Chapter 300 – Advancing to the Golden Core Realm

Shaman Energy surged as his soul stayed clear, causing a peculiar scene to appear within Chen Xi’s body.

The violent Purification Goldflames burned his body and energy, yet the Second-Wood Shaman Energy’s enormous vitality was like the maternal qi that developed all life, causing his body to once again radiate vitality. Burning and melting, and then rebirth and the radiation of vitality. It was like the withering and growing of plants, the life and death of all beings being repeated endlessly in a cycle that seemed like the cycle of reincarnation.

Every single reincarnation caused his body and vital energy to strengthen slightly, and the pieces of flesh that were born anew became clear like glass, flickering with a crystalline sheen that carried a trace of immortality.

On the other hand, the Void Obliteration Demonwind that had condensed into the form of chains roared madly as it fiercely collided with his soul, causing his soul to become shriveled and on the verge of obliteration, and it seemed as if it would be blown into dispersion in the next moment.

But along with Chen Xi’s mind concentrating on the Fuxi Divine Status, his entire soul instantly became unhindered by all evil, causing it to seem like a green pine tree rooted into the earth. No matter wind or rain, it would be unable to shake its foundation.

Moreover, along with the passage of time, his soul seemed to have obtained rebirth and great cleansing, causing it to emit a sparling radiance, and it faintly flowed with a layer of an eternal and lofty aura.


A strand sound resounded out from his body, it was like the gods were chanting and the Grand Dao derived the sound of nature, and a wisp of an extremely dazzling and resplendent brilliance charged out from the Door of Life.

After that, a completely round and translucent golden core that emitted a vast aura leaped out from within.


Infinite rays of golden light illuminated his Dantian and transformed into numerous golden lotuses that descended onto the large True Essence lake, and the True Essence that was like a boundless ocean split into two. One half transformed into extreme Yin, the other transformed into extreme Yang, and then the entirety of the True Essence gushed into the revolving golden core and instantly caused the size of the golden core to expand by more than ten times.

Yin and Yang were developed, the two extremes fused, and it caused the roars of dragons and howls of tigers to resound!

Chen Xi instantly felt boundless True Essence condense within the golden core. To his surprise, they transformed into a form that seemed like liquid crystal and received a qualitative transformation, causing it to become even more pure, condensed, and vast.

Moreover, his sea of consciousness had expanded by more than double, the pure and flawless energy of his soul was like the cleanest crystal in the world and was suffused with a glassy sheen, and it seemed like the sheen of wisdom.

Solitary Yin doesn’t give birth, nor does solitary Yang cause growth. When Yin and Yang are fused, the heavens and earth are born. The tribulation is illusory and formed from inner demons, and once the tribulation is eliminated, wisdom is born. My heart is the heavens and the earth, and my body is the foundation of the heavens and the earth! After he experienced the tribulation of wind and fire from before and experienced the test of his body being burned and soul being refined, Chen Xi relied on this to arouse a feeling of great enlightenment at this moment. Karma, inner demons, sin, prohibited relationships… All of these are calamities of the one’s heart, and once the tribulation is eliminated, true wisdom will be revealed. Once the foundation of the heavens and the earth is established, one would no longer be carried along by the changes in the world.

Along with his growing comprehension the Purification Goldflames were extinguished successively, whereas the Void Obliteration Demonwinds transformed into nothingness one by one. In the blink of an eye, the tribulation of wind and flame was completely eliminated.

At this moment, Chen Xi’s mind had completely recovered its clarity. The golden core floated within his Dantian with circle after circle of divine light radiating down, and it emanated a calm and eternal aura. The True Essence that was like liquid crystal surged ceaselessly through the meridians and apertures in his entire body, and its strength was many times stronger than before.

Every single time a cultivator surmounted a realm, no matter if it was True Essence, the body, the vital energy, or the soul, all of them would obtain a qualitative transformation, and it was absolutely not a transformation that could be made up with pure numbers. This was also the reason why Golden Core Realm cultivators were capable of sweeping through a great expanse of Golden Hall Realm cultivators.

Compared to the transformation of his True Essence and cultivation, the changes in the energy of his soul within his sea of consciousness was similarly delightful. The energy of his soul that was originally at the stage of Divine Sense emitted a supreme radiance that illuminated his sea of consciousness after experiencing the tribulation of wind and fire, and it was filled with a type of fluctuation of wisdom and was stronger by more than double.

In the past, the Divine Sense he exerted was capable of comparing with a Rebirth Realm cultivator. Now, it had almost surpassed Rebirth Realm cultivators and was approaching an even higher level.

