Chapter 313 – Dragonsoul Jade Pendant

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Under the gazes of everyone present, Young Master Zhou, An Qianyu, Wang Daoxu, and Su Chan flew like bolts of lightning with oppressive bearings like gods as they flashed towards the combat rings from different directions. Merely their swift and beautiful movement techniques drew a wave of cheering from the spectating area.

But most shocking to them was the following scene. These four top experts in the younger generation actually had a surprisingly identical target, all of them were flashing towards the number 3 combat ring in unison.

Wasn’t Chen Xi on the number 3 combat ring? Could it be that they want to challenge Chen Xi?

Everyone present was instantly in an uproar and almost didn’t dare believe their own eyes. What ability did Chen Xi possess to actually draw the battle desire of these four top experts?

“Aren’t they slightly bullying him?” Someone spoke weakly.

“Bullying him? This is a battle carried out by way of challenge. According to the rules, so long as one stands on the combat ring, then anyone can challenge the person. Young Master Zhou and the others making a move against him conforms with the rules, so how can it be said to be bullying him?” Someone refuted.

“But Chen Xi has just experience a fierce battle, and his strength is greatly exhausted. If they are to challenge him now, then even if they win, it will probably not be honorable, right?”

“Hmph! Nobodies like us don’t need to worry about things like these. Since the rules of the Goldlake Meeting have been set like this, then there’s surely a deep meaning behind it. Perhaps, this is to tell everyone in the world that it isn’t such an easy thing to obtain 100 successive victories, and only by experiencing the obstruction of numerous experts would one have really achieved 100 successive victories.”

“They’re going too far! How can these fellows act like this!?” On the other side of the spectating area, Ya Qing was furious to the point her beautiful brows slanted up, her almond eyes glared wide open, and they seemed to be on the verge of spraying fire.

Zhen Liuqing combed the hair behind her ear and pondered for a moment before she said, “The matter isn’t as you think. If I’m not wrong, that sword strike of Chen Xi’s had already completely lit up the battle intent of Young Master Zhou and the others. Perhaps as far as they’re concerned, being able to fight Chen Xi would bring an extremely great benefit to the improvement of their own strength.”

When she spoke up to here, the corners of Zhen Liuqing’s mouth couldn’t help but be suffused with a trace of a smile. “This fully proves that Chen Xi has already become an opponent worthy of being treated equally in their eyes. After he experiences the following battles that’re about to be carried about, then no matter win or lose, Chen Xi’s name will be spread throughout Azure County and be known by the entire cultivation world of the central plains.”

“According to what you’ve said, Chen Xi should feel honored instead?” Ya Qing frowned. “I can accept it if it’s a fair competition, but are they carrying out a fair competition?”

“These are the rules of the Goldlake Meeting. If one wants to achieve 100 successive victories, how could it be such a simple thing?” Zhen Liuqing said indifferently, “Actually, we utterly don’t have to worry. Perhaps Chen Xi eagerly looks forward to them challenging him.”

“What do you mean by that?” asked Ya Qing.

Zhen Liuqing said with deep meaning, “Could it be that you haven’t perceived that even up to the point he defeated Ji Yue, Chen Xi seems to have not exerted his full strength yet?”

Zhen Liuqing recalled the battle from before. Sure enough, she noticed that from the beginning until the end, no matter how formidable Ji Yue’s attack was, Chen Xi seemed have an extremely casual appearance without the slightest nervous feeling of facing a formidable enemy. What did this indicate? This indicated that in Chen Xi’s heart, Ji Yue’s strength was utterly incapable of bringing any threat to him!

When she thought up to here, the worry and rage in Ya Qing’s heart was completely wiped away, and the corners of her mouth were unconsciously suffused with a wisp of an enchanting smile.

On the number 3 combat ring.

Those grey haired Talisman Formation Masters were still swiftly repairing the damaged defensive formations on the combat ring, whereas, Chen Xi stood at the side and watched with great interest.

Since the beginning, he’d always been fumbling about himself in his learning of the Dao of Talismans, and he’d never seen the skill of other Talisman Formation Masters. At this moment, when he briefly observed them, he really noticed many points that were worthy to be learned. For example, how to utilize Formation Disks and Formation Flags, or how to bring forth the strength of the formation’s foundation to the best state. A further example was how to combine various different formations to attain a state of flawless combination, causing them to seem like they were a single formation…

Perhaps the standard of these Talisman Formation Masters were inferior to him, yet the experience they possessed was worthy of him learning and drawing experience from. This was precisely the principle that one could learn from anyone.

