Chapter 299 – Sudden Arrival of the Tribulation

This place was boundless mountain range with lone mountains that towered into the sky like a myriad of pikes arranged towards the sky, and the luxuriant peaks stood one after the other, covered with green that looked like condensed mist. Waterfalls flowed everywhere in this luxuriant forest of green pines, causing it to be like a landscape painting done by splashing ink, a paradise in the mortal world.


On an extremely tall and precipitous mountain, an agile golden monkey climbed up a dark green peach tree with a coiling trunk, and it was just intending to pluck a large and white piece to satisfy its hunger when it abruptly saw a wisp of gold light descend before it. A figure walked out of the gold light and instantly terrified it to the point of showing its teeth and crying out loudly, and then it climbed on the tree branches and fled.

The scenery here isn’t bad. I wonder how far it is from Maple Leaf City? Never mind, it’s more important to first choose a safe place and help Mu Kui heal his injuries. Chen Xi scanned his surroundings yet was unable to discern where he was. He couldn’t do anything about it, as the treasured talisman Traceless For 10,000 Leagues was exceedingly profound, yet was random in the destination of its transportation, causing Chen Xi to be utterly unable to control the direction.

In next to no time, he found a concealed cave in the mountainside, and then used an enormous stone to block the cave’s entrance before setting up a formation that concealed the presence of anyone within it. Only after he did all this did he sit down on the ground and heave a sigh of relief.

Since killing Ning Yi, Luo Gui, and Xiu Sanniang in the Lofty Phoenix Inn, to killing Sikong Hen and the 18 Golden Core Realm disciples of the Sikong Clan in the forest outside the side city, and then finally escaping at the hands of the Rebirth Realm cultivator, Yonglin. The entire process was extremely dangerous and filled with killing intent at every step, causing his nerves to have always been strained. At this moment when he’d escaped danger, a feeling as if years had passed emerged from his heart.

“Mu Kui, how are you feeling?” He didn’t reflect on it for too long before releasing Mu Kui from the Buddha’s Pagoda, and he couldn’t help but frown and ask with concern when he saw Mu Kui’s weary expression.

“Master, there’s no need to worry. So long as I rest and recuperate for a few days, I ought to be able to recover.” Mu Kui spoke with a hoarse voice, and he struggled with the intention of standing up, yet was stopped by Chen Xi.

“This place is rather safe, so let’s cultivate here for some time. It won’t be too late for us to leave after your injuries recover.” Chen Xi thought for a moment before speaking right away.

“Master, won’t it delay us?” Mu Kui asked.

Chen Xi shook his head and said, “It’s fine so long as we arrive at Silken City within a year, so how could it delay anything? Recuperate your injuries with ease.”

Chen Xi stood up as he spoke, and then found an enormous wooden barrel and some medicinal herbs from the Buddha’s Pagoda before crushing over 10 Sky Jadeliquid Pills and soaking all of them in water. After that, he asked Mu Kui to sit into the barrel, and he left silently after Mu Kui had completely entered into a state of deep meditation.

Chen Xi found a dry place and sat down cross-legged before closing his eyes and starting to cultivate.

The continuous battles for a few days this time had almost completely consumed his True Essence, Shaman Energy, and Divine Sense. At this moment, when he relaxed, his entire mind and body felt extreme exhaustion.

An entire three days passed by before Chen Xi completely recovered all the energy in his body and opened his eyes, and he couldn’t help but reveal a trace of a smile when he felt the surging vital energy within his entire body. After experiencing this fierce battle, my strength has obviously increased slightly once more…


However, before he could carefully sense the changes in his body, the center of his True Essence lake that was like a boundless ocean within his Dantian suddenly started to roil intensely.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A shapeless black colored gale accompanied by balls of translucent flames suddenly gushed out from within the Door of Life, and they whistled as they charged towards his body.

The tribulation of wind and flames had actually arrived suddenly at this moment!

Unlike the Heavenly Tribulation, the tribulation of wind and fire was a tribulation triggered by the energy and inner demons within a cultivator’s own body, and it would be formed naturally when a cultivator had to overcome the tribulation to advance to the Golden Core Realm and condense the foundation of the heaven and the earth.