There were numerous benefits from a stronger Divine Sense like controlling Magic Treasures, comprehending the Heaven Dao, attacking and deterring enemies, searching and detecting… It even provided an extremely great benefit to equipment refinement, pill refinement, and talisman crafting.

Moreover, no matter if it was qi refiners or body refiners, demon beasts or fiends, the energy of the soul was exceedingly important to all living beings, and once it was lost, it would be no different than death.

I’ve finally advanced to the Golden Core Realm… Chen Xi closed his eyes. Instantly, his entire body effused a fierce aura that was like a myriad of blades, and it sliced onto the walls of the cave to the point countless tiny cracks appeared, causing it to be terrifying.

“Master, congratulations on attaining the Golden Core Realm!” The nearby Mu Kui bowed as he congratulated him. At this moment, as he felt the aura on his Master’s body, he actually felt the tiny feeling like an ant looking up at a lofty and towering mountain.

“You’ve recovered?” Chen Xi said with a smile, and then he withdrew the fierce aura that was effused from his body, causing him to once again recover his extraordinary bearing.

“It’s much better. Master, since you’ve just broken through, you should properly solidify your cultivation so as to avoid your Foundation becoming unstable and causing the energy within your body to clash with each other. I’ll go outside and guard the cave for you.” Mu Kui hastily left the cave as he spoke and allowed Chen Xi to cultivate in peace by himself.

It was indeed as Mu Kui had said. He’d just experienced the tribulation of wind and fire. Even though he’d successfully advanced to the Golden Core Realm, his cultivation was rather unstable, and he was still unable to completely control this strength that had suddenly skyrocketed. So he had to spend some time to properly solidify it.

Something worthy of mentioning was that after advancing into the Golden Core Realm, the spirit energy required was extremely great, to the point that if one relied on ordinary spirit liquid to be replenished, it might not be able to satisfy his cultivation requirements even if he absorbed it for around half a month. Fortunately, Chen Xi didn’t only possess spirit liquid and had one million Nascent Condensation Pill and almost 100,000 Sky Jadeliquid Pills.

Both these medicinal pills were earth-rank spirit pills. The only difference between them was the Nascent Condensation Pill was at the ranks of low-grade earth-rank and was only considered to be an ordinary spirit pill in the cultivation world. But due to it being widely used, it had become a currency of the Darchu Dynasty and was able to be use as a currency for exchange or purchase of various items required by cultivators.

The Sky Jadeliquid pill was instead a top-grade earth-rank spirit pill, and it was a superb medicinal pill that could only be refined by the Sky Dao palace. Not only was its grade greatly higher than the Nascent Condensation Pill, its value was far from something a Nascent Condensation Pill could compare to. 

Since it was for his own cultivation, Chen Xi naturally chose the Sky Jadeliquid Pill. As for the Nascent Condensation Pill, he intended to use it as currency.


At the instant a Sky Jadeliquid Pill entered his throat, it transformed into extremely vast, pure, and surging spirit energy that gushed into the meridians in his body. Moreover, the medicinal strength also contained various effects of nursing the internal organs and nourishing the body, causing it to be rather profound.

Along with the Sky Jadeliquid Pill’s energy transforming into True Essence, the golden core in Chen Xi’s body underwent a change within a mere few breaths of time. Not only was the golden glow on its surface even more gorgeous, it even gushed out with the phenomenon of energy blending together. Chen Xi could faintly see strand of the energy of Dao Insight flowing within the Golden Core.

The five elements, Yin, Yang, star, wind, lightning, sky, paramita, oblivion… All these Dao Insights were originally shapeless, yet had transformed into numerous divine lights of various colors and auras at this moment, and all of them flowed within his golden core, causing the entire golden core to emit a vast imposing aura that covered the heavens and the earth and embraced the universe.  

When I was pursued by Huangfu Chongming and the others that day, I was almost unable to endure the medicinal strength of a single Sky Jadeliquid Pill and almost suffered the fate of my Dao Foundation being destroyed. Now, I require seven Sky Jadeliquid Pills to cause my True Essence to attain saturation. It’s extremely unbelievable indeed. Three days later, Chen Xi woke up from his meditation and let out a long breath of air. He felt his strength had attained its strongest peak in his lifetime, and it seemed as if a single punch of his was capable of penetrating the sky to blast a hole in it.

Most importantly, after he advanced into the Golden Core Realm, his ability to battle continuously had increased by a few, or even ten times more than when he was at the Golden Hall Realm. So long as he possessed an unending supply of spirit pills, he utterly didn’t have to worry about his True Essence drying up, and he was virtually a tireless fighting machine.


Chen Xi struck out with a punch, causing space to ripple before shattering abruptly to form a void, and a mountain that was 3km away from the cave shattered and transformed into ash before vanishing into thin air.