Chen Xi had similarly noticed the arrival of Young Master Zhou, An Qianyu, Wang Daoxu, and Su Chan, and besides feeling slightly surprised, he didn’t have any other thoughts.

His way of thinking was extremely simple. Since it was a competition done via challenges, there would surely be people that would challenge him. Since others could challenge him, Young Master Zhou and the others naturally could as well, and it was enough to treat them equal. In any case, he came here this time only for the sake of testing his own strength after advancing to the Golden Core Realm, so the more experts, the better.

All in all, only by battling experts would one be able to clearly understand one’s strength, right?

Compared to Chen Xi’s simple mentality, undercurrents brewed in secret and the smell of gunpowder suffused the air between Young Master Zhou, An Qianyu, Wang Daoxu, and Su Chan.

All of them were extremely surprised, as they never imagined that the other three would actually have the same thoughts as them and intended to seize this moment to battle Chen Xi. But after feeling surprised, all of them silently came into competition with each other.

It was common knowledge that all four of them were hotshot figures in the Goldlake Meeting this time. The strengths of every single one of them couldn’t be underestimated, and it was even to the extent that their strengths surpassed the numerous participants. Coupled with their respectable backgrounds, unyielding characters, and the relationship between them, they naturally wouldn’t be friendly with each other.

“Looks like all of you intend to battle Chen Xi. But I think that if any one of us ascends the combat ring now, then even if we defeat Chen Xi, it would be unfair. What do all of you think?” Young Master Zhou fanned the jade fan in his hand as he swept the other three with his gaze and spoke slowly with a calm and unhurried voice that carried an awe-inspiring bearing that caused others to have no choice but to listen to it.

“Indeed. Chen Xi has already experienced 41 battles, and his strength has surely been consumed. If we go challenge him now, then it would be a slightly undeserving victory and slightly beneath our dignity,” said An Qianyu as he nodded.

“Then could it be that Young Master Zhou has a good suggestion?” Wang Daoxu asked from the side.

Young Master Zhou smiled lightly as he patted the jade fan in his hand and said, “I do indeed have a suggestion. Not only is it capable of solving this problem, it’s also able to decide who amongst us will challenge Chen Xi first.”

At this moment, it wasn’t just Wang Daoxu, even An Qianyu revealed an interested expression. Only Su Chan had been standing there indifferently since the beginning, and his icy cold eyes stared at Chen Xi who was on the combat ring. It seemed as if besides Chen Xi, everything in the surroundings were incapable of arousing his interest.

“It’s extremely simple. Hasn’t Chen Xi obtained 41 successive victories? Then we four will similarly obtain 41 successive victories before challenging Chen Xi. How about it?” Young Master Zhou said, “The first person to achieve this will be the first to challenge Chen Xi, and the others will challenge him according to order. In this way, wouldn’t it solve all our problems?”

“It’s fine this way as well.” An Qianyu nodded. This method had indeed made it fair and solved the problem of the order they challenged Chen Xi in, and it couldn’t be any better.

“But I still have one question.” Wang Daoxu said with a frown, “If the first person that challenges Chen Xi loses, then the other three of us probably have to give Chen Xi some time to recover his strength, right? Otherwise, would it be any different to successively battling him to tire him out?”

Young Master Zhou was stunned, and then chuckled. “If I’m the first to ascend the ring, then I’ll absolutely not allow Chen Xi to continue winning. So the problem you’re worried about will probably not occur.”

What an arrogant fellow. Does he think that he can be the first to obtain 41 successive victories to be the first to challenge Chen Xi and defeat Chen Xi?

An Qianyu and Wang Daoxu frowned.

“Nevermind. For the sake of relieving all of you, I’ll put up a Dragonsoul Jade Pendant as a wager. How about it?” Young Master Zhou sighed before taking out a jade pendant that contained dense vital blood and was extremely beautiful.

This jade pendant was only palm sized. At the instant it appeared in the air, an extremely shocking and boundless dragon qi gushed out from it instantaneously. Exactly, it was really dragon qi. The dense vitality and extremely copious energy within it even formed a true dragon phantom that swam proudly as it shook the sky, and it was an astonishing scene.

