Chapter 310 – Dragolion Vidyaraja Seal

Ji Yue wants to challenge Chen Xi? 

Wei Feng and Zhong Liao were struck with terror as they looked anxiously at Mu Kui, and they instantly slightly regretted their rashness from before.

Mu Kui grunted coldly. “Want to go back on your word?”

The two of the hastily shook their heads as their expressions changed indeterminately. Who was Ji Yue? A perfection-stage Golden Core Realm body refiner! He’d long ago been taken to be an existence that was capable of being equal to Young Master Zhou and the others. How can Chen Xi possibly be a match for him?

Solely in terms of strength, a body refiner completely crushed a qi refiner with the same cultivation, and this was an irrefutable fact in the cultivation world. How could Chen Xi who was only at the initial-stage of the Golden Core Realm go against Ji Yue?

Movement technique? No matter how swift his speed is, so long as he was unable to injure Ji Yue’s head or heart, then it would be useless as well.

Cultivation in the Martial Dao? Who dared say that Ji Yue didn’t cultivate any formidable Divine Abilities? No matter how formidable the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture was, it depended on a person’s strength!

Mu Kui laughed coldly and said with a wave of his hand. “Alright, I won’t force the two of you. Just like before, take it as if you’ve lent the money you bet to me. How about it?”

When he said this, Wei Feng and Zhong Liao became hesitant instead. After quite a long moment, Wei Feng squeezed out some words from the cracks between his teeth. “Nevermind, I’ll take a risk. I don’t believe that Chen Xi is unable to defeat Ji Yue!”

“Right! Like an egg blown away into the sea, only when one’s wealth is lost does one feel at ease. So what if we lose, what’re we afraid of?” Zhong Liao gritted is teeth and said, “Right! Like wares that are lost in the sea, only when one’s wealth is lost does one feel at ease. So what if we lose, what’re we afraid of?” 

Mu Kui couldn’t help but shake his head. These two fellows change their minds constantly and are easily affected by the outside world. I’m afraid the two of them won’t be able to go far even in cultivation.

Within the venue of the Goldlake Meeting.

Ji Yue suddenly abandoned his 50 successive victories to challenge Chen Xi, and this scene instantly caused a mighty uproar and drew the gazes of everyone present.

“Has this fellow gone mad?”

“What’s he doing? He’s already easily won 50 successive victories and is only halfway from obtaining 100 successive victories. Why has he stopped abruptly?”

“This person is absolutely not as simple as we imagine. Perhaps there’s a deep meaning behind his actions.”

“How about we stop first and continue after watching this battle?” On the number 2 combat ring, Hua Mobei who wore blue clothes and had an unrestrained bearing laughed. As he spoke, his eyes had already looked towards the combat ring Chen Xi stood on.

“That couldn’t be better.” Hua Mobei’s opponent heaved a sigh of relief in his heart when he heard this. He was pressured by Hua Mobei to the point of being constantly in danger, and he eagerly wished to use this opportunity to rest for a while.

“What is this fellow Ji Yue planning? He disregarded his own combat ring and wants to provoke Chen Xi. He’s truly a hateful fellow.” Ya Qing’s beautiful brows frowned as she spoke unhappily.

“He surely possesses an objective of his own, but when facing Chen Xi…” Zhen Liuqing laughed. “His objective is perhaps extremely difficult to attain.”

At this moment, Ji Yue had undoubtedly become the center of attention of the entire Goldlake Meeting, and even Young Master Zhou, An Qianyu, Wang Daoxu, and the others watched them like hawks.

Under the gazes of everyone present, Ji Yue nimbly ascended the number 3 combat ring to stand in confrontation with Chen Xi, and then he pressed his hands together. “Brother Chen, are you willing to accept my challenge?”

He was barefooted and wore linen clothes, causing him to seem rather poor, yet his eyes were firm and clear, and a peaceful and tranquil aura faintly flowed between his brows. His entire body seemed pure like a lotus flower, and he gave off the feeling of being above worldly considerations. But the red colored bloomed lotus flower pattern that was like a tattoo on his head added an evil and unusual bearing to him, causing him to be a striking sight to others.

Chen Xi sensed an extremely firm Dao Heart from this person, and it was like the Dao Heart of a stubborn person that wouldn’t give up until attaining his objective, persistent and stubborn, yet extremely terrifying.

“Why not?” Chen Xi smiled with a carefree expression. Instead of saying he was fighting in the previous 40 battles, he could be said to have been slacking and hadn’t even utilized 40% of his strength, whereas at this moment, Ji Yue’s appearance caused him to be unable to help but arouse a slightly strong desire to do battle.

