Chapter 314 – Hua Mobei

Meanwhile, the damaged defensive formation on the number 3 combat ring had already been repaired to its previous state, and it was even to the extent of avoiding any accident from occurring in the following battles, these grey haired Talisman Formation Masters had set up an extra layer of defensive formation, causing the entire combat ring to be strongly fortified now.

Hua Mobei’s appearance caused Chen Xi to be slightly surprised, and then it vanished almost instantaneously as he nodded and said, “I naturally welcome your challenge.”

“I’ve already won 56 battles in succession earlier, and I felt that challenging Brother Chen at this moment can be considered to be a fair battle, thus I took the risk of ascending the ring. I hope that Brother Chen understands.” Hua Mobei smiled with a carefree expression as his clothes fluttered with the wind, and he seemed to be rather open and straightforward.

Everyone in the spectating area came to a sudden understanding, and the trace of ill feelings towards Hua Mobei that had just arisen in their hearts vanished instantly without a trace. They instead felt that he was frank, open, and filled with an elegant demeanor, and he wasn’t the slightest bit inferior to Young Master Zhou and the others.

“Let’s begin.” Chen Xi nodded.

“Brother Chen, please guide me.” Hua Mobei smiled. As soon as he finished speaking, the True Essence in his entire body surged, his long hair fluttered, and his unrestrained and graceful bearing had vanished completely. He seemed like an unsheathed sharp sword that revealed its cutting edge.

“I presume both of you know the rules clearly, so I won’t speak any further.” The Rebirth Realm cultivator that presided over the number 3 combat ring, Cui Shan, swept the two of them with his gaze before he said in a deep voice, “Begin!”


Chen Xi’s wrist moved to launch an attack, and a sword move that contained the Fire Dao Insight shot out like a serpent soaring in the sky as it shot out like a bolt of lightning and struck at Hua Mobei.

“The Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture’s Li Sword of Fire!” Hua Mobei saw a sword light flying over. Even though it appeared to be extremely ordinary, yet the airflow in its surroundings seemed to be lit ablaze, and the violent and raging Fire Dao Insight enveloped the combat ring and caused him to seem as if he was within a sea of flames.


The sword in Hua Mobei’s hand surged with dark blue waves as it tore through the sky, and it actually carried along a clear blue stream of water. Every single drop of water seemed as if it weighed 15,000kg, and it was actually Origin Heavywater gathered from a deep sea spring. When contained within the Water Dao Insight, it specialized in countering the Fire Dao Insight.

Especially when this type of Origin Heavywater fused into a sword move, the might brought forth by it was the most tremendous and material.

With a single strike, Hua Mobei had broken apart Chen Xi’s Li Sword of Fire, and then his sword move spun to transform into violent waves that turned around to pounce at Chen Xi. The enormous waves surged and covered the surroundings, and they seemed to want to drown Chen Xi within the Sword Insight that was like an enormous wave.

“Brother Chen, bring out your true ability. Otherwise, you’ll absolutely not be a match for me!” Hua Mobei laughed heartily as his sword move sank and compressed inwards, and the enormous wave formed from Origin Heavywater seemed to want to instantly crush Chen Xi into powder.


Right at this moment, Chen Xi who was enveloped by the surging enormous waves suddenly vanished without a trace.

In the next moment, a sword light that was illusory like the skies appeared by Hua Mobei’s side, and it instantly arrived before Hua Mobei and slashed down. Shockingly, it was the Qian Sword of Sky. The sword move was superficial like the eternal sky, illusory and agile, and it covered the entire surroundings. It was the most swift and fierce method to kill someone instantly.

The Qian Sword of Sky, a peak sword move that contained the Sky Dao Insight.

During this battle, Chen Xi purely utilized technique. He used the Li Sword of Fire to draw out Hua Mobei’s Water Sword Insight, then suddenly utilized the Starsky Wings to leave the battlefield before executing the Qian Sword of Sky to carry out an assault. His utilization between the eight great sword moves of the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture was already excellent to the extreme.

As far as he was concerned, Hua Mobei was just like Liu Fengchi, who he’d encountered in the past and was skilled in Water Dao Insight. After all, comprehending and mastering Water Dao Insight was the most convenient and simple in the eastern sea.