“Dragonsoul Jade Pendant! Supposedly, it contains a strand of the Blood Essence and soul of a primordial divine beast, the Green Dragon, and it’s impervious to evil and disease. Moreover, it possesses a mysterious and extremely beneficial effect to one’s cultivation. In the entire Darchu Dynasty, it seems that only the members of the Imperial Family possess this precious treasure.” An Qianyu’s eyes squinted as he spoke with surprise, and he seemed to not dare believe that Young Master Zhou had actually taken out this thing to bet with.

“Exactly. It’s precisely this treasure.” Young Master Zhou smiled lightly as he played with the Dragonsoul Jade Pendant in his hand and said unhurriedly, “The first person amongst us to challenge Chen Xi will be able to obtain this treasure. Of course, if I’m the first person to challenge Chen Xi, then if I lose the battle, this treasure will become Chen Xi’s possession. Once he possesses this treasure, so long as he absorbs the dragon soul and Blood Essence contained within it, his strength would surely be able to recover to its optimum state in 10 minutes. No matter who is the next to challenge him, the situation where one doesn’t deserve the victory wouldn’t occur. What does everyone think about this?”

What extravagance! He actually took out a Dragonsoul Jade Pendant to bet with.

Besides proving that he was extremely wealthy, it indicated he possessed an extremely strong confidence towards his own strength. Otherwise, he would absolutely not take out a Dragonsoul Jade Pendant and joke with it.

Under these circumstances, how could An Qianyu and Wang Daoxu continue hesitating? So they agreed right away.

Only Su Chan remained, and he didn’t say a single word from the beginning until the end. It was even to the extent that when Young Master Zhou made a bet with a precious treasure like the Dragonsoul Jade Pendant, it didn’t even draw his attention.

“What? You don’t agree? You want to disregard our opinions?” Young Master Zhou frowned, and his eyes flickered with an icy cold light as he shot his gaze directly towards Su Chan.

An Qianyu and Wang Daoxu revealed displeased expressions as well as they looked over coldly with gazes that carried a trace of a strong threatening feeling. In terms of status and strength, they weren’t the slightest bit inferior to the Warlord’s Estate’s Su Chan, so how could they allow him to single-handedly spoil their agreement?

As he felt the undisguised threatening intent of the three, even though Su Chan was extremely confident of his current strength, he understood that once he directly indicated his disagreement, he would surely encounter the joint suppression of the three of them. In this way, even though he had the Warlord’s Estate behind him to rely on, he would be entirely unable to endure it.

After staying silent for a short moment, Su Chan nodded unwillingly as he squeezed out a voice from between the cracks in his teeth. “Alright, then we’ll see exactly who defeats Chen Xi first!”

“Good spirit! This is how a true cultivator speaks.” Young Master Zhou laughed heartily, and then his gaze swept the other combat rings and said, “Besides the combat ring Chen Xi is on, there’re another 17 combat rings. We’ll choose one each and compete to see who amongst us is capable of obtaining 41 successive victories first!”

“Let’s begin!”

As soon as they finished speaking, the four of them instantly flashed out explosively towards the other combat rings, and all of them wanted to choose the first person amongst them to challenge Chen Xi in the first possible moment.

When he saw this scene, Chen Xi who was on the combat ring finally returned to his senses, and he rubbed his nose as he muttered to himself. I never imagined that I’ve actually become the fragrant bun that everyone is fighting for…


On the spectating area, Ya Qing couldn’t help but burst out laughing, and her eyes curved to seem like two crescent moons as she chuckled. “This fellow is such a bastard. It’s already come to this, yet he still has the mood to joke about himself.”

The nearby Zhen Liuqing couldn’t help but smile, and her burning starry eyes were bright like the moon as she said, “It can be seen from this that Chen Xi is extremely confident about the fierce battles that’re about to come. Let’s wait and see.”

Meanwhile, everyone in the spectating area came to an understanding, and they were extremely interested towards Young Master Zhou’s suggestion. All of them stared their eyes wide open and wanted to see who would become the first person to challenge Chen Xi.

However, right at this moment, a scene that exceeded everyone’s expectations occurred. On the number 2 combat ring, the Jadepool Celestial Isle’s Hua Mobei actually leaped off his combat ring after defeating his opponent and arrived at Chen Xi’s combat ring before cupping his hands. “Brother Chen, why don’t we seize this opportunity to have a spar?” 

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