Chapter 311 – The Energy of Buddha and Devil


Along with the thousands of seals that Ji Yue’s hands developed, the sound of Buddhist chanting that seemed like the sound of nature abruptly resounded out in the heavens and the earth, and then a Buddha appeared in every single seal. All of the had three heads and six arms, with a vertical eye between their brows, and they emanated a brilliant glow.

Buddhist chanting!

Buddhas taking form!

The hearts of everyone in the surroundings of the combat ring trembled when they saw this scene, and they felt a terrifying aura that was boundless, magnificent, awe-inspiring, and devastating.

This fellow’s Buddhist sect Divine Ability is marvelous, it actually possesses such a grand aura, and even I can’t help but want to have a match with him… Young Master Zhou’s slanted brows raised up as a trace of excitement flashed past his eyes and battle intent suffused them.

Strange. Along with the Buddhist Sect being buried in the annals of history, Buddhist Sect cultivation techniques have very rarely appeared in the world. I originally thought that he’d only cultivated an ordinary cultivation technique, yet now it would seem like it isn’t inferior to some top Dao Grade martial techniques. An Qianyu muttered to himself.

“That kid Chen Xi is going to be defeated now.” Su Chan’s brows knit together. He was still waiting to charge up onto the combat ring and fiercely trample on Chen Xi, yet Ji Yue had beat him to it, causing him to be unable to avoid from feeling slightly regretful.

You must resist it! Ya Qing silently clenched her fists tightly, and her starry eyes stared unblinkingly at Chen Xi.

If I have the chance, I want to fight Ji Yue and experience exactly how formidable this Buddhist Sect Divine Ability is… Zhen Liuqing’s eyes were like mist as her clothed fluttered and battle intent gushed out from her.

“Fuh!” On the combat ring, Ji Yue let out a vast and obscure sound with True Essence, then the myriad of seals abruptly stopped before combining into an enormous palm that was like glass, and it burned with golden flames and emitted bright holy light. Dragolions roared and Buddhas glared angrily within it, and it emitted a boundlessly awe-inspiring terrifying aura.


Ji Yue launched his second attack. This palm was gigantic and powerful, causing the sky to be instantly crushed into powder like papier mache, and it formed into a terrifying crack of void in space.

“It’s impolite not to reciprocate, so you should receive a strike of mine first!” Chen Xi’s figure flickered as he moved about in the sky, and Dao Insight surged violently on the Talisman Armament in his hand as he executed the Waterflame Sword Dao formed from the mix of water and flame. It directly sliced into the palm and swiftly struck through, and the peerlessly ghastly sword qi tore through the sky and condensed an enormous mark of the sword in space. It looked as if the entire combat ring’s space had been slashed into two, and it was a mighty counterattack.


The enormous palm that was like glass was slashed into two, the Dragolions within it shattered, the Buddha’s within it violently killed, and it completely transformed into shattered pieces of light that scattered into the surroundings.  

The might of a single strike was so terrifying!

The people present were instantly shocked speechless. They were still bitterly pondering how Chen Xi should resist, yet Chen Xi used an extremely formidable and direct sword strike to directly destroy the dangerous situation, and this mighty counterattack caused them to almost not dare believe their own eyes.

Water and fire becoming compatible with each other, two extremes alternating with each other. Amazing! He has actually comprehended the Kan Sword of Water and Li Sword of Fire of the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture to such an extent. This kid’s cultivation in the Martial Dao can’t be looked down upon! Young Master Zhou was suddenly moved, and he couldn’t help but rub his hands and praise Chen Xi.

Actually, it wasn’t just Young Master Zhou, the others like An Qianyu, Wang Daoxu, Su Chan, Ya Qing, Zhen Liuqing, and the others had perceived the terrifying Sword Insight contained within this sword strike of Chen Xi’s, and waves of ripples arose in their hearts, causing them to be unable to control their feelings.

At this moment, Ji Yue didn’t have the time to sigh emotionally as he was facing the threat of Chen Xi’s terrifying sword move head on. Not to mention sighing with emotion, he didn’t even have the time to be distracted.