“Since it’s a battle, it naturally can’t do without a wager. I heard that Brother Chen had once obtained the Buddha’s Pagoda in Dragon Lake City, so how about you wager it?” An extraordinary splendor flashed past Ji Yue’s eyes when he spoke of the Buddha’s Pagoda.

Chen Xi instantly came to on understanding. This fellow has probably been thinking about my treasures since long ago. Moreover, the reason he challenged me is surely for the sake of obtaining this treasure.

Chen Xi said with surprise, “Brother Ji Yue is very well informed to actually have heard of this. Right, this treasure is indeed in my possession, and using it in the wager is naturally possible. But it’s a precious treasure, so I wonder what Brother Ji Yue can bring forth?”

Ji Yue smiled lightly and seemed to be even more confident and unhurried as he said, “I presume you’ve already guessed that I’ve cultivated a Buddhist Sect cultivation technique, and you naturally understand that it’s impossible to repair the Buddha’s Pagoda without nurturing and refining it with energy of a Buddhist Sect cultivation technique. If I lose, I’ll hand over this cultivation technique. How about it?”

Chen Xi shook his head. “I can still find another opportunity to find a Buddhist Sect cultivation technique even without yours, but there’s only one Buddha’s Pagoda, and it’s irreplaceable. Forgive me but I’m unable to accept this condition.”

“Let me say something overconfident. Besides me, there’s probably not a second person in the Darchu Dynasty that possesses a Buddhist Sect cultivation technique. Brother Chen, why don’t you reconsider?” Ji Yue frowned as he spoke.

“Looks like Brother Ji Yue hasn’t seen the situation clearly. Perhaps the Darchu Dynasty doesn’t have one, but what about the Dark Reverie?” Chen Xi chuckled. “Even if the Dark Reverie doesn’t have one, then the Buddhist Kingdom ought to have one, right?”

A trace of rage flashed past within the depths of Ji Yue’s eyes. He felt he was already sufficiently courteous, yet Chen Xi still remained unmoved. Obviously, Chen Xi wasn’t going to submit to the pressure he placed on Chen Xi after initially turning down his request. If it was any other place, he utterly couldn’t be bothered to waste time, and he would directly kill Chen Xi and seize the Buddha’s Pagoda.

At this instant, Chen Xi acutely noticed that Ji Yue had arouse a trace of killing intent towards him, causing him to be unable to help but feel inwardly angry. He wants the Buddha’s Pagoda, yet is unable to bring forth something of value, and he has even aroused killing intent towards me. This fellow is really arrogant and conceited, he’s courting death!

“Then in Brother Chen’s opinion, what sort of bet would I need to bring forth for it to be worthy of the value of the Buddha’s Pagoda?” Ji Yue took a deep breath, and his expression returned to calm as he spoke slowly.

“Truthfully speaking, all your possessions aren’t the slightest bit attractive to me.” Chen Xi shook his head. “If you want to fight me, then don’t mention any wager, otherwise, leave the combat ring yourself.”

Killing intent surged in Ji Yue’s heart as his expression grew even calmer, and he asked coldly. “Brother Chen, do you really intend to act willfully?”

Act willfully?

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed, and he gave Ji Yue the death penalty in his heart. He’d already affirmed that for the sake of obtaining his Buddha’s Pagoda, Ji Yue had probably already aroused killing intent towards him. A man had no intention of hurting a tiger, yet a tiger had the intention of eating a man. When dealing with a fellow like this, only by behaving even more ruthlessly or even only by killing the person would one be able to avoid a calamity.

“Are you going to fight or not? If you aren’t, then get out of the way!” A way of complaint resounded out in the surroundings of the combat ring as they felt that Ji Yue’s actions started off with a bang yet ended with a whimper.

Moreover, because the conversation between Chen Xi and Ji Yue was carried out via voice transmission, everyone didn’t understand the reason behind it and thought that they were catching up, so they naturally voiced out with complaints.

“Hear that? Are you going to fight or not? Otherwise, leave. Don’t waste everyone’s time.” After he clearly understood Ji Yue’s true colors, Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to be courteous and spoke with a frown.

“Looks like only by completely subduing you will I be able to make you change your mind. Since it’s like this, then we’ll let our strengths decide!” After Ji Yue finished speaking, he proclaimed a Buddhist chant with a solemn and dignified expression.