But he had similarly mastered the Water Dao Insight, and the Kan Sword of Water was executed with the Water Dao Insight, so his utilization of the profundities of water was only deeper than Hua Mobei. So how could he be afraid of Hua Mobei’s sword move?

Under these circumstances, Hua Mobei’s Origin Heavywater didn’t have the slightest deterrent force before him, and practically the slightest utilization of the Starsky Wings already allowed him to escape being locked onto by Hua Mobei’s sword move before executing the Qian Sword of Sky to carry out an assault.


All of this indicated that Chen Xi’s grasp towards battling had already attained an entirely new height.

Amazing! No wonder Ji Yue lost at his hands. His combat technique has obviously already attained a state of perfection. I must not be careless! Hua Mobei felt apprehensive in his heart as the True Essence in his body surged. The sword in his hand swept out horizontally and condensed numerous dark blue colored barriers that were like splashes of water, and they moved to forcefully block the strike of the Qian Sword of Sky.


A sound of collision that was like the sound of a mountain collapsing resounded out as the barriers were slashed into dispersal by the single strike, whereas Hua Mobei seized the opportunity when the sword strike collided with the barriers to retreat explosively, and he barely descended on the edge of the combat ring.

But even then, this strike had struck him to the point his vital energy and blood roiled, and astonishment arose once more in his heart. What a tremendous strength! Could it be that he utterly didn’t exhaust much True Essence during the battle with Ji Yue earlier? If it’s really like this, then the strength he’s concealing is too terrifying…

These thoughts flashed within his mind before Hua Mobei’s heart instantly recovered to its emotionless state. His strength had attained the perfection-stage of the Golden Core Realm long ago and he had wandered about in the dangerous places of the eastern sea for many years, so he absolutely wouldn’t arouse the intention to retreat just because his estimation of Chen Xi’s strength was mistaken. Conversely, a surging battle intent that was firm and scorching gushed out from his heart instead.

Only an opponent like this could temper his strength. Moreover, this was precisely the purpose of his participation in the Goldlake Meeting. So how could he not properly grasp such an opportunity? 




Two balls of flames seemed to burn within Hua Mobei’s eyes as billowing battle intent gushed out from his entire body. Instantly, the surging battle intent actually seemed to become material and form a boundless blue colored enormous oceanic wave that caused him to seem extremely imposing.

“The jade pool is boundless, and the ocean spirit is lord!” Hua Mobei shouted out loudly as the sword in his hand abruptly gushed out with a roiling enormous wave. Shockingly, there was a completely azure blue water beast phantom that was completely covered in scales, had limbs that were like pillars, and eyes that were like brass bells on the enormous wave, and it roared into the sky as it rode the wave over.


The water beast phantom let out an enormous roar that was like the sound of the god of lightning striking his hammer, and it resounded out in the world to the point it broke apart and dispersed the layers of clouds and even the people in the spectating area felt their entire bodies tremble as their ears buzzed.

Its roar was like thunder. Shockingly, this water beast phantom was a divine beast overlord in the ocean — the Kui Ox! [1]

Instantly, the entire number 3 combat ring had completely become an underwater world, with the sound of thunder surging and tidewater rolling, and it completely enveloped Chen Xi within it.

“Dao Insight taking form!”

“Dao Insight is divided into four realms and 12 levels. Hua Mobei’s grasp of the Water Dao Insight has obviously already attained the 6th level in the Initial Realm!”

“Amazing! The realm of Dao Insight taking form. How many Rebirth Realm cultivators haven’t attained it, yet it has appeared in the hands of this fellow. With such ability, it’s sufficient for him to be equal to Young Master Zhou and the others!”

“Exactly. Amongst the Golden Core Realm experts of the younger generation, those who’re capable of attaining the 6th level in the Initial Realm in Dao Insight can already be considered to be at the top. Young Master Zhou, An Qianyu, Wang Daoxu, and the others are all like this. Attaining this state meant that one possessed an extremely great likelihood of entering the top 100 in the Allstar meeting.”

“Yeah. According to past experiences, the comprehension in Dao Insight of the Golden Core Realm experts of the younger generation that are ranked in the top 100 of the Allstar Meeting have all attained this extent. I never imagined that Hua Mobei actually possesses such strength as well, he’s indeed capable of being called an extraordinary genius.”