This wind wasn’t any type of wind in the heavens and the earth, it was born from one’s heart, and it was called the Void Obliteration Demonwind. It blew out from the Dantian’s Door of Life into the internal organs, then through the meridians and apertures. If one’s strength and ability to maintain clarity of the mind was insufficient, then one’s soul would be instantly blown to dispersion by these winds.

This flame wasn’t a celestial flame, nor a mortal flame, and it was called the Purification Goldflame. It gushed out from the Dantian’s Door of Life, penetrated the place one’s soul resided, burned the internal organs, melted the bones, and then blazed a cultivator’s True Essence, body, and various energies, causing it to be extremely terrifying.


A rumbling that was like muffled thunder sounded out from within his body, yet Chen Xi wasn’t nervous in the slightest as he sat cross-legged on the ground in an orderly manner. He forgot the existence of his body as he firmed his Dao heart, and he’d already made sufficient preparations.

Even though he didn’t have the Profound Dispersion Pill, but he had an extremely strong confidence in being able to overcome this tribulation at this moment.

The first to gush out was an expanse of blazing golden flames that revealed a pure and almost translucent gold as they roared out the Door of Life and condensed into numerous ferocious and malicious divine images that charged into his bones and rampaged about. The dazzling and scorching gold was even reflected on the surface of his skin, and it illuminated the entire cave to the point it took on a bright golden color.

Every single one of these divine images formed by the Purification Goldflames possessed extremely terrifying strength that transcended the heavens and the earth and didn’t belong to the five elements. It was utterly not a type of flame from the Grand Dao of Fire.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Chen Xi’s entire body from inside out, his internal organs and muscles, everything started to become obviously withered under the burning of the Purification Goldflames, and it seemed as if the vital energy and blood in his entire body would be melted into nothingness.

Moreover, at the same time, the Void Obliteration Wind whistled and sobbed as it gushed out as well, and it shook one’s soul. Numerous pitch black winds seemed like demons and evil spirits that wailed like ghosts and were extremely savage and ferocious, and their strength was so terrifying that they were thousands of times more formidable that the various profundities contained in the Grand Dao of Wind! These black colored tribulation winds condensed into the shape of numerous chains that charged directly towards Chen Xi’s sea of consciousness with the intention of seizing his soul and blowing his soul to dispersion.

The Purification Goldflames and Void Obliteration Winds cooperated with each other, the wind blowing to increase the might of flames, whereas the strength of the flames turned around to help the winds grow. Instantly, it caused a vortex that was coiled with wind and flames to form within Chen Xi’s body, and it roared furiously like thunder as it shook the surrounding cave to the point it melted and shattered apart.

Moreover, along with the passage of time, this strength became stronger and stronger, more and more terrifying. If this continued, then the entire cave would probably collapse and be burned into nothingness.

Mu Kui jolted awake from his meditation. How could he not know that his Master was overcoming the tribulation of wind and fire when he saw this scene? He didn’t dare dally in the slightest to circulate his cultivation at full force to hold together the surrounding walls, and only then was he barely able to keep the cave from shaking and collapsing.

What a formidable tribulation of wind and fire. The Purification Goldflames when I overcame the tribulation all those years was terrifying, yet it didn’t develop divine images. Presently, every single one of the Purification Goldflames in Master’s body have transformed into a divine image. Supposedly, only almighty figures of the primordial era had the chance of causing the appearance of this sort of phenomenon! Mu Kui was extremely shocked. He felt a wave of horror in his heart when he saw every single Purification Goldflame had transformed into a divine image, and he felt his hairs stand on end and as if he’d fallen into the sea of flames in purgatory.

That wind… My god! It has actually transformed into the shape of chains. When the void obliteration turns to chains, neither gods nor ghosts are left in its wake! This is the most terrifying phenomenon that could be formed while a cultivator overcomes the tribulation of wind and fire! The shock in Mu Kui’s heart couldn’t be described with words. According to his knowledge, the more solid a cultivator’s Dao Heart and Dao Foundation were, the more terrifying the tribulation of wind and fire produced would be. But even then, it was rare within millions of people for a single person to produce the phenomenon of the Purification Goldflames taking the form of divine images and the Void Obliteration Demonwind forming into chains!