At the critical moment, his eyes narrowed as his leg strode back, and then his hands made a clenching gesture, causing Buddha Energy that was vast like the tide to condense into the image of an enormous Dragolion. The Dragolion’s dragon whiskers fluttered about, its eyes like lanterns, and as if opened its mouth to roar, peerless holy light spun out intensely to form numerous thick vortexes that took the shape of funnels.

“Dragolion’s Rebirth, Vidyaraja’s Rage!” 


In the next moment, the Waterflame Sword tore through the sky as it slashed towards him, and those numerous vortexes were torn apart and shattered with a bang. When the Dragolion image formed from golden holy light encountered this attack, its entire body instantly fluctuated intensely and was on the verge of shattering, causing it to become dim and lusterless, and it didn’t reveal the slightest bit of intelligence any longer.

“Want to defeat me with a mere sword move? Perish!” At this moment, Ji Yue finally understood that he’d underestimated Chen Xi’s strength, and besides feeling shocked in his heart, the Buddha Energy in his entire body was instantly mobilized completely. The Dragolion image radiated vitality once more, and its body that was enormous like a mountain even grew a layer of golden scales that were suffused with a metallic sheen.


The Dragolion image stood in the sky as it clawed down, causing the sword move to be destroyed instantly. However, what exceeded Ji Yue’s expectations was that after the sword move was shattered, it actually transformed into bits of sword light that sliced the Dragolion’s body fiercely, causing an enormous counter force to affect him. Even with his powerful body, he still felt a wave of pain and numbness.

Luckily, the sword lights weren’t boundless and were quickly exhausted, whereas the Dragolion image was closely linked to Ji Yue, so it still stayed ferociously in the sky while roaring endlessly.

“Not bad. I admit that I’ve underestimated you since the beginning.” Ji Yue took a deep breath, causing the surging vital energy and blood and the discomfort he felt to vanish, and his aura became even stronger.

Chen Xi didn’t seize the opportunity to follow up with an attack, and he said indifferently, “If you only have this little strength, then you’ll lose for sure. It’s better for you to withdraw from the combat ring as early as possible.”

“You think you can defeat me with just this little ability? You still don’t have the qualifications!” Ji Yue suddenly revealed a slightly wicked and ghastly smile, and the red lotus pattern tattoo on his head was suddenly suffused with a crimson red glow. It was like a blood lotus had bloomed in the blink of an eye, and a black colored ruthless aura surged on every single one of its numerous crimson red petals. “I originally intended to teach you a lesson and let you off once you hand over the Buddha’s Pagoda. But since you’re not sensible, and are instead arrogant and conceited, don’t blame me for embarrassing you!”

“You’ve actually cultivated both Buddhist Sect and Devil Sect techniques?” Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as he’d discerned that the aura on Ji Yue was from the same source as the auras he’d felt from the Teng brothers and Fan Yunlan. All of their auras were overbearing, unbridled, arrogant, and violent.

According to his knowledge, besides the devil cultivators of the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect, there were also a portion of cultivators in the Darchu Dynasty that cultivated in Devil Sect cultivation techniques. So long as they didn’t commit heinous crimes or act against reason and the world, they wouldn’t suffer the siege of others.

“You only noticed now? Exactly, I’ve indeed cultivated both Buddhist Sect and Devil Sect cultivation techniques. With Buddha in my heart and the Devil in my palm, I’ve brought both of them together and mastered them. I’m both the devil that slaughters the world and the Buddha that releases the world from suffering. How can a tiny sword cultivator like you be a match for me?” At this moment, Ji Yue’s entire body was covered in vast holy light, yet his eyes surged with devilish flames. He was arrogant and domineering, like a Buddha, yet like a devil, and his aura was more than two times more formidable than before!

Chen Xi shook his head. This person really has an exaggerated opinion of his ability. He has concealed his strength, but haven’t I done the same? It’s even to the extent that I’ve only utilized 50% of my strength up until now. 

