Chapter 312 – Fleeing In Defeat

The Kan trigram represented Water, the Kan Sword of Water was like a surging stream and stormy sea. The Li trigram represented Fire, the Li Sword of Fire was raging and violent, scorching and overbearing. The Zhen trigram represented Lightning, the Zhen Sword of Lightning possessed moves that were like bolts of lightning that conquered all. The Xun trigram represented Wind, the Xun Sword of Wind contained a myriad of variations that were swift and agile.

Every single one of these four great sword moves of the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture were vast like the ocean and contained boundless variations and constantly changing profundities. Every single one of them had their own miraculous effect, and every single one of them could compare to a Dao Grade martial technique when used against an enemy, causing it to be extremely terrifying.

At this moment, the energy of the four Grand Daos of water, fire, lightning, and wind had fused flawlessly and condensed into a single sword strike. The surging and pure energy of slaughter within it actually seemed to have instantly caused everything in the surroundings to freeze and become motionless!


A sound that was like the sound of cloth tearing resounded out as a hole that was impossible to repair was torn open in the frozen air, and the vast holy light and surging devilish flames’ seal of the entire space within the combat ring were instantly broken apart.

The sword light soared through the sky like a rainbow that penetrated through the universe, and it was vast and lofty as it struck out. 

Swish! Swish!

The myriad of palm images struck out by Ji Yue were shattered successively, and they were unable to stop it in the slightest.

The terrifying sword move even covered Ji Yue within it and fiercely struck him high into the sky. His entire body was bathed in blood, with injuries densely covering his body, and his appearance was extremely tragic.


Young Master Zhou squashed the jade cup in his hand, yet he entirely didn’t notice it as he stared fixedly at the combat ring, at the sword strike of Chen Xi’s that was about to tear through the sky and slash out, and his gaze was filled with shock.

The fusing of the four great sword moves doesn’t just cause its strength to increase explosively by four times! Doesn’t this mean that his comprehension of the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture has already attained the fourth level?

Young Master Zhou had the fortune of listening to a peerless Sword Immortal preach about the Dao when he was young, and the Sword Immortal had once talked about the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture. He said this sword scripture was reputed to be the sword technique that was most difficult to cultivate in the world, and there were two reasons to this. The first was that amongst the eight great sword moves, every single sword move contained boundless variations that were vast like the milky way, causing it to be impossible for an ordinary person to comprehend superficial knowledge of it. The second reason was that this sword technique required the supplement of eight Dao Insights that were completely different. So if one didn’t possess shocking and extraordinary talent, then one would be unable to cultivate even a bit of it.

It was precisely these two reasons that caused people to rarely have the courage to cultivate this sword scripture, even if it was vastly circulated. When all was said and done, it came down to only a single word — Difficulty!

But that peerless Sword Immortal had once said that in the surging annals of history, there were outstanding people with extraordinary wisdom that had comprehended a trace of the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture’s true essence, yet there was no one that was capable of cultivating it to perfection.

There was only a single reason for this, attaining perfection in it required one to completely fuse all of the eight great sword moves in a single sword strike!

This was extremely easy to understand. What was meant by ‘Myriad Convergence’ was to converge a myriad of variations into a single sword strike, and this was the true meaning behind the name Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture.

The later generations had relied on this meaning to divide the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture into eight levels. Merely grasping the eight great sword moves could only be considered to be peeking through the threshold, and it was the first level.

The second level required fusing every two types of sword moves in the sword scripture. For example, the Waterflame Sword Dao, the Skyearth Sword Dao, the Mountainmarsh Sword Dao, and so on and so forth.

The third level required fusing three types of sword moves together. For example, the Waterflame Lightning Sword Dao, the Flamewind Lightning Sword Dao, and so on and so forth.

The fourth level required the fusing of four types of sword moves. For example, the Waterflame Windlightning Sword Dao Chen Xi executed now, and it was fused from the boundless variations of the sword moves of water, fire, lightning, and wind.

Adding on repeatedly in order, completely fusing the eight sword moves in the sword scripture was the eighth level of the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture, and at this point, the entire sword scripture could be said to have been cultivated to perfection.