Merely the might of my True Essence is already so formidable! Let’s see how much stronger my soul has become. Chen Xi nodded with satisfaction, and then the space between his brows pulsated as he used every effort to release his Divine Sense.






It’s unexpectedly at a range of 3,000km! An ordinary Rebirth Realm cultivator seems to at most possesses an area of less than 1,500km. Mine is their double! If it’s a Golden Core Realm cultivator, then… It would probably be even further from mine, right? Chen Xi gasped, and then he was stunned. Shockingly, he saw Mu Kui was in confrontation with two other cultivators under the coverage of his enormous Divine Sense!

One of the two cultivators wore a light blue Daoist robe and had a thin figure, and the space between his brows carried a trace of dense killing intent. The other cultivator wore embroidered robes and was tall and fat, and his eyes were narrow and small. Both of them had rather young appearances and had cultivations around the advanced-stage of the Golden Core Realm. At this moment, they each took one corner and surrounded Mu Kui at the center.

Mu Kui just recovered from his heavy injury and is probably not a match for these two people… A thought flashed within Chen Xi’s mind before he’d already stood up, and in the next moment, he’d already vanished within the cave. 


“The phenomenon of the heavens and the earth earlier was so grand, so there’s surely a precious treasure that has appeared in the world. Since you’re residing here, that precious treasure has surely been obtained by you, yet you still want to lie and deceive us brothers?” The tall young man laughed coldly.

Mu Kui sneered and remained silent, yet he tightly held the spiked club in his hand and was ready to attack at any moment.

The phenomenon of the heavens and the earth caused by Master’s advancement to the Golden Core Realm three days ago covered an area of 500km. It wouldn’t have caused a stir at this boundless mountain range, yet never had I imagined that it drew two cultivators that have ill intentions.

Most laughable of it all is that these two think that a precious treasure appeared in this mountain and desire to take possession of it. Their eyes have really been blinded to the point they don’t have the slightest bit of good judgment.

“Senior Brother Wei Feng, why waste your time talking with this animal? Swiftly kill him and seize the precious treasure, and then we can head to Azure County City together. If we travel at full speed, we ought to be able to make it for the Goldlake Meeting.” The short fatty frowned. 

“Junior Brother Zhong Liao, you’re right. Since this animal is impervious to reason, then he can’t blame us for not going easy on him.” Wei Feng spoke slowly and was just about to make a move when he suddenly saw a tall figure swiftly appear before the wolf demon.

What a swift speed!

Wei Feng felt apprehensive in his heart, but when he noticed Chen Xi’s aura was only at the initial-stage of the Golden Core Realm, he couldn’t help but shake his head as a trace of disdain suffused his face.

“Who’re you? Could it be that you’re the master of this animal?” Zhong Liao noticed Chen Xi as well, and his tiny eyes narrowed as he asked coldly.

“Are they enemies or friends?” Chen Xi utterly disregarded them and asked Mu Kui.

“Enemies.” Mu Kui replied. He instantly felt as if he’d found a pillar of support when he saw Chen Xi appear, and his entire body felt at ease.

“Hmph! You want to resist with just your pair of one man and one demon? Quickly hand over the precious treasure, and I can spare your lives because of it.” Wei Feng laughed coldly.

“Hand over the precious treasure?” Chen Xi was stunned.

“Oh, you’re unwilling? Then how about this. I’ll give you 10,000 Nascent Condensation Pills, take it as the money for buying the treasure.” Zhong Liao grinned as he spoke. He was slightly afraid of Chen Xi and Mu Kui, as he was worried that these two fellows would detonate their golden cores if pressured into a corner. So he wanted to avoid battle if possible. But he wasn’t willing if the price was too high, and 10,000 Nascent Condensation Pills was his bottom line. 

“10,000 Nascent Condensation Pills? What precious treasure do you think can be bought with this price?” Chen Xi laughed with ridicule.

“What? You’re unwilling?” Wei Feng and Zhong Liao’s expressions went cold, and they revealed killing intent.

“Refusing to give up your malicious intentions and arousing killing intent. I really wonder how greedy and stupid idiots like the two of you have cultivated to the Golden Core Realm.” Chen Xi shook his head.

“Looks like you’re anxious to seek death?” Wei Feng couldn’t help but arouse killing intent, and he withdrew a pure gold colored sword with a clang. The body of the sword was inscribed with countless talisman markings, and golden light seemed like ripples as they flowed endlessly between the talisman markings. Shockingly, it was a high-grade earth-rank Magic Treasure.

“Please enlighten me.” Chen Xi smiled indifferently, yet there was a faint trace of excitement in his heart. He wanted to try how strong his combat strength had become after advancing to the Golden Core Realm. 

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