Vital energy and blood seemed to boil as it shot into the sky and transformed into a ceaselessly roiling bloody cloud that covered an area of 3km and flowed with runes, and lightning flashed and thunder rumbled within it. Once he decided to fight, Ji Yue’s eyes went blank for a moment, and he seemed to have become a completely different person. He’d changed from a compassionate and peaceful Buddha into an enraged Buddha.

At this instant, as they felt the monstrous aura that surged out from Ji Yue’s body, the clamorous noise all around the Goldlake Meeting’s venue vanished instantly, and it became perfectly silent. The gazes of everyone had converged over and stared with concentration for fear of missing the slightest detail.

“Red lotus Hellfire and the power of the Vidyaraja, refine and transform all evil and devils. Dragolion Vidyaraja Seal!” Ji Yue shouted out explosively as surging flames gushed out from his skin, and then he forced a seal with both his hands. A raging dragon roared on one hand while the howl of a lion shook the skies on the other, and then boundless bright light gushed out from his back, causing him to possess awe-inspiring divine might like a god.

Chen Xi noticed acutely with a single glance that this Dragolion Vidyaraja Seal was a Buddhist Sect Divine Ability that was powerful and overbearing. The strength of the dragon crushed the body while the howl of the lion suppressed the soul, and it was different from any of the techniques and Divine Abilities he’d seen.


Ji Yue pressed his hands together as the dragon strength mixed with the lion howl to form a powerful and vast enormous energy before his figure shook and blasted down onto Chen Xi.

He struck out like a bolt of lightning!

Violent like thunder and swift like the wind!

When the barefooted Ji Yue who wore linen clothes like a monk launched an attack, he simply seemed like a Buddha of death, attacking swiftly and directly with a pair of hands that had formed seals, and he shattered space itself as he approached Chen Xi from above.


How could Chen Xi sit there and await death? His figure swiftly vanished on the spot, and in the next moment, he’d already arrived at Ji Yue’s side. The Talisman Armament was like a violent dragon flashing through the sky as it transformed into a streak of flowing light that was like a stream that swiftly pierced towards the back of Ji Yue’s head.

“I knew your speed was extraordinary long ago, so how could I have not taken precautions against it? Dragolion Furyflame Seal!” Ji Yue shouted loudly once more like the roar of a dragon as his hands instantly formed thousands of seals that flowed with the glow of fire and faintly emitted the sound of chanting in Sanskrit that shook the heart, and he turned around to slap towards the tip of the sword.


The seal and tip of the sword collided like the eruption of a volcano, causing waves of flames of charge into the sky and shake the combat ring beneath them to the point of vibrating intensely. Cui Shan who presided over the battle hurriedly activated the greatest level of defense on the combat ring when he saw the situation of the combat ring wasn’t promising, and only in this way did he avoid the collapse of the combat ring.

In the time of just a single breath, the two of them had already fought over 100 times. One of them was like a bolt of lightning that emitted ghastly sword lights, the other was bathed in a crimson glow, like a Buddha that had descended into the world. They fought with extreme speed, and every single one of their collisions emitted terrifying glows and gusts of air.

The hearts of all the spectators shook and were unable to breathe as they watched the battle. This was a true battle between experts. Every single move and technique contained various profundities and overflowed with Dao Insight, causing them to become absorbed by it.


A sea of flames arose on the combat ring, Buddha Energy surged around Ji Yue’s body, and the crimson red colored flames were like tidewater that swept towards the surroundings. The flames instantly covered the entire combat ring and locked onto Chen Xi’s path of retreat.

“What’s the point in only dodging? Receive a seal of mine!” Amidst his loud shout, Ji Yue soared into the sky before plunging down like a comet as he fiercely blasted down a seal that was coiled with golden colored flames.

Air was instantly torn apart as space itself was covered in cracks. When this seal was blasted out, it gave others the feeling as if the ground was splitting apart and a floor had broken out, whereas, Chen Xi was like a tiny tree before the floor, and he would be broken and drowned by it at any time, and it gave others an extreme visual impact.

Chen Xi raised his head as the Talisman Armament struck out nimbly like a fluttering butterfly with a few sword lights that were interwoven together and moved according to a unique rhythm, and the golden seal was easily sliced into pieces.

“You have some ability. But that was only 50% of my strength. If you’re capable of receiving the next strike, then you barely possess the qualifications to go against my full strength.” Ji Yue’s expression remained emotionless as his glistening and white hands abruptly assumed thousands of peculiar forms…

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