Chapter 308 – Ascending The Ring To Do Battle

Vital energy and blood surged and boiled like lava as it effused out of his body, and it roiled like smoke as it charged into the sky and transformed into clouds in the sky. This was a sign that could only be revealed when a body refiner advanced to the Golden Core Realm.

The blood colored clouds that covered an area of 3km above Ji Yue was transformed from the vital energy and blood within his body, and when one attained a cultivation realm like this, a single roar was capable of annihilating evil spirits and eliminating ghosts.

When an estate possessed a body refiner at such a cultivation realm garrisoned within, evil spirits that saw the bloody clouds from afar would flee in disorder when after the other, and they wouldn’t dare come forward.

Moreover, if one wanted to know that stage in the Golden Core Realm a body refiner had attained, one could discern it from the bloody cloud condensed in the sky above the cultivator. A cloud that covered 30m represented the initial-stage of the Golden Core Realm, 300m represented the intermediate-stage of the Golden Core Realm, and 3km represented the advanced-stage of the Golden Core Realm, whereas when signs of lightning flashing and thunder rumbling appears in the cloud that covered an area of 3km, it represented that the cultivator had attained the perfection-stage of the Golden Core Realm.

The strength Ji Yue revealed in battle undoubtedly proved this.

“Amazing! I wonder when such a formidable figure appeared in the Zenith Sect. Normally speaking, in the same cultivation realm, body refiners were existence that were entirely capable of crushing qi refiners.” Ya Qing spoke in surprise.

“This person probably hasn’t taken a step out of his sect, and perhaps participating in the Goldlake Meeting this time is the first time he’s making an appearance in the cultivation world. Otherwise, based on his strength, his reputation would probably have already spread throughout the world.” Zhen Liuqing analyzed with a low voice as well.

When he heard the two young women assessing Ji Yue so highly, Chen Xi instead seemed slightly preoccupied with his own thoughts. He faintly felt that the aura on Ji Yue gave him a familiar feeling. The Shaman Energy revealed from Ji Yue’s body refinement cultivation technique was rich, pure, firm, vast, and unusual, yet extremely formidable.

What a strange Shaman Energy. Why do I have a familiar feeling?... I remember now! Isn’t the aura emitted by Mount Meru in the top layer of the Buddha’s Pagoda an aura like this?” A flash of understanding arose within Chen Xi’s mind as he instantly recalled it and even remembered that the Nine Syllables of Truth Soul Suppression Runes faintly emitted an aura like this as well.

This fellow has probably cultivated a Buddhist Sect body refinement cultivation technique… Interesting. The Buddhist Sect has been buried into oblivion ages ago, yet Ji Yue has obtained the inheritance of the Buddhist Sect. Perhaps he’s a person with great fortune. When he understood this, Chen Xi felt even more curious towards Ji Yue. After all, even though the Buddha’s Pagoda in his possession was already extremely damaged, yet it was a Buddhist Sect Immortal Artifact in the past. Moreover, Ji Yu had said that if he wanted to repair the Buddha’s Pagoda, he must use a Buddhist technique to nurture and refine it before there would be a possibility of once again developing an Artifact Spirit.

“Look, quickly! The Jadepool Celestial Isle’s Hua Mobei had entered the ring!”

“How formidable! This fellow actually defeated Lu Xun who obtained 36 successive victories with a single strike, and he’s absolutely another dark horse besides Ji Yue.”

“Ji Yue and Hua Mobei, coupled with Young Master Zhou, An Qianyu, Wang Daoxu, Su Chan, and the others. The Goldlake Meeting this time really has experts as numerous as the clouds participating in it.”

A wave of shocked exclamations abruptly sounded out in the scene as the gazes of everyone looked towards the number 2 combat ring. A handsome young man in a green robe stood alone there, his hair casually tied up behind him by a strand of grass, and he gave off a fresh look, yet carried a trace of an extremely free and unrestrained feeling.

Chen Xi raised his eyes to look over and acutely noticed that the strength of this green robed Hua Mobei was deep like the ocean, vast and boundless, and it faintly possessed an immeasurable feeling that covered everything in the world.