According to what that peerless Sword Immortal said, one in a million people in the world were capable of comprehending the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture, and one who could attain the first level in the sword scripture was already capable of being called an outstanding genius. Moreover, a figure that was capable of comprehending it to a higher level was already a peerless genius, a genius that created miracles, a genius that led the world, and all convention was incapable of appraising and judging a figure like this.

It was precisely because of this that Young Master Zhou was unable to maintain his composure when he witnessed this strike of Chen Xi’s, and his heart was filled with a tempestuous storm and he was shocked to speechlessness.

At this moment, An Qianyu, Wang Daoxu, Ya Qing, Zhen Liuqing, and the other experts had all noticed the true strength contained within this sword strike of Chen Xi’s, and they felt an extremely complicated feeling in their hearts as well.

This fellow is simply a freak. No one is capable of guessing exactly how formidable his strength is. When everyone thinks that he’s facing imminent danger, he would always be able to safely get through it at the critical moment. However, when you think that this is the extent of his strength, the strength he revealed next would instantly and completely destroy your entire perception…

It seems as if his strength will rise along with the strength of his opponent. No one is able to know where his bottom line is at, nor will anyone be able to know what his true trump card was.

“You’ve broken apart my Buddha and Devil Territory! How could this be possible?! Impossible!” Under the siege of the sword light, Ji Yue was like a mad devil, and he had a savage expression as the injuries on his entire body recovered swiftly at a visible speed.

This was the formidableness of the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement. So long as the heart and head weren’t injured, the cultivator would be able to instantly recover all injuries.

Amidst an enraged roar, holy light flared up around Ji Yue’s body, and his entire body abruptly transformed into the form of having three heads and six arms. One had a benevolent and kind countenance, another had a ferocious and savage appearance, and the last was his own original head. Moreover, those six arms that were thick like rocks held a bell, wooden clapper, ruler, horsetail brush, prayer beads, and an oil lantern. Every single instrument was condensed from Buddha Energy, flowed with golden light, and emitted the energy of light that eliminated all evil.

This was another Divine Ability called Deity Transformation. The three heads viewed all directions and didn’t have the slightest blind spot, causing assassins adept in assassination to have no way to launch a strike. When those six arms struck out at the same time, their strength skyrocketed, causing it to be extremely formidable, and it was instead as if one was facing three enemies.

When looked at from afar, the current Ji Yue was like a god with a solemn and dignified expression as he terrorized the world with his might. Since the beginning of the battle, all the abilities Ji Yue had executed were extremely formidable. The Divine Ability Dragolion Vidyaraja Seal, the Buddha and Devil Territory, and the current Deity Transformation. All of them were rare cultivation techniques that caused the spectators to be secretly shocked to the extreme.

“Chen Xi, receive another strike of mine!” Ji Yue shouted out explosively as the profound instruments condensed in his six hands blasted out with a brilliant glow, causing the images of Buddha’s to be faintly visible as holy fire surged, and it struck down to envelop Chen Xi.

“Ignorant fool, fuck off!” This time, Chen Xi didn’t intend to destroy every move that came at him. The Talisman Armament in his hand instantly condensed the Dao Insights of wind, lightning, fire, and mountain to form a mountain that seemed to have risen explosively, and it practically covered half the combat ring. Not only did it put an end to Ji Yue’s attack, it even pressed down upon Ji Yue to the point that he was pushed to the ground.

Ji Yue still struggled with the intention of counterattacking, but Chen Xi already had no more interest in this battle, and he held his sword with one hand before slashing it down vertically.


The roaring sword insight blasted out with a ghastly and surging killing intent that was dense to the point it was suffocating, and a wisp of terror abruptly arose in Ji Yue’s heart. He faintly saw an enormous mountain splitting sword descending in the sky, and if he didn’t flee, he would surely have his head shattered, his body broken apart, and face imminent death.

Even though killing was prohibited on the combat ring, the terror in his heart caused Ji Yue to not dare make a bet with his life, and he couldn’t care about embarrassment. When facing the threat of death, he exploded out with unprecedented potential, and he flashed out to escape in a sorry state.

