Chapter 304 – Viburnum Restaurant

The Viburnum Restaurant was the top restaurant in Azure County City, and it was situated atop a lake. It was a total of nine floors tall, exquisitely and beautifully decorated, and it was like a world of its own. Within it were three 6 leaf spirit chefs personally attending to the cooking, and the delicacies they cooked both looked and smelled good, and it was filled with spirit energy to the point it was the best in the city.

Along with the Goldlake Meeting about to begin, the business of the Viburnum Restaurant became rather explosive. At this moment, it was late at night, yet the entire nine floors were already completely filled with customers, and most of them were Golden Core Realm experts of the younger generation from the various territories in Darchu Dynasty.

“Senior Brother Wei Feng, I heard your opponent is an intermediate-stage Golden Core Realm cultivator? Your luck is truly good, as you don’t have to worry about the one on one competition in the first round.” Someone couldn’t help but speak out from the side.

Wei Feng shook his head and said, “Cultivation is cultivation, yet combat strength is combat strength. Who knows if my opponent possesses any formidable ultimate moves? Right, Zhong Liao?”

Zhong Liao was busy eating, yet he hurriedly nodded when he heard this.

The two of them were deeply experienced in this as just not long ago, they’d encountered a fellow with freakish strength. He was only at the initial-stage of the Golden Core Realm, yet both of them were utterly unable to withstand a single move of his.

“But if we’re speaking of the best luck, then it’s surely Senior Brother Qiu Yan. His opponent is a little fellow at the initial-stage of the Golden Core Realm, and it’s truly a cause for envy.” The person’s eyes turned to descend onto another person.

Everyone present was a participant, and they revealed extremely envious expressions when they heard this. After all, amongst the cultivators that were participating in the competition this time, there were only a few cultivators at the initial-stage of the Golden Core Realm, yet Qiu Yan had encountered one of them. So during the one on one battles in the first round, he would absolutely be able to win.

A trace of complacency flashed past Qiu Yan’s eyes, yet he sighed. “Since my opponent is too inferior, my victory is nothing great!” He himself was at the advanced-stage of the Golden Core Realm, so no one felt these words were rude. 

“All of us are so envious of him for possessing such an opponent, yet this fellow is complaining that his opponent is too inferior, you’re really just showing off after obtaining such an advantage.” Someone said with a smile, “Right, Senior Brother Qiu Yan, who’s your opponent? Which power is he from? If by any chance he’s from a famous sect, then you mustn’t make him lose too miserably, otherwise it would be a humiliation for them.”

Qiu Yan sighed once more and said, “If only he was from a famous sect. But unfortunately, this fellow is from a small city in the southern territory, and I’ve utterly not heard his name in the past. Even if I defeat him, it isn’t glorious.”

Everyone felt envious once again. Who wouldn’t want an opponent that had no background and possessed a weak cultivation?

“Who exactly is that person?” Someone couldn’t help but ask in the end.

“Oh, it’s this fellow, he seems to be called Chen Xi. I’m almost unable to remember it…” As he spoke, Qiu Yan took out a Mirage Jade Slip, and it produced the image of a tall figure.

Everyone looked over and saw an extremely unfamiliar face, and they instantly lost all interest and started to make much noise as they toasted Qiu Yan.

Only Wei Feng and Zhong Liao’s hearts shook when they saw this figure, and they were dumbstruck. Isn’t this person that freak that can’t be judged by logic?

Instantly, the gazes both of them shot at Qiu Fan became a gaze of pity.

On a table on the other side, only two men and a young woman sat there.

Amongst these two men, one had an appearance that was beautiful like a young woman, yet every single movement of his carried along a cold aura like a sharp blade, whereas the other wore a high hat and embroidered robes, his appearance handsome and outstanding, and he possessed an elegant and cultured bearing that caused him to seem extraordinary.

The appearances and attire of both these people was extremely outstanding, and their bearings surpassed ordinary people greatly as well. But before the young woman, both of them seemed to be slightly cast into the shade.

This young woman wore a light blue and simple long dress, she possessed a gorgeous appearance and a graceful figure, her jet black and silky smooth hair was coiled into a high bun, and it caused her to look even more beautiful.

If Chen Xi was here, he would surely be able to recognize that these people were shockingly the Skysplit Sword Sect’s An Qianyu, the Brightray Sect’s Wang Daoxu, and the Mistwater Pavilion’s Zhen Liuqing.

“Hah, that fellow’s luck isn’t bad…” An Qianyu seemed to have heard the discussion at Qiu Yan’s table, and he couldn’t help but chuckle to himself, yet he was stunned right after. “Chen Xi? I didn’t hear it wrongly, right? He said Chen Xi?”