Judging from merely his aura, this person’s strength wasn’t something an ordinary cultivator could compare to. Moreover, he was able to defeat Lu Xun who’d obtained 36 successive victories with a single strike, so no one was able to determine exactly how formidable his strength was.

“Chen Xi, do you want to go give it a try and see if you can draw the shocked exclamations of everyone?” Ya Qing turned around and joked.

“Alright.” Chen Xi nodded. His hands had been itching intolerably since long ago, so he flashed towards a combat ring right away, and there just happened to be a cultivator who’d lost there, and no one had replaced the losing cultivator.

“When did this fellow become so obedient?” Ya Qing was stunned, as when she raised her head, she noticed that Chen Xi had leaped up onto the combat ring.

“He isn’t obedient. The strength revealed by the cultivators on the combat rings have already drawn out a slight desire for battle from him. Even if you didn’t say anything, he would still participate in the battles.” Zhen Liuqing spoke unhurriedly from the side.

“Mind your own business!” Ya Qing glared over fiercely.

“I don’t want to argue with you now as it would be too much of a pity if I missed Chen Xi’s battle.” Zhen Liuqing smiled lightly, and then her gaze shot towards the combat ring Chen Xi was on.

Ya Qing was stunned, and then her gaze shot over as well. 


“Little Brother, you want to challenge Han Kun?” On the number 3 combat ring, the Rebirth Realm cultivator that presided over the battles was called Cui Shan, and he was an old man with a kind expression. He couldn’t help but speak with surprise when he saw Chen Xi walk over. “Even though he’s merely an expert that has obtained 10 successive victories, yet his strength is formidable and has defeated an opponent that possessed 18 successive victories earlier. Your cultivation is only at the initial-stage of the Golden Core Realm now, so I advise you to think it over, and it’s best if you change to an opponent with a comparatively weaker strength.”

“There’s no need.” Chen Xi smiled, and then his figure flashed to descend onto the combat ring.

Cui Shan shook his head and sighed, and he didn’t say anything further before leaving the combat ring and leaving it to Chen Xi and Han Kun.

On a remote seat in the spectating area, Su Chan who had his eyes closed in meditation abruptly opened them as his gaze that was like a bolt of lightning instantly locked onto the number 3 combat ring, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but curl into an icy cold arc when he saw that familiar figure there. “He finally intends to enter the ring? I hope you can obtain even more victories, so the feeling when I defeat you will surely be extremely wonderful.”

“What if he loses quickly?” The thin young woman with a hideous appearance beside Su Chan grinned as he spoke.

Su Chan said coldly, “If his strength is too weak, then I won’t have any sense of accomplishment from killing him. But he’ll be unable to escape death in the end, right?”

The thin young man chuckled. “Of course. How could an enemy targeted by Senior Brother Su survive?”

Su Chan didn’t speak anymore and stared fixedly at Chen Xi’s figure, as he wanted to see to what extent this Jinx had grown to during these past few years.

Chen Xi and Han Kun stood in confrontation on the spacious and hard combat ring.

“Chen Xi? I’ve heard your name. Your speed is extremely swift, and you defeated Qiu Yan,” said Han Kun indifferently. His figure was thin and tall, with a trace of arrogance carried between his brows, and he spoke in an unhurried manner, as if he innately possessed a feeling of superiority that he was better than everyone.

“But I utterly don’t take trash like Qiu Yan seriously, and you’re the same. So, I’ll give you a chance, admit defeat yourself so as to avoid losing too shamefully. What do you think?” Han Kun asked.

Chen Xi smiled and said, “I’ll throw you out if you speak another word of nonsense.”

“You…” Han Kun’s eyes glared wide open and was just about to properly teach a lesson to his fellow that had an exaggerated opinion of his abilities, when he unexpectedly saw something flash before his eyes, and then he’d already lost any shadow of Chen Xi.

In the next moment, Han Kun felt his body become light as his neck was grabbed onto by a large hand that was like an iron hoop, causing him to be suffocated to the point his face flushed red and his eyes bulged. Moreover, no matter how he struggled, he was actually unable to escape!