A wisp of ridicule arose on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth. He was precisely waiting for Ji Yue to flee the combat ring himself. After all, Chen Xi wasn’t willing to break the rules of the Goldlake Meeting and cause a lot of trouble for himself.


Ji Yue had just fled out the combat ring when Chen Xi’s sword had descended fiercely, and the terrifying sword insight struck down to the point it seemed as if it wanted to slash the entire combat ring in two. Sharp air flows shot out and slices out numerous horrifying sword marks on the ground in the surroundings of the combat ring. Every single strand of a terrifying sword qi like this was absolutely capable of causing the death of another.


The spectators that faced the combat ring right ahead of them gasped. Even though there was a distance of 5km between them and the combat ring, yet they still felt how terrifying his strike was, causing them to feel a chill run down their spines, and their souls almost left their bodies. They even doubted if Chen Xi strike would chop the entire spectating area into two and smash them into mush.

“It’s too terrifying. This is a true sword cultivator, a sword cultivator whose offensive ability surpasses all!”

“Dammit! This strike felt as if it struck on my heart and was impossible to defend against. I thought I’d already died earlier…”

“Where’s Ji Yue? Could it be that Ji Yue really fled in defeat before this strike?”

Right when everyone was discussing animatedly, the various defensive formations on the surface of the combat ring made of Blackshell Steel dimmed down and became lusterless, and they were on the verge of collapse.

At this moment, even Cui Shan, who presided over the battles in this combat ring, was dumbstruck.

The degree of hardness of this combat ring was sufficient to resist the attack of a perfection-stage Golden Core Realm cultivator, and its surface had been inscribed by Talisman Formation Masters with various defensive formations, causing even a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator to have to spend a period of time in order to damage it.

Even though this strike of Chen Xi’s didn’t break through the combat ring, yet it caused the defensive formations on the surface of the combat ring to be on the verge of collapse. So exactly how terrifying was the strength contained within this strike?

Fortunately, the host of the Goldlake Meeting this time had sufficiently considered the occurrence of a situation where the combat ring was damaged, so it wasn’t long before a few grey haired Talisman Formation Masters ascended the number 3 combat ring and started setting up the formation anew.

Chen Xi’s competition could only stop temporarily. But he didn’t leave the combat ring, and instead recuperated his strength while observing these Talisman Formation Masters setting up the formation with great interest. He looked as if defeating Ji Yue earlier didn’t cause him to be proud in the slightest, and he seemed to be extremely calm.

Compared to Chen Xi’s calmness, the spectating area was in an uproar at this moment. All the spectators were discussing the breathtaking battle between Chen Xi and Ji Yue animatedly, causing the battles that were being carried out in the other 10 plus combat rings to have no one paying attention to them, and they were extremely cold and quiet.

But observant people noticed that beneath the clamorous atmosphere was a faintly strained undercurrent flowing, and it was as if something would happen in the next moment.

“His offensive ability isn’t bad, but this was your trump card, right? Now allow me to end everything!” Su Chan who wore white clothes swiftly stood up and left the spectating area.

“Look, the Warlord’s Estate’s Su Chan intends to make a move!”

“Could it be that he wants to challenge Chen Xi? Impossible! Chen Xi has already experienced over 40 battles earlier and has just fought a fierce battle with Ji Yue. His strength is probably already at its end. If Su Chan goes to challenge Chen Xi, it’s obviously an act of bullying Chen Xi, and with his status, he’ll surely not act in such a way.”

“Eh, quickly, look over there…”

Many people noticed Su Chan’s actions and discussed with low voices, whereas, at the same time, some people noticed to their shock that it wasn’t just Su Chan, even Young Master Zhou, An Qianyu, Wang Daoxu, and the others had stood up and practically left the spectating area in unison to flash towards the combat ring.

At this moment, all these experts who were renowned in the world since long ago and were similarly the most popular figures in the Goldlake Meeting this time had actually moved out!

What exactly was going on?

Up until now, only less than half of the challenges in the second round of the Goldlake Meeting have been carried out. Don’t all experts enter the ring at the end? Why would they ascend to the ring now? 

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