Wang Daoxu nodded and said, “You didn’t hear it wrongly, it’s indeed Chen Xi. That little fellow at the Golden Hall Realm that was pursued by Huangfu Chongming and the others for 5,000km. I never imagined that not only is he not dead, he has instead advanced to the initial-stage of the Golden Core Realm.”

“That fellow is going to be struck with misfortune. Even though that Chen Xi’s cultivation is low, yet he’s considerably skillful. Even Huangfu Chongming and the others were helpless against him when he was at the Golden Hall Realm, let alone now?” An Qianyu drank a cup of wine and seemed to have thought of something as he said, “I’m extremely curious now. Until what extent will this fellow be able to progress to in the Goldlake Meeting?”

“Could it be that you don’t want fight him?” Wang Daoxu smiled.

“I do. I wanted to fight him since Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault, but unfortunately, I’ve never realized this wish even until now.” An Qianyu sighed.

“Haha! After hearing you say this, I’m extremely interested in battling him as well. I want to see exactly what ability this fellow possesses to be able to draw out your desire to do battle and how did he escape the pursuit of Huangfu Chongming and the others.” Wang Daoxu laughed joyfully.

“I advise both of you to be careful. Taking him as an equal opponent isn’t enough, you must go all out and perhaps you’ll have a slight chance of victory. Of course, this is merely a suggestion of mine.” Right at this moment, Zhen Liuqing, who’d always been sipping her tea, spoke out suddenly.

An Qianyu and Wang Daoxu were stunned in unison, and their expressions became serious as they knew that since Zhen Liuqing said this, there would surely be a reason.

“Could it be…” said An Qianyu.

“There’s no need to ask me. You’ll know after you try in the Goldlake Meeting.” Zhen Liuqing waved her hand to interrupt him. Her clear eyes were indifferent yet seemed to be covered by a layer of mist, causing others to be unable to guess what she was thinking.

An Qianyu wanted to continue asking, yet was disturbed by the clamorous noise from Qiu Yan’s table.

“Qiu Yan congratulates everyone here beforehand that you’ll obtain instant victory in the Goldlake Meeting tomorrow!”

“Oh, thanks for the blessings. Unfortunately, all of us don’t have your luck, Brother Qiu Yan.”

“Yeah, Brother Qiu Yan’s battle tomorrow will surely be extremely easy and effortless. I’ve suddenly thought of a good idea. How about we make a bet together and bet that Brother Qiu Yan will win?”

“Excellent! That’s exactly what I was thinking!”

“Attendant, isn’t your restaurant accepting bets? Quickly come over, I want to make a bet!”

“Everyone, everyone, all of you are shaming me to death.” Qiu Yan repeatedly begged for mercy and said, “All of you already know the outcome yet are still placing a bet on this, even if you win the bet, it wouldn’t be anything I can feel proud of.”

Everyone didn’t stop and called over the attendant before placing bets successively. Some placed 1,000 Nascent Condensation Pills, some placed 2,000, and the most was over 10,000. All of them held the thought of making a small bet for fun.

Only Wei Feng and Zhong Liao didn’t place a bet, and they instantly became the center of attention.

“Senior Brothers, why aren’t the two of you playing? This is a form of cheering for Senior Brother Qiu Yan.” Someone spoke with displeasure, and it quickly drew other people to echo with his views, and they started making noise at the same time.

Wei Feng and Zhong Liao glanced at each other. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to bet, it was just that they’d guessed the outcome since long ago. So they would naturally be extremely willing to bet on Chen Xi, yet if it was Qiu Yan… They wouldn’t be willing to throw money away.

“Nevermind, nevermind. This matter can’t be forced. Everyone, let them off,” said Qiu Yan with a smile, yet his voice had become greatly colder and indifferent. Obviously, he felt that Wei Feng and Zhong Liao didn’t give him face.

“They’re truly a group of noisy bastards!” An Qianyu originally intended to ask Zhen Liuqing about some things, yet was interrupted by these people, causing him to be rather irritated in his heart. He was just about to give this group of people a lesson when something flashed abruptly before his eyes, and a young woman was suddenly standing by the side of Qiu Yan’s table.

“Aren’t all of you betting? I’ll bet as well, 100,000 Nascent Condensation Pills.” This young woman wore a black dress and had skin that was white as snow, her hair was like a waterfall with lustrous starry eyes, her appearance was beautiful and delicate, and her voice was like the sound of nature, moving and pleasing to the ear.

The restaurant instantly became perfectly silent to the point a falling needle could be heard when they heard this voice. 100,000 Nascent Condensation Pills was absolutely extravagant!

Even if it was in some of the places in the city that accepted bets, there was rarely anyone that had such courage to use such a shocking amount of wealth to make a bet.