“I told you. If you speak another word of nonsense, I’d throw you out.” Chen Xi’s indifferent voice sounded out by his ears as Han Kun felt his body fly out with a swish, and it was utterly out of his control. In the next moment, he’d already fallen down the combat ring with his face on the ground, and his posture was extremely embarrassing.

“Fuck! Han Kun was actually throw out of the combat ring like a little chick being lifted by an eagle!”

“Everyone, look quickly! The Bluesea County’s Han Clan’s most coquettish Young Master Han Kun has actually been thrown down with his face on the ground. Haha! I’m fucking dying with laughter.”

“It really is Han Kun. This fellow’s mouth is exceedingly harsh.”

The spectators in the surroundings of the combat ring exploded into laughter when they saw this scene, and they took pleasure in Han Kun’s misfortune. Obviously, this Young Master Han Kun’s character didn’t seem to be very good.

When Han Kun who sat on the ground heard these laughter, his handsome face flushed red as he stood up slowly and unstably, and then he glared resentfully at Chen Xi. He wanted to speak some harsh words, yet when he recalled that how he was instantly subdued earlier and didn’t even have the chance to react, his heart trembled instantly, and he swallowed all his words into his stomach before walking away in a sorry state. 

“So its Chen Xi. His movement technique is swift to the extreme, and he defeated Qiu Yan with a single move earlier. Now, he threw Han Kun off the combat ring with a raise of his hand, and it’s simply unbelievable. After all, even though that Han Kun’s mouth is vicious, yet his strength is much stronger than Qiu Yan!” The crowd of spectators in the surroundings that had once seen Chen Xi fight blurted this out.

“He’s indeed formidable. I wonder how strong he is compared to Ji Yue and Hua Mobei?”

“Watch on and you’ll know.”

On the combat ring.

The Rebirth Realm cultivator, Cui Shan, that presided over the battle grinned as he looked towards the surroundings and said in a clear voice, “Just moments ago, Chen Xi from the southern territory defeated Han Kun who’d obtained 10 successive victories. Even I’m extremely shocked by his strength. Now, he’s the master of the number 3 combat ring, is there anyone that wishes to challenge him?” 

Cui Shan was surprised indeed. He’d long since discerned that Chen Xi’s cultivation was at the initial-stage of the Golden Core Realm, yet Chen Xi had casually thrown Han Kun, who was at perfection-stage of the Golden Core Realm, out of the combat ring. So exactly how formidable would Chen Xi’s true strength be?

“I, Gao Dianyu, will seek advice from Fellow Daoist Chen Xi’s brilliant moves.” In next to no time, a cultivator stood out. The aura on is entire body was fierce, and his bearing was heavy. He was a perfection-stage Golden Core Realm expert as well.


Gao Dianyu drew his sword from its sheath and drew out a completely round sword barrier before him. The sword barrier was lustrous and flowed like the tide, and it contained an extremely strong Water Dao Insight.

After he finished doing all this, the corners of Gao Dianyu’s mouth was suffused with a trace of complacency as he carefully hid behind the sword barrier, and his gaze stared fixedly at Chen Xi while hoping to find a slight flaw.

This fellow is obviously extremely skilled in using defense as a means of attack, and he thinks he’s able to counter my speed… Chen Xi smiled helplessly, and then the Talisman Armament soared through the sky as he intentionally revealed a slight flaw. He didn’t want to bitterly waste time with a fellow that was adept in defense.

There’s a flaw!

Gao Dianyu’s eyes narrowed as the blade of his sword struck out like a venomous snake concealed in the shadows that had suddenly launched an attack, and the sword light that flickered indeterminately pierced towards Chen Xi at a peculiar angle.


Chen Xi didn’t hesitate in the slightest to execute the Zhen Sword of Lightning. It arose abruptly like a bolt of lightning that flashed through the sky, and the Sword Insight that was filled with shocking destructive energy instantly covered the entire combat ring.


A light sound resounded out by his ears. Gao Dianyu didn’t pay attention to it in the beginning, yet when the blade of his sword was about to pierce Chen Xi, a strand of severed hair that abruptly fell down from his forehead was reflected in his field of vision.

Instantly, Gao Dianyu’s body froze on the spot, and he was dumbstruck like a wooden puppet. 

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