When they saw the might of Hua Mobei’s strike had caused such a great phenomenon, the spectating area was instantly in an uproar, and all their faces revealed expressions of shock.

“This person’s strength is rather good. I’d once heard that an extraordinary genius with superb natural talent had appeared in the Jadepool Celestial Isle when I was at the eastern sea. The rare thing about that extraordinary genius was that his Dao Heart was completely firm, and he ceaselessly challenged his own limits with various intense battles. I presume that extraordinary genius is this person. If given the time, he’ll probably be another figure like Huangfu Changtian and Zhao Qinghe.” On the spectating area, Zhen Liuqing noticed the surging battle intent and Dao Insight Hua Mobei revealed, and she couldn’t help but praise repeatedly.

“Do people praise their enemies like this?” Ya Qing glared at Zhen Liuqing with displeasure.

“Enemy?” Zhen Liuqing was stunned.

“Aren’t the enemies of Chen Xi our enemies as well?” Ya Qing blurted out, and then realized it was inappropriate and spat. “I forgot that you and I aren’t in the same group.”

Zhen Liuqing smiled and didn’t say anything further before raising her eyes to look at the combat ring.

On the number 3 combat ring at this moment, Chen Xi seemed to have fallen into a bitter battle in the eyes of everyone, and he was greatly different compared to the previously powerful and valiant Chen Xi that defeated Ji Yue with a single sword strike.

The sword strike Hua Mobei executed covered the entire combat ring with surging tidewater and accumulating waves. The Kui Ox phantom formed from Dao Insight was covered in the waves of water as it moved about freely and stomped successively at Chen Xi, and its terrifying strength shook the entire combat ring to the point of emitting intense quaking sounds.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was like a fish within the enormous waves that fled and struggled in all directions. Even though he would escape unscathed every single time, in the eyes of everyone present, he’d obviously already fallen into a disadvantageous position of being dominated by Hua Mobei.

“What’s going on? Chen Xi’s strength seems to have become weak?"

“Could it be that the battle with Ji Yue earlier has already exhausted more than half of his strength?”

“It ought to be so. Even if his body is made of steel, it would become fatigued after drawn out battles. But Hua Mobei has really concealed his strength deeply without revealing it. He has already fought over 50 battles, yet is still capable of fiercely suppressing Chen Xi. He’s terrifying indeed.”

At this moment, everyone couldn’t help but be worried for Chen Xi, and there were even some people that had already concluded that Chen Xi would probably be unable to hold on for another 10 minutes before losing for sure.

“Brother Chen, has your strength only attained such a level? If this continues, then I’m afraid you’re going to lose…” Hua Mobei frowned. He originally thought he’d met his match and would surely be able to fight to his heart’s content. But Chen Xi’s display seemed to be outwardly strong but weak internally, and it caused him to be rather disappointed.

Looks like I’m indeed unable to shake this person while only utilizing 50% of my strength… Chen Xi shook his head, and then his right wrist spun, causing the blade of his sword to tear through the sky.


At this moment, dense battle intent had been aroused in Chen Xi’s heart as well. The Dao Insights of water, fire, wind, and lightning poured into the Talisman Armament with a bang, casing talisman markings to gush into appearance and divine light to soar into the sky.

After that, a vast and shocking scene emerged before the eyes of everyone.

An Inferno Bull that bathed in the light of flames stood on gales as it soared up into the sky, and the fur on its entire body was like a flaming cloud that overflowed with boundless and shocking Fire Dao Insight.

At practically the exact same moment, a water qilin that carried surging streams of water appeared in the sky along with the Inferno Bull. The qilin had the head of a dragon and the body of a lion, eyes that were like lanterns, and a layer of lightning clouds that flickered with bolts of lightning coiled beneath its hooves as it appeared domineeringly before all.

Two divine beast phantoms, one water and the other fire stood proudly in the sky above the combat ring, and they were like two gods that had descended from the skies that emitted an awe-inspiring aura that caused one’s heart to palpitate.

Dao Insight taking form!

It’s even the divine beast phantoms formed from two types of Dao Insights! 

When they saw this scene, everyone in the spectating area almost had their jaws shocked off. Their eyes were stared wide open and seemed as if they were struck by lightning, and they carried appearances of shock and disbelief. 


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