Coupled with the fact the person who was placing the bet was a beautiful young woman, she instantly drew the gazes of everyone present, and all of them were guessing her identity.

Qiu Yan was stunned, he looked at this delicate and beautiful young woman by his side and was even able to smell a strand of an orchid-like fragrance, and his heart burned as he stood up and cupped his hands. “Thank you, Miss, for supporting me. I’m truly overwhelmed by the unexpected favor from such great kindness.” 

All the good friends of Qiu Yan at the side revealed expressions of envy. A tiny bet had inadvertently drawn over the attention of a peerless beauty, so how could others not be envious of such good fortune?

Even An Qianyu, Wang Daoxu, and Zhen Liuqing couldn’t help but frown. This young woman’s bearing is so extraordinary, yet her judgment shouldn’t be so bad, right?

The black clothed young woman smiled lightly to Qiu Yan, and it was like a blooming flower after the rain, exquisite beyond compare, yet she shook her head and said, “I’m sorry, I want to bet that Chen Xi is victorious.”

The smile on Qiu Yan’s face froze instantly, and he shuddered as if he was struck by lightning.

Everyone else was stunned as well. Never had they imagined that such a dramatic scene would occur.

When Wei Feng and Zhong Liao saw this scene, and especially when they saw the livid and ashen expression of Qiu Yan, they were almost unable to restrain their laughter.

Qiu Yan had already completely forgotten when that black clothed woman left as an extremely intense feeling of humiliation gushed into his heart, causing him to feel as if he was sitting on a carpet of needles. Most hateful of it all was that this had occurred under the gazes of everyone present… At this moment, he really wished for nothing more than to find a crack in the ground and hide within it.

All of his good friends had extremely awkward expressions, and they wanted to say something yet had shut their mouths.

“Alas! I never imagined that there’s actually a woman with such bad judgment in this world. Nevermind, I’ll be magnanimous and not fuss about it with her.” Qiu Yan took a deep breath and acted composed as he spoke while laughing, yet he spoke fiercely in his heart. Stinking bitch, let’s see if you dare disregard me after I fucking defeat that kid tomorrow!

“Yeah, in spite of being beautiful, women these days are mostly just pretty faces.”

“Brother Qiu Yan, there’s no need to be vexed, a woman that’s so lacking in judgment isn’t worth being angry about.”

“Right, right, let’s drink. You don’t have to pay attention to them.”

Perhaps Qiu Yan’s good friends wanted to ease up the atmosphere, so they spoke out successively with the intention of persuading him.

“Aren’t all of you betting? I want to play as well.” Right at this moment, a beautiful and musical voice sounded out once more by his ears, causing Qiu Yan to raise his head, and he saw a drop dead gorgeous young woman with a picturesque appearance walking over slowly.

A trace of hope couldn’t help but once again arise in Qiu Yan’s heart. The woman from before had eyes but failed to see, but the person before me is surely not like that. Otherwise, the woman that’re just pretty faces in this world would truly be too many, and it would be too despairing.

“I bet 200,000 Nascent Condensation Pills on Chen Xi winning.” This woman’s cherry lips parted slightly as she lightly spoke a few words.

Qiu Yan wan in complete disorder and was dumbfounded, and the trace of hope that had just arisen within his heart shattered with a bang. Am I too stupid and too naïve, or is the world changing too quickly…?


At a corner of the restaurant, the white clothed Su Chan was silent.

He’s witnessed everything that had happened earlier, and he recalled the scene of his clan being destroyed in a sea of flames many years ago.

Chen Xi!

It’s Chen Xi again!

The flames of rage and hatred that were hidden in the depths of his heart was almost lit ablaze, and it was like a roaring savage beast that became restless again and wanted to break through his reason. He hurriedly took a deep breath, and his feelings slightly calmed down after a long time.

His eyes had already become icy cold to the extreme, and his entire body emitted an oppressive cold air.

“That black clothed young woman from before it the Treasure Heaven Pavilion’s Miss Ya Qing. She’s the most capable subordinate by the side of Madam Shui Hua, and her identity is extremely mysterious. The second young woman is Zhen Liuqing, a disciple from the eastern sea’s Mistwater Pavilion. She’s considered by the current Emperor Chu as an existence that’s capable of being equal to Qin Xiuyi and Huangfu Qingying. She keeps a low profile, yet her strength is unfathomable.” The thin young man with a hideous appearance by Su Chan’s side spoke slowly. “We can’t afford to offend these two young women, so you shouldn’t make a move against them to take revenge on Chen Xi.”

Su Chan glared coldly at the thin young man, and he stayed silent for a long time before saying slowly. “I’ll kill him with my own two hands!” 

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