“I’ll admit defeat if I’m unable to defeat you within three moves.” 

There was a slight instant where Ji Yue’s expression froze, then it became gloomy, and he stared at Chen Xi while fully revealing the boiling killing intent in his heart. “Very good, let me see who will defeat who within three moves!”


As soon as he finished speaking, Ji Yue stomped on the ground, and it was like a star had plunged to the ground, shaking the entire combat ring to the point it shook violently, whereas his entire body flashed out explosively instead like an arrow that left the bow. His left hand surged with devilish flames while his right hand was coiled with holy light. One was wicked and overbearing, the other vast and grand. They formed two types of completely different, yet similarly exceedingly terrifying energies.

“The blood of devils knows no bounds as it taints the clear sky, the Buddha wields his blade of slaughter to expiate the sins of all!”


Instantly, Ji Yue blasted out over a thousand palm images that caused the entire sky to warp and be filled with destructive energy. Strands of golden Buddhist flames flowed down as numerous enraged howls of devil gods shook the heavens and the earth, and it enveloped the entire surroundings.

“Give up evil and achieve salvation. Give up evil…” A wave of Buddhist chanting resounded out.

“Enter my Devil Sect and do my bidding. Fight the heavens, destroy the world, and wander about freely in the universe…” A wave of decrees of the devil gods spread out.

The entire space in the combat ring seemed to have transformed into a world that was the combination of a vast and magnanimous world with another world that surged with devilish flames. The conflicting and warping field caused anyone who looked at it from afar to feel their vital energy and blood roil and souls tremble to the point they almost spat blood.

Ji Yue is an especially gifted genius. He combined both Buddha and Devil to open up a path that belongs to himself. Just this move is sufficient to make me take him seriously. Young Master Zhou was moved, and the battle intent in his eyes grew more and more exuberant. Obviously, the strength Ji Yue revealed had already completely drawn out his desire to do battle.

“Amazing, I’m afraid I’d have to exert my full strength when facing this move.” An Qianyu’s gaze burned as he muttered. “What about Chen Xi? How will he go against this move?”

“I’m extremely curious as well.” Wang Daoxu nodded.

“Can Chen Xi win?” Ya Qing turned around to look at Zhen Liuqing, and her eyes unconsciously revealed a wisp of worry. At this moment, she entirely had no mood to argue with Zhen Liuqing.

“The battle hasn’t ended, you’ll find out if you continue watching calmly.” Zhen Liuqing gave her a reassuring gaze before saying slowly. “He won’t stop here.”

On the spectating area, a wisp of astonishment and pity gushed onto the faces of everyone. As far as they were concerned, Chen Xi would probably lose with hatred in his heart before this move. 

Time seemed to have frozen at this moment.

The two types of terrifying energies that were filled with holy light and devilish flames covered the entire combat ring and caused Chen Xi’s entire body to be completely sealed off within it, and he was like a straw within a tempestuous storm, seeming to be so tiny and weak.

The energies of Buddha and Devil ought to be like water and fire, Yin and Yang, Sky and Earth. They’re at two extremes and reject each other. If it’s utilized in the Grand Obliteration Fist, it would seem to be not bad… Chen Xi stood unmoving and even had the time to sense the profundities contained within this strike of Ji Yue’s. But he’d also noticed that Ji Yue hadn’t completely fused the energies of Buddha and Devil, and both the energies were only getting along together via a marvelous method and had not fused.

If this fellow completely fuses them, then perhaps he’ll really be able to force out my full strength. But unfortunately, he can only stop here. The tip of Chen Xi’s sword moved swiftly. Surging water vapor and billowing flames abruptly appeared on the surface of the Talisman Armament and flowing within it was bolts of dazzling lightning arcs and gusts of wispy and traceless typhoon vortexes…

At this instant, the energy of the four Grand Daos of water, fire, lightning, and wind had fused flawlessly on the Talisman Armament, and the surging and pure energy of slaughter within it actually seemed to have caused everything in the surroundings to freeze and become motionless!  

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