What did this represent?

It represented that his Master’s Dao Heart and Dao Foundation was so solid that it had already attained a state that was impossible for anyone with the same cultivation to attain!

But, will Master be able to overcome a tribulation with such might… Ptooey! Ptooey! Ptooey! Master is so formidable with extraordinary natural talent and unparalleled natural endowments. How could his footsteps to seek the Grand Dao be stopped by the tribulation of wind and fire? Mu Kui was worried in his heart as well, causing him to cheer for Chen Xi in his heart, and he was simply more nervous than when he was overcoming the tribulation himself.

The clear and cloudless sky outside the mountain had suddenly been covered in a layer of golden color, and there were even gusts of wind that were like black dragons whistling and dashing in the sky, causing the undoubtable daytime to seem as if it had fallen into pitch black night.

At this moment, with the mountain as the center, all the living beings in an area of 500km felt a terrifying energy pressure their hearts, and it was as if the eyes of the devil god was staring at them, causing them to be terrified and uneasy as they lay prone on the ground and trembled endlessly.


The mountains shook as the forest trembled intensely, and even the ground was quaking violently. Fortunately, such a terrifying phenomenon had occurred in the boundless mountain range and there was no worry of it being noticed by others. If it were to occur in a city, then it would surely raise great panic.

Within the cave.

Chen Xi’s entire body was burned dry to the point that only skin and bones remained, causing him to be like a horrifying skeleton. The True Essence within his body and the Divine Sense within his sea of consciousness were even being drained swiftly, whereas the tribulation of wind and fire utterly didn’t show the slightest sign of weakening!

The Purification Goldflames were violently burning his flesh and vital energy.

The Void Obliteration Demonwinds were roaring as they blew onto his soul to the point it became shriveled and was almost at the point of leaving his body and being obliterated.

Chen Xi utterly never imagined that his tribulation of wind and fire would be so terrifying. But he already couldn’t care about all this and swiftly circulated his Shaman Energy through the Second-Wood Shaman Marking to transform it into second-wood essence that possessed vast vitality before they gushed into his body.

At the same time, the energy of his soul within his sea of consciousness started to visualize the Fuxi Divine Statue, and with a single thought, his mind became clear and empty. No matter how the Void Obliteration Demonwinds howled and wailed, he’d shut his eyes and ears to it and took no notice.

As far as Chen Xi was concerned, the tribulation of wind and fire was a tribulation that qi refiners had to experience, yet it wouldn’t affect body refiners because the circulation of Shaman Energy wouldn’t be affected by it. The Fuxi Divine Statue within his sea of consciousness was a True Body Brand left behind by the Master of the Manor, and it contained boundless Dao Insights and a strand of supreme will. When constantly visualizing it, he would naturally be unhindered by all evil.

Sure enough, he’d guessed correctly.

When his body and vital energy was about to be burned dry and into nothingness; and when his soul was blown to the point of becoming shriveled and almost at its end, along with the flow of second-wood essence into his body and the appearance of the Fuxi Divine Statue, it instantly produced a shocking change.

If it was any other body refiner, then no matter how high the body refiner’s natural talent was and how solid the body refiner’s foundation was, the body refiner would probably perish and vanish in the world when facing this terrifying tribulation of wind and fire that produced divine images from Purification Goldflames and Void Obliteration Demonwinds that formed into chains. 

Coincidentally, Chen Xi cultivated both qi and body, and his Shaman Energy had attained the perfection-stage of the Golden Hall Realm. Moreover, he possessed the Second-Wood Shaman Marking that was an existence that contained vitality. Coupled with the existence of the Fuxi Divine Statue, all of this simply seemed as if all this was set up for him beforehand, and it would assist him at the critical moment.

Needless to say, this was fortune and fate that seemed to have been predestined by an unseen force. But these insubstantial workings of the heavens couldn’t be estimated, and it would only give someone a ‘pleasant surprise’ at the critical moment. 

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