chen Xi couldn’t help but chuckle when he thought of how all this was because of him.

Actually, in the depths of his heart, he hoped even more that Su Chan would ascend his combat ring, as he wanted to kill Su Chan just like Su Chan wanted to kill him!

This was a mortal enmity, and it was impossible to get rid of without killing the other person.

“An Qianyu, 41 successive victories!”

“Wang Daoxu,41 successive victories!”

Right at this moment, the voice of the Rebirth Realm cultivators that presided over the battle sounded out from two combat rings at almost the exact same moment. This also meant that both of them had obtained the qualifications to be the first to challenge Chen Xi at the same time.

Not to mention Chen Xi, even all the people present had probably never imagined such an outcome.

However, even more out of everyone’s expectations was that An Qianyu actually shook his head and said to Chen Xi, “I saw your battle with Hua Mobei earlier. I feel that it will absolutely be difficult for me to obtain victory without utilizing some of my trump cards. So, I won’t fight this battle.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and he didn’t say anything.

“Are you really not going to fight him?” asked Wang Daoxu.

“It wouldn’t be too late to compete with him during the Allstar Meeting next year.” An Qianyu’s expression was unusually calm as he said indifferently, “The battles from before have already moved me greatly. My participation in the Goldlake Meeting is already worthwhile, so I intend to return to the sect and enter closed door cultivation, and my strength will surely advance a step further when the Allstar Meeting begins.”

As soon as he finished speaking, An Qianyu leaped off the combat ring and left by himself, and he completely disregarded the strange gazes everyone present shot at him.

“Could it be that this fellow is concealing his strength? Didn’t you hear him say that he still has some trump cards? Perhaps he isn’t willing to expose them now and wants to utilize them during the Allstar Meeting?”

“Hmph! He obviously knows he’s inferior to Chen Xi, so he’s avoiding the battle and fleeing.”

“It doesn’t seem like that. An Qianyu is the top expert in the younger generation of the Skysplit Sword Sect. There’s surely a deep meaning behind why he acted in this way. But it’s a pity, we won’t be able to witness his peerless demeanor in the Goldlake Meeting anymore.”

Everyone present discussed animatedly. Hua Mobei leaving with a carefree expression after losing earlier was easy to understand, whereas An Qianyu had utterly not fought Chen Xi before deciding to leave, and it seemed to be too strange.

“Miss Zhen, I’ve already acted according to your instructions. You ought to tell me the answer now, right?” An Qianyu arrived at the spectating area and laughed bitterly as he looked at Zhen Liuqing. The pressure upon him was extremely great as well when facing the discussions of everyone.

Ya Qing was stunned and instantly came to an understanding. An Qianyu’s actions of giving up the battle was actually affected by Zhen Liuqing. What exactly is this woman doing? 

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